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90 Armor Tattoos For Men

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90 Armor Tattoos For Men
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*JAGUAR SOUTHPAW* (2 months ago)
Download hehee
*JAGUAR SOUTHPAW* (2 months ago)
Damn cool.. i wanna have some armor for cover up scar
John Anderson (1 year ago)
Do you have the back and side pictures of a 2:49
desabafando com nois (1 year ago)
Quanto custa uma em meio braço subindo p ombro?
Bala (1 year ago)
0:33 is my favorite. Something like Colossus from the X-Men!
Brandon Matabadal (1 year ago)
whats the name of the song, anyone🔥😍🎶🎶
kimpin1977 (2 years ago)
2:23 amazing
KyonKnight (1 year ago)
kimpin1977 yeah, i wonder if the tattoo went around to the back. Definetly the coolest armor tattoo I've seen.
Abuse LSD (2 years ago)
0:30 lol my lil brother is drawing better armor than this tattoo artist
Bulyaki Lajos (2 years ago)
Taoxi Aixinjueluo (2 years ago)
plz,tell us the name of this bgm....
Gus Francisco (2 years ago)
somebody's can tell me what's the name of the song?
Edinardo Santana (7 months ago)
Name track i "NONCONCEPTUAL "
M Perez (1 year ago)
Just wondered that myself
Brandon Matabadal (1 year ago)
Gus Francisco im wodering the same thing🔥
The dude (2 years ago)
How much is a half sleeve armour tattoo?
Brendan Young (1 year ago)
Next Luxury what do you call that song ?
Next Luxury (2 years ago)
Depends, $500-2K+ See: http://nextluxury.com/mens-style-and-fashion/how-much-do-tattoos-cost-prices/
mico show (2 years ago)
i want to get a the TITAN
Nicole Cox (2 years ago)
can't wait until mine is finished. just started the process of my armor.
ChrisxStyleZ (1 year ago)
how much?? planning on getting one
Next Luxury (2 years ago)
Steven Ewald (2 years ago)
lmfao thats my buddy at 3:00 thing came out awesome
Bluesykk (2 years ago)
If you're skinny and have no muscles on your arms, please do us a favour and never get a armoured tattoo
ChrisxStyleZ (1 year ago)
what if they dont care what u think. i think thats what p.tibor was tryna say lol
Serving Size (2 years ago)
I think bluesykk is trying to save the person from getting embarrassed by all of us who will be talking shit when we see your twig arms in public lol
P.Tibor (2 years ago)
Maybe you say true,but its not your arm!
Trần Du (2 years ago)
0:29 amazing
6 king (2 years ago)
why does it look like only old, or chubby dudes have these tattoo's?
tHe E family (1 year ago)
6 king ..cuz they been threw shit !
Powerlifting Panda (2 years ago)
some of these are absolutely stunning
william colot (3 years ago)
whats the title of the song?

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