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Text Comments (41139)
The Name Is Irrelevant (13 minutes ago)
pass the mic to edgar
8th Circle (7 hours ago)
Clicks pewdiepie video, gets pewdiepie ad. WUT?
Avery Dowd (12 hours ago)
The gun won't shoot off your finger is the new ThEY DoNT FaLl OuT with airpods.
jgsregrate (15 hours ago)
who the fuck keeps messing p the captions
Kyle Lac (1 day ago)
Too bad I’m not watching PewDiePie... I’m gonna go to his channel!
Syphex (1 day ago)
why people are so seriopus on facebook is because you actually on a daily basis see people who actually say dumb shit like that but they arent meming and thats why people think they are serious. Facebook has turned into a whole hate site the past few years
Wiggy Pop (1 day ago)
I already left a like on the video, i wasn't able to like the video again at the end.... i just went neutral. nice pewds
DragonDrift Gaming (1 day ago)
8% NOT 9%!
Tea Bag (1 day ago)
The whole world is just a continuous loop of a super whoosh across the globe
Tea Bag (1 day ago)
No, I’m the over emotional gay in the corner
Shaun Royle (1 day ago)
The percentage in the title adds up to 101%, making the math wrong?
DumbKidVines (1 day ago)
Pewds don t know mafff
It Hurts When I Pee (2 days ago)
I don’t want to r/whoooosh anyone in fear of someone r/whooooshing me.
Euphoria Arts (2 days ago)
Dude I just got a pewdiepie ad 😂
Kale8911 (2 days ago)
2:55 how many people get the 1889-1945 bit? It's like... one of these things is not like the others...
danron (2 days ago)
Sugandese people always meme memes.
Don't sub to me (2 days ago)
The people correcting the "woooshed" people in the comments below are most likely the real ones getting woooshed.
marek misik (2 days ago)
This guy need a subreddit...
TheunsNZ (3 days ago)
Dude change the title either make the 92% and 91% or make the 9% an 8%
TheVproject (3 days ago)
Yes, i do weed W - ork E - ndlesly E - very D - ay
Uhh ohh Im here again try out my knew top of the line strem line wrist band its made of high quality feces dont look at me like dat bro #Awkward
no please no (4 days ago)
Johnny chewing invented chewing when he tried to break up big amounts of food.
CodexX (4 days ago)
Things i hate : Random comments Lists People with 390 nearly 400 subs Cus its unsatisfying And i also hate the title of this video its 103% not 100!!!
CodexX (4 days ago)
Its almost like the video that pewdiepie pie ddid
ProudPig92 (4 days ago)
Yea but pewds it should say 8% not 9%
Danny Schneider (5 days ago)
First meme has to be a jojoke
Michael WILLIAMSON (5 days ago)
Pewdiepie wasn’t demonized? Epic G.A.M.E.R moment G-Dad A-Please M-Come E-Back R- It’s -been -a -decade
Zeretox Gaming (5 days ago)
Whoever edited pewds video on lwiay is inspiration ( felix gets the recognition but Brad we don't talk about brad)
Banana (6 days ago)
You eat some bread You eat some rice Thomas Running tried to walk twice -SorrowTV
When people don't get the joke despite the post being in r/Jokes
92 +9=100 ? Good math logic
Zed Man (7 days ago)
At 2:41 He didn't SEE the joke
Andrew Gabriel (7 days ago)
Pewds, is that shirt in your merch? It’s epic where did you get it?????
Jack Finan (7 days ago)
1:08 That was posted to a joke subreddit. Looks like that one went over _your_ head pewds
The Balloon (7 days ago)
*I can’t believe my eyes I just caught a butterfly*
Jake McCloud (7 days ago)
Yeah i smoke S- my forehead itches M- O- K-beat my kids E-
Ap3x WiSH (7 days ago)
redneck lol
brooklyn angel (7 days ago)
iM noT niNe... i aM *fOurtEeN* 😤😤
Noah Yisrael (7 days ago)
I got a mafia ad lol
Pew pew die Mr pie
game R (8 days ago)
Danke for making that video
anime manga (8 days ago)
I love the outrioo
JammyMonkey (8 days ago)
Omer Gaming Awc YT (8 days ago)
7:57 I think going 284mph (457km/h) is fun. 30mph is boring #koenigsegg agera RS squad
Hemicy Lim (8 days ago)
hoi i think we need r/ for everything
Brad Yalo (8 days ago)
When I was ten I use to think TED was an actual person too. Lol !!
Brad Yalo (8 days ago)
1:47 " 2000 intellectuons " 😂😂
AJ Perez (9 days ago)
is it just me or is pewds face 10x darker thank his neck
Asher Nichols (9 days ago)
D doesn't I understand P memes S at all H even I with T explanations
Asher Nichols (9 days ago)
hey guys never forget... EVERY WALUIGI IS BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER THE VARIATIONS these jokes are impossible
Wither (9 days ago)
jojo memes save me from depression.
blackxmaz (9 days ago)
9\10 are idiots and cat spell im glad to be the on 1%
Darky (10 days ago)
Anyone else had a Mafia add?
PremiumToasters (10 days ago)
Whoooop de whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhed
Tragen Lucy (10 days ago)
You see its funny cause 92 + 9 is 101 pewds is such a comedic genius
Teja Nairn (10 days ago)
Hahahaha got a "that's how mafia works" ad...
Nat (10 days ago)
Iron man is t posing
yes pewds iam part of the 9%
Webkinz Show (10 days ago)
6:49 the comment has 69 likes
What does woosh mean?
Martin (10 days ago)
9:27 Why is pi there?
Hyper Gaming 05 (10 days ago)
You have 92% of people don't get it bur you have 9% do get it.
2:57 real artwork
noah bourdeau (11 days ago)
the title is right, pewdiepie was the first to find out that it is actually 101% and not 100%
Tux.2atwork (11 days ago)
Never cringed watching pewds [removed]
TheGummi911 (11 days ago)
Uhm... Did he not notice the birthdate and the err... Ye... 2:56
Chain5'9s (11 days ago)
Cavemen ran to and from PRAY ........ like churches in their area..... u mean PREY .... or now ... am I "that" guy
Stiffle 1 & Stiffle 2 (11 days ago)
Actually, I’m 10.
SuperLemon65 (11 days ago)
Big Papa Pixel (11 days ago)
yeah i make ShAnKs: S- digesting H- german A- interesting n-knowledge k- food S- 56.5%
BAS MULDER (11 days ago)
Pewds. You say 92%. Are you the 9%? That's 101%. Do your maths
Captain_Colelsaw (11 days ago)
If its 91,5% and 8,5% Wouldnt you have to round both up and end with 92% and 9%
Captain_Colelsaw (11 days ago)
Josef Creations (11 days ago)
My doctor prescribed me a health dose of PewDiePie and to hold back on the t series
King_ Rares (11 days ago)
FUN FACT: Clapping was invented by Dr. Felix Clapjelberg when he tried to akwardly shake his own hand
Philorg Neopolotin (12 days ago)
Felix I don’t think you get it, most of the original comments were incorrect and all the replies were trying to correct them. I think you were confused
Hellcat060 (12 days ago)
Normal people: Read the title and understand the joke Me an intellectual: aCTUalLy FelIX 92 + 9 Is 101
Michelle McMahon (12 days ago)
75,000,001 DAM IT...
Talin Brandt (12 days ago)
Liked out of sympathy for dem stupid people
Maybe Later Human (12 days ago)
I lost my hand PewDiePie lied.
Carter Briggs (12 days ago)
This title is bad simple math Felix dumb dumb it 102 percent that way you must remove 2 percent
gasmask yt (6 days ago)
+Carter Briggs hold up wtf are you talking about
Carter Briggs (9 days ago)
I'm dumb not you see its over 9 percent so have like 2 percent plus 5 is good
h h (10 days ago)
+Carter Briggs excuse me do you have the dumb?
Carter Briggs (11 days ago)
It 3 percent higher than it should be it 103 but it say 100 so it should be 6 percent plus 92 to make 100
gasmask yt (11 days ago)
Excuse me but wtf
Ayşe Can Uludağ (12 days ago)
"What is ligma?" -One Default Boi He died because of ball storm.
Hunter Fladung (12 days ago)
rudd (12 days ago)
canaan Thompson (12 days ago)
Dinosoreo32 (13 days ago)
There was no legs...I couldn't see them.....
Epic Games (13 days ago)
92 + 9 = 101. Go back to school
PM (11 days ago)
+Epic Games wow you're cool
Epic Games (12 days ago)
PM r/whoooooosh AHHAHAH
PM (12 days ago)
he isn't joking. i can tell.
Epic Games (12 days ago)
Dismart (12 days ago)
+Epic Games I see you were joking
Thehehetree 1 (13 days ago)
One day I want to comment on one pewDiePies video
arvo the lowercaser (13 days ago)
that camo joke was well hidden
gasmask yt (11 days ago)
Well played
TheRockCat 13 (13 days ago)
The first joke I made when I was 9, what do you call a witch that lives in the sand? A SANDwitch... I know, it's kinda dumb, I was a dumb child... Lol
Lil Sgui Sguipepe (13 days ago)
Umm, actually you said that the joke goes over 92% of people's head will you be the 9%? But in reality if you add 92% and 9% you get 101% and that doesn't exist. Nice try stupid
PM (12 days ago)
+Dismart and thats why i said woooosh
Dismart (12 days ago)
I said I can't tell if it is a joke or not +PM
PM (12 days ago)
+Dismart r/woooosh
Lil Sgui Sguipepe (12 days ago)
+Dismart I don't understand what You're talking about. Anyone who knows basic math knows that 92 plus 9 is 101. I think pew die pie might need to go back to school or something
Dismart (13 days ago)
It sucks that there are people so stupid that I can't tell if this is a joke or not
ERROR 404 (13 days ago)
In the name it should be 8% and not 9%
ERROR 404 (13 days ago)
Dismart it’s a joke don’t worry
Dismart (13 days ago)
It sucks that there are people so stupid that I can't tell if this is a joke or not
gamingturtle (13 days ago)
seems as if 380k people got wooshed
killer 76 (13 days ago)
How mafia works
John Schlitter (13 days ago)
It's actually Bob chewing not iohn Smith
Smoked (13 days ago)
Bring it back in a next episode
Symphonia16 (13 days ago)
My favorite video ever of yours
this is just r/wooosh

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