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Celebrities Getting Angry While Protecting Their Kids Compilation

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Watch these celebrities getting fierce when protecting their kids from the paparazzi.
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Yuri Aguilar (4 hours ago)
Pinches reporteros pendejos mierda y ellos provocan a los artistas para que les paguen pinches pendejos
Jo Loves Makeup (13 hours ago)
paparazzi is the scum of the earth there’s no reason to still have them around
Doris in Drag (1 day ago)
just make it legal for the celebrities to defend themselves in whatever way they see fit. gotta love how all u hear from paparazzi is wah wah u pushed me wah wah ur rude wah wah ur mean..... but i guess stalking children isnt rude, mean and generally just the behavior of a pedophile.
Weird Vibrations (1 day ago)
“It’s not against the law” Definitely should be.
Johnna unicorn (1 day ago)
Paparazzi should be illegal like wtf
bria lee (2 days ago)
Kim's paparazzi tho
Nicola Emmanuel (2 days ago)
Kourtney is such an Aries 😂
Nanii Xula (3 days ago)
They got jobs to do unfortunately. This is how they make money. It's a sad life but shit.
Nanii Xula (8 hours ago)
@HauntedHotel how much money they make is based of how good the pictures are & what drama they can make arise out of celebs
HauntedHotel (8 hours ago)
They can take pictures without being rude lmao they take it too far and try to make problems on purpose for "publicity" just because it's their job doesn't excuse them acting like that
Roselyn Singsit (3 days ago)
The flashes oh my
Sheffy sheff (5 days ago)
Who ever aspires to be a paparazzi please go kill yourself.
Lyssa A (5 days ago)
Why is this even a job?? Its just getting into people's lives like damn they humans to let them live. ( or at least ask for a picture)
•Cute Stuff• (1 day ago)
Those pictures get them tons of money. Those pictures are literally what you see on Google everyday and they sell well in newspapers and magazines as well.
Lyssa A (5 days ago)
Bruh how they not blind from all those flashing lights
Caxctu S (6 days ago)
They see there is a Chile and they see that they are telling them not to take pictures or not to have flash yet they still do and then complains about “how life of being a paparazzi Is so hard” and how “celebrities are so mean” i wonder why maybe cause you annoy them to pieces with your stupid photoz
Terry Whitney (7 days ago)
Paparazzi are a bunch of rude, obnoxious, disrespectful, and shallow people in the Hollywood industry.
kellee devore (7 days ago)
Paparazzi alone makes me happy I'm not famous. Some of the most disrespectful people in the world
Elia Thomas (8 days ago)
Jesus my eyes
Maritza de Vos (8 days ago)
Omg I never want to be famous. This is no life.
Viri Sanchez (8 days ago)
Man, they definitely need to have some laws enforced when they have kids. Poor babies!
It’sMarie :3 (9 days ago)
The constant flashing really gets in my nerves.
Awuondo L. (9 days ago)
If they come too close can you pepper spray them? If a stranger did that to a non celebrity you probably can...it should be legal to spray them
anys jstn (10 days ago)
He push you bcoz you ar morron and fcking stupid. Dont u see how the girs riact?? Fucking stupid..
yoursparkinson (10 days ago)
Imagine having epilepsy and being famous.
cheyenne ferreira (10 days ago)
kourtney needs to control herself while she’s with her son why does she do that in front of him
Wu Butt (10 days ago)
They probably see constant flashing even when they don't get their pictures takin.. that must suck
Nick Perez (10 days ago)
What if they wore a bunch of flashes as strong as a pro camera flash, and set it to strobe in front of the paparazzi? It would make it a massive pain in the ass for them to get a good shot, and they'd get a taste of what it's like
Tee Brizell (10 days ago)
Damn that's a lot!!!
Tammy Hjælpere (10 days ago)
If you think these celebrities are fierce- I would be 10 times more. How dare they get so close and use the flash. Children become traumatized and any person with epilepsy can be seriously affected as well.
JazzyENT. IMVU (10 days ago)
Now I see why some celebs even push the cameras out their way! Wow that’s annoying
JazzyENT. IMVU (10 days ago)
Okay I get paparazzi is a job but have some respect to not use flashes in these kids eyes. That’s annoying as hell.
2:00 Kourtney small but she can fight
Matt Power (11 days ago)
Paparazzi is scum
Maya_ Janelle (12 days ago)
I'm sorry, but those adults who are taking those pics are weird creeps who actually need to find a real career in life.
Jana Sayyed (12 days ago)
The guy at 3:34 was the only person who I agreed with
Cascade 287 (12 days ago)
A lot of people do this, sometimes others just say this is bad, and it is but even knowing that it is, almost all of us do it, whitout thinking
loli girl (13 days ago)
UGH DAMN PAPARAZZI❗😒😒😒😒😤😤😤😤👿👿👿👿👿
Its Just Brit (13 days ago)
Fuck they taking a bunch of pics of peoples kids and shit for? Get a real job. 🙄
aisha anjum (13 days ago)
3:24 Paparazzi: You push me, why u push me?! Cab driver: (fed up) shut up 😂😂😂
DragoCyko (14 days ago)
0:53 why the hell are they spamming the camera like who in the world need pictures of her back?!
DragoCyko (14 days ago)
Lol why do they need so many damn pictures of her putting her baby down?
DragoCyko (14 days ago)
I would hate being famous 0:16 I would get blind from those flashing lights.
Ari Mackay (14 days ago)
Paparazzi are disgusting I'd rather starve to death than do that for a living.
Logan O’Connor (14 days ago)
If the paparazzi got up in my face and taking pictures of me, they would all die.
GG Ann (14 days ago)
I am glad i am not famous.
TheCringy Duo (15 days ago)
Omg I can’t believe how paparazzi get mad that they get pushed out of the way so that the celebrities can walk by quickly while they’re literally risking that a child could have a seizure
Amour.x3. Caela (15 days ago)
What r the kardashions famous for
nickelpickel123 (16 days ago)
They just want there kids to have a normal life but the stupid paparazzi is blinding there kids with flash and asking them questions you should never ask a child about them self’s pushing and hurting normal civilians to get the best spot it’s so annoying
Shaunteetalkstv (17 days ago)
Could you imagine living like that? Keep the fame.
AnonymousBlue (18 days ago)
Can we all just go out and beat the fucking SHIT out of these paparazzi pricks
Big Mac harvey (18 days ago)
3:27 yoo poosh meee
Wydad R (18 days ago)
They deserve death. Of course they "push you" you silly shit. That's horrible, they're KIDS.
Jaslyne Davis (19 days ago)
Do they know that type of stuff can make you blind I'm just concerned
RANDOM.productions (19 days ago)
Makeupn TrapMuzik (20 days ago)
Omg I couldn’t have people following me like this
Foxin The Fox (20 days ago)
Fernando Velarde (21 days ago)
Nobody: Paparazzi: “back up” Paparazzi: not backing up
Kamyilla Davis (21 days ago)
That has to be so fucking annoying all those unnecessary ass pictures
Ummm nahh paparazzi is complete garbage.. that's harassment. Pieces of shit.
Candace AirPod (23 days ago)
God damn is that what celebs have to go through??? All those mf blinding lights? That’s just fucked up bruh
just call me Jess z (24 days ago)
This video should 100% have a seizure warning!!! Also, I wonder how many seizures paparazzi have caused befoee
Marion K (24 days ago)
Dur... pauvre gamin.... ça me tue... tellement les parents sont inconscients....
Marion K (24 days ago)
Pauvre enfant qui n’ont rien demandé à personne.....
ms. angelιqυe (25 days ago)
Damn they did the most with the flashes with Kim sheesh I’m glad Kourtney went off ! Go off aunt Halle!!
James Cline (25 days ago)
These fucks need to go to prison when kids are involved. That is fucking bullshit.
Ian J (25 days ago)
There should be a law put in place similar to a restraining order that paparazzi are only allowed a certain distance to a person cause it’s ridiculous how close they get
Xavier Robbins (25 days ago)
These photographers have no lives or no remorse like chill the hell out
Kourtney : Don't ever talk to me when I'm with my child! Paparazzi: *continues to talk to her* Me: *Do YoU uNdErStAnD eNgLiSh??????* I mean cmon this type of stuff needs to be illegal.
Jäger (25 days ago)
Paparazzi are just paid stalkers
CarlosCastellano (26 days ago)
Was I the only one thinking about Halle Berry and her family safety coming down the escalators with all those cameras flashes almost blinding them? 😬😬😬
s brow (26 days ago)
Wat is wrong with this world going that crazy over another human...if people stop sweating these rude people they wouldn’t even be famous
s brow (26 days ago)
Well Kim maybe u shouldn’t have sucked black cock got ur body done and became famous ...y do people even sweat those whores like they god just making Their selves look stupid
HauntedHotel (8 hours ago)
Them deciding to be famous doesn't excuse anyone else being an asshole to them, they're humans with feelings too weather you like them or not. And especially when they have kids is when they take it WAY too far, the poor children didn't ask for any of it
curlykidkay • (26 days ago)
who wouldn’t get mad that shit is annoying
Yjasmine Brown (26 days ago)
I’m sorry I’d be cussing out paparazzi everyday especially bout my kids
Tiffsfam (26 days ago)
No wonder why celebs wear sunglasses alot.
Ironheart73 (26 days ago)
You know I do not even like half of the celebrities, but if I happen to come accross them seeing this shit being done to them and to their child I would be more than happy to fend off these pesky parasites and maybe even tell them to go fuck themselves. Jeez! I do not care if they are famous and shit. They are still human beings with the divine animal right to protect their kids. Those flashes can actually harm the poor child's vision. Not trying to be a white knight or anything, but at the end of the day this is downright harassment and bullying.
Jus Luv Music (27 days ago)
I’d never be able to deal with that
Jennifer Hughes (27 days ago)
I can’t see from watching that shit.
Gao Matlhare (27 days ago)
Don't these sick bastards understand that those flashing lights could impair the children's sight in future. Shit, man!
Jada TV (27 days ago)
These paparazzi are stupid, like do they know personal space
Viviana Calva (27 days ago)
is'nt this the definition of harrasment ?
Welcome ToMyLife (28 days ago)
Dude, why is that guy in front of Kourtney Kardashian
Michelle Hernandez (28 days ago)
They’re relentless. Smh
Playboi Mario (28 days ago)
Paparazzis are cum bags
IAmHis Mrs.ShugaBoo (28 days ago)
Halle Berry a real one. She stppped that law suit with thw quickness. Papparazzi wasnt about to get no coins from her.
mimi mure (28 days ago)
Kourtney yes girl. Love that about her she is very mama bear for sure. The way she kept comforting her kid there omg sooo cute. I love the way she was cussing the papz off and loving her kid. Haha. You tell em Kourtney. They are such assholes. But my fave is the Britney ones now that girl is total badass too. Where the Britney videos when she was out with her kids and she got pissed off at papz.
bryel leger (28 days ago)
Omfg I would hate all that flash and clicking
Matthew Page (29 days ago)
3:26 Men: You push me!! Security: Shut up man Me: Dude, that's what security has to so to get you away. It's your fault for getting too close.
Chyina Alexander (29 days ago)
The shouldn't have to say sorry to there kids for. random ass people talking to them and there parents tf
LnL Vlogs (29 days ago)
This is really sad
Jamira Hickson (29 days ago)
"You push me". Oh yeah, why do you think?
J&V _Vlogs (29 days ago)
kelly kuang (29 days ago)
How the heck do celebrities still see clearly after all that flashing, like my eyes are dead right now😂
I. Michelle (29 days ago)
Paparazzi should be so illegal. They are worse then tow truckers it atleaat should be illegal while kids are with them
KEAHI THE FIERY ONE (1 month ago)
I would get fierce too
Leah Moore (1 month ago)
"You pushed me!" Yeah because there's a child involved and you dgaf.
melissa bernal (1 month ago)
Smh the flashes must really get annoying
Play Fun Games With Me (1 month ago)
They got the right to get mad cause they just want there kid not to get hurt
Avery Hickman (1 month ago)
you cannot just take pictures and videos of someones kids. its violating privacy and the parents wishes. you wouldn't want someone you didnt authorize to do that to YOU dont do it to THEM
Leia Michelle (1 month ago)
Awe Jennifer Garner. People need to stop flashing shit in their face. Especially with their kids. It’d give them headaches, they can’t see, and make their eyes hurt.
Shascitey Keawe (1 month ago)
How do people is the picture of the baby said to
Britt Ficken (1 month ago)
I swear!!! If i were a celeb and this were to happen to me around my kid... i would get a whole papperazzi team to flash them while i casually walk to my car with my child
ninin Sun flower (1 month ago)
The flash of the camera is blinding they need to stop

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