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WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! | Funny Destiny 2 Black Armory Competitive Gameplay!

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Text Comments (164)
The Hunter Squad (10 days ago)
Doesn't Le Monarque mean "The Butterfly"?
The Hunter Squad (20 hours ago)
+Venomous Silence yeah, so people are always referring to "the" as "le", and if you pay attention, Monarch means butterfly, yeah??
Venomous Silence (22 hours ago)
Actually it means The monarch, but I think that's a butterfly species too. Papillon means Butterfly.
skullking48 (10 days ago)
Oh. The freedom fries is like when we had WWII and renamed Hamburgers. I think we changed it (the US) to sandwich or something. I don't recall the name but since the Germans were so disliked during the wars we changed German stuff to more American terms.
Halo9064 (18 days ago)
"Bungie is getting lazy" Bungie: *adds last word*
Benjamin Wojewski (19 days ago)
Benjamin Wojewski (19 days ago)
Orealy _Jr (23 days ago)
I have yet to get a wavesplitter and u telling me they drop like candy for you
Keith Dailey (24 days ago)
I work at an airport so people tell me to have a nice flight ALL THE TIME
Scott L (24 days ago)
Thank you for making me snort my tea this morning. Love your videos and keep up the great work
Christopher Doman (25 days ago)
my name for the LeMon is the Baguette Bow
Sam Greiner (25 days ago)
Congress changed names of French fries to freedom fries during something in Iraq and le monarch is a French bow so that I guess
anonymous kid (26 days ago)
I love it
Van Pardinus (26 days ago)
I think it's less they're getting lazy but after the recent split with Activision it's probably been a bit of a mess as now that Bungie is solo publishing the game they'll have a lot less staff members to work on it and all. Or it slipped their minds for the recent iron banner. Either one is likely
Bigdaddy7433 Me (26 days ago)
Do you guys help with competition
Liam Liddane (26 days ago)
Dark Reclaimer581 (26 days ago)
Are the raids from year one even in Destiny 2 still I'm not seeing them on the map
Lrbearclaw (26 days ago)
00:43 Yes, BA? What can I do for you?
Bmunks mills (26 days ago)
The thumbnail looks like le monarch holding a very long and depressed Twinkie
Johnny Smith (26 days ago)
I recently bought a ps4 can I join the clan? I'm a huge fan Chibi!
CrazyDudeSRD (26 days ago)
Chibi's going into comp with a sawed off sniper rifle... oh no... this will end up Not Forgotten.
E G (27 days ago)
Alone As A God (27 days ago)
Will the Luna quest be available for next season as well?
Christopher Delgado (27 days ago)
Anyone else just age themself for instantly getting the Freedom Fries joke cause the bow is French? Damn...i clearly remember the freedom fries movement
aprimeau104 (27 days ago)
Bow's literally a fire, ping and forget weapon, especially with Oathkeeper because it makes your poison arrow proc with or without perfect draw.
Noxraid Trueblood (27 days ago)
Competitive is so balanced and fair solo players shouldn't be complaining about having to control 3 flags because their teammates need kills
nuralazawati awang (27 days ago)
god i hope someday i will co op with u chibi , it fun and fill alive bro. kudos for u and ur team bro , keep it up bro.
Whirlwind (27 days ago)
Hey Chibi! I’m just now starting to edit my first video ever and I was wondering if you have any tips that I could use. It’s me and a buddy playing comp in D2 if that helps you with anything
Austin M. Burch (27 days ago)
Freedom fries Ba's joke lol
Abyss leviathan (27 days ago)
Yeah... content shortage is a bitch. Especially since were getting updates with less and less in them...
Whirlwind (27 days ago)
Chibi. I got a snapshot sight opening sight Bite of the Fox and I’ve been getting spicy snipes in comp with it. I also got an outlaw rapid hit Long Shadow
Eric Frohmiller (27 days ago)
Plz get Anthem bro it’s so fun
Stop This (27 days ago)
I would watch a 10 minute video of Chibi just screaming
Mitchell Hannam (27 days ago)
You guys love K1lo and we know it, don’t lie to us 😂
9:44 ok kilo the cowardly dog
**Epic_3 Gaming** (27 days ago)
Are the “Freedom Fries” are the Hunter’s knife fan melee
Rebel Jakku (27 days ago)
Hey chibi if you take oathkeepers le monarqe and smugglers word equip spectral blades is a wonderful combination
Joshua Raica (27 days ago)
I work a movie theater and I get the “you too” SOOO many times!
Mans McGee (27 days ago)
Are you going to make videos about Anthem once it is released?
RaikageZero (27 days ago)
Does he not know what scavenger perks are... That 1 shot pick up is tilting me
Ultronakis Gamer (27 days ago)
Do note that this black armory stuff isn't for Iron banner they would announce that Iron banner they would remake it plus now that the spit happened bungee would be focusing on some other crap that they didn't get to put in destiny 1.
Gabriel Aguilar (27 days ago)
I thought it was golden guns
brad lehrke (27 days ago)
Why you use bottom tree goldie?
MC SwissCheese (27 days ago)
Lasts longer and it's more accurate.
ArcAngelofWar1 (27 days ago)
Lmfaoo i had googled it as well lol
Jackson Murray (27 days ago)
What is the blue warmind quest in chibis pursuits
SushiCats 123 (27 days ago)
Warming Campaign
NoiZioN (27 days ago)
J'adore Chibi il est délirant, avec kilo B.A Eli c'est la dream team 😜
coldogno7 (27 days ago)
chibo why are u always using year 1 weapon? pls use the 2 wavesplitters that u have
MC SwissCheese (27 days ago)
Just because it's y1 doesn't mean he can't use it. Inaugural address is a good pulse and he can't use wave splitter if he's using chaperone. Why are people always obsessed with other people's load outs?
Franklin Damon (27 days ago)
Hey come on ?
Hunter Grassi (27 days ago)
Chibi is best YouTuber ever!
ImaKeyblader (27 days ago)
I do the same thing, I’ll call someone and go, how are you today, they say, I’m good how are you, and I’ll go back and be like.... I’m good how are you... and their like.... good..... 😂
Adam (27 days ago)
This man is so underrated
Ben Jordan (27 days ago)
Feel sorry for poor kilo sometime 😂😂
Justin Y. (27 days ago)
I want chibi to bust in my mouth
Brandon Carballera (27 days ago)
Why didn’t anyone take the opportunity to sing Indoors from spongebob when BA missed his super?
THE POTATO (1 day ago)
lol I was thinking the same thing.
Brandon Carballera (27 days ago)
BAs story about saying don’t be sad to someone depressed has happened to me multiple times... that’s why they’re no longer my friend 😬
eman7958 E (27 days ago)
I was actually just about 2 google it myself then I heard chibi google it in the background
Andre_Kidd956 (27 days ago)
"I'm not your friend" Lmao I swear kilo is the heart and soul of the team
A Phantom Song (27 days ago)
the thumbnail exotic i cant wait to get
busnut33 (27 days ago)
My buddy.. My buddy.. My buddy.. My buddy!!! Where ever I go, he goes!
colton carr (27 days ago)
Hi chibi
christopher mitchell (27 days ago)
Were you serious what you said about hoping gambit makes destiny better? I think it’s in a good place, nothing is perfect but I’m sure bungo doesn’t want to be known as just “here’s a new game just so you can play our 1st game all over again” ya know?
thedeadmanwalkz (27 days ago)
Freedom fries are blade barrage throwing knives
ANT_THA _KID (27 days ago)
They are getting hevier
Skylight Gaming (27 days ago)
"At least i didnt die to my trip mine" - Chibi Next video: "STUPID TRIP MINE!!!" - Chibi
The SnowKing (27 days ago)
Sweet video.
Jason Lu (27 days ago)
Waitress: Enjoy your meal! *Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it* Me: You too!
Brandon Fyfe (27 days ago)
Just watched most recent stream at time of typing and had a great laugh! Very sad conversation though... hearing everyone talking about potentially leaving Destiny for stuff like Anthem really saddens me. It’s bungies fault too which annoys me even more. I won’t be bothering with Anthem, hate Call of Duty, Fortnite and Overwatch too. Futures looking bleak for me. Outside Destiny, Smash Bros and Dying Light is all I have.
logan Schmidt (27 days ago)
When chibi gets luna or not forgotten we are screwed in the crucible
Myles Moore (27 days ago)
It's frybo
KlownZ Gaming (27 days ago)
I think I know where kilo was going with the multiple fries thing but he just couldn't get it out. It was probably something about "only true Americans can eat like 10 fries at a time."
Brandon Cole (27 days ago)
Kilo is stupid Irish and Scottish are different
Brandon Cole (27 days ago)
+chibirobo12 great video as well
Brandon Cole (27 days ago)
+chibirobo12 my bad I just hate people saying stuff like that to me even though I have English and Irish accents
chibirobo12 (27 days ago)
Kilo is not, he is making fun of BA. BA tried to do a Scottish and Irish accent awhile ago and they sounded similar.
Jacob Toyens (27 days ago)
I got the chaperon yesterday. Talk about a meta and I hate shotguns.
Page001B (27 days ago)
Or when someone wishes you a happy birthday and you answer with happy birthday... [email protected]&).
NingaPlayz 98 (27 days ago)
Love your channel Always stay uploading
EggyWeggy_III (27 days ago)
That was like a quadruple super fail near the middle there
Poptart_ Master (27 days ago)
As soon I was remembering the time u got error code weasel I got it
Alexis Everhart (27 days ago)
I feel like this is their own version of Niobe labs with how far they started jumping to figure it out, but how stupidly simple it was all along.
Kaitlin Schindler (27 days ago)
when your teacher tells you. "enjoy your detention" and you say you to
Kingterra32 terra (27 days ago)
Love all of chibi's videos
Gabriel Aponte (27 days ago)
Great BA made me look up what Freedom Fries too while this was going on so i am in the same boat with you Chibi
Terrence Gakman (27 days ago)
BA ever explain what the freedom fries were?
Terrence Gakman (27 days ago)
Next time I’ll watch to the end before commenting, lol
Tomi Todorov (27 days ago)
What is this pulse rifle?
Alex Vallejo (27 days ago)
Tomi Todorov it’s Inaugural Address
redhoodgamer711 (27 days ago)
I got a second shards of galanor today😂
pnail 83 (27 days ago)
Remember this stream....was surprise no one else got the connection
Thelegend27 (27 days ago)
I got le Monarque and Jotunn back to back on the same day lol
Julia T. (27 days ago)
As a person who struggles with depression and daily suicidal thoughts, i felt that „don’t be sad“ but now I can laugh about it.
Julia T. (27 days ago)
chibirobo12 That’s really wise of you. It probably doesn’t matter but you replying on my comment made me very happy. So thank you
chibirobo12 (27 days ago)
People never realize it's hard. You can't just "Turn Off Sad" which is why we laughed at it. Cause we all have gone through tough times and realized you just can't turn it off like a switch. But that's why you need to stay positive and know things can get better. Laughter is the best medicine, and I aim to supply this.
Andy Pandy (27 days ago)
the thing that triggers me is that he dosent have any scavengers on his amour, so he just picks up 1 shotgun ammo
Austin Brunner (27 days ago)
BA, you la nuts with freedom fries
Austin Brunner (27 days ago)
Kilo say it with me scott-ish
Dark star Thresh (27 days ago)
"no one expects the Spanish inquisition"- Chibi 2k19
sir centurion (27 days ago)
Kilo Scottish and Irish accents are different I'm British I would know
LOVERBOYRECS (27 days ago)
I feel old...I knew what he meant and found it funny lol
Lukas Meyvisch (27 days ago)
Yay PvP :) i like this
Noah Marte (27 days ago)
Chibi using Le Monarch?!
Acelerate Breaker (27 days ago)
Krowno (27 days ago)
Is the thumbnail LeMon? Or LeMon shooting a French fry? Edit: oh, freedom fries...
justis 83 (27 days ago)
Chibi are you gonna play Anthem when it comes out?
Spiiicccaaayyy (27 days ago)
Also I struggle with depression but you can still make it a better day, so to anyone else that struggles with depression, you can get through it and take depression by the neck and don’t let it make you sad.
Spiiicccaaayyy (22 days ago)
JamFilledJarz thank you and you are just amazing and kind and so generous so just keep up the absolutely amazing work 😊
JamFilledJarz (23 days ago)
16 years old here, nearly 17, and I can completely relate. I have depression episodes at times, OCD and anxiety, and I also try to help people. I’m an extremely social person who has gotten a lot of weird looks and hate for it, so it comforts me to know other kids of my generation are just as empathetic and kind.
Spiiicccaaayyy (26 days ago)
Tim Fogus no problem, I am only 11 years old I just love to help people
Tim Fogus (27 days ago)
Love and very much appreciate both of your outlook on this subject. I personally live with depression, and noncombat PTSD with suicidal tendencies. So when it hits, it hits hard! I like to use my kids to get thru. They're the reason I'm still here. But ty both for having such a great outlook on this.
Spiiicccaaayyy (27 days ago)
But I don’t want you to think I am being nice for a shoutout, I know it sounds like that but I just want to help people.
Husky. Png (27 days ago)
*F R E E D O M F R I E S*
Sam Hoff (27 days ago)
littlekujo 1 (27 days ago)
It means finesse

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