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Find your B2B wholesale marketplace, where can you buy liquidation stocks

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Merkandi is a European trading platform from B2B segment. Each wholesale distributor can publish there offers, which show to customer's products, which he wants to sell. Sellers mostly present merchandise, which comes from clearance pallets, liquidation stocks, surplus equipment or clothes wholesale. What else? On Merkandi you will also find merchandise, which comes from bankrupt stocks and liquidation sales. Goods like bulk clothing, surplus electrical equipment or wholesale mobile phones and much more. Registered users add new wholesale deals every day. Merkandi is designed this way that each buyer sort will find interesting products for strongly reduced prices. Actually Merkandi – our B2B platform can be browsed in 7 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Polish. Moreover, we still develop the website and in the future we predict to open other language versions. We are going to reach as many European wholesale suppliers as possible. To simplify the shopping process for our customers, we use the following levels to describe quality of wholesale products: A­Ware – this group contains brand new products packed in original boxes. You can find there merchandise, which came from liquidation stocks, bankrupt stock dealers or from clearance wholesale. Customers, who are looking for end of line stocks will also find there cheap wholesale goods. Moreover, all A­Ware products are under some kinds of warranty. B­Ware – alike in the previous group, here will you find fully working products, but not always totally new. Among others, customers returns, refurbished electronics, ex­lease and ex­demo items. That is equal to the fact that these goods can have some little visual defects, will be sold in brown boxes or completely without it. Nevertheless, they are functioning very well. To prove this, wholesalers in most cases offer 30 days or 12 months warranty. C­Ware ­ broken and non­functioning wholesale products. Such merchandise can be interesting for electricians or repair services owners. It can be for example, taken apart and working parts can be reused or resold. Mechanic shops often buy used car parts because they are much cheaper than new and still suitable for some repairs. People who buy non­working bankrupt computers stock or wholesale electronics stock must remember that C­Ware goods don't have any kind of warranty. They are broken so that is obvious that they won't work very well. Retour­Ware – that's a true roulette wheel, these goods are non­tested, so you will never know if purchased surplus stock will be great or totally damaged. That's the reason why in this group wares are sometimes really cheap. Mostly will you find there customer returns pallets, surplus stocks or clearance wholesale. Nevertheless, even when are you uncertain about purchased stock there is still a big chance that you can make money by selling it. It is a situation, where you have to accept the risk. Our trading platform – merkandi.com is the best B2B wholesale marketplace on the Internet and we hope that thanks to this video and description will you join us. Just try it and start business cooperation with wholesalers and iquidators from the whole Europe. clearance pallets liquidation stocks surplus equipment clothes whloesale B2B wholesale marketplace refurbished electronics customers returns surplus stock
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Koen Schutyser (6 months ago)
Consuelo from Merkandi (6 months ago)
You can see for yourself. :-) We offer payment via Paypal, 14 days return and a large database of verified wholesalers. You can also check the references from our Members on the website "
European wholesale whatsapp group https://chat.whatsapp.com/EnQouX9KqTJ2JJ4HSjx0YB

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