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How to Make a Girl Completely Obsessed with You

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Text Comments (69)
Terry Sarjoo (8 days ago)
Say highness needs the best job, and we want the crumbs. Understand.
Terry Sarjoo (8 days ago)
Desperate worship.
I just like Memes (12 days ago)
Loll I know how guys are and they play games. Key word GIRLS will fall for this not women
Joey T (1 month ago)
Pull out a fat stack of cash. Lol
DEQA ABDI (3 months ago)
He if became unavailable truest me I will move on ASAP because I don't have time for childish game.
Naomi K (5 months ago)
A guy is doing this to me right now and I hate him for it.
Seven Wonder (6 months ago)
This is stupid
Donna Just Being Real (8 months ago)
True xo 👍
Tracey ocgirl (10 months ago)
sounds like a big fucking game
Claudia Flores (11 months ago)
sydandtaytum (1 year ago)
this is psychopathic. why are you suggesting guys act like a psychopath and manipulate women into being obsessed with them? what is the end game here? cause it wont be love. it will be a broken-hearted, crying girl driven to stalking, anger, distrust, and years of therapy.
Bella Bauvil (2 months ago)
sydandtaytum Thank you for being human, your soul is beautiful.❤️❤️❤️
Naomi K (5 months ago)
I'm so glad that someone on this section has some consideration for us women.
alstonmiller212 (7 months ago)
That like putting the gun on the table he did not say you have to kill someone but you have the option to do it
CodPatrol Les Grossman (10 months ago)
sydandtaytum fair point
M K (1 year ago)
ORRRR.. she's just gonna cut you off cause you be playing all these games.
Louis Jones (7 months ago)
Right gorgeous
alstonmiller212 (8 months ago)
But they were playing those games in the beginning you fell for it so it works
Jessica Wade (9 months ago)
M K (1 year ago)
I just cut one off because of that!!! LOL
sydandtaytum (1 year ago)
yep. exactly what i do when i sense a guy is playing games. nothing turns me off more.
Charity Griego (1 year ago)
Sounds like a married man!
Dave Israel (1 year ago)
Dehumanize yourself wow! Be yourself
Antoinita Violette (1 year ago)
Instead of wanting someone to be obsessed with self, why not make each one want a little more and more of love that you're willing to give . Obsession means to me that someone wants to be and wants someone to make them to be God, and that's something I'm not participating with, and will leave the whole relationship over. (These are real lives and not pieces of a puzzle that someone is trying to force to fit where this was not the right piece or place to add or subtract from someone's life. Either a person has what it takes for a relationship with a person, or they don't. NOTE: Someone could get seriously hurt for playing games, then who is responsible?)
Andrea Potter (1 year ago)
Typo.. @ sidd Maria
Andrea Potter (1 year ago)
@ Dodd Maria. That's exactly what I was thinking. Why would you want a girl obsessed with you? That's makes me mad because guys really don't want that. They run from that. Also if she is a woman who knows herself and is confident she will not become obsessed with you she will leave you alone completely. Guys!!! Get your advice on women from a woman. As much as I love DatingLogic's videos cause he is really good. Be careful with his advice on women. Cause women are complicated beings. You should talk to a woman about this topic.
Euan Elliott (4 days ago)
Jessica Walter: Play Misty For Me (Oh Shit!).
Archfiend K (1 year ago)
Do you honestly want a girl to be obsessed over you? Do you have any idea the type of trouble you are asking for?
Don Senor (21 days ago)
What's the trouble behind a chick getting obsessed over you? I think I'm getting stalked now. Seen her around my block a few times now
Michael H (2 months ago)
Archfiend K lmao very true
Ernesto Ruiz (6 months ago)
Hahaha!! Thats exactly what i was just thinking dude. I say FUCK TO THE NOOOOO!!!!
Louis Jones (7 months ago)
Right lol
Into the View (9 months ago)
but still how many times does that even happen and for the average joe out there? It would be a dream come true, it would lead her to follow your commands.
Alan Flores (1 year ago)
Yes yes that's what I was missing you are a boss 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😊
Ko1chi (1 year ago)
So I got a question , how did I get here
Ko1chi (1 year ago)
So I got a question , how did I get here
Rafael S (1 year ago)
If you give her little bit she my think that you are just shy
Giada Penelope (1 year ago)
Yup. That's why I got obsessed!
daco (1 year ago)
Unknown Warrior you are making things too complicate for yourself.
CakeManExtreme (1 year ago)
Unknown Warrior Have you ever been on a proper date with her before. If so how many times? Once, Twice, never
Unknown Warrior (1 year ago)
+CakeManExtreme well i don't really know what we like that is in common, but i know we both enjoy watching dance shows, and i've already taken her to one and that was the first time i went out with her. Most of the time i just ask her how she is, if she has any stuff to do/activities for the next day, how was her week, and then i just send random funny jokes. When i run out of ideas i just stop messaging her and i tell her good night. I am not really used to messaging people, i hate it, especially when it comes to starting a text conv. with someone. I'd rather be face to face so i can annoy her (in a positive way). I didn't mention that she was shy, she doesn't text me first and she did it only one time and that was 3 days after she told me she loved me and i gave her the most troll replied since i've never been told something like this by a girl, and it was unexpected. I didn't know how to react.....since then that was the only time she wrote me first.
CakeManExtreme (1 year ago)
Unknown Warrior What are the type of things you guys like that are in common. Also what do you message her most of the time
Unknown Warrior (1 year ago)
i know i do text her, but i do it like every 2-3-4 days....but she still doesn't text me first but i know she still likes me. How do i get her to message me first? Also when i do it a lot, i run out of things to say quickly and the conversation just gets repetitive because i just ask her the same basic stuff. Any help?
Christian Benett (1 year ago)
What if you did that but got too comfortable and she left you for someone else. Can u still make her feel this if she comes back?
Mery Helen (2 years ago)
*>> Get Her Obsessed Discount Offer 2016 <<*
OmAr LiVeS (2 years ago)
and a trick to doing that is pretend is she ugly as hell but with a cute ass
Taí-Shawn Bowman (4 years ago)
How exactly do i do the things you're saying to do?
karl wills (4 years ago)
nice wanting eye contact is vital,reframe from talking to her,as they say talk is cheap,also you must get physically close to her but still only talk rarely to her  also if there are a group of guys wanting her let them talk to her because she'll get bored with them sooner or later,also only speak softly to her never speak with a full voice,what the guy seez in the video is spot on correct..
Taí-Shawn Bowman (4 years ago)
How do i give her a little bit but have her wanting more?
Taí-Shawn Bowman (3 years ago)
Thank you.
james byrne (3 years ago)
Compliment her something and act like it was nothing and don't keep mentioning it. Like it was a once off
Tsubasa (4 years ago)
Yeah but then she will get bored and go find someone who will give her more...
I just like Memes (12 days ago)
I don’t wait on boys lol there’s lots of them out here
I just like Memes (12 days ago)
Loll exactly
an0v 26 (5 months ago)
then you have to give her more
sanaz Esfahani (7 months ago)
No. I will be bored by this !!!! And will loose interest .
Hossam Anany (8 months ago)
yes but it seems like you are copying and pasting
DatingLogic (5 years ago)
Which one gives you the most butterflies or gets your mind racing the most? That's the girl you like the most.

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