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Does A Jealous And Insecure Partner Push The Other To Cheat?

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LyrasCroftis Pantherijon (4 months ago)
I'd think it depends mainly on the individual's mindset and core values. For one thing, jealousy and insecurity are two different things. Jealousy on its own is not a bad word or something to abhor. Why? It lies in all of us yet we're supposed to use it with discernment in a mild approach and not to excess.
Lubna Anderson (4 months ago)
Can you make a video on "how to act when he starts pulling away, and how to act if he pulls away and tries to comeback". Reject them or take them back. Hard to decision to make. Especially if you don't want to end things but at the same time you don't want them to think its ok to treat you that way.
Liz Arteaga (4 months ago)
You are almost at 100k!
Tatted and Blessed 76 (4 months ago)
The truth!!
John Mort (4 months ago)
Make a video about if its true that women change their voices when they find a man attractive I heard they tend to speak in higher pitch
basketballplayer101 02 (4 months ago)
What does it mean if you hit your crush and they hit you back and they got really mad.But days later they still stare at you everyday
basketballplayer101 02 (4 months ago)
@Queen Directioner like touching them
Queen Directioner (4 months ago)
Hit Like what ??
Zahra Khan (4 months ago)
I love how you go straight to the point in your videos.
Sebastien Pecanty (4 months ago)
That has some good meaning
Nora Peace (4 months ago)
Congratulations on 98k subscribers! You’ll be at 100k soon!! I’ve been a subscriber when u had under 50k 👍🏽
Fuck You (4 months ago)
Yikes, that's why I'm single Everyone cheats nowadays like it's nothing
K (4 months ago)
Youre so straight to the point and honest
spaciousgalaqxy (4 months ago)
I love that about him. He says so many good things in a short amount of time.
A DS (4 months ago)
Jealous and Insecure partners are the worst, I have lived and learned, and never dating someone like that again
Uh (4 months ago)
You make some great videos, keep up the good work! (:
empress shan (4 months ago)
Thanks much bt yes sometyms
Jerrilynn Orozco (4 months ago)
Allison Espinoza (4 months ago)
I love how you get straight to the point. I love your videos, thanks for everything
Dashynae Day (4 months ago)
Doesnt he !
Black Samurai (4 months ago)
You took the words right outta of my mouth!

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