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What it's like to be a Muslim in America | Dalia Mogahed

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When you look at Muslim scholar Dalia Mogahed, what do you see: A woman of faith? A scholar, a mom, a sister? Or an oppressed, brainwashed, potential terrorist? In this personal, powerful talk, Mogahed asks us, in this polarizing time, to fight negative perceptions of her faith in the media -- and to choose empathy over prejudice. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Robert Obrigado (4 hours ago)
Green: -The suffering you went through on 9/11 and on is unfair, but it couldn't have been otherwise. It is still an issue today. People's lazy minds do not take the time to question themselves about their own beliefs. And the sad truth is, this kind of people will exist no matter what. We are in the primitive era of civilisation, the majority of the population is not well adapted to the civilisation that we're building together as a species. -Much respect for your willingness to reflect. And to fully dedicate to a spiritual belief, that's wonderful! -It is an courageous and noble act to stand up and speak for one's own people, to share a people's suffering and struggles. Red: -Unfortunately, most of what you said is misinformed, just as most of other spiritual people say about your religion and people. -KKK is not christian. They used Christianity for propaganda purposes. But their ideology is not based on the Holy Bible. -In essence, you are not a "pure" Muslim unless you follow the words of Quran, such as: "Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah". But, it is a matter of choice and personal morality the extent to which Quran is interpreted. Although the message is quite clear, the question of interpretation saves one's status as a Muslim in its true meaning. -The majority of Muslim people are not extremists, that's for sure! However, on 9/11 it was not the majority that mattered, but the minority. It's a loop of reasoning that can not be yet answered. How do we keep peacefully living with each other, while controlling the extremists of each other's group? (Hence Christchurch). This is an issue, also because when you immigrate in a country, you're expected to adapt to the local values/culture, and even many non-extremist Muslims fail to do so. -Again, unfortunately, some things that you're proposing and some things that you're saying are in denial of human nature, and I think this is one of the biggest issues nowadays. As mentioned earlier, we live in the primitive era of civilisation. We act like we have answers to big questions, but we are just some confused sentient beings. Whether we admit this or not. If we would establish a manifesto of the human nature, that would make our lives' much better. But that is also quite impossible. Because that involves politics. That involves economy, that involves power, politics and so on, and when there are such big interests involved, it is impossible to reach a common ground. And because we are so many on this earth, and the world is so fast nowadays, that it would be too crazy of an ambition to expect from us, humans, to properly discuss and analyse the world and come with a "Theory of Everything" in regards to our society and global organisation. All we can do now is observe and do our best to educate each other, ourselves and the next generations. With these being said, I hope my message is not misunderstood and people will take the time to reflect upon this message, instead of mindlessly attacking it as I've seen this is a trendy practice on the internet. I would appreciate very much if the answers would have essence and would lack insults.
kill bill (6 hours ago)
A few short years it was communists then civil rights leaders then unions then black males then immigrants now it's Muslims hey nothing is new under the sun it depends on how much you read history 😜
New Zealand attack made everyone upset. But the hidden story is that Muslims should rethink on what they are doing around the world. Countries which had majority of Muslims are now 100% muslim. There is no survival for non-muslims if Muslims become the majority. Further, all most all muslim states don’t respect other religeons. Manu leagal systems have regulation to band other religions in Muslim countries. For instant, keeping hindu statue would be a reason to be in jail. Simply, muslims practice hidden strategies to become majority in many contries. Now they have entered to developed and peaceful states. So, world’s refusal over muslim terrorism and strategic conquiring is growing now. It is time for Muslims to look back and rethink.
Frost (13 hours ago)
U just Openned My Heart,Allah Bless u.
khn elias (13 hours ago)
I was telling about my religion to my Christian friend from Europe he was shocked while I translated our prayer in English he said our and your religion have same believe ... believe in peace honesty truth huminty ... he loved to live with me we enjoyed our time.... celebrated eid with me .... we spend 100 days together at my house with my family he become part of us....
poetAKArapper (16 hours ago)
Keep speading such a beautifull message!
3263Pankaj (17 hours ago)
Muslim are cancer in the world they should be removed from the world to lead a peaceful life
kamal mahali (20 hours ago)
Explanations will not work now, it's too late
A K.P (21 hours ago)
this ted really got me into tears, i was beginning to decide to take off my hijab because i was afraif of how society will see as i wanted to becaome a comic illustrator in america and an animator. How i actually questioned islam and how i usually see its a sign of oppression on how i should dress for males. But it doesnt matter, its an identity of islam not for covering your aurat, tbh i dont care if males sees my hair i still roam free with me uncovered, i dont care because some traumas that hit me that i am forced to be sexual with my hijab on from my exes, it doesnt matter but its a sign that its islam. you represent it, its like a christian wearing a christ necklace, its a sign that you are proud of being an islam, thank you for enlighten me and i will also be a part of introducing that islam is not a bad religion and we even put this with our choice. May Allah be with you and love you
Clara Campe (21 hours ago)
When look at you I get scare
mohamed (22 hours ago)
I am proud to be Exmuslim
TM Gaming (7 hours ago)
mohamed what happened?
mohamed (14 hours ago)
+TM Gaming I've been like you before 4 years ;)
TM Gaming (14 hours ago)
mohamed I am a Muslim, and I am proud to be one!
mohamed (20 hours ago)
+TM Gaming what's your religion ?
TM Gaming (20 hours ago)
mohamed why?
Aparado X (1 day ago)
Well make that choice in your country. We dont want that middleage stoneage ignorant culture ideology you want. We dont agree. You are worth half of a man. Where is your man? Did he allow you to talk? Cause youd be stoned in your country :)
Muhammad Ijaz Akbar (1 day ago)
Some non Muslims are misguided due to actions of Muslim community.I just request to all persons who want to get true guidance of life objectives, just look on Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W Life and read Quran.
prakash sannyasi (1 day ago)
Think it there's 50 Muslim country most of them are dangerous for non Muslims but why there is not much Hindu country or Christine country that are dangerous for Muslims
prakash sannyasi (1 day ago)
Why Hindu, Christine, Buddhist doesn't do that mutch terrorist attack as Islamic terrorist does
prakash sannyasi (1 day ago)
America get success with out Muslims
prakash sannyasi (1 day ago)
Good actor
prakash sannyasi (1 day ago)
Think it man why it always Muslim there might be something rong
Simran Khanna (1 day ago)
lolz...can you imagine a Christian lady talking about Christianity in one of these muslim world? Christians give them platforms, they use it for becoming terrorists.
Queen Queenly (1 day ago)
I want a world without religions. Especially a world without islam
TM Gaming (20 hours ago)
Queen Queenly did you finish the ted talk?
I'm a nerd (1 day ago)
She is an Egyptian-Muslim like me...so proud my sister ❤️❤️
Indulekha g (1 day ago)
I am a hindu from India and I am 12. Here muslims, christians and hindus are respected equally.
Rizza Umami (1 day ago)
I watch this after New Zealand sad news :(
Eleeth Tahgra (2 days ago)
What it's like to be a Muslim in America? Nothing much I suppose. You could do whatever you want, pray whenever you want, not eat or eat whatever you want. Heck, its a country that do not disallow consumption of human flesh. Its a country that do not disallow scientology n some religion that worship lucifer. So, nothing much. Now, whats its like to be minority religion in a majority muslim country....now thats a more interesting story. Try to take a look of how the hindus fare in, say, pakistan. Or the christian in middle east. Thats a more interesting story.
oforiwaa Ennuson (2 days ago)
Jesus Christ is Lord believe in Him and you are saved 😘Amen
oforiwaa Ennuson (1 day ago)
+H S Amen but He is Lord
H S (1 day ago)
oforiwaa Ennuson Muslims do believe in Prophet Jesus
AHMED RIYAZ KHAN (2 days ago)
We All need to understand as many not is that , ISIS group or other terrorist Group are not at all Muslims, they are paid group which are puppets of super power who All are controlling world Economy and made us slave of them.
Sevgi Ezmeci (2 days ago)
I'm a muslim and I proud this. Muslim not a terörist.
sheraz shamshair (2 days ago)
Feels proudly im also Muslim alhumdullillah
Atika Yasmin (2 days ago)
Such a powerful talk. I'm Muslim and I'm so thankful for her to talk about this
Alexi Ichigo (2 days ago)
16:17 I got a little teary. :))
goofyp Ilm (2 days ago)
What a Queen hahah
Hocus Pocus (3 days ago)
This women is soooo stupid. The question is why is she - an Egyptian Muslim even in America when she could be an Egyptian Muslim in Islamic egypt. It doesn't matter where she was born. She was born here in USA because USA govt. Allowed birthright citizenship. U can't be a non Saudi non Muslim or even Muslim born in Saudi Arabia and say well I was born here. They don't offer birthright citizenship. Her parents were born in Egypt but they had no problem picking up and leaving their birth country for an infidel country. Nonie darwish was born in egypt now an apostates of Islam having converted to Christianity - the question is can she go to Egypt and live there freely and say "well I was born here" How many Egyptian Jews are making this speech in Cairo saying I'm an Egyptian Jew whats wrong with that. And talking about their experiences as a Jew in Islamic egypt. She has the odesity to compare KKK with isis. KKK has nothing to do with Christianity. U can't point to the scriptures of Christianity that preaches racial purity and supremacy of the white race or any race. If thats the case, Christians around the world in phillipines, middle East, black Africa would also have a racial supremacists , purity ideology/organization in those countries. What isis is doing is in accordance to Islamic scriptures. It's occurred in the same manner by other Islamic jihadists since the 7th century. The mughals being one of them. The question is why does she want to live in an infidel country when she has 50 Islamic countries to live in? And why does she move to a country where KKK exists as a non white person, like how many Infidels, Christians, yezidis flocking to go live in Syria or Iraq or Pakistan and any Islamic country??? The reason, Islamic jihadi warfare against Infidels is realism
Nadia Subri (3 days ago)
It's sad that people has to justify belonging to a religion, and considering what has happened in New Zealand today, it's tragic.
Shahd Mo (3 days ago)
Very proud of you💜 _i will stand in the same place one day
Khadija Elkhalfi (3 days ago)
I'm Moslem and proud
Abdul Jabbar Pirzado (3 days ago)
Nice speech
Kaneez Fatima (3 days ago)
Thanks for touching my heart!!
Laiba Maryam (3 days ago)
I am proud to be a muslim alhamdulillah ❤️
David Cares (3 days ago)
Is it like to be a jew or a christian in a muslim country. Your religion has killed more people on earth than the plague. Liar
David Cares (3 days ago)
+start here Rely, lets see, your dumb enough to think that blowing up innocent children like coward some how god loves you for it, You muders and rape for 1400 years but your a religion of peace. Your think people fear you but people don't they just want to kill you.
start here (3 days ago)
you don't know anything about our religion so shoot up.
Baki Billah (4 days ago)
Islam is the religion of peace.
Bramantyo Abi (4 days ago)
Feminism and democracy are not compatible with the real Islamic value.
Abdul Isoev (5 days ago)
I loved your speech you are explaining who are real muslim thank my dear sister bless for all muslim
hasan shaikh (5 days ago)
It's really respectable!
Esoteric Ray (5 days ago)
"It was a slow surrender" I know... it's like when someone loves you too much that you can't help but find yourself falling in love too
A S (5 days ago)
"Or just airport security line delay" 😂😂
jayed hasan (5 days ago)
"When you meet people who seem like exception to the rule, often time is that the rule is broken, not that they are exception to it !" She stole my with these last words !!! Ladies & Gents, I give you 21st century muslim woman !
Gulrez Alam (5 days ago)
I m muslim &. I love Islam
Annie Hashmi (6 days ago)
Beautiful my dear sister! Sooo PROUD OF YOU! Very powerful speech indeed! May ALLAH(s.w.t) bless you abundantly! ❤❤❤
Kenny Goodman (6 days ago)
In a flash on 9/11 people wanted to understand the religion you follow. What kind of belief could motivate people to willfully take planes full of innocents and fly them into buildings full of innocents while killing themselves to gain an eternal reward in paradise? How common is terrorism committed in the name of this religion? More current is why followers of this religion are committing horrific acts in countries around the world? Not just the Western world but in the Middle East also. Why do Islamic countries seem unable to base societies on Democracy, basic human rights and freedoms and classic liberalism? The West has it's problems but I don't think anyone could argue that the West's vales haven't lead to a higher quality of life compared to any Muslim majority country. Unfortunately the Middle East seems to be stagnating intellectually and technologically and has for hundreds of years. Whether that is because of the West is debatable.    ISIS and Al Qaeda uses/used the Quran to justify their atrocities and have just as much religious authority as anyone else in the Islamic world with regards to the Quran. They are reading the Quran literally and that is why it appears that appeals to the Quran are doing nothing to stop them. I don't care if the Islamic world has intense internal debates about the meaning if what is in the Quran. It's another flawed human document that even though supposedly the word of Allah, no one can seem to agree on just what it means. Those arguments are irrelevant to the larger conversation for non-Muslims. The rest of us has to focus on what the followers of Islam are doing and NOT what they say. Of course Muslims are not monolithic in their beliefs but they should be if the Quran is the perfect word of Allah. Obviously Muslims can't agree on how to follow the Quran, just like Christians have arguments about how to interpret the bible. Muslims and Christians both cherry-pick parts of their holy texts to follow and believe in while ignoring the parts they don't agree with. Or they just say people who don't believe like they do are not true Christians or Muslims. The larger questions for those of us who are not Muslims are: What are the details of this ideology in their holy book? What would happen if Muslims gained political power? Would they start to impact Western secular values in a negative way? Why does the Islamic world have such problems? How well do Muslims assimilate into Western culture and absorb Western values? So far I find Islam's view on women to be disturbing, it's views on homosexuality and apostasy to be abhorrent, it's views on secular government are concerning and there seems to be an inability to criticize the religion without being called an Islamophobe.  There is supposedly free speech in Islam as long as you don't criticize Islam and the Prophet. I won't even get into Sharia law.  The whole discussion about Islam for myself boils down to a risk vs reward decision. As an atheist with family and friends who are LGBT I will do everything legally and politely in my power to prevent Islam from being spread because it is too much of a risk for those who are not Muslims. I feel the same about other religions also but for myself Islam is the worst of the bunch. Man has struggled for every bit of progress throughout our history. Representative government with the right to elect our leaders and representatives, treating women as equals, treating those different than us as fellow human beings, the end of slavery, forming a body (the UN) to try and resolves issues between countries, the embracing of science and reason and there is more.  I see Islam as being frozen in time for the last 600 years and it needs to go through it's own enlightenment as the other monolithic religions for it to be a healthy part of the future on this planet.  I understand how much pain Islamic terrorism (and yes it is Islamic because it's perpetrators base their actions on the Quran) must cause peaceful Muslims but peaceful Muslims are pretty much irrelevant to the issues. Peaceful Muslims are not stopping the larger narrative that drives Islamic terrorists to commit atrocities around the world and they seem to be powerless to do so. Maybe they reach the occasional person before they become radicalized but it seems to be few and far between and the rest of the world can't sit by and wait for the Islamic world gets itself sorted out.
Yellow W (6 days ago)
This is very touching. I have struggled with prejudice against middle eastern people before mostly because of my father. My father, though a kind and wonderful dad, has the mentality of most white, British immigrant men in this country and that is that all middle eastern religion and people are terrible and inferior to white people. Throughout my childhood he would do things like try to pull up to a bad driver on the road to confirm his suspicion that they were brown, and often he would say things like "just think, if you were muslim your dad would be beating you and you'd probably already be married by now!" He expressed great disgust whenever I mentioned my school was educating us on diversity and acceptance of different cultures, and called other _little girls_ who went to my school and wore hijabs "scarf heads"and told me not to be friends with them because they "were probably already set to be shipped off to Syria and married." He'd mock their accents as well. He never referred to muslim people as people, they were always "those people." This obviously influenced my perception of brown skinned people, and though I was never racist I definitely had and still have to some extent difficulty understanding muslim culture. This type of thing needs to stop, we are all people. All cultures and religions are guilty of doing terrible things, but that doesn't mean everyone who practices it are the same. I am glad I was not brainwashed by my father and that I can spread kindness and compassion to people who look different from me. Disclaimer: My dad was always kind to people in public, he only said/did these things behind closed doors. He is not an awful man at all, he would never make someone feel unwelcome or bad about themselves. I just felt I needed to clear that up.
SeztoJenny (6 days ago)
Moving talk. I changed my view on Muslim because of this. Thank you.
Muhammad Zulkifli (7 days ago)
It's amazing
Suo Senpai (7 days ago)
I am Muslim. I am a diligent daughter, a student, an aspiring engineer, a globe trotter, a food enthusiast, and many other things. I'm a muslim, and I'm as complex as any other ordinary girl my age. I'm a Muslim and I have dreams and ambitions, obligations and loyalties. I hope people understand this when Muslims identify themselves as Muslims. As Dalia Mogahed said, she is not the exception. It is not her deep-thinking, her mindfulness or her American citizenship that which makes Dalia an exception to all other Muslims. In fact her narrative, her feelings and emotions, her way of thinking, and all that she has expressed in the past 16:16 mins of this video were all representative of most if not all Muslims' narratives, feelings and emotions, as well as thoughts. Just like any ordinary person, Muslims want prosperity for their family, their community and their country. Muslims have dreams and want good jobs. They want to be a dutiful son/daughter and a good friend. Above all else, Muslims want to live in peace. Dalia Mogahed is actually a more accurate representation of what the 1.6 billion Muslims look like, and how we function, instead of the bigotry we receive in mass media.
Suo Senpai (7 days ago)
Suo Senpai (7 days ago)
Suo Senpai (7 days ago)
i started crying when she said "afraid for anyone to know i was a muslim" and i couldnt stop crying
Suo Senpai (7 days ago)
alhamdullilah sister, you are such a great voice to represent us all <3
Kuldeep Raina (7 days ago)
Muslim books all hadisaw Quran is terrorism book
Zoey Papadopoulou (8 days ago)
Jesus Christ said Iam the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except through him.
Fraitlis Ayoub (8 days ago)
We want videos like: what it is like to be a Christian or an atheist of Islamic background in Islamic countries.
mohamed (22 hours ago)
free man (8 days ago)
why does not then any Islamic country criticize ISIS. Saudi Arabia funds a lot of terror which claims to be the epicenter of islam
Сайл (8 days ago)
Америка независящая многонациональная край, она всеми цивилизациями мира основалась, будто я думаю
Faioosh Qf (9 days ago)
Mustafa Balcı (9 days ago)
İslamı merak mı ediyorsunuz? Dönünde o büyük devlete bir bakın. Dönünde Osmanlı Devletine bir bakın. Atalarımıza <3
Success is my name (9 days ago)
Shes such a good speaker, her speech was like a story and poem
Yousuf Popal (9 days ago)
Proud on you my sister from Afghanistan we are not terrorist we are peace for world
ABD Alrhman Slmon (9 days ago)
Any one from 2019 But like here
ART AMI (10 days ago)
This video needs to be broadcast in the Russian news. Bravo 👏🏼
Husnain MJ (10 days ago)
I felt proud to be a Muslim
jamesenvior (11 days ago)
The most evil kind of crime is the crime of killing others, indiscriminantly, in the name of religion. Muslims killing non-muslims is such a crime in the modern day. This kind of crime is so evil, and, only be rivaled by Hitler's Holocaust, should be eradicated at all costs. Why is it most evil? Because it would not spare even a child. Now think of that. What kind of a crime a child could make that would deserve them their death? None I could think of! So how could they think of doing it? I believe the root of this comes from the combination of evil mind, deep hatred for the non-muslims, and the religious guarantee that they will go to heaven if they do so. This kind of guarantee breeds the ultimate evil while enticing them that they can go to heaven if they do so. So, there is no need to hate or fear every muslims out there. Evil and good is equally devided among us. We should only concern with the absolute evil that comes out of the terrorists Jihad movements. So don't bring the fights to innocent muslims around the world. It would make us worse than the terrorists, themselves. Instead, I propose we recruit and work together with those good muslims, so we can help each other fight this war against terrorisms. In the name of Humanity!! And not any religion.
balpreet singh (11 days ago)
ISLAM is the root of all terrorists in the world
Mesakh Tamu Ama (12 days ago)
Let's stop pretending that people are living under threats in America because it's a myth. Everyone's religious liberty is respected. Instead of wondering what it's like to be a Muslim in America, let's start thinking what it's like to be minorities in the middle east.
tomatoes100 (12 days ago)
+Mesakh Tamu Ama yea dude for sure. So smart. Please start a YouTube series.
Mesakh Tamu Ama (12 days ago)
+tomatoes100 Whatever happens in America, you're better off than people living somewhere else in the world who risk losing their lives for what they believe.
tomatoes100 (12 days ago)
Self awareness. You lack it.
Nadim Ali (13 days ago)
Love and respect from 🇮🇳🇮🇳❤❤❤
Park Noah (13 days ago)
"september 2001. i bet all of you know where you were that morning" me: I wasn't even born yet
Ibrahim M. (13 days ago)
i am a 15 year old male ex muslim and i say that islam oppresses women.
Sahma Caroline (13 days ago)
I cried 😩😩❤️❤️❤️ this was amazing masha allah!!!
Nader Lbacher (13 days ago)
OMG she is the best clever and smart very smart Alhamdoulilah we have good muslims too
Robert Oraha (14 days ago)
she is only shwing the beautiful picter of islam who is killing pepole around of the world what does isis means ....guysdont trust in Muslims pepole they always acting like that and shwo themselves are the victems woh Killing and expel people from their countries of origin ...let me tall you the reason is The Koran there holy book is the problom Do not let them fool you
Sharifa Begum (15 days ago)
My dear sister - you are such an inspiration. It's wonderful to see how open minded the audience was as we are all human beings regardless of what religion we practise and should live peacefully with one another. May Allah reward you abundantly and protect you and your family.
Masha Allah We need more Muslim Woman speakers in our just Deen like you.
Omar Jalal (15 days ago)
Go off!!! This is the truth
Emala Magar (15 days ago)
your speech is great .I am from Nepal and I follow Hindu .Religious is freedom in my country . Here are about 9 religions like Hindu, Buddha , christianity ,Islam ,muslim , kirati etc and people follow whichever they like .we respect all religions . so we have never faced the war on the issue of religion
Reza Mozzammil (15 days ago)
Awesome message
_ SHAHRIL (16 days ago)
Islam means peace Quran means read Islam loves PEACE,and loves KNOWLEDGE.
Farheen Ali (17 days ago)
This is really admirable... Being a Muslim girl.. I really abominate those people who look us as a terrorist... We are not terrorist nd i am proud to be Muslim and Indian as well.
Somkid Somwang (18 days ago)
I dont known but one of ur friends when she walk passed me I even dont know her she show me hatred face when she walk passed me in the sidewalk..I was wear a long t shirt and Jeans I dont think I wear ably or short...so I could feel how she proud of herself..so when I realized it she it's fake Muslim...Y..because in another days I had meet the smiling face in the post office and she help me to tape the box..and we walked home together.....the things is I now understand it doesn't matter what is ur religion's, but the importance things is re u the true one or the fake one..
Alex jam (18 days ago)
Muslim is dangerous all over world.
Mike Tomas (19 days ago)
Ok a muslim here please explain the meaning of Surah An-Nisah verse 34. It's clearly says to men to beat their wives if they didnt follow their order after 2 warnings. Just as an early response to those who come and try to change the clear meaning of this verse I should say this doesnt mean if someone's wife cheated or something like that, just simply if she decides to not follow her husband order which can be any kind of order, she can get beaten.
Anyone interested in learning Arabic ?
Taha Abdio (19 days ago)
my allah reward you well 🎩
Nişancı (20 days ago)
I am an atheist, living in a muslim country. I can confirm all she says. Muslim=terrorist is absolutely a very very wrong perception. On the other hand, the actual terror that islam causes is all about something else : politic islam. That's horrid. That feeds ignorance, stupidity, medieval conservative mindset, obscurantism. That's the real terror. Religion must always be kept far, very far away from politics. It's very dangerous.
Nişancı (8 days ago)
+Zeynep Yağmur You want sharia so you can become the 5th wife of a stinky old man? Stop trolling.
Zeynep Yağmur (8 days ago)
You say u're living in a muslim country, so what do you expect ? Isn't that normal? Of course it is... and as a muslim I'm waiting for the sharia, damn secularism!😄 Additionally, I invite you to islam. May Allah guide you on the right path
Raoufa_ 07 (20 days ago)
“ISIS has as much to do with Islam, as the Ku Klux Klan has to do with Christianity.” Powerful words.
Tayshalee Reyes (20 days ago)
im a christian but she spoke good points
farooq azam jee (20 days ago)
Islam is peace and teaches us tolerance.
This is one of the best TED Talks we have ever watched here. Thank you for everything with our respect !
Massyla bk (20 days ago)
Thank u ❤
Chengshenhan Su (20 days ago)
she is an amazing woman!
(21 days ago)
I'm a turkish citizen. I ve lived many cities of Turkey ... as an atheist person I do not have single symphaty for islam religion.
Hassan Almaleh (21 days ago)
Strong speech and strong woman

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