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What it's like to be a Muslim in America | Dalia Mogahed

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When you look at Muslim scholar Dalia Mogahed, what do you see: A woman of faith? A scholar, a mom, a sister? Or an oppressed, brainwashed, potential terrorist? In this personal, powerful talk, Mogahed asks us, in this polarizing time, to fight negative perceptions of her faith in the media -- and to choose empathy over prejudice. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Text Comments (6176)
Samrina's Kitchen (12 minutes ago)
She just stole my heart such a great lady may u live long
Alen Sebastian (4 hours ago)
"What it's like to be a CHRISTIAN in middle eastern countries" where is this version?
Gummy Lobster (11 hours ago)
Her story makes me tear up, i'm sure lots of muslims have been in the same situation as her , i did so i know allot of you did as well in the end people only want peace in their life.
Zeinab Zam (15 hours ago)
She said everything that every Muslim would like to say ❣ she is amazing!!! 💕
KJ Malik (17 hours ago)
America is a great country in many ways. I am from Pakistan and believe me you will never see any video where Non Muslim Pakistanis are coming forward and telling the world that how it feels to live in Pakistan. Because they will anticipate the severe consequences afterwards. But in America minorities can come forward and people will give them respect and will listen to them. People sometimes take real democracy, tolerance and freedom of expression for granted..
Nicki LovesDogs (23 hours ago)
Islam is hideous, cruel and oppressive.
Layla Cayni (1 day ago)
Mashaa AllAh she was talking reality , love u brave woman
Messi Kita (1 day ago)
I am a Christian, and l guess we should respect all religions
amad sumbhania (2 days ago)
In Islam woman don't.have permission to speak like this in front of lots of man
Imran Khan (2 days ago)
Since Islamic terror attacks 9/11 2001, Western countries and Americans do not like Muslims. They hate them.
Nono A (2 days ago)
Proud of you sis
Ham Mad Tariq (2 days ago)
Allah bless u lady you are doing exellent job
Ham Mad Tariq (2 days ago)
proud to be a muslim. truth of portraying muslims as a sign of terrorism, media just knows that because majority don't think like that. 'cause media is just putting that feelings in to people's mind. I watched the video and i felt the people were sitting and there and just listening with peace 'cause they want peace but media and some hypocratic people don't wanna that and Indian Media is actually leading the team ahead of american media. I'm just wanna say stop all this ugly blames and shameless working 'cause you are just loosing your honor and respect and now people knows that.
ItzHana HMJ (2 days ago)
3:19 why is every terrible things happens in 2001?? It was the year I was born and whenever I hear “terrible things happened in 2001” I just- ;-;lfkfjjdhsgshsjsgsgzhj
Persisprincess (2 days ago)
I guess I should speak on what is it like growing up among Muslims? ?? Normal Muslims ofcourse are not terrorist but are very bold and way too fighters, don't even abide by the rules most of the times at least not all but most of them 80%. From where I come. I think we as a human being we should abide by the law of the country we r in..
Persisprincess (2 days ago)
Also respect our fellow neighbors..
Michael Imad (2 days ago)
why is it always the media?
edmina becovic (2 days ago)
Im very lucky that all my Christian, Jewish, Catholic friends accept me and don’t look at me as a terrorist ❤️
Hurtz Burtz (3 days ago)
Better than how muslims treat non muslims in Muslim countries.... Islam isnt a religion, muslims dont need to be respected.
Shay 86 (3 days ago)
Religion is opium for the mass. It's human invenction to control people. And people belive it because they want reach their 'havens' but come one, yiu're arguing which religion is better and you're ignoring the fact that any religion is good. Thank you goodbye.
Shay 86 (3 days ago)
Nie pozwólmy kobietom chodzić w burkach, nigdy, przenigdy. To uwłaczenie kobiecej gidności i próba zniewolenia.
Dinda Karenina (3 days ago)
Love from Indonesia💕
Vildan Özel (3 days ago)
You explained so good. Really, I've listened with admiration. Thank you so much. I love u:))) still good people alives:))
Ilsan Ghuled (3 days ago)
Mashallah Sister/ it is a late comment but as a dutch muslim hijabi girl i understand it, people assum that i can't speak good dutch but i do, and also they think that im a scary person to talk to.. but i've met a lot of good people who aren't muslim but still are happy because im a muslim./ (sorry for my bad english)
Ashgan Ahmed (3 days ago)
This is so amazing.
Ali Gültekin (3 days ago)
11 Eylül abd'nin Müslümanların terörist olduğunu algısı oluşturmak için; Afganistan,Irak ve diğer Müslüman ülkelere saldırmak için; ortadoğu'ya şekil vermek ve israil'in sınırlarını genişletmek için; dünyada Müslümanlara karşı nefret uyandırmak için... vesaire...kendi tezgahladığı oyundan başkası değildir.abd tıpkı diğer terör örgütleri gibi bu terör örgütlerini kurup,büyütüp ,besleyip sonra kullanarak en sonunda çöpe atıyor.Orta Doğudaki birçok terör örgütü istikrarsızlaştırma politikası adına kullanılan maşalardan başka bir şey değildir hepsinin menşei abd ve israil'dir...
Esma Nur Demir (3 days ago)
İzlediğim en güzel ted konuşmalarından bi tanesiydi 💕
I see you a strangely dressed woman. That's all.
syeda faryal (3 days ago)
Thank yo so much sister .You show people the real version of Islam.
G Deathly (3 days ago)
Where is she from?
David Wood on Islam... I think you are uneducated... And forced to worship a fake religion
deyasini choudhury (4 days ago)
Not media but its fact that Islam is an oppressive...spirituality is NOT Islam its a Hindu concept...
Nahiba Aktar (4 days ago)
who disliked you haters i gave a big thumbs up
عمر محمد (4 days ago)
I am Muslim and proud of that
Xezal (5 days ago)
I was a Muslim. But now I dont have any religion. Whatever Islam is not for me. I respect them and this woman. But I think heijap is injustice. There is no gender equality in Islam. Why the woman have to do this?? What about mans??
Abdullah Delab (5 days ago)
Everything went downhill since 9/11😢
It'sPopcornTimeGacha (5 days ago)
I completely agree! I have a friend who is Muslim and she is one of the best and funniest people in the world!!!
Umum-i Aşk (5 days ago)
Its the thing I'm tryanna tell to other ppl bout Muslims. U r perfect❤️ firstly these terrorists just looking like a Muslim and u guess they're Muslim but there's thing u missed, we also don't like them just like u here. That's the point the media always shows u as savaged that's completely wrong. Also it doesn't mean that u see the guy who's bad Muslim and then all the Muslims are bad and terrorist. Pls don't do this anymore u r hurting us by saying things we didn't do. Cause we're not saying Christians are terrorist... With love to all of you...
Nikol Georgieva (5 days ago)
As an atheist, I think the same when I see a Muslim and a Christian. But I have one argument for this woman. It is a lot easier being a Muslim in America, than in the Middle East. So why do we need to complain.
Riverdale _Loverr (5 days ago)
It made me cry
ali mahad (5 days ago)
Ilove you my religious and all Muslims so so so much
Lebah semangat (6 days ago)
thx for Bahasa indonesia subtitle
Aklima Sultanova (6 days ago)
Really like it very much 👍👍👍👍
Lamees Abdelazyem (6 days ago)
Amazing words.....💖💖💖💖
chekobikerbmx (6 days ago)
how is to be a mudslime in america? easy. In the morning you steal some planes with your foes Later on you crash em' on some buildings killing many innocent people then your remaining friends send some anthrax at the busiest airports. Isn't it fun to be muslim? :D
Farah Eluro (6 days ago)
14:00 .. most beautiful part .. what if the world was like that💔❤️
Jonna Savolainen (7 days ago)
I'm agnostic but very interested of different religions and cultures. (My dream is to study worlds religions and maybe become a religion teacher) I can respect all the religions and islam is one of them too. I hate and get so irritated when people are saying negative stuff and things about muslims and their religion because most of the time they are wrong and they are making assumptions and they are generalizing islam. Of course, there are "bad muslims". But there are also bad christians, hindus etc. However, they are minority. My one friend is a muslim and some of my relatives have said terrible things about her, i can't believe how unaware and oblivious some people can be. We all are humans and we should respect each others and not label people because of their religions and believes. I really hope more people will understand this and be more tolerant in the future. Thanks.
S zein (7 days ago)
She's so emotional😊 she's talking from her heart truly
Walking Dreams (7 days ago)
In a Muslim country you'd be forced to stay at home, uneducated and not be a spokeswoman for Islam. And you have the gall to complain about America? Save it. Better yet, move to any Muslim country of your choice.
Mr Unst (7 days ago)
go back to your muslim country and live a happy life. what is your problem?
such as Hypocrite women ,, She belongs to the muslim brotherhood radical group m we all know that
John Hembd (8 days ago)
What it's like to be a Christian, gay or an atheist like myself in an Islam countries...?
Karthik Challa (8 days ago)
8:53 she tell i s i s follows quran and we should stop them
Karthik Challa (8 days ago)
Before u tell me she told isis bases their brutality on Quran and they are not following Islam also prove to me gazwa e hind also is fake
Constatine XI P. (9 days ago)
I lived in Turkey so I've met and still know many Muslims. In Iran refusing to wear the hijab is also a symbol of liberty- ask Anni Cyrus from Iran. Turkey is different and the hijab is a choice. The question I do have and I hope you'd be honest with me- do you believe sharia law should be the highest law? Dr. Zudhi Jassar from The American Islamic forum for Democracy is a Muslim I respect.
Yasir Chattha (9 days ago)
There are good and bad people in the world we mus never forget an Individual from a bad community can be good
mohammed ramees km (9 days ago)
I am a Muslim and I also believe in humanity quaran is the answer for every questions
Muslimah of the West (9 days ago)
Very excellent talk Mashallah.
Hannah G (9 days ago)
I’m not religious nor do I think I ever will be, but I love the ideals of putting brains and personality before beauty and what the hijab represents. This was a wonderful talk and I with her all the happiness the world can give her
Yuusuf Hussain (10 days ago)
Jesas is not god Allah is
Jesus is God MAGA (10 days ago)
Muslims are so dangerous - especially knowing that their cult encourages 'lies and deception'.
Jesus is God MAGA (4 days ago)
+Ya Ra There are not over 1.5 billion Muhammadans - besides there are millions of closet Christians among them.
Ya Ra (4 days ago)
If the Muslims are really dangerous then you may be dead because more than 1,5 billion person in this world is muslim .. BTW your little knowledge is more dengerous as you know !
Jesus is God MAGA (5 days ago)
+Jungkookie Suga The Koran justifies lying and deceiving. It is a common ploy by Muhammadans to appear pleasant and civilized.
Jungkookie Suga (5 days ago)
Did you ever meet a Muslim, did you ever had a Muslim friend , if no then keep your lies to your self and btw Jesus is not god, in the bible he never said he is god
makwan dawd (10 days ago)
Such a great and open minded person Very well said
Yelda Suna Aksoy (10 days ago)
Tek kelime ile harika bir konuşma olmuş 💙
Arjyani Sengupta (10 days ago)
This bought tears to my eyes...
Lara Valenzuela (10 days ago)
I'm Proud to be an American Muslim
Killsocialmedia (10 days ago)
Hahaha making Muslims funny. I hate Islam. Such a violent intolerant religion. The faith of the devil. Notice she didn't share any scripture.
Jungkookie Suga (5 days ago)
you know nothing about Islam read the translation of the quran and then state your opinion
Winnie Gu (11 days ago)
For a long time I had this childish imagination: the heaven is divided by gods. Those who believe in Jesus go to his realm; those who follow Buddha’s teachings go to his kingdom; those who attack others’ religions are not accepted by any of the gods.
Winnie Gu (2 days ago)
Killsocialmedia I don’t think the point of religions is to be true. It is to teach people values like love, respect, and gratitude (that you probably don’t have judging by the comment). Nobody has personally seen any characters from the Bible, so in a way Christianity is as untruthful as any cults that you might define. If some beliefs are untruthful and teach people the wrong way to live, they shouldn’t be considered religion to begin with.
Killsocialmedia (2 days ago)
Thats dumb. Really dumb. You are giving truth to every religion when you do that. Not every religion is a truth. Keep considering it childish
MichiXDD (11 days ago)
Sorry for her lol
ahmed man (11 days ago)
thats so senstive talk thanks for sharing it
Herr James Bond (11 days ago)
Shame to b a muslim
Herr James Bond (11 days ago)
Global Citizen (12 days ago)
Valtýr (12 days ago)
Just idiot
Ya Ra (4 days ago)
Who ? Maybe you
addicted to book (12 days ago)
This made me so teary when they clapped when she said Muslims in America are a vital organ. InshaAllah everyone will see that we aren't what media made us into.
addicted to book (12 days ago)
I'm really crying rn hearing about the masjid being full SubhanAllah that'S amazing ...
Maja Martić (12 days ago)
Ya Ra (4 days ago)
Lol !! How stupid Learn about Islam first
Jungkookie Suga (5 days ago)
your a mistake
Melody Btob (12 days ago)
But Muslims don't respect Christians. I live in Islamic country. People look at me angrily. This is sad story. We try respect Muslims but they do not try..
Zara (10 days ago)
I am sorry about that..but I assure you that a majority of Christians don't respect Muslims as well... just wish that we could understand each other better
Ilk Soyadı (12 days ago)
Müslümanlara gerçekte nasıl bir bakış açısıyla bakılması gerektiğini anlatan harika bir konuşmaydı. Sevgiyle dinledim. Teşekkürler.
Mary Memo (12 days ago)
Islam is the best
Sajjad Ali (12 days ago)
The Qur'an has mentioned the word "Kill" in more than 100 sentence So at least one of them could be understood wrongly That's why ISIS are being terrorists Currently they're not just killing to make Islam looks a terrorism religion, but they're Killing cuz they believe that they are doing the right thing and God will reward them. I've talked with many people work with ISIS They all have the same believe that God will reward you if you kill who don't believe in Islam I want you to know that I'm open-minded and I'll accept all your options and points of view
Saucy Grant (11 days ago)
Sajjad Ali so does the Bible
By Deniz (12 days ago)
don't be muslim. be human.
madxsound Ken (13 days ago)
I'm literally crying. This is so beautiful and inspiring
Danky Skull (13 days ago)
What's it like to chop innocent people's heads off?
Issam Chtouki (13 days ago)
be calm and be Muslim 😊❤❤ respect to u all
Sevgi Aydin (13 days ago)
Teşekkürler bu konuşma için . Ben de umarım bir gün sizin gibi Müslümanlığı yanlış bilen insanlara doğrusunu gosterebilirim. Lütfen hiç kimse bir dini insanlar uzerinden yargilamasin çünkü her insan dinini doğru yasamayabilir . İnşallah bu ayrimci düşünce kırılabilir çünkü nasıl onlar müslüman bir ülkeye gelmekten cekiniyorlarsa biz de cekiniyoruz oraya gitmekten, buna birilerinin dur demesi lazım emeğiniz için teşekkürler 💖
محمد العمري (13 days ago)
Why do we need to stop ISIS? We need to stop Europe and USA which bomb other countries.
aly25 (13 days ago)
Oh and what about the violence in the passages of the Quran that muslims conveniently ignore? Such as the cutting off of fingertips + ruthlessness against nonbelievers, the utter perversion in having multiple wives and 72 virgins in heaven but preaching modesty (absolute hypocrisy) while their prophet is a pedophile who lusts amongst women including adultery, as shown with Zayed's wife? A prophet who has a total of 11 wives.... Muslims don't even know their religion. They are born into it, taught some generic quotes in their mosque, and live their lives calling themselves muslims. This religion especially is a cancer.
aly25 (13 days ago)
If only muslims cared as much about the violence towards non-muslims and women in the Middle East, or the culture that Islam leads to such as female genital mutilation and forcing of the hijab, as much as they care about their reputations on their 'peaceful religion.' Sorry but I don't feel sorry for them at all. I've heard of MANY cases of Muslim men marrying western women with the promise of freedom and their ability to practice christianity and then they force hijab them. They come to western countries and want to change the laws such as allowing the niqab but if we go to their countries, we are to abide by their oppressive culture. Even Europe is feeling the burn of Islam as they try to take over the culture, see London + France. They act like they are naked without their hijab. Why should this foolishness be tolerated?
Яна Губина (13 days ago)
Your suite looks very nice
Яна Губина (13 days ago)
I understand you! Year! Thank you SO MUCH
Claudio Correa (13 days ago)
l only see a smart fórmula to end the Wars, is to put each one's families in different places!
Rahaimeen Khurram (13 days ago)
i got so angry watching this i can not believe how much people abuse Muslim i m Muslim to and i am proud to be one and every person who abuses Muslim should be ashamed because they are human like everyone else they are human like Christians , Hindu so they can not take advantage of them. Muslim is the 2nd biggest religion 23% of Muslim live on Earth and most of them live in America. Get rid of them u will lose half of your own population but they will not care.They think if u get rid of Muslims there will be no terrorism but that is not true u can not get rid of terrorism by removing a religion it wont be the end of terrorism.but sister may Allah bless you .
mem Rayis (13 days ago)
You look a woman with clothes say you are Awra. Try to be a Christian woman In Islamic country, and say about you you are kafera and Awra. You are a big lioer
Jungkookie Suga (5 days ago)
Know how to spell before you tell your opinion
Rose khan (14 days ago)
I see most of the comments are good then y too many unlikes?? I HATE HYPOCRITES
Assem Mounir (14 days ago)
God bless you 🙏
Deutsch verstehen (14 days ago)
Ich liebe dieses Video.
Kevin Durham (14 days ago)
"Muslims are inventors". Name one thing that Muslims have created for the betterment of mankind.......................(crickets) I can name thousands of things they've destroyed and countless innocent humans that they slaughter on a daily basis.
Maxim Petruk (14 days ago)
She is just a very rare exception. Most women in Islam have no rights and are treated as breeding machines. Why don't Muslim men wear hijab? Is it only for women? What will happen to a Muslim girl if she stops wearing hijab? - she will be beaten by Sharia police, her family will give up on her and expel her. There is no choice - you will be beaten or at the very least you will lose your family. Islam is only good for men. The religion oppresses women.
Reem Matar (4 days ago)
youre having the wrong idea
Atrix Sauza (5 days ago)
Sophie K first of all, I never claimed that most woman are opressed in Islam. So the whole argument seems irrelevant. Plus I think it's about the choice, if a woman wants to live in an Islamic way, let her and even if a Muslim woman don't want to be part of the Islamic culture, let her too. My point was modesty doesn't just exist in clothing. It's in behavior too. Modesty is good, but it's not a necessity for life. Mostly these Islam and it's culture mainly targets women on "Modesty" and discriminates the western culture for their sexualization of women (which is ironic). Women are covering their body (with the same mindset of it being sexual tools to attract men) to not attract men. It's the same mindset with different morals. No one should be opressed, everyone should be allowed to be whatever they want, with knowing the fact that they shouldn't harm anyone in their actions. In Islam, this idea simply never exist, cuz theres the law and all must follow it, if you deny it , you're sinning. A primitive way of life, followed by everyone back then, even by the progressive western society. Now things have changed. That's why a Muslim can freely practice their religion and their culture in western society, and the non-muslims can't do the same in Islamic society. The hate will be still there for the Muslims by some, but the government aren't go on hating the Muslims like islamic government condemning the western lifestyle and any other lifestyle that contradicts the Islamic faith.
Nimet Koç (7 days ago)
No,say both of us, men and woman doesn't matter. "Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: And Allah is well acquainted with all that they do." Nur/30 Qur'an Because Islam say to believing that protect to own.
Maxim Petruk (7 days ago)
​+Sophie K I would like to hear your opinion on honor killings of women/girls in Muslim communities. This atrocity even exists in such a modern country as Turkey.
Maxim Petruk (7 days ago)
+Sophie K Sharia police exist in Iran, Sudan and other countries. Probably in your country, there is no such a thing as Sharia police. Also, by the Sharia or Islamic laws, the witness of two women considered to be equal to the testimony of one man. It doesn't seem fair at all
Miss Paris (14 days ago)
Mashallah ! really great speech! speech therapy to all ppl making mistakes about Great Muslim.
Football News (14 days ago)
great speech , you're really a good symbole of a real muslim . Islam has nothing to do with terrorism , a real muslim will never ever hurt other people no matter what they believe in . Thanks Dalia , I am really proud of being a muslim whenever I see a Muslim who really is a Muslim whenever they are .I am a muslim and I am extremely proud of being a muslim , I wish that all muslims who are in foreign countries act like you by showing to the people real Islam .Thanks again .
UchihaYT Vlogs (14 days ago)
Shariah Law isn't above any Countries Laws!!! Muslims have shown over n over again not to integrate and follow the cultures and laws of the places they migrate to. Have you even been inside a mosque and heard things they teach??? To kill any people who are non-believers and you call it a religion of peace??? Thank goodness we're not like the U.K. And we're not that dumb to destroy ourselves. Freedom is number 1 over everything and ill die for it. MOST Americans will gladly die for it too. If your unhappy with western culture, don't come here and disrespect our way of life. Get out and don't come back
aly25 (13 days ago)
R K (14 days ago)
Islam is the most divisive and dangerous religion. It's so bad. Islam has ruined my life. :(( I am GİRL and I AM SLAVE According to Islam :(( 6 months ago I became an atheist. And i am a very happy woman :)) <3
Kevin Durham (13 days ago)
R K Finally...The truth! Thousands of religions on the planet, all making the same claim: "Ours is the one and only truth". Only one says "Believe or I will murder you".
JoachimderZweite (15 days ago)
If an attack is going to come it will be from the muslims. This woman is counting on your gullibility. We do not have it as bad as the French, Germans and British do but that may change. The Israeli counter terrorist forces say "shoot the women first." A modern version of "destroy the monsters eggs."

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