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Importing from China - Sourcing Products from Chinese Suppliers

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Importing from China is a fantastic way to source private label products. Chinese suppliers are high-profit, low-cost! Interested in making $10,000/Month? Download our free ebook here: http://wholesaleted.com/4-step Please note: this description contains affiliate links Importing from China is something that I strongly recommend. It is much cheaper to purchase product from Chinese suppliers compared to USA suppliers. Some people find this idea very daunting, especially the cultural barrier. To help you, we’ve created this video outlining some of our top tips when importing from China. Tip #1: Order the minimal order quantity to start with when importing from China To be on the safe side, you should always start with the minimal order quantity when dealing with a new supplier. I understand that a lot of sellers want to start out by ordering larger quantities. This makes sense, because the more you order the lower the cost is per-item, and the higher your profit margins. It also means that you will have a smaller chance of running out of stock. In Spite of this, when importing from China with a new Chinese supplier, I recommend starting with the minimal order quantity (EVEN if you know it’ll sell well) because you want to test the quality. It is much harder to go from producing 1 unit to producing 200… and even harder to go from producing 200 to 1000. On that note, you should ALWAYS be ordering a test product when dealing with a new Chinese supplier! You’ll have to pay for the shipping, but it is extremely important to do this to check the quality even if the supplier has a lot of reviews on Alibaba. Tip #2: Do due diligence on the supplier That said, reviews on Alibaba are very important. When using Alibaba to source Chinese suppliers, check the reviews. Only work with suppliers that have positive reviews. Be sure to check the address of the supplier on Google Maps. Ensure that there is a factory at the address noted. If there isn’t a factory, then it is likely a middle man… which means you’re paying inflated prices, and not the at-cost price. And pick up the phone and give them a call. Make sure someone picks up the phone and talks to you (yes - this may seem obvious, but a lot of people don’t do this simple thing). Even better is if you can find people who can personally recommend Chinese suppliers to you. This way, you can work with suppliers that you can trust from the get-go. Tip #3: Build a strong relationship with your supplier and representative This is an important lesson not just when importing from China but for business and life in general. Treat people with respect and they will treat you with respect as well. Think about it: If someone was disrespectful to you, would you want to help them? On the other hand, if someone is nice to you, don’t you want to help them? Be respectful, and friendly. In addition, Chinese suppliers like you to be formal in your communication style with them. They like to be told directly that you appreciate their business and are happy with the products being produced. They will be hoping to turn you into a long-term client, and want the positive feedback, so be sure to give it to them. Tip #4: Don’t feel you need to speak Mandarin When importing from China, some people get put off by the perceived language barrier. “But I only know English… can I still import from China?” Yes - you can! Chinese factories have English representatives specifically for people like you. Their English is good and you’ll have minimal language barriers. Don’t let this stop you from profiting from the very cheap products you can source from China. Now, when importing from China there are some things you can do to minimize the language barrier. One, use short sentences, and do not include extra fluff. Be straight to the point. Two, use professional language, do not use slang. Three, be aware that there are multiple types of “English.” Four, don’t assume that your representative knows YOUR particular flavour of English. Avoid country-specific words and isms. Tip #5: Remember that when importing from China “yes” doesn’t always mean YES. In China it is considered impolite for the suppliers to say no. So, even when they want to say no… they are unlikely to, and will often say yes instead. However, this doesn’t mean it is a yes. It is a no. But they will say “yes” anyway. It is one frustrating quirk. If you sense any hesitation in their “yes” ask them the same question, be reworded differently multiple times. If you ever get a “maybe” that is almost always a no! We hope you enjoyed our video and learned some tips for importing from Chinese suppliers. Do you want to learn how to earn over $10,000 a month on Amazon, with dropshipping? Then be sure to download our free ebook: http://wholesaleted.com/4-step
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Jessy Walz (9 days ago)
I love how everyone is praising her for her looks and not for what she saying. Beautiful women can be telling you a bunch of non sense shit, but you will listen just because she is cute LMAO
Kashif Azmat (24 days ago)
Hallo I am from Germany And I am wholesaler of mobile accessories if anyone interested contact with me
John Skiggs (1 month ago)
Exactly the insight I needed - Thank you :) Short Very well presented and insightful, a valuable, mini-vid', (Of the catch you out sort) Thanks :) and to others :) please hit that little bell so you get email advises of any new vids' ;)
Donyun Lee (2 months ago)
As a Chinese supplier,I am trembling on and on. While I'm here to see your glittering eyes, finally I know the reason of micro-profit/
Ar4 (1 month ago)
That's creepy.
AMSR Factory (2 months ago)
I just watched a video with the exact same info, almost word for word. https://youtu.be/kXq-MCuH3P8. I think this was just created this year though. I couldn't believe it when i watched it. I didn't know we can just steal peoples work and posted as our own. How is this possible?
pong lenis (2 months ago)
You're the most beautiful transgender woman I've ever seen.
No-Conspiracy No-Jobs (2 months ago)
It is good to see a Kiwi making China strong again. You are a Chinese gooseberry
Roger (3 months ago)
What about the tariffs
TalentIreland (4 months ago)
Y am I in love with this girl
Igor Zaharchuk (4 months ago)
You an amazing beautiful women, with very origin beauty. 😍
Stop trading with them they are the enemy and are a communist state but you idiots are to brain dead to get that I guess ain’t you ? Not to mention there cheap substandard crap they produce for the landfill and oceans.
No-Conspiracy No-Jobs (4 months ago)
A Chinese good, is a good good
The Bakers (4 months ago)
This is great.
With a song in my heart.Yes . I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows . I believe someone will come to show the way Yes I believe . Dreams come true if you stay the course in New Zealand. I Derek C Howie Shower you with Blessings Seth & the team Yours D.C.H. Tauranga New Zealand
Wonderful presentation Wonderful insight & willing to share with us the public . We pamela & i are retired with time on our hands . We will play your video to our group until we are coaches . So that we can promote you & your system to as many people as possible for a little income . A lot of people are in need now . Trust we can make a difference & play our part in troubled times . Trust you stay well & do not burn out the pace you are setting . Need A break come and see us here in Godzone Tauranga New Zealand . Standing by Yours D.C.H. TAKE CARE out
Star - Jessica D (5 months ago)
You are a sweetheart! Clearly spoken. Easy to understand- no rambling.
summer joy (5 months ago)
fantasic!! awesome advice
she is perfect explain
Bev Bazuaye (6 months ago)
Ms Jesse Ming ([email protected]) from Shenzeh Marvel Electronic co.Ltd is a fraudster, if you know what’s best for you stay away from  that company, they take your money and they  never send your goods to you, they will make up good story for  their cover---run! Made in China are investigating them
AX4N TRANS (7 months ago)
Base line (7 months ago)
Do all the people in New Zealand speak like that ?
Rocky Yue (8 months ago)
Anyone who wants to buy from China can contact me. My email address is [email protected]
Rocky Yue (8 months ago)
My skype ID is rockyyue. Welcome to contact me. I am always here waiting for you.
Chilena en Canada (8 months ago)
A questions Can you label /brand your product even coming from China?
Donyun Lee (5 months ago)
Normally in wholesale yes, like I product Japanese ,Spanish brand as the importer's request,
Chilena en Canada (8 months ago)
@Ramon Sanchez gracias
Ramon Sanchez (8 months ago)
Yes most of the dropshipper also offer customization
Hủ Hèm SócTrăng (9 months ago)
U R cute .
Miriana Troobnikoff (9 months ago)
Can suppliers arrange D.D.P. shipping (Delivery all Duties Paid) as am not experienced with Customs Agents and Freight Forwarders..Thanking You
mrgedk14 (10 months ago)
Hi, Sara, I'm just getting into this drop shipping but I'm a bit confused. In some videos, you talk about importing items from China as in this video, and in other videos, you talk about customers receiving items direct from suppliers in China and the drop-shippers (us) holding no stock and merely fulfilling the customers online order from our own website.
Ramon Sanchez (8 months ago)
What she is trying to said is if u going to use a supplier from China to do dropshipping its better first order to yourself to have a look of the item before u listing , after u checked and liked then u do dropshipping trough amazon ebay or your website thats why she always talking about order to yourself
Ali Riza CELEBI (10 months ago)
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Very constructive video. It's helpful to both buyers and sellers.
Legion of Weirdos (10 months ago)
Maybe almost always means no? So the Chinese are much like women in general? 😆
Legion of Weirdos (10 months ago)
Maybe almost always means no? So the Chinese are much like women in general? 😆
Coby Hudson (11 months ago)
Has anyone heard of a “supplier” named Mr Santos? Sells multiple products via alibaba but unverified.
Lpku Bambola (11 months ago)
I started the same, I realized fake stuff and worst customer service
wahid ahmed (11 months ago)
Miles Yuan (11 months ago)
if somebody needs help from searching goods from china, i can help ,i am a freight forwarder from china, a chinese
Tim Swift (11 months ago)
i get that your trying to get people to be independent and start with minimal sourcing exp. but i also have to stand up for middlemen. i am an american living in Guangzhou. i know from experience that, sending a foreigner into a factory to negotiate, is never good. i have hired a crew of locals to do that for me and found that they walk out with the same product for about 2/3 cheaper that i ever could. even if i were to charge a finders fee of twice what i paid for it, my clients would still get it way cheaper than 99% of what a foreigner would. even better than Taobao or Alibaba . I am a middleman. and i love china!..its awesome. I love your videos !
Tim Swift (11 months ago)
i just bought a 60" TV for 145.00 usd...lol...i really love this place! that was me, talking to the manufacturer, so yes, its great to establish a good connection but if i sent on of the locals in, i could have got it even cheaper. my trick is, to make friends with just normal locals. they are not part of a firm or company that does this. its just ppl here in China. they love foreigners. but the relationship is a bit different than we would have in the UK,USA or AUS. they are about usefulness. you help them, they help you. the more that takes place, the better and longer the relationship will be. im not trying to sell my self here. but i do recommend networking . there are tons of ppl in china that speak English pretty well. generally most ppl under the age of 30. hope this helps . and happy hunting!
Saweicheng weicheng (11 months ago)
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From Future (1 year ago)
You are cool e commerce trainer i saw many of your advices. But how come that get FBA membership by 5000 and trading with 500-2000$?
TalentIreland (1 year ago)
Hello your videos are great and very helpful. I have one question please. I recently started a drop shop business on shopify and I am marketing to Australia. My question is, should I be marketing to the USA instead? Thanks
British Boxer (1 year ago)
i want to ship my magic wand to your magic love box or ...sexy mouth
Sirang Plaka (1 year ago)
It's like watching Happy Death Day
Anders Ravn Nielsen (1 year ago)
Do yourself a favor and check if the Chinese company is legit and don’t take anything at face value before you place an order. Always ask for a copy of the business license and check if the license is genuine and the company is legit. In China all companies are registered with a Chinese name. There is no English version of a business license, so non-Chinese readers have to partner up with somebody who can read Chinese characters. You can verify that the information on a Chinese business license is genuine in the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System ( http://www.gsxt.gov.cn ) which is an online database where you can access information about all registered legal entities in China. The database is public and free to use . It is not hard to imagine how simple it is for fraudulent companies to produce a fake digital copy of a business license. The most common tricks are to change the company name, increase the amount of registered capital or change the year of establishment to hide a short history. The database will show if the information on the business license corresponds to information in the official company database. The database will show information such as registered capital that indicates company size. Companies with a low registered capital of CNY 500,000 (USD 80,000) or less are most likely to be wholesalers. Manufacturing companies would obviously need to show a much higher amount of registered capital to be approved. Other important information on the business license is year of establishment, address, name of legal representative, shareholders and business scope. The database will also show if the company has been subject to penalties or legal disputes. Please also check my WordPress page with more information on how to cross check Chinese companies http://companycrosscheck.wordpress.com
One question, friend. Is it ok to pay a manufacturer through moneygram and western union on Ali baba?
Thanks for sharing. Gos Bless you.
pritz (1 year ago)
Made in China !
Marxine St.Arline (1 year ago)
With new laws, in Australia, will we be able to import a car from China?
GEODEAHOLIC M (1 year ago)
good tips sarah, reduced my learning curve, thanks.
j j (1 year ago)
i need a sourcing agent
Hello , if you are serious in it , please WhatsApp us at +8613416252477 , thanks.
Saweicheng weicheng (11 months ago)
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j j (1 year ago)
do you have skype or whatsapp?
Electron Ali (1 year ago)
In last video, I like your Lipstick shade.
pillu spilivili (1 year ago)
You cute can i have your number
Vernita Gouws (1 year ago)
I really want to make my own product line and have contacted Alibaba suppliers for this purpose. There have been issues though as even though they state their MOQ is 1, the quickly turn back on this and say it's 10-50. The one supplier told me that I could purchase 10 items from them and they would keep it in storage for me and send when ordered. Is this an option I should consider? Or should I start on Aliexpress instead?
aileen cave (1 year ago)
Hi could you be able to answer my concern? Ex. If you get samples of makeup palletes 20pcs through DHL is the custom will going to charge me an additional taxes? Its my first time...
Vito ning (9 months ago)
Oh ,sorry to hear that,normally,for small package no need to pay the taxes,but if your package was checked at random,need to pay that
al pap (1 year ago)
Its good business!
pgfracing (1 year ago)
Never start with a supplier your never worked before? Mmmm if you never started you have to.
taria invinge (1 year ago)
what i am doing if the suppliers don t accept to sent the item?
Rachael Farquharson (1 year ago)
I really wish you guys would do a podcast so I could listen and learn on the go! :)
bill jobs (1 year ago)
im now studying in china, also sometimes help foreigners to buy goods directly from china's supplier. if you are interested i can help you ! but i want fee :) dont worry it will be cheap :* im a student i need money :( add my WA for more info : +8615622134220
Chamith Yapa (1 year ago)
Web Developer (1 year ago)
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Pro bus (1 year ago)
omg your accent))) hahaha
md jahangir hossan (1 year ago)
wav link 500m reng products price bd
Daniel Alt (1 year ago)
I think chinese suppliers should watch this video. Many times I keep the language straight but they say for instance the "two, to, too" thing.
What a smart cookie ... absolutely loved this video. Very informative. Big thumbs up and subscription! LONDON UK
Yuhan He (1 year ago)
you can try the German sourcing company called matchory. you just have to tell them what you want and they will send you a list of the most qualified manufactures with contact info. they even show you the client names of those manufactures. i used them to find supplier for me yoga pants. you will have to pay 250 euro for the list if i remember right.
juan davila (1 year ago)
The first thing is not to buy many products because the exporter can deceive you. After a few times working then more products are already being ordered. The right thing to do is ask for between less than 500 to 2,000 dollars.
BeautyTips & Cooking (1 year ago)
You are really scary
Dante Yo (1 year ago)
I'm so happy that she is from New Zealand! Go girl!
I would like to know...how does custom charges work if you buy from alibaba
李昊 ok good hit me up
李昊 (1 year ago)
we are Alibaba supplier .
Shawn Gregory (1 year ago)
I kinda love this girl
Vipul Sahai (1 year ago)
Good one
icawn (1 year ago)
came to verify this was an Australian woman. stereotype verified. thank you and goodbye.
icawn (1 year ago)
Tomayto Tomahto.
Dive Safari NZ (1 year ago)
Good onya Sarah, soon as I watched your channel, I thought " yay she's a kiwi.
Wholesale Ted (1 year ago)
Well, you were quite wrong, I'm actually from New Zealand.
hchattaway (1 year ago)
I am using Alibaba to source parts for a new product my company is making and I have found them to be very polite and VERY quick in responding.. Because of the time difference, I start emailing with them about 9 pm and go to 1 am... but they will email back usually within minutes.. They have even called my cell to confirm i received a shipment before I had even seen it...
jordyn blog (2 months ago)
i am trying to work with them and its hard for me to add my product to amazon because there arent any brand names or upc codes or asin numbers, what do you do! im going crazy!
Midwife Sakina Ouhuru (1 year ago)
You said never work with a supplier you've never worked with before. How do you follow that rule if you have never ordered from a supplier before?  Can you recommend the suppliers you have worked with that you would recommend.
Wholesale Ted (1 year ago)
Hi Sakina - what I meant is that you shouldn't just go and order items from a supplier without testing products from them first :)
Royston Clark (1 year ago)
You can't trust GearBest they will let you down if you need to claim under warranty. Very poor customer service.
YIWU AGENT JACKIE (1 year ago)
I am Chinese guy,lol
Edi carlos Silva (1 year ago)
Onward Traders (1 year ago)
thats right ... anyone need Himalayan Salt Lamps .. please contact
Onward Traders (1 year ago)
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How may I contact you?
JasonSt (1 year ago)
you are very beautiful, im in love xx :)
Remarkable (1 year ago)
Deal with the manufacturer only not the middle man.
This is a main point to have in mind, traders can be a nightmare.
Lil RAYBANMAN (1 year ago)
Giovanni S (1 year ago)
thanks for the advice
You should also consider hiring a local agent, we know the language, and the culture....
Marcia (1 year ago)
This video is old advice. China sellers now sell on eBay the same price you have to buy at AliExpress so it's impossible to make a profit, middleman or not.
Wholesale Ted (1 year ago)
I have never, not even back when this video was created, advocated selling Aliexpress products on eBay...
KAREN RAMSUMAIR (1 year ago)
KAREN RAMSUMAIR (1 year ago)
High quality from China? Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Gena Waterman-Maher (1 year ago)
Vighnesh Ramesh (1 year ago)
Can you make a detailed video on how to do the carrier shipping, like the detailed process
victor diaz incle (1 year ago)
Where can I find the book?
Amin (1 year ago)
What product to buy?
Donyun Lee (5 months ago)
Any you want,any level you want,
You haters have such a miserable life existence that's spewing out of your souls you can only vomit up that crap and be mean to Sarah who is willing to help you dumbasses! Do you think your vile comments affect her one bit? She's laughing at you morons all the way to the bank! Get a life! You Go Sarah! Thanks for your service dear!
John Dough (1 year ago)
What country's still allow child labor I wanna import from them to cut mfg costs like all the big fortune 500 companies did or still do
BigVnilla (1 year ago)
I have a supplier/trader we've been emailing. They will send us a couple of samples but want $75 plus shipping cost to send. This seems a bit high since the item bought in bulk ranges from .10-.40 piece (1000 ct. min). This could be a middleman but not sure... we were trying to get a manufacturers out of the Zhejiang Province since 14, 825 suppliers are there. What do you think?
Hi there, most probably they can be just a trader, you can hire local agents who deal with them, please check www.victuregroup.com
I'd suggest you to call Ed Inman in KY to get help: 859-550-5475
GulfBreeze (1 year ago)
My biggest concern regarding ordering from China, for example AliExpress or Alibaba is IP infringement. What should a US seller do to protect themselves and what is Ali's responsibility in this regard?
You should hire a local agent, who do the verification for you!
Aryan John (1 year ago)
US is in China to do a large gas contract which will destroy Australian trade as the largest gas exporter to China. Get lost Trump. This is our neighborhood.
Patti Schult (1 year ago)
Having been to China to teach English, I wholeheartedly agree with what you said about the cultural need to always be polite! You're spot on with this advice, Sarah! Thanks, again, for a great tutorial!!!
Chris Hana (1 year ago)
Very helpful tips... just what I needed to hear...
If you need some help importing from China, please contact me
I'd suggest you to call Ed Inman in KY to get help: 859-550-5475. You can get a one-to-one conversation. He is a retired teacher
Gavin liu (1 year ago)
if you need any freight forward help you handle the cargo to your country pls contact to me.
Dennis Carinugan (1 year ago)
i like your eyes
Bianca Lee Maré (1 year ago)
This girl is great, thank you!
Lucrecia Roberts (1 year ago)
An impressive video, I just given this onto a colleague who was doing slightly analysis on this. And he actually purchased me breakfast as a result of I discovered it for him.. smile. So let me reword that: Thnx for the treat! But yeah Thnkx for spending the time to discuss this, I really feel strongly about it and love studying extra on this topic. If attainable, as you become experience, would you mind updating your video with extra particulars? It is extremely helpful for me. Big thumb up for this video publish!
I'd suggest your colleague to call Ed Inman in KY to get help on China sourcing: 859-550-5475
Daniel Soriano (1 year ago)
God you're gorgeous!!
Great Info
Abdulnasar K (1 year ago)
Really amazing

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