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Indonesia hopes to be world Muslim fashion hub

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(29 May 2016) LEAD IN: Indonesia hopes to become the world's Muslim fashion hub and is hosting a festival to show off local and international designs. The Indonesia Muslim Fashion Festival features designers from Russia, Turkey, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. STORY-LINE: Strutting down the catwalk - the creations seen at the Muslim Fashion Festival vary in colour and shape - but all of them keep the models covered. Home to the world's largest Muslim population, Indonesia is seen to have great potential to be the centre of world Muslim fashion. The Indonesia Fashion Chamber, which represents 118 fashion designers, is encouraging them to promote their fashion trends abroad. Momentum is building around the industry, this year's festival is a prelude to next year's Muslim Fashion Week. About 250 labels with everything from hijab's to make-up are here. Local labels are looking to promote Indonesian culture in their range. "This is an opportunity for us to develop our fashion industry. If we can pick one specific and unique thing in Muslim fashion, because we have already have the potential. We have the consumers, lots of producers and many varieties," says Dina Midiani, from the Indonesia Fashion Chamber's Advisory Board. International designers from Russia, Turkey, Italy and the United Arab Emirates are also presenting their collections on the runway. Among the designers are Chenille from the United Arab Emirates, Argite Scarves from Turkey, Luisa Beccaria from Italy and Araida and Kriya from Russia. Many foreign designers have brought their version of the Abaya cloak, a loose garment worn by women. The Islamic Fashion and Design Council is a Dubai based organization supporting the Muslim fashion and design industry around the world. "Indonesia is a great market because the people are very flexible in adapting other countries' style. Many even wear India's style," says Franka Soeria, Country Manager with the Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC). Chenille's designs feature a long outer robe, the collection uses pastel colours such as white, blue and peach with a printed motif on the back. Soeria says the IDFC has opened in Indonesia because it's an innovative market. "Many know that Indonesia is the centre of Muslim fashion innovation. Many would like to know more, but did not know how. They did not know us. That is why we, IFDC, opened here," she says. Seeing several designs from different countries at one time gives people here a broader idea on how Muslim fashion is developing around the world. "It's actually very exciting to see like, you know, you can see different silhouettes, and different collections from different parts of the world. And now they are presenting it in Indonesia. So you can actually see the difference between the cultures that comes within their modest style," shares Aydha Menhaz, a fashion blogger from Bangladesh. Being held from May 25 to 29, the Indonesia Muslim Fashion Festival 2016 is also aimed at linking retailers, producers and designers. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/22689ca387b1c22673a1c75158c63f02 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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