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PLO Lumumba Finally Speaks out on his Zambian Deportation Ordeal

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Welcome to #CandidAfrica a series where we give you Africa's problems in a truthful and Unapologetic way. PLO Lumumba finally Speaks out on his Zambian Deportation Ordeal when the Zambian government deported him on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International airport in Lusaka Lumumba had been due to deliver a talk on Chinese influence in Africa on Sunday at Eden University in Zambia. Subscribe for more videos Thanks for watching 2nacheki the best #Africa channel on youtube for Africans to get the latest #africannews #africatop10 #africanmusic #africadance #africalist #africatop5 #africapolitics #africadances #africaentertainment & everything #africa Support #2nacheki here PayPal: http://bit.ly/help2nacheki Patreon: http://bit.ly/support2nacheki Email us [email protected] for ads partnership, collabos & sponsorship -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Thanks for watching 2nacheki the biggest African channel on Youtube from #Africa . All our videos are aimed at Educating, Informing, Reviewing, Criticizing & Ranking everything #African. Our content includes: #africanews #africalist #Africanpopculture #Africaentertainment #Afrcicanmusic #Africanculture #Africanpolitics & #Panafricanism Support #2nacheki here PayPal: http://bit.ly/help2nacheki Patreon: http://bit.ly/support2nacheki We have written permission to use the majority of content found on this channel by the content owners themselves and do not infringe on any copyrighted content knowingly. As for the other content on this channel we assure you it is strictly only used under Fair Use. Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Email us [email protected] for ads partnership, collabos, sponsorship or content issues. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (324)
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Cadri Abe (1 month ago)
I pity Zambian State authority to ignore such great leadership knowledge from our Big father of the entire continent so absurd i think its early that young Zambians youths to realize that their leadership for near future current Zambians leaders never wish that tomorrow comes for them.
kerry mosley (1 month ago)
I would all of Africa would wake the fuck up to what china is doing them. they getting pimp hard by them. you better listen to this man.
Paulo jossias Mucache (3 months ago)
A luta continua...
Irene Maina (3 months ago)
Zambia will be sold with the Zambians in it.
Fernie Brooks (3 months ago)
They Chinese are starting a new frontier. The very same way the Europeans did when they came to America. Very soon all the seats of power will be held by the Chinese and yes you will become second class citizens in your own country. Two options are on the table for countries in Afrika experiencing this epidemic. Stand up , stand together and demand your government be transparent as it relates to all deals with the Chinese. If your voice are ignored form groups and committees to address this within and start a national debate. Finally if all fails revert to full scale resistance and if possible shut the country down. If you don't protect what is yours, someone will come and take it. Land is everything, without it it's like a ship without sails or a rudder, just drifting aimless and hoping for the best. Stop hoping and do Afrika, our ancestors are remembered today for what they did inspite of the odds against them, Hotep.
Mike jones (3 months ago)
truth Is all that Is !!! this brother Is truth ! all nations on this earth are being treated Like slave states world wide . this brother is nessary for us all ???? i hope he comes To america and teach😳!!!
Ruusa Uugwanga (3 months ago)
Funny thing is no foreigner black or white can buy land in china of any sort
Bantze Hotep (3 months ago)
Demagogy! The enemies of Africa -- you hardly say anything about! Melania Trump was in your country acting out of a colonial playbook but you are obsessed with China? Mike Pompeo Trump's redneck secretary of state also says China is no good. Do we believe him too? PLO, whom are you working for? African unity that Nkrumah envisioned was never in the context of capitalism. Nkrumah knew capitalism was exploitative. How do you expect us to develop in capitalism when we have been underdeveloped by capitalism? What are the alternatives? In this world where some powers resort to brute force to ensure their interests are served, how does he propose Africa deals with such threats? Talk is cheap! What China is offering is the best alternative within capitalism. What this man needs to be addressing is the contradiction of Africa developing under capitalism. Does he see Trump threatening China over trade? One cannot overlook the geo-politics of these relationships.
Mbakwe Chukwuemeka (4 months ago)
PLO Lumumba, dont give up. you have a strong support from most Africans for the good work you do.
James Freeman (4 months ago)
I see that the Catholic church had created an African Martin Luther King speaking like King with an African accent
First To Be Informed (4 months ago)
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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moses Aaron (4 months ago)
We are the most high God Hail Selassie I, We Africans will fight if necessary and we know we shall win, good over evil, Have no fear for atomic energy it cannot stop the time.
Maceo Smith (4 months ago)
PLO you are not MLK! 348 people in Tanzania have disappeared in what has been determined as extrajudicial killings. Still preaching MAGUFULICATION for Africa? Can you please remind us again how Zambia is different from Tanzania...(it’s ok to admit that you were wrong)
Bantze Hotep (3 months ago)
I am suspicious about this man who was on CNN. Somebody is paying to blind us to our real threats.
Kasololo Chisenga (4 months ago)
Am Zambian and I must a number of us are terribly embarrassed and disappointed with man in which Prof Lumumba was treated. We view the professor as a beacon of hope for modern day Africa and not just currently but for future generations. We hope the professor can accept sincere apologies from us the ordinary Zambians.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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LSC Mangena (4 months ago)
And they dare stupidly talk about African free movement, sad day indeed for our continent.
Ayah Brooi (4 months ago)
This man is Yah send for Africa. If Africans will listen!
Paul Irving (4 months ago)
“Can there be anything such as 'black leadership' UNDER a GLOBAL Operating SYSTEM of White-Supremacy? WHO is the 'black leaders' Leader? And WHOSE 'law' and 'rules & regulations' do the so-called 'black leaders' OBEY?”
Nnamdi Osuala (4 months ago)
Two people cannot work together unless they agree. First we have to disagree to agree. African countries were designed not to work. First we have to liberate ourselves from colonial boundages. Lions have to stay in families of lions, Hyaenas in their families and Goats in the Goats family, then before the union, that's how Europe and others built their countries before the unification. You have to work with somebody you have something in common and share's value together before talking about African unification, no country can stand with different values but different values countries can work together, so let Cameroon leave the southerners and Nigeria leave the Biafrans and so on and so forth, some countries in Europe are not more than four hundred thousand in population but still respected among the EU. Let us respect ourselves and dignity first, then union can be possible.
Beno bil (4 months ago)
I bet the Zambian government (if and only there is one) didn't even have a say in the decision to deport prof. Lumumba. the country is sold. they are dumb. puppets.
Beno bil (4 months ago)
my tears in blood. I cry blood for my continent. why is history repeating itself? africa please come together. the world is afraid of Africa unity. they know that will be their end. let's think for ourselves for the sake of the future generation. we blame our ancestors for so many things in the past. now it's our turn to save Africa. how will the future generation be if we repeat history? african for all blacks across the earth. unite please unite. the spirit of the continent (mama Africa) is weeping in sadness. when will you realize? when will we know that the rest of the world doesn't give a rat ass about us? they only want to steal and cheat. wake up, my kings and queens. you are the truth see of Africa​. arise
Paul Baikaranabyo (4 months ago)
This is what Neocolonialism is doing to Africa. Apparently majority of Zambia is managed by Chinese. Someone said that even the Inspector General of Police for Zambia is Chinese.
WIL C (4 months ago)
Why the hell is Africa taking loans from China, those are predatory lenders, Africa had better create a repayment partnership with all African nations to help pay off each loan. quickly and stop allowing them into your country. you need to create one Africa with all its colorful and diverse territories. for your sakes help each other
Peter Mburu (4 months ago)
Truth hurts.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Sirajou Sow (4 months ago)
A true pan African of our time keep the nail on, not all will hear but many see.selfishness is in our blood and most of our leaders are not there for Africa and Africans but for their own self interest, this is what destroys Africa our mother land.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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cooldata2000 (4 months ago)
What hypocrisy from the Zambian government. How can Africa go forward with this attitude
apyramidbuilder (4 months ago)
The voice of our future!
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Daniel Chibwe (4 months ago)
If I become president in Zambia, Chinese are leaving this country without fail.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
Thamsanqa T Moyo (4 months ago)
so as the horse needs a Ryder ,and a Ryder needs a horse,, as you say Africa is a horse and China is a Ryder ,,,in other words we are going to be taken wherever the Chinese want since we are being controlled
2nacheki (4 months ago)
Justice Codjoe (4 months ago)
Let’s Change the name Africa and come back to Our right name ZION. YAH is coming back for his Land and his People
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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dj hill (4 months ago)
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ettekamba6969 (4 months ago)
We should have renegotiation with all external powers and nations and it shd be regional and continental block.thats AU and Ecowas present.nations shd only negotiable within Africa.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Anubis Ra (4 months ago)
All melanin people across the globe has been colonized, branded, and misled to foreign nations. Our division has allowed other nations to gain access to our land and our birthrights. We need to link up as chains and start gaining relationships with each other. To eliminate the process or what’s left of our culture or it will be destroy!!
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Onion (4 months ago)
Black leaders R TRAITORS plain and simple. Ppl take your head out of your ass and get real. Blacks wont take responsibility for their own destiny. Other groups do. Blacks have an awful lot of reasons why and are always asking about their enemies. Why, why, why, why, why why this is and why that is. Language and conversation seems to elude them in their ability to deal with certain situations. Conversation moves everything and Blacks don't have enough input into the conversation. Other groups also hate each other and murder each other. Asians, Japanese and Chinese murder each other. So stop placing blame Russians hate Jews who hate and murder Orthodox Christians, Germans and other white wars, etc have murdered plenty of white ppl and Asian wars have murdered lots of Asians so STFU and stop whining so damn much. Your leaders are all a bunch of Morons and Traitors. Fact, fact after fact proves it. . We must calm the fk down and learn how to stick together is all it is. Learn Integrity, morals, giving of yourself for higher causes bigger than all of us cause it is us. . Hustling and playing each other instead of your enemies is so stupid and immature. . WTF is that R U fkn serious or just delusional. Can't have it both ways no one can. it is what it is. Blacks suffer mostly at their own hands brainwashed by Europeans and whoever else hates them. Blacks adopt ways of other ppl over their own. No self respect is what I call it. Beg for everything crumbs under the table and there is plenty of food on top of the table. This is nothing except utter stupidity is all it is. Are you afraid to admit that they shoot traitors in front of firing squads. Traitors are the most low of the low and that is exactly what black leaders are. Tell the fkn truth for once in your insanity that a traitor is lower than low and that is exactly what our leaders are. Africans who want to just murder for reward and status are traitors. We all blacks suffer at our own hands and so when will this be the subject matter instead of beating a dead horse called WS, Colonialism, racism etc. . PPl here who say we hate each other are correct ta fkn mundo senior, hombre, puta.
Oliver Wandera (4 months ago)
Mwalimu you are a Wiseman and we the younger generation look up to you for sense of direction. Many have failed us, please do not give up. We are solidly with you.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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S Marko (4 months ago)
Fuck zambiachi"🇨🇳" let them be colonized fools.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Thabang Nonyane (4 months ago)
This is a great opportunity. From adversity humans usually learn how to cope better and unite in solidarity. We should not criticise the Zambian government for this, but actually applaud it. This is our time. We needed a match to light up the burning fire of freedom. Afrika from that decision shall wake up, Afrika Must Rise.
Dosso Soualiho (4 months ago)
free africa
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Kabanda Ayub Muhsin (4 months ago)
shame on the weak and puppet leadership in Zambia, what they did to PLO Lumumba was uncalled for and unwise.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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patrella bell (4 months ago)
You are right. It doesn't make sense for foreign country to provide work for their people and your people starving. If this is going on, it's a sign of a sick uneducated unsophisticated, dumb founded leadership.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Gloria Daniels (4 months ago)
If our African leaders won't listen to reasoning. We the people will rise up in a revolution and force them out of power and replace them with those who have only the best interest of Africa at heart. And we as Africans can do it.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Nancy Wangeci (4 months ago)
Prof .... you are the best gift for Kenya and Africa....Very intelligent.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Wesley Kanagaratnam (4 months ago)
Dear PLO, I am an admirer of you and I have learnt a lot by your youtube speeches. According to my understanding, you are a visitor to Zambia. You have no authority to deliver lecturers in Zambia without prior approval of the Zambian authorities. I presume that the Government of Zambia taking this issue for their cover up. Thank you.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Ms. K (4 months ago)
A zambian was murdered by Chinese because he was dating a Chinese woman. The Chinese has called all who live in Africa dirty and nasty, poor. They make children with African women and leave them. They just want Africa's resources. China needs to be forced out immediately! Know that you have all that the whole world wants! You are Rich! and can make the U.S, China, spend their money without you having to trade anything. Stop believing you need outside endorsements, jobs, training, technology, and loans. You have all you need in the Continent of Africa.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
Hold on
Ms. K (4 months ago)
2nacheki Oh ok. Where can I find the link to it?
2nacheki (4 months ago)
That student story was a fake one. There was a different explanation for the video
Caroline Makandi (4 months ago)
PLO ought to be our next President!!! Kenya would be a great Country then!
Caroline Makandi (4 months ago)
I wish Africa had more leaders with his insight, then Africa would be among the G7
Thabang Nonyane (4 months ago)
He is an African Teacher!! Unfortunately this one is for AFRICA, he is just too good for only one country. He is going to educate the next generation of leaders and Kenya will be covered. Don't despair.
sayfami sayfami (4 months ago)
Tale tale signs of a Captured State... 🇿🇲 Zhina. 😂
Yahudah Israel (4 months ago)
Zambia works for china their slant eyed masters.
TOSIN MOSES (4 months ago)
I pity the future of Africa. I won’t be surprised if China lay hold of strategic sectors within African countries in few decades.
Alexander Shabaaz (4 months ago)
Gaddafi had it right. United States of Afrika. Our own gold currency. One president and one army. No foreign troops on our land. That's why whites don't respect us, we don't respect ourselves.
Namara Darius Tigherhead (4 months ago)
"We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind " Marcus Garvey .
Chris lameck (4 months ago)
Zambia leaders got something to hide
malcolm x Garvey (4 months ago)
Keep ya head up Lumumba, Zambian leaders better grow some nuts or be re colonized!
Natty P The General (4 months ago)
stay strong up PLO PROF Lumumba, keep the Fyah Burning, that Zambian President should be ashamed of him selves, how is it that you have thieves, Slave Masters, Global Scavengers and bullies ROAMING Zambia and a [SUN OF THE SOIL WHICH HAVE NOTHING BUT LOVE AND GOOD WISHES FOR OUR CONTINENT CANT ENTER OUR LAND, YOU SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF OFFICE IMMEDIATELY, you're nothing but a poppet, Crumbs Grabber, and a endurance to progress for your people while being subdue to thieves, Global Scavengers, Slave Masters, and Bullies, you love your Haters that don't Love you, and hate your own, fyah we say
1KINGLOVE1 (4 months ago)
Bring back the diaspora. Stop allowing others to rape the continent of the resources.
stephen nsubuga (4 months ago)
PLO Lumumba is a man who is not only learned, but one who cares about Africa and her children! Many governments in Africa are dictatorships, with men and women in politics for their own selfish ends! They do what they do, not because they don't understand these dangers but because they want to retain power! Ignorance and greed amongst many Africans has also played a big part, in that, the very Africans who are suffering from the consequences of these bad policies, support, in huge numbers, these leaders on party political or tribal lines!
My Name Is Daniel (4 months ago)
This is why I love Africa but I hate Africans. If only Africans realise how beautiful nation is we would just make it better.
nick (4 months ago)
Every Zambia should take the challenge to hold their government accountable.
Mark Alkebulan (4 months ago)
But the Zambian Government allows Chinese Colonizers full access to their Country showing they are House Negroes for their Chinese Colonial Masters
Hey. Sharon (4 months ago)
I used to respect Zambia!
awumdah (4 months ago)
I need to talk to this man. How can I do that? I need an African that cares more about Africa then the weak kings and leaders. I have a very wealthy group of financial backers that offer free grants. My problem is Africa has no negeociating skills. China will rule Africa if someone doesn't do something. I can do that. I need a real man. Not some weak apologetic title with only greed fears and love for foreigners. How can I meet this brother. [email protected] Reference: FREE GRANTS FOR TRIBES PLEASE HAVE HIM CONTACT ME.
kay sogeke (4 months ago)
PLO is an African prophet , we need to continue to pray for his safety , he is the voice calling out for our unity
Joe Dorley (4 months ago)
I really like that he left his view open to constructive dialog.
Thabang Nonyane (4 months ago)
Let it be critiqued and/or disproved by "force of reason and not by reason of force". This is the man that Burning Spear called for when he said:"African Teacher teach the People". The seed has been sown. No boundaries can limit the force of knowledge.
Mwamba Kandimba (4 months ago)
Is it still called Zambia or it's now officially Ching Chong Chinese protectorate?
Fotso Alex (4 months ago)
What's zambia,a stupid people
Gordon Sek (4 months ago)
Professor talks a lot about colonization of Africa by the White Supremacy but no solution and he is not helping the reduction of African poverty, the growth of African standards of livings and international image of the Africans but destructive criticism against African Smart Partner, China.
Gordon Sek (2 months ago)
+FRANCIS NARTEY : Are you an Black African? Better not to talk if his speech is negative and destructive. May be he want others to take legal actions against him for his criminal defamation and criminal incitement against China and 1.5 Billion Chinese worldwide? We do not need Black Racism ! We wonder which University did he obtain his Phd to be so racist !!
2nacheki (2 months ago)
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FRANCIS NARTEY (2 months ago)
+Gordon Sek At least it's better to talk than to remain silent.
Gordon Sek (3 months ago)
Bantze Hotep: Actions speak louder than Words. Professor has a comfortable life style and he can talk a lot whereas majority of the Africans are poor and hungry. Firstly, he has to prove that he can contribute to his country , Kenya before he talk about African Union. It is very sad that poor black Africans talk a lot without any thing to back themselves up and push away their smart partner, China ie the Professor is proposing a LOSS-LOSS partnership.
Bantze Hotep (3 months ago)
He is a tool of the Americans. The American government goes around the world telling the same countries she screws over the same crap this man is spewing. He makes it sound like Africa has so much leverage in this game. It is either China or the Europe/America. For once, even the dumb African leaders see China as a better option.
Xerxes 666 (4 months ago)
Is this man speaking English????????? Makes no sense... It's like he is speaking random words..lol
Carmen Campbell Campbell (4 months ago)
EDO BENIN DATA WAKE UP (4 months ago)
please African need to unite now because there is no time. and African union need to be recruiting soldiers around the continent of African now . because there is no time to check time
Michael Tembo (4 months ago)
Will continue to fight for the UNITED STATES OF AFRICA
Julius Maehlich (4 months ago)
It won't happen, it's going to be THE UNITED STATES OF CHINA.
Don Ash (4 months ago)
Is 100% true
Prof Lumumba is a spokesmen an has been given a Devine right to speak words of enlightenment to the African people in all African countries. Anyone on this planet attempts to stop him will be considered a sinner in the eyes of God. Amen. Let this man speak. Dlion.
Now Africa, if you're waiting for the Messiah, he's already here and your stiff necks will suffer the same consequences as the Dragons aka Chinese and Draconians aka Europeans you serve as they get exterminated off our planet... Welcome to the Aquarius Age of Truth...
swimmingmantis22 (4 months ago)
African leaders should all be jailed, interrogated and made to retire. What we need is a new breed of leaders. They keep us poor and hungry too prevent us from thinking and acting. The mind must over come the lions roar that is out stomach! And put to rest this foolishness that brought us to ruin the evening of the Arab slave trade that gave way to the European one. We must unify and bring home our brothers and sisters around the world back into the fold. Liberty or death Africa!
James Oppong Yeboah (4 months ago)
Hello Dr. May the Lord Almighty God bless you because you are doing great job for ÁFRICA. Greetings from Ghana tu you Perfect.
KING RAY-X (4 months ago)
Removes or impeachment Zambia's president and his leaders ...hope Zambia will have a great leaders in their future..also I m proud of African from America
James Oppong Yeboah (4 months ago)
All of stupid Áfrican leaders will soon die from 2019 so they should be ready wether they like it or not. Because Enough is Enough no time for Áfrican leaders stupidity and also mess in ÁFRICAN LAND. The time is up!!
James Oppong Yeboah (4 months ago)
So which means all of Áfrican Leaders are hidden great things OH!! PUPPETS LEADERS. WHY ARE THE SOME OF AFRICAN LEADERS ARE SO STUPID LIKE THAT?
Full Clip (4 months ago)
Disgraceful treatment! A man who should be protected and cherished.
Hotrod ES (4 months ago)
That what happen when you take on false Religion and a colonial education / training
Maia Balde (4 months ago)
Why god made us slave,lack of knowledge ,wisdon , self hite and foolish leaders??africa still the same no change,evolve,future.one love prof lumumba.
acajudi100 (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMt6WNgAWVk&feature=share https://youtu.be/JySsMQ0FXeY https://youtu.be/Yw4sODY_lWQ https://youtu.be/5Bi6hbbzl-E https://youtu.be/LD2kYFngcUg https://youtu.be/obThUqDlrvU https://youtu.be/q9sMr4-nyHU https://youtu.be/W11o_4keAwA
acajudi100 (4 months ago)
You are simply the best.❤️💕🇺🇸
Gee Row R. (4 months ago)
Mulema and Lumumba are the voices of revolution rising on the continent. We have the same problem here in America where black faces are propped up to do the white man's bidding. Blacks in America are hip to their game are vetting politicians BEFORE we vote them in and get nothing. Mulumba is 1000% correct. Like in slavery there was always some who ran back to tattle to the slave owner what the other slaves were doing. They were ostracized.
Fernie Brooks (4 months ago)
You are speaking truth and the Zambia authorities dount want you to rock the boat. When your message gets out the population will start thinking and start asking questions that will be very difficult to respond to. This is what happens when you sell out, the Masters now dictate who come in and who stays out May the ancestors intervene and the eyes of the people open and embrace truth , a spirit of cooperation dialogue and self love . Hotep.
LifeSaver Eli-Yah (4 months ago)
Shameful and unrighteous act of Zambian government . Dont they know The Most High YAH is watching ???
Owen Chibebe (4 months ago)
As a Zambian I must admit I was disappointed by the deportation of the professor
Julius Maehlich (4 months ago)
Owen Chibede. Think. Your government can't allow this man to speak against the Chinese in Zambia because China is now in control there.
ismail ibrahim (4 months ago)
infect, as the african legend said we do not need China manipulate our leadership. China relationship with Africa should be redefined and clearly discussed it on the the table.
Tesfatsion Mulugeta (4 months ago)
Africa should listen to such voices and wake up before it is too late!
AceInChrist JUDAHiTess (4 months ago)
Next, China's Going To Ban The Holy Bible In Countries They Colonize.
Favour (4 months ago)
African leaders are sell-outs! People, it is time for us to rise up, take the bull by the horn, and deal with these hardened criminals we call presidents and leaders in Africa. We cannot allow them to bring evils upon us anymore. ENOUGH OF THEIR NONSENSE!!! As for you, Honorable PLO Lumumba, God is with you. He will continue to guide and protect you. More grease to your elbows! We are with you. Be blessed, and God bless Africa!!!
Bandile Khoza (4 months ago)
Edgar Lungu is a fool
prettyboi Jones (4 months ago)
Any human willing to speak the truth regardless of consequences is always worth listening to. What then do we do about this information told us here besides stand by. Our support in leaders who speak and act in truth is the least we can do
Majestic Khare (4 months ago)
I liked it very much. He is very well spoken and I confirm his ideas are Right in their Wisdom. Thank you!
Aly M (4 months ago)
Wise words coming from a brilliant mind. Thank you professor.
Steven Hill (4 months ago)
andeyo1 (2 months ago)
+graham jones American are housed and fed by taxpayers, dumbest line, who are the taxpayer, how did you know that Hill does not pay taxes and he being fed by govt
graham jones (4 months ago)
Steven Hill, in america you are fed and housed by US taxpayers in the future don't go to Kenya, Nairobi Kibera slum is the largest urban slum in africa a leader like him wont rid africa in the future of corruption
kokou leo djagni (4 months ago)
Thank you son of mother Africa
Williamz Puzo (4 months ago)
Zambia is a disgrace to Africa. First off, the stupid politicians sold the country to China and Chinese people don’t even respect them in China. We really do chose and tolerate some Idiots to lead us. Africa stand up. I personally call on ordinary citizens to stand up even if it means to carry arms and change their country.
This is a Living AFRIKAN LEGEND. We must celebrate this Man. But first of all. Afrikans must WAKE UP
DebateMeTV - (4 months ago)
Aboriginal Indigo (4 months ago)
Africa is the horse? Maybe that's the problem. The rider leads the horse. Stop letting everyone ride you. Stop being the horse. You are Kings and queens walking on riches beyond your comprehension, yet acting like slaves. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
Musa DONZO (4 months ago)
Very strong message for Africa wake up Africa

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