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Bulq.com Pallet Review of a Salvage Pallet, paid $500.00

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Sorry for the mispronunciations I have corrected them thanks! In this video I will Review the products that I purchased from Bulq.com. This is a Pallet of Salvaged items that I purchased for $500.00 which includes shipping. Enjoy!!!
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Text Comments (2362)
Fao Crz (20 hours ago)
Bunch of garbage
Thanks for watching.
Michele Of The Oaks (1 day ago)
Bidet is pronounced bee-day.
Thank you for watching.
myhooman (1 day ago)
You wash you butt with bidet.
Thank you for watching.
UserName (1 day ago)
You must be from New Hampshire because you say Hampton Beach instead of Hamilton Beach :>
Thanks for watching.
JETTYDARIDER (1 day ago)
In my mind ebay andnonline sellers are old nice people. These pallet sellers look like they are addicted to it. They look like greedy scammers. I think the purpose of these pallets are to buy for yourself not resell. I saw a person tell his subscribers that he's going to do a favor for his subscribers and let them buy his pallet items b4 he puts them on ebay. Hahahaa. Not give away something for support. He gave them the option to buy shit at almost retail for used.
Thank you for watching.
Karie Kavka (3 days ago)
Camera man somehow lost the focus 1/2 way through....
Sorry about the camera man.
Steve Forman (3 days ago)
LOL. many comments.
Yes sir. Thanks for watching.
itsacoolthing (3 days ago)
Your video has a very high pitch whistle that is incredibly, extremely, wildly, irritating.
Sorry, we have corrected it on future videos.
bossy babii (3 days ago)
She was very informative really like her video. All the rest of u complaining are acting like a bunch of trolls, what happen to being an adult and being respectful to others that's what's wrong with this world. Everyone's so quick to point out things about others before looking at them self. Smh
Thank you for watching.
Remember..stuff that's used salvaged etc cannot be sold as new. $500 dwn the drain...
Thank you for watching.
Vindi1961 (4 days ago)
subscribed! :-)
Thanks for watching.
Freddy FourFingerz (4 days ago)
Those expandable hoses are junk and can be dangerous.
Thank you for watching.
Keyz Blk Barbie (4 days ago)
Thank you for watching.
John Vaughan (5 days ago)
Hi I was going to watch your video but I'm forced to watch an add first so I will never attempted to watch your YouTube channel again.
So sorry, ads are a big part of keeping YouTube free. Thanks
Lory D (5 days ago)
Can you not read Hamilton not Hampton
Thanks for watching.
Wendy Stuhler (5 days ago)
An air fryer
Thank you for watching.
eskimo joe (5 days ago)
I bet her ebay feedback sucks lol
Thank you for watching.
telldem1 (5 days ago)
You got robbed
Thanks for Watching.
Vindi1961 (6 days ago)
Bidet is not Bid it... it's Bid aye.... bidet... it's french, but a very common word in the english language. It's HAM IL TON... not Hampton. You're not real delicate with things are you! My goodness, if they weren't already broken, they will be by the time you get them to whoever buys them (but it won't be me). :-) Emeril Lagasse..... not emral la gas... jeesh ..... familiarize yourself with things so you can pronounce them and sell them intelligently.
Thank you for watching.
Aka Perez (6 days ago)
Slam banging the merchandise‼️ That's a huge No No‼️
Thanks for watching.
Davart (6 days ago)
It's pronounced Ba-day not bidgit and for the lover of God it's Hamilton.
Thanks for watching.
K Black (6 days ago)
So anything above $500 plus $200 shipping is profit? She really would be lucky to break even.
$500 includes the shipping cost to my house. Thanks for watching.
Jerry Traveler (7 days ago)
$500 should of got you 20 plus boxes.You got rip off.
I made good money on this pallet. Thank you for watching.
a2zme (7 days ago)
Bidet is pronounced 'biday' ..
Thank you for watching.
Steven Jennings (7 days ago)
Awesome informational educational experience Y'alls
Thank you for watching.
Martin Turner (8 days ago)
Could you do a similar vid in a bikini?
MitchMb14 (8 days ago)
Have you ever lost money, just broken even, or made too little money for the effort on a pallet? The Himalayan salt lamps are cheaper per pound than the salt sold for cooking. I wonder if you could grind up a lamp and sell it as culinary salt.
Yes this does happen from time to time. You have to be picky about the boxes and pallets that you purchase
leebaseball11 (8 days ago)
Hamilton. Never understood bidets, I mean you end up wiping your butt anyway because its now soaking wet. Weird
Thank you for watching.
Holly McGee (9 days ago)
Got it.
Holly McGee (9 days ago)
I didn’t get returns or salable, I ordered a box of pulled stock.
Great idea. Thanks for watching.
Holly McGee (9 days ago)
Thanks , just made my first order! And they give you free shipping on first order!
It is always nice when you can get free shipping.
D T (9 days ago)
Emeril Lagassi Air Fryer, we love ours! Makes good low cal food, esp fries!!
Thank you for watching.
Michael B B (9 days ago)
Maybe you could "DONATE" anything pet related to your local ASPCA? Just mentioning it.
Thank you for the suggestion and thank you for watching.
Greg Carter (9 days ago)
There are a lot of jerks making comments here. She is doing something and sharing information with us. If you don't like her just don't watch. It's really pretty simple. Okay, now jump all over me. I don't really care. God help us. lol.
Thank you for watching.
Tracy Repple (10 days ago)
Thank you for watching.
sid carroll (10 days ago)
Lmafo so your selling someones elses returned junk lmafo lol lol .... American at its best want something for free and then sell it to make a profit lmafo lol lol bunch of junk none of its new by law
Steve worthington (10 days ago)
All that junk is almost worthless about five dollars a item, don't be suckered into buying these pallets, this stuff is worth nothing even at auctions. It's not even good yard sale junk. Don't let her fool you, she will not even get her money back for this junk.
porkbap55 (10 days ago)
Stop vid fcuk the haters lol
Chad Kimball (10 days ago)
Bio Bidget??? It’s a Bidet... like the toilet that sprays your butt off... it’s quite expensive... when you don’t read carefully it cheapens your channel.
Rj Shukur (10 days ago)
Why all this stupid comment she just trying to make a couple bucks.
Mike C. (10 days ago)
"BiDay" is how you say it... not "Biddit"
Thank you for watching.
Tenisha Stephenson (10 days ago)
I want to sell a mystery bix full of $1.00 products costing$200 in total and sell it for $1500. 😀😂
c. sanborn (11 days ago)
Why do u throw the stuff down. I wouldnt buy anything
Brigitte Navarro (11 days ago)
vous ne presentez pas bien tous les cois
Sharon Wrijil (11 days ago)
It’s a biday, bidet.
Kinaj Pm Robinson (13 days ago)
Don't just guess what's in the box opening it and let us see. That's the whole purpose of why we watch
Robert Cornelius (13 days ago)
This gives me a break from all that Trump bull shit.
Thanks for watching
Chris W (13 days ago)
Maybe with all the money she makes she can go out and but get a clue Emerald la glass ,what a idiot lol
lexi740il (14 days ago)
Is it just me or did you wait for the camera man rush and close the box when she climbed in?
Kajun Ursus (15 days ago)
A bidet is a thing that rinses ur butt off when ur on toilet.
renge99O9 (16 days ago)
Anyone else hate crazy people like this, always trying to work any hustle except actually getting a job and holding it. :-/
Fredericka Barnes (16 days ago)
Great video
Moments formoms (16 days ago)
How much do your items usually sell for?
dinobrown100 (17 days ago)
Better open that bread maker so you can make your bread back lol!
Iowa Green (19 days ago)
'Bidet' is pronounced 'bee-day' it's a French word.
sunshinetoyota10 (19 days ago)
12:38 bio "bidget" lololol.... omggg it's pronounced bih-day you uncultured swine
Tracy Summers (8 days ago)
sunshinetoyota10 Didn't your mother every teach you not to say anything if you don't have something nice to say? Keyboard bully!!!
Bidet cleans you rear end. It's what rich people use instead of toilet paper
Samuel Jones (20 days ago)
Ummmmmm. The Biobidet is pronounced “bio.. bi.. day”. It’s for cleaning your “hoo-ha”. Look up “European female hygiene”.
Patsy Lambert (21 days ago)
Air fryer
reldra (22 days ago)
Get yer bid its here!!!!! LOL...it's' Bi Day'
Craig X (22 days ago)
Hahaha doesnt know what a bidet is.
ChicagoArkus (23 days ago)
I always wondered what they did with the broken and nonfunctional items i returned to amazon! O brother, Seems to me Ebay is a crap shoot
Amanda Indigo (23 days ago)
you talk too much and i def would not buy from you on ebay from your comments alone.
Sharon Craig (23 days ago)
Why do you toss things with glassware even if it wasn’t be gentle?
HiPetitGateau (24 days ago)
14:38 no truer words spoken The way she slams stuff makes me never wanna buy from her She mispronounced almost everything at first i thought she was doin it to be funny But she really said Bio BidJet For a Bidet the box says BioBidet on it Emerald LeGlass ??? 14:20 really?? The chef is named Emeril Lagasse Its written on the cooker
Mrs. Knight (24 days ago)
You want to earn an “income” off of “used” junk. Get a REAL job and quit ripping people off...
Sarah Welty (25 days ago)
Bidet pronouced bee.day hehe
childofthe1truKING! (25 days ago)
"Remember in the end Jesus wins" amen
josh m (25 days ago)
Lol at all the stupid people saying they are going to steer clear of her eBay. If you are stupid enough to either buy something that says "like new" and expect it to be factory packaged, or don't read the fact that it says that it's "like new" then you deserve to be taken. Read descriptions. They are there for a reason. Plus eBay is known for that stuff. That's why people go to eBay!
ParaTi/For U Videos (25 days ago)
Thank you!!!! Great video. Too many negative comments.
Candide Thirtythree (26 days ago)
Lots of ass washers LOL!
Erica Charles (26 days ago)
You paid too much for all that junk
Denise Holcroft (26 days ago)
Omg I just want to slap her to make her more intelligent, but I know it wouldn’t work.
Kathy Bunn (26 days ago)
U don't know what a bidet is. -- it's a hinney washer in the toilet!!🤣🤣😂
GlitterGoddess (26 days ago)
My gosh. Why is everyone on here so dang hateful and negative. I actually enjoyed this video. It’s her money. Her stuff. Stop sounding so damn anal ppl. She will make great profit off this
Dan Swinehart (26 days ago)
I love the single-syllable elision. (Hamton Beach, BioDet, etc.) Please test everything that's been opened.
Jeff Coffman (26 days ago)
Your sound sucks and one of these days your gonna slice yer jugular swinging that sword arround
Robert Gardea (27 days ago)
Amature >>>>>>>> here
Robert Gardea (27 days ago)
You cant get much on ebay for that junk.
Robert Gardea (27 days ago)
I dont whos born first stupid or common sense. OVR 500.00 FOR THAT CRAP !
andwhatttttttttttttt (27 days ago)
It’s pronounced “BID AYY.” Not Bidget 🙄
Keiffer C (28 days ago)
What's up with the negative comments though? So what if she misread a word or two! Was spelling the point of making the videos? I can barely read a book myself...but I'm pretty sure I make more money than some of you guys...yeah over $12,000 per month and I'm still looking ways to make more. Please continue to post New videos..I hope I become you one Day...
Ashley Noland (28 days ago)
Pronounced Bi-day lol
Charlie Jeans (28 days ago)
People should stop buying these returned boxes of item already sold. Amazon don't even buy them. They sell on commission and make money from delivery. All of these items have been written off on insurance. They have no value. Here's an idea put a bunch of stuff in a box and sell it for $500. You just saved amazon the money to dump and recycle. Amazon should be paying you for taking there trash. And free delivery. You see what you are doing here ? All of these items should be recylced by the companies that made them. Companies make 1 million of a product. Send out 500,000 to stores. Have 250,000 in stock for re orders Put 250,000 in warehouses for returns and exchanges. The original sale pays for all the storage, distribution, and warranty/ exchanges. These items are worthless unless you come along and pay for what should be going to the dump. Did you pay for delivery ? F Greatest scam ever. There isn't even $500. Of recycling here.
Matthew Sharp (28 days ago)
bidet sprays your ass lol lol
Merp (28 days ago)
the way she pronounces bidet hurts me. Also how does she not know what it is?
A P (28 days ago)
it was returned to the store for a reason. its broken or missing parts. this is why i still wont buy stuff online from "joe or sue the ebayer"
codcake72 (29 days ago)
Slams everything down so mostly broken,, and the word bidet is pronounced bee-day its to clean your ass 😱🤔
NW3D (29 days ago)
"How to open a box"
guitarsurfer2010 (29 days ago)
Not one thing in there I would want.
Mary Corder (29 days ago)
Bidet, it is pronounced Buhday accent on the "day" part ( so buDay) and it is used to wash your butt after you go to the potty. I have one in each commode and love them! Used a lot in Europe...now that I am used to using one, I would not want to go back to just paper, it would feel so dirty! So much cleaner to spray wash, then dry! A good one runs around $30 to $50 USD. You could get $30 for new in box one, easy. A fancy one would be more...I think that last one was a fancy one, it runs for $350 at Walmart. Here is a link to thst one. Sorry it is such a long link, but it does work anyway, cause I checked 😉 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Bio-Bidet-Aura-A7-Toilet-Seat-Bidet/101507828?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=984&adid=22222222228060474639&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=m&wl3=165018980541&wl4=pla-271777615099&wl5=9026889&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8453308&wl11=online&wl12=101507828&wl13=&veh=sem
Thesaurus (30 days ago)
At forst I was afraid you got ripped off until I priced those activity trackers. Looks like you did all right. The red think in the mystery box may be an air fryer. It was hard to tell since it wasn't completely unboxed.
Thesaurus (30 days ago)
Bidet is pronounced bid-day. It goes on the toilet to shoot water up to clean your bottom in place of toilet paper.
Ibrahim kılıç (1 month ago)
Mr. Natural (1 month ago)
Most things packed in those crates are broken returns missing many parts. Selling s*!t to cows nice marketing. She really needed a elementary school spelling book and a tutor😝
james daniels (1 month ago)
Guess the bread makers are junk if you have alot of them. Ya I think it's Hamilton not Hampton.
john shaw (1 month ago)
Last item, air fryer
Charles Atwell (1 month ago)
You call this hard work?
JKOWARKO (1 month ago)
If you were to waste my hard earned money on garbage like that, you would be living at the curb in that box!
JKOWARKO (1 month ago)
It's called Hamilton Beach, not Hampton Beach

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