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Goodfellas: The Spider situation

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http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099685/ Lesson? Don't put Tommy on a "pay no mind"-list.
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daniel ainsworth (2 hours ago)
205 people made a big deal out of it
MT Rich (12 hours ago)
Spider messed up when he started giving Tommy back talk about getting a drink. If he knew anything about what Tommy was about he would have just moseyed right back and got a drink.. it probably would have been a lifesaver...nah.
s p (20 hours ago)
SekhmetSecretWeapon (1 day ago)
omg how I hated Joe Pesci in this!! :) he deserved an Oscar !!!!
Darth Buffy (2 days ago)
“How could miss from this distance” Shoots Anthony as well*
pingufromindia (2 days ago)
Lol Christopher from sopranos.... Only now i realised
TalkanianRetrogaming (2 days ago)
Nice fucking game.... Nice fucking game.....
Joan Ruiz Jacob (2 days ago)
btw, 204 mutts are mumbling stuttering little fucks
Arwin M (4 days ago)
I dideeent.. - Christophaa
Choff C (4 days ago)
fukin crazy
Ahmed Ahmed (4 days ago)
The character Tommy in this movie is no different to a great psychopathic, extremely abusive swine that I am being abused by, ever so savagely. I get hit with great abuse and then I deal with having further abuse perpetuated against myself and then being hit with even more abuse. I believe I recently had a near death experience, as a result.
david king (5 days ago)
nice fucking game nice fucking game
david king (5 days ago)
woowww he is dead ........
david king (5 days ago)
Give us a liittle bit strip dance little lil boy
david king (5 days ago)
I thought I thought moving u little brick ^^ dance dance liltte brick
david king (5 days ago)
Dance dance u little monkey yahooo u mother fcuker
EMinc (6 days ago)
I like how after he shoots him in the foot he goes "He's fuckin' fak- alright so he got shot in the foot, what is it a big fucking deal?" So either way it didn't matter to him xD
vtrmcs (6 days ago)
If only he had not had a nose like a natural canopy.
Joan Ruiz Jacob (6 days ago)
Tommy demanded respect from everyone, including made men, yet he treated other people like shit; glad he got whacked
Stabsnipers (6 days ago)
"I'm a good shot, whadda you want from me?"
UMad Bro (8 days ago)
Some balls shooting tony sopranos cousin
Ich Bin (8 days ago)
Spider was the Georgie Santorelli of Goodfellas.
jgarcia709 (8 days ago)
"Good shot"......"I dont give a fuck!!!!" Straight outta gangsta!!!!
Money Sandhu (9 days ago)
Pussys with guns can't fight like real men
X88B88 (9 days ago)
With that foot wound he’d have never grown up to be a varsity athlete
John Hamm (9 days ago)
Let him crawl there like he crawls for the fuckin drinks!
nonplayerzealot4 (10 days ago)
None of the people in the room knew that there was a helium tank in the corner with a slow leak.
Jason Pimental (10 days ago)
"What am I a mirage?" LOL
Joan Ruiz Jacob (2 days ago)
"you mumbling stuttering little fuck"
John Ontibero (11 days ago)
What was spiders role in the organization? Was he part of the mob or just a lacky trying to move up?
Kaeble (11 days ago)
Poor Christopher ....He got wacked
Jeremy Bright (12 days ago)
Tony Soprano should have done this to Chris midway through the first season of The Sopranos. Would have saved himself a lot of headaches.
Grosse Pointe Guy (13 days ago)
Chene!!!! Lol
blew4200 (13 days ago)
Would have knocked off pesci as soon as he shot spider the first time..he was useless and just a loud mouth..
eeep (13 days ago)
I thought you said i was alright spida. my Johnny 2 times Chris stapleton que manera de perder baby bear. Amish you
Chief Vercingetorix (13 days ago)
Lmao the ending line always gets me, tommy saying “where are the shovels” crazy mother fuckers. They aren’t gardeners or landscapers, they keep shovels around for 1 reason and 1 reason only. To dig graves. Anyone interested in psychopathic mobsters, look up Roy DeMeo. He was one crazy son of a bitch. Half mobster, half serial killer. And while you’re at it, look up his go to hitman - Richard Kuklinski aka the iceman. For the record, Kuklinski is probably lying about how many ppl he killed. But he was a psychotic murderer none the less. Absolutely fascinating in my opinion.
Roy G Biv (13 days ago)
Tommy gets what he deserves. In the face.
Valey (15 days ago)
He's dead Good shot, what you want from me 😂😂
Spurs nation (15 days ago)
Devan Moran (16 days ago)
No you Not alright spider
Uzman Doktor (17 days ago)
Alcohol causes the violence in the most people.
Tomb Raver (17 days ago)
There's always that one friend at the table....
Pango Prime (18 days ago)
What was the deal with Spider? Was he supposed to be slow?
Jeffrey Richardson (18 days ago)
Laurie Sherman's tough shit...
Ved More (20 days ago)
"Now,You gotta dig that fuckin thing up"
ERNEST HENNESSY (20 days ago)
Steve Priest (20 days ago)
What kind of drink does Tommy ask fpr?
skeletor emcee (19 days ago)
Cutty (Sark) Water.
Sports Dawg101 (20 days ago)
This is a classic 🤣🤣 Pesci Is Psychotic
T S (20 days ago)
"Dont make big fkn thing out of it" hahahah
L Hayes (21 days ago)
I think the most overlooked thing here is Spiders dedication to his employment. The guy literally got shot in the foot whilst working because he forgot to bring someone’s drink over, and actually turned back up to continue working with a bandage on his foot as if nothing happened. Now that’s what I call a barman.
Den po (21 days ago)
Spider got lucky and survived after being in a coma for a few years, when he woke up he left the City Moved to New Jersey and changed his name to Christopher Moltisanti. Later on he became a Member of the Soprano Family.
Jack Otto (21 days ago)
The ego plague and genuine “disrespect” Pesci felt from this scene is acting better than you hear off vinyl
RC248 (21 days ago)
Spider may have put up with this shit but Chris Moltisanti? Different story here lol
Tommy was a made man, and Spider wasn't. And we had to sit still and take it. It was among the Italians. It was real greaseball shit.
Rui Luz (23 days ago)
Spider meets Tommy, Tommy squashes Spider.
bob michael (23 days ago)
Good shot,what do you want for me?lol
Baraldi Gnegne (24 days ago)
Spider didn’t watch the suit
B Brown (25 days ago)
I love this part...”you gonna let him get away with that.....WHATS THE WORLD COMIN TO”
Guzzman 65 (25 days ago)
I was so glad when Tommy died, that fuckin mothafucka
elrey delosrifs (25 days ago)
Nice fucking game, nice fucking game.
Alyson Kroger (25 days ago)
Now where ARE the shovels?
Jesse Grajeda (25 days ago)
Should have gave him the drink 😂😂😂
Zamosa (26 days ago)
He never died, he faked his death so he could work for Tony Soprano
saljpal3 (26 days ago)
I love the reactions of these guys in this seen, you have Tommy a complete psychopath who kills Spider for insulting him then you see Jimmy getting mad at Tommy not because he considered what he did wrong but how inconvenient it is, and then you have Henry genuinely sad that Spider was killed.
Serious_Case (26 days ago)
Yeah, Tommy was adorable in the bad way, but he deserved that karma later on for killing that kid.
zamp6969 (26 days ago)
Word on the street is he would have grown up to be a rat.
tatama (27 days ago)
"he's dead..." see how well that moment of silence is synchronized with the background music.
Cerberus (28 days ago)
Is that chris from sopranos
saljpal3 (26 days ago)
Yea you see a bunch of Sopranos actors in this film.
CROOKED R3IGN (28 days ago)
Steve Rhodes (28 days ago)
Where's the shovels?
Luke the Duke (28 days ago)
He would have grown up to be a rat so it’s ok.
Q Texas made (29 days ago)
Definition of fucking nut job.
Larico (29 days ago)
1:37 LOL
wakawaka chuchu (29 days ago)
Maybe he overreacted a little bit.
Nintendo Guy00 (29 days ago)
all this big talks comes from a mouth of hobbit pesci lol
Ben Smith (29 days ago)
My bones are all shattered man
Shane Earley (29 days ago)
“Where are the shovels?” 😂😂
Aaron Dalton (30 days ago)
Jimmy : “ He shoots him in the foot and then tells him Go fuck himself “ LOL 😂😂😂
eli wol (30 days ago)
Joe pesci should have been a boss on sopranos, that would have been crazy
David Dyer (30 days ago)
After shots like that everyone would be too deaf to talk normally.
Victor Griffin (30 days ago)
The real Henry hill said the tommy was worse than the movie!
Joan Ruiz Jacob (2 days ago)
they were all crazier, uglier and meaner in real life!
Julio Enciso (1 month ago)
What kinda revolver did did he shoot he shot 7 in this scene
Shack (1 month ago)
hmmm 7 shots... *this don't add up*
SFIFA (1 month ago)
Tommy defends himself by saying "(I'm a) good shot, whaddaya want? I'm a good shot"
Brendan McCallion (1 month ago)
Guy shoots him in the foot and he tells him to go fuck himself 😂😂😂
beavis408 (1 month ago)
Tommy's hair is a little outta place in this scene, it got a littler outta order itself...
Mick Funny (1 month ago)
beavis408 nah nah nah you insulted his hair a bit a little bit
Gil Arruda (1 month ago)
Christopher from the Sorpranos
Seek N. Destroy (1 month ago)
Spider stutters. Obv disability. These people are dumb fucks.
spacebears (1 month ago)
should have delivered his drink in a shinebox
Mick Funny (1 month ago)
spacebears you been away for awhile maybe nobody told you that don’t deliver drinks in shineboxes no more
Tristan King (1 month ago)
1:21 7 shots?
Ruscitto (1 month ago)
Don’t hurt chrisy like that
david king (1 month ago)
oklahoma kids oklahoma kid haahahaha
Bradles McGee (1 month ago)
How could you miss at this distance? Lmao
IceveinsProductions (1 month ago)
1:45 - I wonder what kind of practice the "doctor down the street" has. Just around the corner, always open to accommodate late night hours gangster shootings and an expert at shattered foot bone repairs.
Ninghor Awungshi (1 month ago)
Yes spider should be shot dead.. He went out of hand idiot asshole
Hazu-Videos (1 month ago)
NOW he's moving
Hazu-Videos (1 month ago)
"i thought i thought, youve been doing this all fukin night"
Jon Ahmad (10 days ago)
Always cracks me up 😂
Oor Jaki (1 month ago)
After shooting Spider Tommy said 'don't make me upset'. A man who unloads a cannon on someone's foot in a moment of serenity is indeed a man to be feared.
Socrates (1 month ago)
Should've said: Hey Tommy, why don't you go fuck yourself and go home and get your shinebox
Chingona Gz (1 month ago)
Kinda got upset when Tommy got whacked but he deserved it just for killing Spider. Especially after The Sopranos came out, then I was like Oh, man! He killed Christopher! He's got to go!
Elmo Lapadite (1 month ago)
Scorsese, from behind the bar.

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