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How To Make Someone Remember You For A Lifetime

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Thank you to BetterHelp for sponsoring this video! Consider online counseling by visiting http://betterhelp.com/charisma Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression: http://bit.ly/2LJPPfx Oprah Winfrey has a superpower. For over 30 years, people who speak to her have not been able to help but to open up, sometimes crying, expressing joy, or just showing the most vulnerable parts of themselves. That ability propelled Oprah to a net worth of four billion dollars not to mention launching books to the top of the bestsellers list and Dr. Phil's television career. So in this video, we are going to explore how and why Oprah is the best connector that I have ever covered on this channel. And you're gonna learn how to live so that people will naturally find themselves opening up and connecting with you. First off, Oprah sets the stage to connect literally. Unlike many other TV show hosts, she is famous for walking the aisles of her studio audience and for sitting on the same couch as her guests. Later on, she would actually go into their homes for intimate interviews. Now, the lack of physical barriers such as a desk tends to make two people feel more connected and that's why you are more likely to find a spark on a first date if you sit adjacent to your date rather than being separated by a table. 0:33 Set the situation so connecting is easy 1:17 Connect physically and emotionally 2:58 It's easier to open up if there's eye contact 3:29 Actively listen and paraphrase accordingly 4:38 Call out whenever there are commonalities Oprah makes James Corden cry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GZlUextcAA Connect With Us Further: Website: http://www.charismaoncommand.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/charismaoncommand Instagram: @CharismaOnCommand Or if you want to see our personal stuff (regular life + playing music): Instagram: @CharlieHoupert Instagram: @IamBenAltman
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Text Comments (1445)
JP Media (7 months ago)
1. Sitting on the same side of the table. 2. Touch 3. Deep eye contact 4. Asking meaningful questions 5. Validate people when they get emotional 6. Be vulnerable first
Ultraviolet Morgan (13 days ago)
Great summary!
NextLevelWeirdness (19 days ago)
Another thing that should of been on the list is sent because sent triggers memory’s so like if your a guy and only wear polo red around this person and once you have known each other for a bit for the rest of their life anytime they smell polo red they will think of you
Kate Le (23 days ago)
gabrielle g i
jane red (1 month ago)
...... And call betterhelp for counseling ang therapy. On the other hand, great video.
gabrielle g (1 month ago)
1 more: listen and make people know you care.
MNliveLifeNlove (1 day ago)
Oh f no thats just weird sitting next to each other on a date
Isabella Cezanne (1 day ago)
This was sooo informative and well put together. I adore Oprah and really respect how much good she has done. Thanks
Magalie Joana G (1 day ago)
I always have been able to connect with people and to make them confess easily and without feeling judged, but I didn't really know why, I thought "well I am naturally like that that's all", but with that video I understand better what in my behavior makes me good with relationships with others even strangers, I am an "Oprah-person" ahahah thank you because I feel better about myself, These days I am doubting so much, I needed it. Thanks again !
Keep up the great work👌👍
Simply Florence (2 days ago)
I personally believe I have this power to touch people.
Aaliyah Lovelyy (3 days ago)
1:54 *tears
a grill (3 days ago)
me: lvl 1 social crook, Ophrah: lvl 100 social boss thats socia works
dealsman (5 days ago)
A man can't touch much
Elena Wilkins (6 days ago)
What a great summary on great communication skills!!!
Ever since I was a child I've had the trouble of connecting with others while it is the thing I want the most. I just didn't know how to but growing up I figured out that I do some things wrong in communication. And this video just taught me the path to communicate correctly. I so happy I came across this video.
Zetsuke4 (7 days ago)
brilliant analysis
Viv Wallace (7 days ago)
I always wondered why everyone loved her so much. Now I understand. Thank you. However, I actually often thought that her intent interest was actually fake. But I would not be able to hold back tears if she came at me either.
Brinya (9 days ago)
This is amazing. thank you
Indrid Cold (10 days ago)
I saved a woman's life in 2005. It is likely she does not remember me at all. After I saved her, I promtly left and she never got a chance to get a good look at me, never spoke with me, nor even got my name. This is the way aid should be rendered to everybody. Assist all you can then disappear when things stabilize. I did not know the woman. Why should I have stayed and talked to her after she was no longer in danger? It is never comfortable to talk to a stranger. Well, I was the stranger that saved her. Why subject her to talking to a stranger. I just promptly left.
khadija ibder (12 days ago)
She has just a sense of humanity thing That we lost in our days....she is amazing
Supreme Commander (15 days ago)
I'm not crying, you're crying
Aquarius#11 (16 days ago)
It’s a Aquarius thing
Natalie Sisson (16 days ago)
Excellent analysis of this brilliant woman who has bought so many gifts to our lives through her work and uncovering what it means to be human and to be heard and seen.
Francisco Tizoctzin V (18 days ago)
I don't see platonic touches getting lost. It's simply people setting boundaries. It's a benefit because you get a clearer more honest idea of your relationship with another person.
noor algharib (18 days ago)
its funny how they don't teach this in school. It's only one of the most important human needs, relationships, I mean, its not important at all.. *note the sarcasm*
Claudia Vlahović (19 days ago)
raimondspauls (23 days ago)
Great points throughout the video! I think it's also very important to stress out what goes on (presumably) in Oprah's mind during an interview. When she's listening to someone, she's not just making eye contact and furrowing her brow for outward effect, she's also listening and comprehending what the other person has to say. She doesn't just look the part, she puts her undivided attention into the conversation. That's why she naturally comes up with those meaningful personal questions. That's huge and surprisingly rare. My point is, she's mindful during an interview, and mindfulness is a big part of any person's charisma.
Lotta Lehm (24 days ago)
What did Oprah say in 2:38? Hamdulillah??? What???
theselector (25 days ago)
No matter how good she is I doubt she'd get The Gallagher Bros. to cry or even open up. Would be good to see her try though.
Fee_fee 64 (27 days ago)
Isn’t better help kinda a scam? Was that what pewds talked about?
Fee_fee 64 (27 days ago)
I love touching I don’t want others to be afraid of it 😭😭😭
WHTFSayonara (28 days ago)
Might want to cut that betterhelp scam site ad from the vid...
Michael Clark (28 days ago)
When I was in med school, during the intro to clinical medicine section on interviewing, we were specifically directed to observe Oprah's technique. What was specifically praised was her ability to get people to open up. Unfortunately not such was discussed in the way of specific methods, just that she was especially good at it.
Bertha Varela (29 days ago)
Shoe Dog Maven (29 days ago)
love these videos! keep up the good work!!! xoxo
Charisma on Command (27 days ago)
~ Thanks, man!
Darya Vsyakikh (29 days ago)
No, man, touching is creepy. I'd freak out if she touched me and, probably, hit her.
Fernwood (30 days ago)
... master manipulator.
Ama plus (1 month ago)
I feel u dont like Jimmy Fallon. not saying anything
Ama plus (1 month ago)
Jimmy Fallon and oprah are two different people😶
Jiten Patel (1 month ago)
Ellen, take notes.. 😉 Love you too, Ellen! 💯 😁
slayer 1 (1 month ago)
If you are a woman that may be fine but if you are a man you will either get beat up go to jail or be embarrassed with a quickness and by the way don't touch me unless you're a woman you can give me some dap and then get the hell back LOL
KingLich (1 month ago)
the timing on english subtitles are messed up.
RzR_911 (1 month ago)
Can you do a video on Hank Moody ?
Rodia Shema (1 month ago)
I admire this woman
Jocelyn Bui (1 month ago)
I immediately cried when I saw Oprah told James that "Every father has a dream for his children".
H Smith (1 month ago)
Talking about "platonic touches" when you talk about sexual assault... just no . no.
D Ace (1 month ago)
It was a really nice motivational video bt to b honest i watched it after reading the caption n jst by focusing on an individual way of making sm1 remember u dont think its going to work for evry1. So my suggest is u change the caption or the content of ur video. It really doesnt go wit ur caption bt its jst my opinion.
Strawberry Soda (1 month ago)
it's so cool because this was how my best friend and i became best friends. We started talking on the school bus, so we were basically forced to sit on the same side and we made a lot of eye contact and we've asked each other really deep and meaningful questions. We're both really open with our emotions :D
theCrpldOrphnPrjct (1 month ago)
I'm afraid your videos will turn me into a con-man I feel like I've been acting my entire life. I have chaos and I try to seem normal :D Nobody is better than anyone; I just grew up having my weakness and strengths slapped in my face. For better or worse; I do play people. Never to harm... i dont take from people.. but I see something here that is dangerous for me :D
hiyad mn9damy (1 month ago)
everything u said was perfect until u mention "betterHelp" !!!!!
Uncaged_Wolf (1 month ago)
Oprah's like the mom i never had
SGT SPARKKY (1 month ago)
Godamn better help
Barnaby (1 month ago)
I can't stand Oprah, she's a vile snake oil salesman.
Filip Overas (1 month ago)
Just wanted to comment to express my gratitude and appreciation for your videos.I have realized how important charisma really is.As an introvert i have some problems expressing my self and talking to people is not my strong point,but i would love to get better at it.I probably will join your University when i can afford it.
indviduation (1 month ago)
Oprah has a cult like following.
Nicaise _t_ jonah (1 month ago)
Oprah Winfrey is indeed our God gifted unknown Mommy Angel best treasure from God I love her so much if she only knew she is a mother to trillions of us.😘😍❤️
Mama Doctor Jones (1 month ago)
I am an ObGyn and I feel like this should be REQUIRED watching for doctors and medical students! 👏👏
Cyrus Johnson (1 month ago)
I want to have a conversation with Oprah now.
edu (1 month ago)
God! Loved it. Thanks for making so good videos
Tammy Chowdhury (1 month ago)
umm betterhelp has a bad reputation currently
Can (1 month ago)
Man not you too :( BetterHelp is mostly a scam and not that healthy in reality.
Joshua Rhodie-Peeler (1 month ago)
Now if you can make Pharrell Williams cry, you've got some serious charisma
Agirlnamed Drool (1 month ago)
Idk I dont like touchy feely ppl
Igor Morais (1 month ago)
Video was so good... until betterhelp.
Serina Sabbagh (1 month ago)
Wow I love your channel!!!! Thank you for the videos ! So enlightening
Charisma on Command (1 month ago)
~ Glad you're loving the videos, Serina!
Lenny appleton (1 month ago)
I love this channel
Michael Jackson ❤😥
Kitty Moore (1 month ago)
I would have been on with 3 minutes, you’re great at breaking things down
S Stan (1 month ago)
Meh, she’s a tv public figure, a lot of it is prescreened and edited. People were “paid” to open up to Oprah as if she were their best of friends. Come on now!
Louise Louise (1 month ago)
These are all such awesome points for speaking to someone in person. I’d love a video like this but for talking to people on social media. I’m a military spouse so a lot of my friends are all over the world and more of our friendship will be spent apart rather than in the same duty station. I’m an introvert but I love connecting with my friends but sometimes it can be hard when you’re typing into a phone.
Mitch Boucher (1 month ago)
So...if you bring someone to tears, this means they'll remember you forever? Interesting.
Ndifreke Etoedia (1 month ago)
I never really understood why Oprah was so special until this video, thanks
Ibanez Maestro (1 month ago)
VERY interesting!!
Pensive_ (1 month ago)
I was gonna make a smart-ass comment like "so basically, Oprah is a good counsellor", and then you talk about counselling at the end lol
Abdullah Mahmoud (1 month ago)
This may sound wierd, but who else teared while watching this?😢
Anna Anna (2 months ago)
BetterHelp ? Really?...-_-
Raven Harris (2 months ago)
Really good gems👌🏾
Mute Zynk (2 months ago)
*BeTtEr heLp*
Edge XDDX (2 months ago)
basic counseling techniques
Derek Nelson (2 months ago)
You have to have credibility also, joe blow won’t get the time of day no matter how charismatic he is I guarantee you
LEARNGOODALL (2 months ago)
SpaceCat (2 months ago)
Shannon B. (2 months ago)
What's wrong with the subs?
MA Matters (2 months ago)
"'People won't remember what you said or did but how you made them feel." Maya Angelou
Felino De Gattis (2 months ago)
The interviewed personalities actually strive to make contact with Oprah because she is the real star. The same approach does not work for normal people with normal people.
Nero Mauritzen (2 months ago)
"To have someone love you forever, you treat them with love and kindness, not as the new subject to *test* you're newfound tricks upon, you wrong them, as you wrong yourself indeed" "Threat others as if they are you're world and love, you're missing half self, in time you shall realize that we are all parts if one another, love heart and soul, if you pretend to do so, you will then discover this world is fake, this as *only* you're actions determine you're perspective, while you're focus in which and what, determines what experiences you end up with" What I see in you however,.is insecurity and fear, and those that fear rlthe world also fear themselves, for whichever reason this might be... Thus ends my interest in you, in the bright side those not in touch with *the other side of themselves* will never know truly what they've lost. "Passing judgment is never easy, always painful, as is every responsability easily abused by the weak of mind, body and faith" Farewell to you
Gin Asthrun (2 months ago)
Harold Hart (2 months ago)
Eli Gaphary (2 months ago)
wow I'm blown away by your research and knowledge, I'd love your input on Abraham Hicks...
Naniya Mernando (2 months ago)
I wish I could use better help 😭... Actually any kind of therapy is welcome.... 😥
Jurassic Murricorn (2 months ago)
When it flowed into the better help promotion I was like wow this is really goo-you motherf
Jurassic Murricorn (2 months ago)
Marketing 100
Nicholas Carlton (2 months ago)
Do a video on Will Ferrell
lostboylooking (2 months ago)
This is wonderful. Truly great content.
Charisma on Command (2 months ago)
~ Appreciate it :-)
Niky9965 (2 months ago)
This is absolutely amazing. Thank you.
Charisma on Command (2 months ago)
~ Glad you're liking it!
demeka braziel (2 months ago)
Oprah has a true gift!
Hump (2 months ago)
where can i find the interview at 4:50 talking about being an introvert?
Professor Voodoo (2 months ago)
If your an interviewer/host as well you should ask questions related to what they are saying, that lets your get so much deeper with them and it makes people feel as though you truly understand them. That is also a tip you can use for conversation in general.
tw (2 months ago)
She is a successful INFJ. I am an INFJ too but I don't use my super powers with everyone in real life because it can be draaaaaining....
Katie Irish (2 months ago)
She's a phony.  She uses a practiced formula on everyone, a technique, and it's a perceived idea that she cares; it's a crock. It was a dog & pony show on her program practically everyday. That's how she got $4B out of that crappy show; and from those that believed her act. She's a con.
Vikas Kundbi (2 months ago)
10:11 Dislike
Diva grace (2 months ago)
i love Ophra she is very kind
InferSader (2 months ago)
Oh man, that BetterHelp part didn't age well...
Dr.OZ dose the same thing...wow
LK 2J (2 months ago)
like the video. should i do this in a job interview? (seriously asking)

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