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African Philanthropist Mo Ibrahim Speech on Old African President

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#africanspeech #speech Welcome to the Great African Leadership Series where we feature great, inspirational Speeches and quotes from African Leaders. African Philanthropist Mo Ibrahim Embarrasses Every Old African President in High-Level Presidential Meeting Music: http://www.bensound.com Ameican Subscribe for more videos -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Thanks for watching 2nacheki the biggest African channel on Youtube from #Africa . All our videos are aimed at Educating, Informing, Reviewing, Criticizing & Ranking everything #African. Our content includes: #africanews #africalist #Africanpopculture #Africaentertainment #Afrcicanmusic #Africanculture #Africanpolitics & #Panafricanism Support #2nacheki here PayPal: http://bit.ly/help2nacheki Patreon: http://bit.ly/support2nacheki We have written permission to use the majority of content found on this channel by the content owners themselves and do not infringe on any copyrighted content knowingly. As for the other content on this channel we assure you it is strictly only used under Fair Use. Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Email us [email protected] for ads partnership, collabos, sponsorship or content issues. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (89)
Lee Olsson (10 months ago)
Wow. That is so true. Old people don’t understand the future the same way young people do.
Chris Florida (11 months ago)
Africa needs younger presidents to many old fucks.
mohammed mousa (11 months ago)
Mo Ebraim Gad bless u. We need more African business man to come forward to say what we’re feeling. Thanks 🙏 for that an amazing speech
Malang COLY (11 months ago)
For sure! Absolutely right! We only have old men in the continent. Give chance to youth.
Chris K (11 months ago)
This is high level true....my respect sir.
love taught (11 months ago)
mo ibrahim, that kagame guy sitting next u, when he sees young people challenging him, he throws them into prison (diane rwigara, etc.). he had to change the constitution to oppress rwandan people forever
Latino'sUSA2014 (11 months ago)
He is 💯% right.
Abigail Ifeanyi (11 months ago)
Clement GAVI (11 months ago)
I don't think the issue is about old versus young. But about spirit that drives. For if we have a Mugabe who at 93 old lacks wisdom expressed as sense of measures, humility, sense of restraint, etc, the continent has also so called young Presidents who lack basics wisdom. For instance Faure Gnassingbé in the case of Togo in order to take his father's place a dictator who has ruled the country with brutality during 38 years, has killed more than five hundreds innocent Togolese in 2005. We now are in 2018 and he doesn't want to understand almost 15 years of power is enough, with brutality, assassination via the support of racists he want to maintain millions in a sort of modern slavery. Therefore, it is all about the spirit that drives the energy represented in each, young and old. Mandela was young entering prison where he has spent 27 years. He became President at certain age. But the spirit in him was as such only one term of five years were enough to him. At Togo, Faure Gnassingbé and other kill hundreds in order to keep power.
Unconforming Truther (11 months ago)
He's absolutely correct, this old useless corrupt thugs need shoved off those positions already
Chris Lockhart (11 months ago)
Good video he makes valid points with humor..😂
Fem Mac (11 months ago)
Perfect true, 100 % my ideology. Youth rising up.
Andrew Adams (11 months ago)
Great channel and great video! But I think you need to work on your caption skills. They give negative vibes when the video actually gives a positive and motivational meaning. I think you can do better with that because this is the second time I've seen a caption from you that says someone "embarrassed" someone when the person was in effect sending a good message across. Maybe I could help you caption this if you want? 🤷🏾‍♂️
J T (11 months ago)
Must have very educated and critical thinking black leaders who has a vision of total independence for Africa... age is unimportant.
African Pharaoh (11 months ago)
The problem we have in Africa we don't have African leaders we have C.I.A and M.I.6 leaders in powers call them selfs African leaders once they get in power they think there royalty if a western let's them stay in the white house or Buckingham palace they will sell him 50% of its resources and in return the UK and America will build them a McDonalds and give them rolls Royce and the US government will give them guns and planes and build them a house and pay them about a million dollars a year which they will hidr in off shore accounts but trust me Africa is rising Africans who mostly live overseas are going back home with degrees,knowledge of what we learnt from the west showing people how things should be run and educating our people soon from Cairo to cape town and from east to west Africa we will revolt against these animals and build our nations and tell our brothers don t bow down or be happy just because his a white man from the west or a China man because we don't fear them and they won't be able to talk down on us so easily as they would with a tribes man with no knowledge of these people that's another problem we have in Africa when we see a person from the west we think his here to help us but really his not and the only reason China is build roads,schools and building is because they have a big population and they wanna move a lot off there citizens millions of them to Africa before you know it every African country will have 3 million Chinese people living there and they will have to money and power and once again we will be the under dogs in our own nations wake up Africans blacks Africans ,white Africans or Arabs africans the devil is a lair and anything thing that's killing us is that id say these fake preachers and witch stories oh your child is a witch this person is a witch I saw this women flying all these bullshit stories that we believe in our another problem when the Europeans came tourted and enslave us where was all this black magic power than it's all a bunch off lies and fairy tells
All about Ashanti (11 months ago)
America is about to fall apart any ways so it does not make sense to compare to America
haraf fanaff (11 months ago)
giggles what makes you so sure that this will happen? If you are living in the US or not what have you seen to draw this conclusion? I am tempted to get a passport at this point, been thinking about it for a while now. Ofcourse I have my own conclusion as to why I think the US Titanic is sinking but the observations of others are valid as well.
Abena Ohenewaa (11 months ago)
Pls 2nach do top ten largest country in africa
Vsimone Z (11 months ago)
Shame on African head of government Most of this schumberg politician called President have mess up the system They deprive African from growing Up Shame Shame Shane
Kalagenesis Radio (11 months ago)
I wrote a blog ten years ago called Dinosaurs 🦕 Old me equal old ideas.We can talk about African old presidents but look at Black America the top political figures are in their 80’s with one foot in the grave.Older doesn’t mean wiser that’s a Sacred Cow we have to dispel
The BRIDGE 54 (4 months ago)
Kalagenesis Radio that’s a fact, especially in today’s world
Anthony Brown (11 months ago)
He speak the truth a lot of people don't want change because they even waited a long time to take the lead seat cuz the people in front of them were greedy for power thirsty for power there's time we get rid of all the old the old is what got us into this predicament that the world is in today
Abdirashid Hussein (11 months ago)
I’ve talked with many presidents, CEOs America businesses l want build in 54 African countries,other's Middle East countries,American security challenges brings change United States of America, United States of Africa and startup leaders 54 African Presidents to unite 54 African countries and America people's understanding a problems an injustice recognize no one fix we will. I learned that cybersecurity was an industry in demand and so I returned to school to pursue my degree Computer Information System's but isn't easy. I can't change the world a lone. I agree, logically we could stop a terrorists,slave trade human trafficking street women's selling sexual in the world (make it a lot harder) but we cannot be united, right and left are not compatible, like water and oil. I can’t work with Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Sanders, Harris, Bill Clinton, Hillary supports or any obama,some Trump supports. Not ever will we agree on anything worth doing.I am feeling so sad to say but it's all just getting started.All the hate,evil everywhere in this world is going to come out before it gets better but United world We Stand.In that peace,security l mean everywhere in the world want peace,security,justice,new resolution positive change 2018. I am finding the problems,l am finding the few simple new resolution but isn't east.I can't change the world a lone. I will fix it never give up African people🇺🇸️😠
Abdirashid Hussein (11 months ago)
Ethiopia were not treated nice neighbors countries well by those Somalilanders belong Somalia people's their own land isn't Palestinians people's who'd fled to Ethiopia for want Somalia problems steeling other land other country during Somalia's Civil War 1991 all anti Somalia government's from Ethiopia government's todayand yesterday leader's different world,people's different,different technology,different ideas unacceptable2018.  Ehtopian dishonest lie corruption's,self-interest could flee the nation, as in the past Midgaans found success and less discrimination in nations like Libya,Yemen,Somalia But instability in the region, and the growing threats of human trafficking terrorists well organized who is makingmoney?(including a severe regional fear of organ harvesting) prevents them from leaving.There is a some US,European,Uk,Isreal program, recognizing the poor international situation of minorities, to give them preferred immigration status and bring over large groups, but all the Midgaan I've encountered have stories of individuals who, in need ofimmediate cash, sell African,Middle East people's their own homeland unacceptable 2018 slave African,Middle East people's their registries to majority Somalis. So for now, aside from a few success stories and the vague potential of a better life somehow in the future (despite massive national unemployment and persistent low- to high-level discrimination African,Middle East countries), these threatened jobs are all the Midgaanhave.The problem is that these are also the only jobs the Ethiopian is political dangerous have war III other world leader's are not two year's old. Accounts of the number of Ethiopians in Somaliland and their status vary wildly, as some come for a short time and return, some are just stuck in the nation temporarily, and many are uncounted totally or trying to blend in.The first wave was in the early 90s, just after the de facto independent state was proclaimed.
Adwoa Hanson (11 months ago)
Omg so true! Look at Nigeria and Ghana...weakly looking old men who have no future plans ahead but thinking of their burial times !Incredible!!!!
Muzungu Me (11 months ago)
Mugabe running again in 2k19😝
Abdirashid Hussein (11 months ago)
The local,global Enforcement officers will be trained to high proficiency in handling their issued firearms, hand-to-hand combat, active shooter deterrent strategies within a school's children's,good white,black law enforcement,black people Chicago cross worldwide international situations change technology information system's environment, security threat violation international law recognize no one fix we will respect everyone rights are human rights and response,legal issues, defensive tactics, the psychology of survival and program standard operating procedures. It would also be an asset to get those that are already trained instructors where they can write a specific Emergency input Action plan that works, and train staff,college,university student's,parent's,teacher's,community leader's,children's,law enforcement and report back to the local school's boards,community leader's,teacher's,parent's,law enforcement personal in that area cross America other world. This would enhance safety,trusty for student's,teacher's,community leader's,teacher's,Local,global Police Department's faculty, staff and guests of the school's,Law Enforcement black people Chicago cross America other world. Not to mention the training to “rapidly respond to any active assailant security threat violation international law.” Most Active shooter incidents are over in the first 10 to 15 minutes in most cases, most of the time before law enforcement can be dispatched and arrive onscene communication is very important people's helping people's. This is the only option that will protect the School's childrens,Law Enforcement,black people Chicago die cross America other world it is target political dangerous situations change. There is many aids like enhancing the ballistic security of school's,Law Enforcement,black people Chicago die every days and nights unacceptable 2018. For example you can purchase for schools ballistic resistant Glass, and reinforced doors that can also be resistant to gun fire in the classrooms, to include aids for blocking the doors to keep the shooter out of those classes. Department of Homeland security annually offers roughly $800 million in grants to public schools, but some do not apply for the help to offset the costs up upgrades, and this is something that has to be funded, as any costs involved is better than risking the lives of school's children's, black people Chicago,Law Enforcement cross America Visitors and staff. I was x Substitute safety,security school's District's different City,County, food inspector. My suggestion for consideration is that we establish common sense gun laws for the sale/purchase of all firearms that are both semi-automatic AND are high velocity (to be definedto include both 25 grain bullet or larger AND muzzle velocity of 1,800 fps or greater).The purchase/sale common sense laws would include no-more than 45 day waiting period and require approval of federal, state and local,global law officials whose combined approval will not be unreasonable whithheld. Minimum age for the purchase of the above defined firearm is 21 years old. Let's use trained and knowledgeable senior citizens to assist law enforcement intelligence Agencies independent investigation to world people's helping world people do this work hard happy,honest,safety,trusty.The above is a very abbreviated version of my thinking big big results.Also, be aware I am not a hunter, pistol shooter, etc. Gun isn't problems.That said, don't give bad one gun or it is the some America  people's mental victims zero power no mental issues tell truth address issues hate crime more then one personal die it is terrorists no place in the world unacceptable 2018,we do have to provide for better gun controls information system's over firearms that fit the above description.We have been sharing goals and building relationships and trust with all communities in America other's world leader's. Our efforts are to integrate many people of different national backgrounds with the intent is to create a community of new leader's,teacher's,law enforcement,parent's,student's,community leader's that bring a different perspective of America people and merging those understandings with those of the  American community. We hope for this to build a bridge between all our law enforcement,teacher's,parent's,communities leader's,student's to work more closely together we build success. I am a African-America citizen personal responsibility key leadership local,global community leader's,parent's,teacher's,student's,law enforcement cross America other world. My organization will the national, l am member Young African Leaders (UACDCA) Network.Some Groups protesting against the very thing wrong in America other world they are supporting school's children's,parent's,teacher's,community leader's,law enforcement fighting for ?white,black lie dishonest corruption's,self-interest neighbors African countries is not helping each other's first thing's is to be honest with 54 African countries white,black lie people's look Somalia,Yemen,Algeria,Libiya,Conga,South sudan long way solutions 54 African countries fix yourself,stay true to yourself African people in the world. I will fix it never give up,It is not right 54 African countries,other's Middle East countries,American other's world something wrong political dangerous international situations change. I don't trust,Hillary,some U.S,Russian,European,Uk, Ehtopian,Turkey,Qatar,Sudan Millitary mafia are training rebel,tribal different actor's name's terrorists. Well organized who is making money terrorists is businesses going on on 2001-2018 unacceptable. I am not a fraid to use my term to save lives.The only free speech they want is their own.They try to silence anyone who doesn't agree with them two is a bored lie lie some Democratics,Republicans is not supporting school's children's,law enforcement,black people's Chicago die cross America other world  who plays everyone as pawns in his&her chessgame..Reason for the masks some bad guy's is terrorists group's because they are not professional bad guy's and some school's children's,parent's,teacher's,community leader's protesters to travel around the country and stop a shooting school's children's,law enforcement,black people Chicago self target cross America other's world is highly trained plain clothes enforcement officers that are paid a salary with benefits and a Salary comparison at least that of local,global police in the areas cross America they work hard happy,honest,safety,trusty parent's,teacher's,student's,community leader's,law enforcement to work more closely together we build success.We hope for this to build a bridge between all our communities to work more closely together all State's,by State's,City by City,Federal by Federal worldwide. I could live with that. 👍 Gun isn't problems big enough to defend myself against a corruption,self-interest some European Union's,Uk,Sudan,Turkey,Russian,Ethiopia,U.S mafia Millitary government that has bigger- problems an injustice no one fix but you will. FCC is an unConstitutional a problem an injustice no one fix but you will  Department created by unConstitutional law of Congress. So sad they want to punish law abiding citizens rights no freedom economic keeping African,Middle East,America,European,Uk people's and everyone slave in America other world. stop a no freedom speech social media,no freedom economic,insecurity,corruption,self-interest,shooting school's children's,law enforcement,Middle East,African people's,black people's Chicago cross America other world lsreal Millitary,Russian,Northern Korea,Iran,China,Ethiopia,Turkey,Qatar,Sudan,some U.S Millitary mafia training rebel,tribal different actor's name's terrorists switch other's side violation international law.Russian,Northern Korea,China,Iran isn't our friends cross world never ever  political,economy,social media and we think  national security interests is priority in America other world. We are not a fraid to use my term to safe lives. We are not two year's old.Don't waste your time 2 Russian Russian yes it is hacker email Hillary Russian businesses friends truth Russian businesses inside government's system's in America other world. In that peace,security l mean everywhere in world want peace,security,new resolution,positive change2018. I find the problems l find the few simple new resolution but isn't easy. I can't change the world a lone. America people's to unite power the world Together we build success. I will be success. Don't blamed FBI,LAW Enforcement,teacher's,student's, community leader's,parent's each other's America people's cross America international situations change.
Abdirashid Hussein (11 months ago)
You don't need other's country intelligence to fight against slave trade terrorists if some America made terrorists.Great young leader's are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through too gument, debate and double too bad world leader's data as a Service (DaaS):Challenges brings change and solutions long way some law enforcement mafia Millitary blue live matter political dangerous organizations inside government's. How can telecoms innovate with data and at the same time ensure the privacy of their customers' sensitive sharing information important? In that peace,security l mean everywhere in the world want peace,security,new resolution,positive change. Islam isn't the terrorists. The vast quantities of customer data held by telecoms companies intelligence Agencies present a largely untapped opportunity for business intelligence, but how can telecoms innovate with data whilst ensuring the privacy of their customers' sensitive information?With out safety,trusty the role of local,global law enforcement and intelligence agencies is to ultimately keep our communities and citizens safe. Agencies and departments around the world have more information available to them than ever before. But making sense of it to enable independent investigations and enforcement can be extremely difficult role of law. Officers and independent investigators have the difficult task of trying to synthesize massive amounts of information into a coherent truth story Russian hacker's in America businesses Russian,Northern Korea,China,Iran isn't our partner's countries about criminal actors Russian, gangs or even potential different actor's name's terrorism networks in America other's world. Open listening intelligence agencies to become last speaker President Trump his team is not to hear experts across a range of fields in security analysis and investigations discuss how analytics can help. What we need unacceptable stop a shooting school's children's,good white,black law enforcement,black people Chicago this is target cross America other's world is highly trained plain clothes enforcement officers that are paid a salary with benefits and a Salary comparison at least that of local,global police in the areas they work hard happy,honest,safety,trusty parent's,teacher's,student's,community leader's,law enforcement to work more closely together we build success. We hope for this to build a bridge between all our communities to work more closely together all State's,by State's,City by City,Federal by Federal cross country. These could be made up of ex law enforcement or vets and training can be conducted at a special training facility by trained and certified instructors. I find the problems, l find the few simple new resolution but isn't easy. I can't change the world a lone.
ALEX KUMI (11 months ago)
This is so refreshing to watch their uncomfortable body language.
Queen Bonita Henderson (11 months ago)
*It's not the age of the leaders in the U.S. that makes it what it is. Sometimes we give them more credit than it's due. The U.S. is the Military Industrial Complex and the Prison Industrial Complex. The Descendants of Kidnapped Enslaved Africans and Indigenous People are treated horribly. The U.S. has killed, raped and tortured people domestically and all over the world. There is homelessness, hunger and thirst for clean water. The infrastructure is falling apart. The Evilopean Recessive Racist Supremacist System in use in the United States biggest GNP is Death and Destruction. Please Don't Emulate the U.S. for there is No Ma'at here. Ase'*
Nina Houchen (11 months ago)
Most xcellent and wise.
Mulu Berhe (11 months ago)
👏👏👏👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿You are the Great Ibrahim. Trank you
Mario Puzzo (11 months ago)
I heard MO Ibrahim got more money than TRUMP is that true
The BRIDGE 54 (4 months ago)
Mario Puzzo his a billionaire
Rabeh Jebo (11 months ago)
I agree with this guy ✋🏾👍🏾
ሻሂ ብቀጠፍ (11 months ago)
I absolutely agree with this guy Look at Eritrean president for instance he soon will be 80 years of age and still leading the whole country from poverty and destitution the the grave .
Mike O'Neil (11 months ago)
Real talk mo I agree with you
Yah Best (11 months ago)
We some of ourselves vote for Old and corrupt Leaders. The reasons always are, "He's from my Tribe, He's from my Religion, He's from my Town Village. Thanks 2 Creator i never voted for any Thief or Murderer Leader in my life.
ሻሂ ብቀጠፍ (11 months ago)
Yah Best well said
Nini Prom (11 months ago)
So true & Well said 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🇬🇲
I might need security (11 months ago)
God bless you sir!!! So true!
MsPapoose12 (11 months ago)
Like it or not I rather have the wisdom of our elders
MsPapoose12 (11 months ago)
Willie Purdom America is a European run country don't compare blacks to whites whites are nothing like blacks but you r right those white americans are just in destruction mode all the time no wonder America is falling apart....But I wasn't talking about technological smartness or wisdom I was talking about learning of our culture how we survived...we didn't need combines or monsanto
Black To Grace (11 months ago)
Yeah such wisdom just look at the state of Africa today
Willie Purdom (11 months ago)
MsPapoose12, look at where that got the US. Of course, our elder politicians are not that wise. Point being, wisdom and age don't always go hand and hand.
Willie Purdom (11 months ago)
He got a point. I tell my coworkers all the time, I can't do this forever, they need to step up. We have to prepare them to take over when we are gone. Afrika is a young Continent, may be it is time for new ideas. The Republican in the USA have the same problem, they always elect some old idiot, we see how that turned out. What a mess!!
Kyeba Tabe (11 months ago)
Great man! How easy he navigates through and X-ray these very old green brained kleptomaniac neantherthaals!
Peace 1 (11 months ago)
African old men love money and power to much to care for their children in the country. Worldwide. The White man cares for the future of his nation and the asian as well. Its our fault.
Neg Ste. Lucie (11 months ago)
Tu51ndBl4d3 All leaders have not acted the same.
Neg Ste. Lucie (11 months ago)
Peace 1 Humans (White, Black, Asian and otherwise) have a predilection to become corrupt. The Western "White" and Asian nations are replete with examples throughout history. The important thing is to have proper legislation and effective, independent institutions and sanctions to deal with acts of corruption. Corruption isn't the preserve of any one race (Which nation is more corrupt than the US?) It is part of the human condition. Weak institutions make for corrupt states. Take a look at Rwanda, a formerly corrupt state. It is presently one of the least corrupt in the world. There has been no significant demographic change in recent years and yet corruption has all but disappeared. The difference is that the nation now has much stronger institutions. These institutions bring about stability and stability attracts investment and is a good environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.
Tu51ndBl4d3 (11 months ago)
Kirsten Chatter "no security, no peace, no safety" spoken like someone who watches too much cnn. That's all false. But there is a lack of industry in African countries which is why use seek jobs and opportunities elsewhere because there are none. But that has NOTHING to do with security peace or whatever else, that's just you exposing your own prejudice
Tu51ndBl4d3 (11 months ago)
Willie Purdom you thought you wrote something sensible huh? All African leaders across the continent have acted the same, stop acting offended because Africa gets addressed as one. And greed isn't a white invention. It's human. But white ppl definitely have made it worse on the continent
Chaz Nelson (11 months ago)
cesar brown (11 months ago)
If i was in charge of technology advancements in Africa i would tell them to focus on 2 things artificial intelligence and 3d printing. Thoes are the technologies that will change everything in the future.
love taught (11 months ago)
@cesar what are u talking about? the issue is leadership not technology. those stupid dictator do not want to go away
haraf fanaff (11 months ago)
cesar brown medicine too.
NAA TV (11 months ago)
Yes he is right. It's our time
Tech Victor (11 months ago)
Refreshing to see see Africans speaking from the heart and not hush hush. The right people are falling into place, including you and me brothers and sisters. We all have a part to play.
Mah Ahmat (11 months ago)
The sad truth
one love (11 months ago)
U really hit the nail on the head sir but African leaders Will never learn...
Diahann Stevens (11 months ago)
Excellent,just to see African leaders, keep the videos and experiences of Africa coming ! African Diaspora Profound ! SO BEAUTY AMEN RE
David kotei kings (11 months ago)
They're all greedy even if they're angry let them be..... stupid greedy fools who don't wanna change enough with these old pricks and let the young ones govern too and we'll see the changes we need
Tracy Neal (11 months ago)
Tell the truth
Aaron makaveli (11 months ago)
In Africa you become a professor at ur 70's 😁 a professor to where.? To the grave.??
Lenny Njenga (6 months ago)
aaron makaveli haha so funny yet so much sense in it😂😂
S Marko (11 months ago)
I like this guy
Man O War (11 months ago)
No continent on the planet is in a better political or financial position than Africa.
InfiniteWisdom (11 months ago)
Black men DO NOT pass any torches to young men. Then... they wonder why black communities are failing
Henry James (11 months ago)
sufall96 (11 months ago)
InfiniteWisdom speaking as a black man… Not just black men but black people in general do not have a torch to pass. We have to first create something to have something to pass to the next generation. My wife and I are on a mission as we are creating wealth to be able to pass on to our kids and hopefully they are able to build on that. With that said I know you can pass on other things like family traditions, wisdom, manners, how you treat others, etc. but the statement of passing the torch is vague.
Nini Prom (11 months ago)
InfiniteWisdom right 👌🏽
GGGF GGGH (11 months ago)
he’s completely right.
Michael Omare (11 months ago)
Smart man
Harambee Gardens (11 months ago)
Amongst the wisest words ever spoken in this modern, ever-changing world. Build our youth!!!!!!
Worlds Apart Vlogs (11 months ago)
Please preach Mo
AfricaFreeMusic (11 months ago)
Very funny
Robert Stanley (11 months ago)
enough old and short, we want tall intimidating young leaders, physically imposing but extremely intelligent, not weakly looking old guys, the UK always send their tallest and best looking, while Africa sends it's shortest and oldest if they had to physically fight for powers the leaders look incapable of winning hand2hand combat
Kevionjinlm.a:sxo Rogers (11 months ago)
I didn't say they were the same thing; I stated people chosen to fill these different roles are based on the perception that they exhibit these traits. If intelligence was the criterion to be elected then election would be based on merit and standardized testing, which isn't an election, but a selection. Voting is a popularity contest. That is why the position of head of state is often either elected or hereditary while head of government bureaus, secretariats, agencies, and departments are often selected according to merit or cronyism. I'm stating reality not what supposedly ought to be. That is why the sciences and arts of advertising, marketing, propaganda, image and publicity consultation, and human resource management are important multi-billion dollar industries, because it is more important to appear full of esteem and prestige to be charming, intelligent, and competent at first instance than to exhibit a record of it.
Owusu Agyeman (11 months ago)
Kevionjinlm.a:sxo Rogers You people should stop displaying ignorance on this platform. Because physical appearance and intelligence are two different things and have nothing to do with each other. How can some of you make such an outrageous and embarrassing statement.
Kevionjinlm.a:sxo Rogers (11 months ago)
Unfortunately appearances and first impressions does matter. Usually the intelligent people are in the offices drafting the policies while the imposing people usually get them enforced and implemented.
Owusu Agyeman (11 months ago)
Your statement shows that appearance matters more to you than intelligence. You made a moronic and an ignorant statement. As if “tall intimidating people” are automatically born with brains. Such idiocy.
Tech Victor (11 months ago)
Robert Stanley Great observation.

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