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5 Pants Every Guy Needs in His Wardrobe | Men's Style Essentials | ALEX COSTA

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20% Off Beckett Simonon Shoes! https://goo.gl/XX7gJQ These are the 5 pants every guy needs to own! ● FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM - https://goo.gl/jmK8if ● SUBSCRIBE TO ALEX COSTA - https://goo.gl/RQdFEH ● Facebook - http://goo.gl/BYNdnw ● Twitter - https://goo.gl/ML7aaw ● Snapchat - xmadeinbrazil Topic of discussion: Which of these pants is your favorite? A lot of guys ask me how to start building their wardrobe in an affordable way. The best way to be stylish on a budget, is to get the classics first, the essential pants that every guy needs in his closet. So today I’m giving you the 5 pants I believe every guy should have in his wardrobe, the men’s style essentials for 2017. I'm talking about the best dress pants chinos, sweatpants, jeans, and more! Check out my other videos: Men's Outfit Inspiration: https://goo.gl/5fLRTj Healthy Hair Tips For Men: https://goo.gl/M1YiZj 4 Easy and Affordable Outfits for Men: https://goo.gl/koGRiz 5 Shoes Every Guy Needs to Own: https://goo.gl/Npjv9D 4 Easy Winter Outfits for Men: https://goo.gl/HQGXcX 5 Pants Every Guy Needs to Own | Men's Fashion Style Essentials Best Pants for Guys On my channel you will find videos about men's fashion, hair, health, fitness, overall lifestyle, and of course, my personal life. This includes my friends, family, and work, so please be mindful and keep a positive vibe in the comment section. Don't forget to subscribe and make sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video! FTC: This video is sponsored by Beckett Simonon. All opinions, as always, are my own!
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Text Comments (507)
Alex Costa (1 year ago)
I'm SO PUMPED to live in London for the whole month! Make sure to subscribe and follow me on Instagram @alexcosta for some dope pictures :) Have a great weekend! Alex
Edc718 (9 months ago)
Hey man I'm new to your channel. What is that watch brand it looks stellar
Ryan Homan (11 months ago)
Why are the pants not pinned in the video description?
Priyanshu Nayak (1 year ago)
Alex Costa sir ur approach is so gentle and classic. .. I wish i could speak like u..... Please make a video abt it..... Abt how to improve interactive skills 😊😊😊😊😊
Ankur Tripathi (1 year ago)
You too..
Erik C (1 year ago)
Where is that sweater from? The one you are wearing in the video
Abul Hasan (1 day ago)
So nice
Ak M (2 days ago)
Make a video for our +sized colleagues
AnishTheMLG (21 days ago)
Soni jiii (1 month ago)
Superb sir
Soni jiii (1 month ago)
Hiii Bro big fan you from In India
Robin Tiggelman (1 month ago)
Lol those shoes look hideous
metalmaster76 (1 month ago)
i dont wear pants. wear i live it is illegal to pants. we wear stretchy jorts
Channel Awesome (27 days ago)
Gregory Rose III (1 month ago)
Ok what brand / style jeans were at 1:10 and the boots too!
aravind c (1 month ago)
What's the name of the tshirt (ash) you're wearing while explaining the video
Michael MGTOW (1 month ago)
None of this fit me bro I’m 6’2 and muscular.. slim fit doesn’t fit me good at all fuck lol
Mike2018 (1 month ago)
Let me give you an advice: no matter what the trendy fashion says ...a guy with dress shoes without black/gray/navy blue socks looks....HORRIBLE! 🤮
Sanjay Parve (1 month ago)
What is your location very beautiful place
skirts365 (2 months ago)
Men also need a HORSE to get around on because that's what pants were invented for. No need to use automobile. Dress like a horseback rider? Get around like one.
الله لا إله إلا هو - لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله -لا نعبد إلا إياه مخلصين له الدين
smokey deazy (3 months ago)
i love it how you're not fold the jeans .. my kinda style
Clint Phillip Sistoso (3 months ago)
I love that sweatshirt, where did you get those?
jimmy davis (3 months ago)
l have no idea how Many such shoes with buckle fuc$^&* shi#$
Kenny Ellis (3 months ago)
Alex, what color dub monks are those from Beckett Simonon?
Harsh Wardhan (3 months ago)
Make videos with subtitles
Rick P. (3 months ago)
This is the fashion styles for gays especially the fitted bottom. Is not manliness
Geraldson Evangelista (4 months ago)
1:28 what kind of Chelsea boots are those ?
Avinash Mahajan (4 months ago)
Good morning
anthony wade (4 months ago)
beautiful outfit man I need to get me some cool
Mandaue Foama (4 months ago)
Men, where did you buy your top? Looks really good!
Mono Otaku (4 months ago)
Your jawline is fu**g awesome
Thobias Byarushengo (4 months ago)
Jason Waters (4 months ago)
I would also add with black jeans navy blue denim to that must have option.
adamgm84 (4 months ago)
Pants #6: gray denim. You gottttttttta get some. My current favourite are like Levi's 513, but my second favourite are gray skinny jeans (or slim straight, but no baggage at the bottom, they look so sick with desert boots or any high top). I love gray pants with teal shirt/shoes/accents along with white and/or black. Super sick check it out. I would say go with any other colour of sweat pants except the light gray and then go denim for your light gray. You'll be glad you did. You can wear literally any shoe colour so you can get some crazy ass colourways in your shoes and make it work easily, then go with a solid white or black shirt.
Daniel Schaper (4 months ago)
Do Simonom shoes come in a wide fit for wide feet?
Technical Saqib Edits (5 months ago)
Sir हिंदी मे video bnao
workout only for me (5 months ago)
What I wear it in summer season
Indra Kurniawan (5 months ago)
anybody knows brand of the jeans that have "+" mark on leg ?
Kale Wilson (5 months ago)
What brand is the distressed jeans he is wearing??
Benjo Tribugenia (5 months ago)
Thanks for the nice tips my friend. I'll be sure to have more chinos in my closet. It's actually really comfortable and stylish.
Mahesh Kawley (5 months ago)
oo wow
Captain John Price (5 months ago)
Davey hasslehoff (5 months ago)
Chelsea boots!? What the hell
J Johnson (5 months ago)
I wish fashion "gurus" would stop pushing distressed jeans. The fad looks pretentious, sloppy, and ridiculous.
david rome (5 months ago)
Aka sypherpk
Fei Fong Wong (5 months ago)
I own 4 of it, except nice sweat pants
Vivek Singh (6 months ago)
Make a video on how to walk properly to impress girls...😎😎😎
Steve 'EM all (6 months ago)
These shoes are of course looking great but i feel like these are only for guys that are 25 or older. I just think they aren't for teenage boys.
Jack Russelle (6 months ago)
What color were the chinos?
Djamel Eddine Saadi (6 months ago)
We need good pants in 2019 too you know
salmonotorius (6 months ago)
broo i got one of those pants and i got holes in them like whaaa
Eduardo Pedroza (6 months ago)
At 3:47, which Adidas shoes are those???
Eduardo Pedroza (6 months ago)
The formal trousers @ 1:50, where can I get some of those? and what's the brand??
The Mizz (7 months ago)
So good I like that
Mikres Notheies (7 months ago)
Anyone knows what sweatshirt is he wearing?
Terry T. S. (8 months ago)
👍For those who were looking for it in the description as well👍: 1. Dark Wash Jeans/Black Jeans 2. Formal Trousers (Grey) 3. Sweatpants (Nice Formfitting Joggers) 4. Distressed Jeans 5. Chinos
Stunnzu (8 months ago)
1:58 brooo wheres that coat from i need that
Manish Tanty (8 months ago)
NYC bro....
Zedric Honorica (8 months ago)
Thank you @alex acosta
Muhammad Javed (8 months ago)
sir pllzzz make a video on wedding dressings pllzzzz sir
Jevin Guldin (8 months ago)
You walk weird bro
Utama Raj Nathan (8 months ago)
I have stop wearing animal skin. What shoe can I wear with my formal trousers?
Mike W. (8 months ago)
What do you do when wearing shoes casually like the double monks .. do you go no socks or do you wear the super invincible no shoes that just go around your toes and heel ??
Thaman Salami (8 months ago)
How much starbucks do you drink
Kazaradigital (8 months ago)
"Get it tailored" could be on Alex Costa merch.
BrokenBones1982 (8 months ago)
Who knows if you will ever see this comment being that this is a “older” video, but I miss you sitting in that chair and talking to the camera. The sitting gives you a relaxed, but also professional vibe that make you approachable. You should bring this back.
Tanbir Arjoo (9 months ago)
Where did you get your leather jacket?
Jakob Flores (9 months ago)
1:06 That's in Garden Grove I've been there!!
teamometeamo (9 months ago)
Even I wanna move to London for a few months. I've been there for a week when I was 17 and I loved it!
Tricky Gamer (9 months ago)
Hey Alex Costa... I'm from India and I want to buy your distressed jeans... I search that Pant at many shops and Online but I didn't found it😴😴 Please give me the link🙏🙏🙏
Ferdinand Vazquez (9 months ago)
Chinos are the sh_t! 💩
Nadeem Saleem (9 months ago)
i m physical weak .. so should i need to wear t shirts??!!!
Matthew Butler (3 months ago)
Nadeem Saleem layering for skinny people
Anto V (9 months ago)
1:45 - What material is the suit made of ? Please can someone reply to my question ?
Essex Boy (9 months ago)
Distressed jeans are THE great fashion scam of our time. I've got several pairs of ripped and patched up jeans but none of them looked like that when I bought them. Instead of paying through the nose for something that's been custom wrecked before you bought it, buy them brand new and let them get wrecked the natural way. The best way to "distress" jeans is to buy them twenty years ago! P.S. "Nice" sweat pants my ar*e. Trackie bees as we call them round my way (because they're trashy and tacky) never look good on anyone, ever. Unless you are actually taking part in a track or field event, the wearing of trackies says "I am a slob and I don't give a monkey's what I look like".
THE SIMPLE DEVIL (9 months ago)
Handsome man 😀👍
Life Owner (9 months ago)
What is the name of the brand of the jeans Alex showed while wearing them with the Chelsea boots? They had ++on the side
David Lopez (8 months ago)
I wanna know too
towfiq iftekhar (10 months ago)
i have 2 joggers & 1 reaped jeans only...bt i like most fashionable things😌😌
Philipp Taeffler (10 months ago)
Which automatic watch do you have there on your wrist? It's gorgeous
Tanay Salunke (10 months ago)
Can you please make a video on Indian styling as I am an Indian so I can't get these kind of products so I request to make a video on Indian styling
Christopher Banuelos (10 months ago)
Hey, love your style. Can you link the pants you wore in the video?
Samer Alkhalaf (10 months ago)
Mrs alex there is a thousnds of arab people here see your chanel why do not translat your video to arabic languge you well get alot of whatcher
hriatpuia royte (10 months ago)
can you tell me your height
Jorge Ramos (10 months ago)
Costa Cuesta = 20% Off
Subhojit Mondol (10 months ago)
Sir I am from India.... Sir u r faru
Emanuel ponce (10 months ago)
Not designer pants really
Phirun (10 months ago)
Can you tell me what hoodie is that at 1:23. Also what is that brand names
Yosi Povolotski (10 months ago)
Are you Israeli?
Weekend Clip (11 months ago)
hello sir I am your big fan so please can you give your all photos in drive
Weekend Clip (11 months ago)
hello sir I am your big fan so please can you give your all photos in drive
Mohammad Javaid (11 months ago)
Good review but nothing different then of other people videos available on YouTube. The double buckles shoes you wore wasn't fitting you well, one can clearly see gapes at the knee sides and that made whole impression of you unreal and just as brand advertiser.
Dilbag Singh (11 months ago)
I like it video
Řøyâl Âryañ (11 months ago)
How long r u??
Adam Jayahar (1 year ago)
Costa.... Make a video on how to match shirts and pants and shoes. . please..
Naira sharma (1 year ago)
Where are you from dear.....
It's Seir (1 year ago)
I'm a trans-masculine teen and want to know what are some good casual, yet classy looks for school because i know very little about mens fashion.
Amanzhol (1 year ago)
Are you Brazilian?
Mohamed Othman (1 year ago)
Spend 25 $ to get what ?
Raja khungur (1 year ago)
Tell me what do you used on your face and hair
Raghavendra Singh (1 year ago)
That shoes doesn't look good
Everything in One (1 year ago)
Please make videos on products of budget not expensive
Neil Shah (1 year ago)
I love the video and plus what you are wearing right now , ughhhhhhh so perfect 😭😭❤❤
Antriksh Motheelal (1 year ago)
Alex all your advice and suggestions are very helpful , thanks
greg coleman (1 year ago)
If you want a good pair of pants I recommend diesel zatiny or deisel jeans period . I can wear them and in 10 seconds and have every womans attention in the room . Buy a pair you won't regret it . Deisel zatiny . Lucky pants are always lucky as well
Vaibhav Verma (1 year ago)
DJ Drew (1 year ago)
Where did you get that white long sleeve

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