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Should I Reach Out To Him, Wait, Or Let It Go?

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Text Comments (74)
Monala Neutral (20 days ago)
If a significant other wants to be with you they will be with you no matter what, communication is the key with no communication there's no relation.
Hiba Furreed (25 days ago)
I'm gonna wait for ages.
sekawan398 (1 month ago)
Yes, I did have a misunderstand on my part and it killin me becasue I regret it sooo much T_T
IamVee (3 months ago)
I met this man 7/8 months ago.. there was an instant attraction between us... but I shied away because I had ended a relationship around that time and bcus of the weird circumstances we met. He had given me his work number (we met through his job, which I cant disclose) but I never reached out.. and I guess he didn’t either maybe bcus he was unsure. A couple of weeks ago we saw each other, and he told me he was attracted to me, he seemed nervous (talking so fast, lol) then he gave me his personal number. I haven’t called him bcus I am waiting for him to do so. But, should I reach out?
Hailey Lopez (5 months ago)
What if you guys can’t see each other? Bc he moved away or something
L G (6 months ago)
I will reach out nothing to lose
Tamyra Kay (6 months ago)
I’m with my husband and his cousin always stares at my face
brenda webster (6 months ago)
He says to much pressure you might hurt me
It's Me Dee (6 months ago)
I reached out. I waited... And I let go 🤷🏾
Sunethra (6 months ago)
Damn. I wanted to reach out but have held it off.
SimplyChrissy Gee (7 months ago)
Love the bald head sir.
nacardelmar (9 months ago)
You are good man!!!!! Short and to the point.
Adam Lavigne (11 months ago)
I knew it i knew that mayweather is gay .Gayweather chicken
Tara Quinch (7 months ago)
Trush Tucker Who and what r u rambling about?
Bryce Brown (11 months ago)
I’m too scared to reach out to him. :(
Hiba Furreed (25 days ago)
+sk8ergangsta2003 self-respect lol
sk8ergangsta2003 (1 month ago)
+Sskxies Sskxies Not reaching out due to dignity is different than being scared to reach out.
Sskxies Sskxies (1 month ago)
+sk8ergangsta2003 dignity
sk8ergangsta2003 (1 month ago)
Bryce Brown What do you have to lose?
Aisha Cole (11 months ago)
I broke up with him cos I was upset,I had a sober reflection and came to a realization that he was going through so much at that time and I was not really there for him. We talk from time to time but only on a casual level,I really miss him and I sincerely want him back. How do I go about it?
Indi Genius (1 year ago)
Never EVER reach out to a man UNLESS YOU obviously fucked up. Otherwise he don't give a shit so don't do it.
Monique Chhoun (1 year ago)
i know i dont knowmy boyfriend all that well just yet but this exact situation happened before but he hasnt read my text just yet and ive been asking God whether i should reach out t him or let him have his space?
Monala Neutral (20 days ago)
Monique, if you already reached out to him it's nothing wrong reaching out to him one week later, after that and he still do not get back at you let him go, because sometimes that involves other women might be in the picture, and he's trying to see which one he prefer to be with, or it can be something else that happened between you and him and he's not ready 2 work it out with you just yet, you can know someone for 30 years and still do not know them if you know what I mean.
Hazel Sibayan (1 year ago)
we are in the same situation. Don't know if asking a sign to God if I should reach out or him first. Let's be strong and keep our faith to Him. :) #nevergiveup
Micaela Stewart (1 year ago)
Shayla Thomson (8 months ago)
mHay Sy leave him alone for now. If it's meant to be then he will come around and if not, he don't deserve you
mHay Sy (10 months ago)
I have this guy i met online and we’ve been talking for months then suddenly we argue on such thing that causes him to get mad. I said sorry and apologize many times but he wont accept it. So now we dont talk but he keeps on viewing my status in whatsapp or in any social media.. so do i need to reach out on him even though I apologize already or shall i wait for him to be ok and ready to talk back if he thinks that way.
Author Janae Marie (10 months ago)
Bear Pepion (1 year ago)
Micaela Stewart even if I shut off all my social media?? 😂
Micaela Stewart (1 year ago)
ash ly (1 year ago)
guy friend told me he wished me the best and should stop contact me altogether over a misunderstanding on my part that i said to him. is there still a chance we can be friends after he cools down after 1-2 weeks?
Sunethra (6 months ago)
+ash ly that's really good.
ash ly (1 year ago)
actually you are wrong because he reached out to me 2 weeks ago and talked it over and all is forgotten and we are still friends.
Micaela Stewart (1 year ago)
ash ly find other ppl...and NO
Stephen Coleman (1 year ago)
He would likely appreciate her reaching out, explaining.
Stephen Coleman (1 year ago)
She's not into him.
Stephen Coleman (1 year ago)
I agree with this guy, this woman should reach out, communication is key.
christi crenshaw (5 months ago)
I am the one that always reaches out but some times they don't want to reach back with you. So then I move on but hey he can't say I didn't try
Sunethra (6 months ago)
+mHay Sy ya that's what I want to know.
HeatDamageJourney (9 months ago)
I broked up with my bf 7 days ago and i want him to contact me. I dont know why your telling guys to wait for the girl to come crawling back. Its either you want me or you dont and you should want to show me your answer through actions.
mHay Sy (9 months ago)
What if a woman reached out then the guy ignores?
MissesKitty (1 year ago)
If i reach out hel get madif i wait hel get madif i let it go hel get mad
Tara Quinch (7 months ago)
MissesKitty Just walk away. He had issues within himself..Dont get dragged into the vicious cycle..
Mermaid Monroe (1 year ago)
I recently dated an amazing guy and something happened that just pulled us apart. No argument, no fights, nothing just something is keeping us apart. Soulmate relationship, but the devil has a hold on it and I just refuse to contact him first.
Olivia Anderson (2 months ago)
If you two are in the same place try to start a conversation with him.. then from there you may find out what's going on with him
Louis Jones (5 months ago)
Damn u gorgeous
Sunethra (6 months ago)
What ended up happening? I had this same thing to a guy I really liked.
Ʀémi...♡♥ (7 months ago)
Mermaid Monroe did you manage to sort it out, or did you move on?
maya steele (9 months ago)
Mermaid Monroe sounds like me
Purplegum (1 year ago)
I reached out to him and he said he liked me very much and that he was glad i liked him as much as he likes me .
Monala Neutral (20 days ago)
Purplegum, Cute name by the way, if you both like each other in a mutual way I'm all for you.
JustSoniaBieberx (1 year ago)
Idk I'm confuse this guy talks to me than stops and now out of no where he message me but the conversations aren't deep
Monala Neutral (20 days ago)
JustSoniaBieberx, my opinion and suggestion to you is move on because it's a reason why that man stop talking to you, some men are funny like that, that's why you always have another plan only with the men you are in a (semi relationship) with, don't never lose your freedom over those types, if he did not ask you to be his woman exclusively always have another plan, if you know what I mean.
Life Flames Reunion (2 months ago)
+yagami kyo spot on
Joanna Pequino (2 months ago)
JustSoniaBieberx I can relate to you... And I'm feeling agitated right now
yagami kyo (1 year ago)
he is just afraid of rejction., he needs to heal.
542mixie12 (1 year ago)
JustSoniaBieberx leave him
Suede Shardae (1 year ago)
had a disagreement, i apologized for things i said & he dont talk to me for weeks. then he sees me out & stop to talk to me for a while & then its back to no communication? what is up with that?
Monala Neutral (20 days ago)
Suede Shardaes, Dude just respecting you in person because he see you, but in all he's not ready to be with you or don't want to be with you no more, it depends on why did you break up in the first place. Whatever you said to him probably scarred him for life, the tongue can be the worst body part on your body, you have to always think before you react because once those words come out your mouth there are no take backs every time you think about saying something make sure you make a educated decision before you let those words out, the tongue is the most powerful part of your body.
Tara Quinch (7 months ago)
Suede Shardae He's letting you know he's not angry anymore but he's still done. He doesn't want to he worh you anymore.
Thatonekid718 (1 year ago)
When should you have the "what are we" talk
You shouldn’t because that makes you look pathetic. Just let it naturally come to you.
Dale Winston (1 year ago)
If you a guy you dont initiate it. Rule of thumb is if she dont talk about it dont ask
542mixie12 (1 year ago)
Thatonekid718 if u kiss
Berenice Martinez (1 year ago)
I love all ur advice and videos
limedy (1 year ago)
okay,can you please do a video of when a guy snapchat you all the time but don't. text or check my story anymore.please
Dale Winston (1 year ago)
Osas Igbinovia thats easy hes just doing it because he know you care about it. Ask yourself why is it important that he do.
Prophetik Place (1 year ago)
Communication is key, if something happen talk to him ladies lol
542mixie12 (1 year ago)
Dark Place he is not giving me anything even when i ask him
DynastyOutBreak (1 year ago)
Hey Man.

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