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Wholesale Buying Bulq inventory for Ebay & Amazon. Proceed with Caution

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Text Comments (88)
jrlv62 (28 days ago)
The stuff comes right to your door!! it doesn’t get any better than that! You don’t even have to go chase it down I think it’s pretty awesome, I get my first box this week and I’m excited
jrlv62 (28 days ago)
You can also sell some of the stuff locally especially if there isn’t anybody in your area doing the same thing you are!
wikelea keny Henderson (5 months ago)
dont buy from bulq all merchandise is gabage trash i💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
Iv done good on it.. and iv done bad on it
Elizabeth Baker (5 months ago)
I got my first box yesterday. You have to figure out if you want brand new, used, returns, or salvage. That’s the key. I bought a box of new for 60.00, 30 for shipping, 2.70 taxes. Got it a day early. I got amazing results. Will purchase again.
Elizabeth Baker (5 months ago)
You can also click on the item and see a picture.
FLY PIXE (7 months ago)
Looking any company like BULQ to buy electronic stuff if you guys know ?
Bala Tinku (8 months ago)
How can I buy items if I am in Europe let's say in Italy. Can you please suggest me how can get the package from there. Thanks
wikelea keny Henderson (9 months ago)
very bad experience I do not recommend buying in bulq I bought an electronic pallet I only sent 2 chargers and the rest toilet paper and napkins
wikelea keny Henderson (9 months ago)
She recommends it because they are paying and they give her the products for free. Do not be fooled by these lies. Most of the garbage. There are no profits in the pallets. They only come with 3 good articles. The other garbage. I do not recommend that you buy in Bulq. It is a waste of time and money.
Edmund Dobry (9 months ago)
Do not buy from BULQ they hand pick through the cases and pallets and sell through there own web site BLINQ, Optoro the parent company owns both companies, meaning the cases and pallets you buy on BULQ are only products that are defective, or have poor profit margins. BULQ says they do not search their cases and pallets but the BLINQ site says there products are hand picked store returns. Do your research, you can easily see what I am saying by reading their web sites. They also pay Youtubers and supply cases for reviews without stating they are sponsoring videos. Buyers be warned
Crystal harper (11 months ago)
Do you have to have a resale certificate to buy on bulq or lidquiation.com?
Alex (10 months ago)
Watch the video, he answered that
Rashid Khan (1 year ago)
Where should I source from to get as close to making $12500 a month as possible? Mainly men's apparel. I'll do anything it takes. Thank you for the great content!
Mary Miller (1 year ago)
thankyou you help me mary
Ben 247 (1 year ago)
so you are paying $200 for garbage?
squad4 joe (1 year ago)
it's called BULQ Cherry picks all pallets and sell you their leftovers.
The Crafty Realtor (1 year ago)
Would it not be more profitable to just resell the items from storage unit or even out of your garage for that matter? You could afford to make less off each item and still make a profit. I’m asking b/c I would think that selling on eBay it amazon would be time consuming.
Mama Cooks (1 year ago)
Research is key
Just got a case of un inspected returns won't do that again lots of things not what the box was, broken and in rough shape. Im going to try a brand new lot and hope for the best. this attempt I may not even make back my price as most of the high ticket stuff was the broken or junk in the original box.
Gary Jean (1 year ago)
I would think all places like this would cherry pick the best stuff and sell it on there own. The lower profit items they didnt want to take there time with they would bulk and sell. You can make $$ at anything you want to work hard enough at. I am sure you can still make money but the premium high profit gold has already been taken out I am sure.
Mike Martin (1 year ago)
I would never ever never buy from Bulq! It's just garbage BS that someone else has cheery picked through before Bulq listed it for sale. People come on! Go and source your stuff elsewhere and quit giving your money to these corporations!!! It is a SCAM, get it?
Bishnuprasad Adhikari (1 year ago)
Casey, I am your follower in YouTube channel. I have seen your most of the videos and it's really interesting. Keep it up. I have one question, I wanted to start a online business with starting $1000. What do you suggest to buy so that I can run making $1000+ and keep going. Please suggest.
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
With $1000 stick to video games, small electronics or clothing
TheAstralBeast (1 year ago)
Not trying to be a dick but is that a filter on your voice or am I tripping. It sounds like a Ted talk with that level of echo. Im not into that at all. If its organic you need to fix that sound design.
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Pretty old video. I have a much better mic now. watch newer videos from 2017 summer and now
HellFire Ranger (1 year ago)
Bulk is good but guys need to be careful on shipping they boost up shipping that's what sucks
Teresa Webster (1 year ago)
Thank you very helpful.
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Your welcome Teresa! thanks for watching
SecondTimeTreasure (1 year ago)
there is also a 3% processing fee you didn't include. and those are china fitness trackers that sell for $10.. hahaha its a joke
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Some places charge a fee yes your 100% correct.
Sheehan Iqbal (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot.
Liquidation OH (1 year ago)
You are exactly correct in researching from the manifests to see if you'll make money. I also look up the top items in the manifests on eBay's sold listings. If I can't make my money on the top 15% of the items I leave it
Liquidation OH (1 year ago)
Yeah some people get lured by the msrp. I've even seen issues where they listed the wrong amount on the item which screws the profitability of the lot. It's definitely a risk but it's great in the arsenal of reselling.
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Yeah I think some people agreed 25% but we each have our threshold. Basically What you mean for those that dont know is, if you cant get your money back on 15-25% of the items then dont mess with it
Stephanie Rice (1 year ago)
I have bought a couple of lots from bulq in the past 9 months, and I was happy with what I got. They were case lots in baby goods and clothes. One was a uninspected returns lot, and the other was shelf pulls. I made a profit on both lots. I think you just have to be careful with what you are buying and do your research. I looked at the manifest, calculated what I'd get on the low end for each item, and determined if it was worth or not from there. It was a great learning experience. I hope to buy a pallet someday!
Miss Ellie (1 year ago)
ive used Liquidation.com and have done well with baby items, it is true you have to do research and know if you will profit
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Right, it takes alot of research.
Mike C. (1 year ago)
I have purchased 3 case lots from bulq over the last few months, all in the $200 range. Results were mixed. My feeling is that as long as the weather allows, my time and money is best spent sourcing from yard sales. I'll probably buy from bulq again this winter as my inventory begins to run low.
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
You buy a receipt book from Walmart..then when your out buying from garage sales you write the date, the item you bought and price you paid...I also make a note of the address or neighborhood I'm in
The Sassy Sourcer (1 year ago)
What about the receipt issue on yard sale items ? Newbie and EXTREMLY worried about the no receipt thing ...
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
gotcha. Yard sales are DEF bigger margins
Susan Liggett (1 year ago)
I didn't have good luck with either Bulq or Liqidation.com. To be honest I was new and didn't look at the manifestations or do the research. On bulq I bought fileing folders. When I went to sell them on ebay someone was already selling them for cheap and I couldn't get a reasonable price for them. On Liquidation.com I bought new items and the listing said that they would sell for over 1,400 dollars so I thought paying $300 wasn't too bad. However when I went to list the items on ebay I noticed they were selling for extremely cheap prices and I would not even make the $300. I am learning the hard way I have to look at the manifests and do extreme research or I get stuck with a lot of inventory I can't sel or make profit on..
Gustavo Duran (1 year ago)
Liquidation OH (1 year ago)
Susan Liggett always take the manifests and look up the top items on eBay and look under sold listings before you bid!
Doug Rambo (1 year ago)
One of your best videos KCe! They list pallets and boxes twice a day. Hard to do research because the good pallets are gone in 5 minutes. I am able to tell now which offerings will go in 3-5 minutes after they list them.
Mike C. (1 year ago)
Doug Rambo That's true. I've had lots in my "shopping cart" and they've disappeared before I could finish entering my payment information. On the one hand, you should "look before you leap" on the other hand, "he who hesitates is lost".
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Doug thank you a million times over appreciate that.
Income Strategy (1 year ago)
If there was a ton of money to be made with Bulq then Bulq would be selling it retail theirselves. Not worth it in my opinion.
Giovanni Asaro (1 year ago)
I agree bulq isnt worth it but your stated reason isn't necessarily correct.
T. Tabu Thomas (1 year ago)
Bulq is o.k. If u plan strategically & do your due diligence, however Liquidation on Blinq is not cost effective in regards to profits for resellers (at least in MY Experience)
Liquidation OH (1 year ago)
ThriftyTruckers I've heard they sell the good merchandise for themselves on their sister site Blinq
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
I agree to a point with that. Why wouldn't they sell it themselves on ebay or amazon, and its because its alot of work, and easier to just wholesale it for a small profit
PchGaming (1 year ago)
great review thank you for your time man !
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Thanks so much
autumn grace (1 year ago)
Great video with lots of good info..Thanks
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Thanks Autumn hopefully it helps
Alex Budnick (1 year ago)
I've bought a few lots from liquidation(the website) and it went okay, I usually broke even within a week-ish, but then the inventory left would be all low dollar, and would sit, so I never made much.
Liquidation OH (1 year ago)
Alex Budnick what lots did you buy? I buy mainly electronics and usually get 100% to 150% ROI
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Yeah typically its small margins. Thanks Alex!!!
MS T (1 year ago)
Any good sites for sporting goods things in bulk? Fishing equipment,hunting,camping?
MS T (1 year ago)
RockstarFlipper thank you!
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Bstock.com has some I believe
Mautaz Khider (1 year ago)
What printer should I buy to use it for Amazon shipping address and label
Web Luke (1 year ago)
Get a Thermal Label printer that takes rolls or boxes of labels, the Dymo stuff is nice but the labels can add up. If you have the other kinds like Zebra or Brother they do not have notches in the backing paper, and you can get Free labels from FedEx, UPS, or USPS (usually they require you to have an active account as some people have taken advantage of the free labels and supply's, don't be a jerk and just get it if your actually using their service).
Liquidation OH (1 year ago)
Mautaz Khider I love the dymo 450. Has saved me time and money!
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Thermal Dymo or a Laser brother. Whatever you prefer and can afford
Christian Delgado (1 year ago)
any functional printer, how is this a question? all you need is a paper with the label printed on.
Adizzle Sells (1 year ago)
One niche I do think bulq may work for are people who are coming here with higher currency & loaded. Euro/Pound/S Korea/Japan-etc-Otherwise it may be better for hoarders.
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Yeah its a tough market and they price high
Adizzle Sells (1 year ago)
What was your experience with that local guy you bought bulk clothes new from? Seemed like a more reliable lot than bulq
Adizzle Sells (1 year ago)
RockstarFlipper yeah sorry couldn't remember his name. His family lots def look good
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Chris? very good.. lower cost and better margins because its new with tags or like new with tags
Steph Hoovler (1 year ago)
Finding more and more that bulq it's selling things that blink can't sell... it's really going down hill.
Steph Hoovler (1 year ago)
It's spelt blinq, sorry my phone corrected it. They have a store on eBay as well as their own website.
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
I haven't used blink?
Cam (1 year ago)
What about selling on bulq?
Christian Costa (1 year ago)
You Cant sell on bulq
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Dont know anyone who has done it that way
2crazy98 (1 year ago)
Cool video! Hope to see more bulk/wholesale videos
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Will do! thanks so much for watching
Flipper Joe (1 year ago)
Bulq lately has been trash been dealing with them for years....
SecondTimeTreasure (1 year ago)
TOTALLY agree been buying from Bulq for about 6 months.. the last two months its gone way down hill. They are buying more garbage and inflating MSRP and sending a lot of trash. The asking prices per item are more than they sell on the marketplace. It's got really bad the last few months. Beware of inspected returns From Kohls tons of holes stains.. NOTHING was resell-able and its all full of staples.. they have a single computer "LIKE NEW" asking 1800 for it.. and you can buy it 1400 brand new! So YES people be very aware of what you are buying.. and DO NOT EVER go on the MSRP on the manifest. It never never never never sold for that much. The clothing is mostly from GROUPON! very cheap clothing no brand names. If you can get this stuff cheap like $1 per item you can make a few bucks at a garage sale as that is what I ended up having to do.
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Not good to hear, sucks
Eagleeyes002 (1 year ago)
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Indeed you were
Jacke (1 year ago)
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Hey there welcome to the channel!

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