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Youtube or NO Youtube?

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Text Comments (44)
Christiansdad2011 (9 months ago)
I love the first amendment audits. And thanks to you now I can't stop watching these ASMR videos!!!
ECOMHICKS (10 months ago)
Oh man..those first amendment audits(cop trolling) are hilarious and CRINGE AF!! LOL
ECOMHICKS (10 months ago)
How much is the course you mentioned at around 24:00?
RockstarFlipper (9 months ago)
The entire course over 2 hours and 27 videos is $150. Im going to break it down into separate sections... like Facebook only....Instagram only... Youtube only.. and make them cheaper.. they will be up this weekend... cheaper like $50 $50 $50 etc... I really did put alot of work into it and if you follow the plan you can grow quite a following and make some money off it like we do. The entire course just shows everything I do on a day to day basis basically
Sarah Coblentz (10 months ago)
Casey I love your channel. I come to your channel to get the most recent resale news because you talk about some of the changes in the community in a great way. I love your Facebook group too - although it is NOT for the faint of heart! lol I enjoy the banter and wittiness in there. And I think to have a Youtube channel you have to have a radio voice. Like you do. I do not so the chances of me ever having 1 are very unlikely. lol
80s ToyHunter (10 months ago)
Omg I laughed at your comment about wanting a truck to move cars out of the way😂. My husband says that all the time lol
ManitobaPearl (10 months ago)
If you are paid per view, where does the number of subscriptions come into the calculations?
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
Subs has ZERO effect on pay. The thing with having a big subscriber count basically means when you post a video TONS of people will get the notice and hopefully come watch the video. So more subs=more views USUALLY which then means more money. I know a guy with over 1 million subs who cant get 100 views because he posts crap now unlike before... It happens
Police Picker (10 months ago)
If I started a YouTube account I would take everyone along for a “ride along” while at work , and show how I source while working in the mean streets and juggle eBay with my job as well...
MTB Texas Bike Rider (10 months ago)
How much does YouTube pay for every thousand views? Thank you 😊
MTB Texas Bike Rider (10 months ago)
Thank you 🙏
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
Its a huge range. it can be like $1-$9 per 1,000. MOST youtubers are in the $2/$4 range.. resellers tend to be slightly higher
MTB Texas Bike Rider (10 months ago)
Grave digger 4X4 👍😊😁
MTB Texas Bike Rider (10 months ago)
I make mountain bike videos on YouTube but no money yet🤔
rmoralez82 (10 months ago)
I learned 80% of what I know about reselling from Casey. Thank you for everything you do for our community. I will watch your videos no matter what direction you go in.
Shoeloop USA (10 months ago)
This video came at the right time for me. I was thinking f becoming a YouTuber myself but you have given me a lot to think about. My full-time job and my resell biz has me completely busy and managing a Youtube channel, the right way, would be almost impossible. I feel like I have some good knowledge to share with other resellers but I don't want to do it half way. Also, opening my business and personal life up to the public could be kinda scary. I may decide to move forward with it but I'm really thankful I saw this post when I did so I can step back and think about it a little longer and make the best decision for me, my family and business. Thanks again for the great content.You truly are a Rockstar!✯👍🏼
AWAKE ENLIGHTEN (10 months ago)
I've been watching you on and off for a while and very thankful I found you ... keep up the good work man! Rock it hard!
Kelly (10 months ago)
Casey you know I’ve followed you from the Get Go and your No#1 Reason about doing u-tube videos is what won me over with you. Great Honest Content; Most Importantly “ Your For Real” as well as others yet I don’t watch a lot only when time allows. I use to binge watch when I first started to learn and You have taught me so much. I love the fact that you are Positive and a very Young Fine Raised Gentleman Straight from the Heart! Your Mom did a Great job raising you. I know in past I stated I wish you could teach my Daughter after Tough Love she did a 360* turn around ( not that she was ever ever a bad child because She too is a Fine Young Lady Adult.) I just spoiled her too much and she along with umpteens young adults need to learn they can’t get hand outs from their parents whether it’s one or both in their lives. She infested in the Daves Ramsey and for that she’s much wiser and I’m a very Proud Mom, as she calls me mama. Take care Casey you and Kate & the wrecking crew and your mom! You Rock and you Own it! Awesome Video as always!! Congrats on all your subs buddy.
Michael Baker (10 months ago)
has too be so hard for you to get rid of political comment these days
Whats In My Life 2017 (10 months ago)
My husband has a 2016 Chevy 3500 dually diesel with all the bells and whistles and it was around $80,000. It seems cool at first but unless your hauling a lot of weight or go over the road it's really not necessary.
rags1602 (10 months ago)
Casey, thanks for all the YT videos you've done. I've learned so much from you.
MrsLars (10 months ago)
Casy, you are gonna have to move to Polk County for that big truck. LOL Plus trucks are great for hurricane evacuations.
Cathy Eller (10 months ago)
My husband told me I should start a utube channel on how to live extremely poor and cheap. I don't believe anyone would watch a crazy old lady saving bit pieces of soap in a bottle and making body wash with it. Plus I'm not that nice or positive, people think I'm funny until they figure out I'm telling them the truth. No one once to hear it. Plus I'd have to get dressed and more than likely I'd have to put in my teeth, sounds like to much trouble to me. I ain't putting on no bra unless forced to ! Thanks for the video.
Christiansdad2011 (9 months ago)
LMAO - that was funny
I have a youtube channel.. I sure don't make any money on it. But I love taping my RV & Ebay adventures.. started it as a way for my kids to see my travels. Maybe someday my channel will grow also but the main thing is I enjoy doing it.
Kelly (10 months ago)
Craig's RV & Ebay On The Road That’s the most Important thing “You enjoy doing it”! Kudos to all who has the gusto to go live, for I’m way to shy & could and would never ever even try. It’s all about the individual feeling confident enough to go for it and hats off to all.
Heather (10 months ago)
I've been following you almost from your beginnings Casey & have always been amazed at your consistent interaction with folks - your ability to be fair, straightforward & transparent is refreshing and helpful to all new (and old - lol) resellers. Thanks for all you do :)
Kyle Miller (10 months ago)
Omg dude. You're growing my reverse widows peak. I thought I was the only one. I hate it! But glad I'm not alone.lol
The Thrifty Shopper Vlogs (10 months ago)
I have but haven’t been regular in making my videos
TreasuresDevine (10 months ago)
I started a second youtube channel!
TreasuresDevine (10 months ago)
We will see where we will go with it.
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
Congrats!! good luck with it
Ginny B (10 months ago)
I'm not sure where the person who says the deal queen is paying her rent with youtube got the info. The deal queen made a video about her first you tube pay out and it was from 5 days in June/and all of July and she got $532. She also said to keep in mind that one of her videos went viral with over 200K views. Kuddos to Alexandra for monetizing her channel and not trying to take anything away from that but what she said is that the $532 helped pay for her camera and editing software so she was at break even point and excited to keep making videos. I haven't seen anything where she is now saying that you tube is paying her rent.
Ginny B (9 months ago)
LOL I just saw her big VIRAL video is how she got scammed at TJ MAX. Go figure. LOL
80s ToyHunter (10 months ago)
Ginny B I heard her say it in her instastory the other day. My first thought was wow her rent must be cheap.
Ginny B (10 months ago)
I just wanted to add that I think the deal queen has a lot to offer. But IMO she comes across on youtube as very nasal sounding and that equates to boring. I personally think her voice is her downfall and has nothing to do with her being a size 12+++ (her niche target) Not at all trying to be a hater. I just think that perhaps her "boring nasal" sound is why she hasn't gained a larger You tube following.
Ginny B (10 months ago)
@BreBre that's very interesting. And since she made the original video talking about her first You tube pay check I think it would be very helpful to her followers if she showed them what she is claiming. It looks like she has only made 2 videos since the one where she was talking about her first check. And those videos both have less than 10K views and she does not have a lot of you tube followers. So I think it would be an awesome story for her to show how she is making all of this money on You Tube. I bet her followers would love to see some sort of informational video on this . I myself would find it very interesting
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
Again I cant comment on other peoples income, I can just go off what MOST people in this niche earn based on view counts etc and its very possible her views and CPM will end up going up to $1,000 for the month and she might live in a cheaper area etc... who knows.. Not my channel or business or income but if so then congrats to anyone who's able to hit those numbers. We cant retire on the money or get rich, but it def helps pay some bills monthly so thats whats important
Ching Ching Chad (10 months ago)
im a new resell channel, great money makers vlog style rapid fire bang
Kelly (10 months ago)
chadwack Congrats and hats off to you buddy
The Truth (10 months ago)
Wanted to touch base & let you know I had no idea you had a history with that person. Nothing personal & not trolling. Best Wishes.
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
NO history with them... they just associate with people I don't and won't have anything to do with

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