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Christian Dior The Man Behind the Myth

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It’s 1947. France is in the midst of reconstruction after the war. Although fabrics are being rationed, a young designer wins the world over to his daring vision of feminine elegance. He once again establishes Paris as the capitol of fashion. His name, Christian Dior, is destined to reach the realm of myth. This man, however, who so completely changed and glamorized haute couture from 1947 to 1957, contradicts the extroverted, flamboyant image the public has of fashion designers. Christian Dior, never comfortable with his celebrity, was a reserved, conservative man who hadn’t even considered working in the fashion industry. The events that led up to his role as “director of dreams for high society” astonished him more than anyone. He was a down-to-earth, humble man who treated the 900 employees of his large company as family. They were the ones he worked with to make the creations he so enjoyed drawing a reality. What are the roots of Dior’s impeccable taste? What inspired his dynamic creativity and amazing success? His childhood in Normandy, the everlasting image of his mother’s elegance, as well as his love of flowers, art, and architecture, help unravel the mystery of the man behind the myth.
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Matilda Martin (3 days ago)
WOW that’s amazing he didn’t want Fame just to make women happy so, he gave up apart of himself that was private!!!** The House Christian Dior just Fabulous!!!!!
alexandreintouch (4 days ago)
end here comes the Great Yves Saint Laurent and the doc vanishes ...is the end somewhere else on Youtube ?
Isolated? ? Artistic
N Dines (25 days ago)
In the 1960’s my mother wore dresses, stockings or tights, heels, and pearls most days. She had a softer version of the beehive hairdo, and used eyeliner, cake mascara, and red lipstick every day. She looked glamorous - Jackie Kennedy was her inspiration. She did that having 4 young children around her legs. My husband, who is my age, remembers going to his parent’s parties, and he was only so tall, so he remembers wandering among the guests, the women all wearing nylon tights and heels, at his eye level all he could see was legs! That’s similar to the evocative image CD described with the lingering scent of women’s perfume. Such beautiful memories that make you feel comforted. I’m going to call my mother right now and ask her how she did that. Maybe I can learn from her. But the world is different today.
Zee Vahzav (1 month ago)
no technique darhling
AlexG69X (1 month ago)
im not a kid anymore
Dayan Tsuni (2 months ago)
2019 we need to see the come back 😍😍😍classy and different
Karen Chadwick (2 months ago)
These clothes are beautiful, but I prefer the comfort of jeans and t-shirts.
Fritula 6 (2 months ago)
l cannot buy Dior, but l would like that his style would come back.
Naughtia Steffano (2 months ago)
I love Dior! I own many pieces by him that are just timeless and classic ❤️❤️
K Gao (2 months ago)
John Galileo was the best torch bearer to the house. Too bad they had to fire him
Chris Jones (2 months ago)
Dior the person is a fraud ,he only the face of the brand,his workers were yhe clever people,
Max Linder (2 months ago)
WHERE IS THE END..................CUT OFF.....................??????
Ulf Utstrand (2 months ago)
ProGarde never goes out of style.
Gordy Gibson (2 months ago)
This is the best documentary on Dior possible.
Gordy Gibson (2 months ago)
Beautifully captures the beauty and elegance of a world fashion icon and a legend whose legacy permeates the world of fashion today .
Ambrose Joseph (2 months ago)
the models are exquisite.
Fawn Woods (2 months ago)
As a teenager and young adult, I loved the fragrances Miss Dior, Diorissimo, and Diorama. I read Vogue religiously. And I ate and threw up to try to be thinner. I hope I didn't develop cancer of the esophagus for the sake of beauty.
Abandon RZ (2 months ago)
I mean if you stopped it will be okay, I haven't heard a bulimic getting esophagus cancer but constant abuse can erupt the esophagus. Really the best way to get thinner is going light strength trainer(bodyweight work out, yoga) and a cardio (could just be running) plus eating healthy at least 5 days a week. It's a slower process but worth it in the long run.
Richard Ronk (2 months ago)
Unbeknownst to most people, he was a disgraceful Mormon.... I mean Norman. He favored effeminate apparel neglecting overalls for the common man. His "Hour Glass" designs were discriminatory and offensive casting a negative slight on the great Roseanne Barr and Rosie O'Donnell! In his early days he smuggled Oreo cookies to the poor Galatians always on the brink of starvation. He will go down on the annals of history as a wasp of little or no mythological influence!
Simone Gad (3 months ago)
my late father was a classically trained central european tailor who made ladies and men's coats, suits, and dresses. he was very talented. also made patterns from scratch. he worked for big hollywood designers from adrian, irene, to james galanos and jean louis.
stlrc g (3 months ago)
I think women (generally not exceptions) had less to do outside the home. My own Mother looked like a Vogue cover EVERY day - even while cleaning house. When you have to rise early - possibly take care of & feed a child or children -- drive or get to a job AND continue working for 8 hours, you're probably excelling if cleanly scrubbed w/kempt hair. Sadly dated Dior's are for idle wealthy &/or very special occasions. Plus, did you note the statement whereby it was stressed a woman needed a maid to assist in securing some of those do-dads??
Golden Glove (4 months ago)
I swear I feel like I was around then....It was such a glorious time. Christian Dior is Amazing simply amazing....a complex man.
ZULU MATUBU (24 days ago)
Golden Glove yeah getting fucked for a few pieces of silver at the prince’s amusement
Marco Giusti (4 months ago)
L'anglais-américain il y a des similitude avec la langue française, for me please easely, d'autres langues impossible, ou traduction sera le bien venu, d'autre l'oublie serait un avantage, pour moi 4 langue m'est suffisante emplement, naturellement tout cela ne me regarde que moi et de mon histoire et puis et puis le peintre Giusti mercy
masakasama (4 months ago)
I personally greatly prefer the 1930s and especially the 40s fashion and silhouette, and Dior's New Look is where I drastically lose interest for a good few decades. That said, I can respect the man's talent and influence.
Lody Neervoort (4 months ago)
Horrible the synchronation, why not undertitling. Goodbye.
Oz Lang (4 months ago)
I love the fashions from the late 40’s and 50’s. It’s so feminine. Absolutely beautiful.
Nancy Riegelman (4 months ago)
to be modest and create mystery
Bonnie Brown (5 months ago)
@ 21:33 is that Elvis Presley's granddaughter Riley Kenough ? Beautiful dresses . I wish women would go back to wearing these kinds of dresses . Whether the dresses looked simple or elegant they all had class . I am 5.10 in . tall and all five of my dad's sister's were tall also . They use to tell me , when you grow up you should be a model. It never happened . lol !! I remember my aunt's always dressed so beautiful in clothes like these back in the 60's and 70's . Great video!! Thank you for sharing this .
Filbert V (7 months ago)
One only needs to visit a Walmart, or take a flight aboard Southwest Airlines, to see how far we've fallen from the House of Dior.
Kari Fredrikson (1 day ago)
Filbert V /....or go to Mpls, Minn,Ithaca,New York, Madison, Wisconsin,etc. Awful! Hippie, uninspiring, lifeless.
biblemademedoit (4 months ago)
How is it everyone forgets the majority of American population has ancestors who were peasants of Europe.
French Anthony (6 months ago)
That is so very true, sir! It is quite a shame indeed!
Martine Shamzin (7 months ago)
The wasp waist, and flared skirt is always going to be in style, because its the most flatering shape, and makes every woman look her best. Thats why women from the 50's always look so beautiful. But the most touching part of this story is how much Chritian was loved, and when he was gone, how the head of the house said that they were not older but younger, because they had Yves.
YD Schools (7 months ago)
Beautiful gowns but one had to be skinny skinny
GigiVandalPop (2 months ago)
YD Schools: that's cause the food supply was different, different! ^_^
RebelinFla (7 months ago)
Wonderful video.
Sunshine (8 months ago)
What a wonderful documentary 💃 thank you very much 💋
Elle (8 months ago)
Merci pour ce film.
pixiehellasweet (8 months ago)
J'adore this post, only it stopped mid sentence
Sunshine (8 months ago)
The production values on this documentary are just sad. Thank you very much for posting this, I appreciate access to it, but I wish the original creators of the documentary had done a better job of this.
MsRazno (9 months ago)
When will french people LEARN to speak english?!? What a disrespect to the rest of the world!!!
Siegrid Thomas (2 months ago)
Are YOU joking...why don't you learn french!!
Andrea Andrea (4 months ago)
MsRazno, are you joking? Do you know how arrogant, how entitled that comment sounds? WHY should the French learn to speak English? To make uneducated people feel more comfortable? I don't think that's their job. How many languages do you speak? I don't know where you get off calling them disrespectful; your comment is disrespectful.
KindEvil Hadhood (7 months ago)
MsRazno there's alot of french speaking english yet there's very few english speaking French...
Michael Anderson (9 months ago)
The glint of happiness in my childhood being raised in the 1960's, THE WOMEN. The adult women still knew how to dress. I know not what they are doing in this present generation, they call it bling etc. Class has never gone out of style. Christian Dior was the man who made the world look new.
Kari Fredrikson (1 day ago)
My mother used to take me to high end, Second hand stores, in Evanston & Lake Forrest,Illinois.Even though we seldom bought anything, She wouldEducate me,about fabric, design,what colors etc looked good on me.She was always beautiful! But her best advice about wearing clothes was”,Stand up straight & look above their eyes.” She also said,” Class has nothing to do with money!” I miss her so much!
Jita'ame suluma (9 months ago)
i think what really made him different was he liked the shapes of women , most were to masculine , their shapes and styles i mean
Jita'ame suluma (9 months ago)
tbh though his clothing looked uncomfortable
Bridget Lotoft (9 months ago)
wow..."fashion is always linked to social change"
sensoriussupremus (20 days ago)
Bridget Lotoft it is. You should check “Peacock Revolution: American Masculine Identity and Dress in the Sixties and Seventies” by Daniel Delis Hill at your public library.
TheLeslieMichelle (10 months ago)
Christian Dior's clothes were exquisite...delightful works of art.
Jasmine Masters (11 months ago)
Great documentary
josh gordon (11 months ago)
This is not very enjoyable. I watched the whole thing and feel like I have learned nothing about the man
Katrina Kardashian (1 year ago)
oh mi God this was everything i almost cried !!! applause to yew 💋👌💁
Janet Caterina (1 year ago)
Where is the rest of this
KindEvil Hadhood (1 year ago)
Janet Caterina this is the only version I found 😕
Janet Hagaman (1 year ago)
A very creative designer and a true gentleman. His designs still resonate class.
Donna Rogers (1 year ago)
I think you miss my point! Its not judgement to recognize personal appearances! Thank you!
Neil O'Neal (1 year ago)
His family made money on bird shit (guano), but this guy was quite creative. Designed elegant stuff.
Martine Shamzin (7 months ago)
His family made money with good work ethic, and a solid middle class values.
Sunshine (8 months ago)
Guano is actually bat poop.
And "Miss Dior" perfume is so an exquisite jasmine and oakmoss chypre perfume.... OMG !!!
Donna Rogers (1 year ago)
The most beautiful clothes! Women do not take care to appearances these days! Look like they just got out of bed,or see how much body can be exposed or just look genderless! A woman is a mystery and clothes make the woman! An impression is made in the first 10 seconds of meeting another! I miss that generation of mysteriously beautiful women and men! The male fashions always complemented the females! And vise versa! I loved this documentary ,thank you for sharing!
Sylvie Bercovici (2 months ago)
Donna Rogers ?
이지민 (3 months ago)
+S C I think she meant as first impression of someone is always the clothes and the looks. But after that, as u get to know someone, those things always get over shadowed by the person they are inside.
이지민 (3 months ago)
Ikr. I totally agree with you. 👍
Lysets vokter (3 months ago)
+S C well it might not always define a person but it usually is. A lot of people who don't care about appereance are thoose who don't care about themself or anything. People who are depressed or ..AND SO ON
Yoana Kochkova (3 months ago)
Women spend more than ever on cosmetics, clothes and accessories. The difference? Women are not just decoration anymore. Instead of suffocating corsets - exercise and health from within. Instead of impractical, limiting dresses - clothes that communicate style as well as an ability to do more than host a tea party.
Thank you
jane jan (1 year ago)
21.5 inch waist is insane. I have a pretty extreme natural hourglass compared to most women (34-25-35), but I would have to be corseted into one of these dresses regardless. It just runs in cycles, Victorian women loved the corset look but suffered to wear it, then Chanel came along and liberated us from our corsets in the 20's, and then Dior appeared and brought the corsets back in the 50's, after which we went back to liberation in the 60's. Ever since, we've strayed quite far from this classical silhouette, but I do sometimes yearn for that elegant hourglass that would flatter my natural figure.... I'm just not sure how much I'd be willing to suffer to wear it. Regardless, these dresses are beautiful, feminine, and elegant, something that is so sorely missing these days. The grass is always greener...
이지민 (3 months ago)
Don't worry now we have the Kardashians bring in corset back. 👌
Katie (3 months ago)
There are many women nowadays that use corsets, even under the supervision of doctors for back pain. You should read up on it! It's markedly less dangerous than distortions of history would have you think.
Hazelnut, Queen of Hell (6 months ago)
Martine Shamzin femininity is an energy that transcends clothing. At least women nowadays have the choice to dress as they like and express their individual self. As much as I like the New Look, we’ve moved past that for a reason.
NM AT (8 months ago)
Coco Chanel was more practical as I said before. Women weren't allow to wear pants until women like Katherine Hepburn, Josephine Baker, Marlene Dietrich not only wore pants but tuxedos. You try wearing a corset for 10-12 hours a day and high heels. It is one thing to be feminine it is another where women have to be in pain and not allow to eat just to look feminine. The Chanel suit was practical and feminine.
Martine Shamzin (8 months ago)
They weren't really feminine at all. In fact, her original designs were baggy and unsexy, a boxy jacket, and a boxy skirt. Chanel suits became gorgeous and sexy when Karl Lagerfeld took over, and did many things that she hated. For one thing, he took the skirt up above the knee, which is still the accepted Business length. The made the jacket length shorter too, so you see more hips and ass. And Karl put visible Chanel Logos everywhere. He is the reason Chanel is such a big deal, really.
lisaannejane2 (1 year ago)
I would love to see a return of dresses so beautifully made. I would rather have better quality clothes than a lot of poorly made items.
Ann McDonald (16 days ago)
+Naughtia Steffano lucky you I love them.
Jamil Gotcher (1 month ago)
​+DAYBROK3 I understood Martine perfectly. He just had one typo, it should read THINKING not thinkinh. He is poking fun of how many genders there are today in modern times lol. Get it now?
Naughtia Steffano (2 months ago)
lisaannejane2 I agree! I’m a huge fan of old school Dior and Chanel! I have many pieces! ❤️❤️
Kenneth Yosores (2 months ago)
Peter Pan (1 year ago)
Pierre Cardin was throwing some serious shade..what an old bitter queen
ZULU MATUBU (24 days ago)
Peter Pan they all are queens fuck em all shamuti bastards
Jamil Gotcher (1 month ago)
I remember going to a casting for Pierre Cardin for Haute Couture and he did act like a bitter queen. He would say something in French and then his cabine models would laugh at what he said. He wasn't laughing at me but at another model that was auditioning. It really lowered my opinion of him. My roomate was his fit model that also got to walk for Pierre Cardin's show and I was the fit model for Dior that season when Gianfranco Ferre was designing for Dior in 1990. I didn't walk for Dior that season but for Jean Louis Scherrer and Lecoanet Hemant and Torrente.
Peter Bradshaw (3 months ago)
He was praising the man to high heavens as a genius.
sylvestre gagnon (4 months ago)
Love Is Who I Am Mr Cardin became cheap but did not start cheap. Dior also sell their name for cheap licensed. Those house have long story. Dior is hot today but wasnt in the 1980. They regain popularity when they hire Mr Ferre in 1989. Mr Cardin is very rich. Hé dont fit the bitter old queen type.
Love Is Who I Am (4 months ago)
In Pierre Cardin’s interview, there is a lot of “Why him and not me?!” Alas, Mr. Cardin is a legend as well, even if only discount stores know this.
vicky (1 year ago)
Some of his old co workers sound like they were hating smh #shademuch
anastasia46 (1 year ago)
i wish women still dressed like this
Ainsley Ameerali (4 months ago)
I agree .. thank god for dior chanel and halston ... god bless them and their hands
mizzmolly (8 months ago)
anastasia46 - I do when I go to work (kind of). Right now I'm wearing an off-white pencil skirt with a black border, a black and white striped, short-sleeved knit top, heels, and I'm carrying a vintage-looking Yves St. Laurent black, white and red bag with a poppy design. As you can tell, I love fashion!!!
Sapphire Camui (1 year ago)
aww too bad it's not complete
cravis123 (11 months ago)
It is complete 99%, missing just 1 minute...
Murrie Redman (1 year ago)
Twas all about the feminine waistline.
David Allen (1 year ago)
The one fashion designer I admired was Halston that guy had a flair to his clothing designs
Alexandre (1 year ago)
does anyone knows the complete soundtrack?
Be karen (1 year ago)
nice upload!
bloop blooper (1 year ago)
a wonderful documentary. soft, human commentaries. thanks, a treasure.
KatzSlice (2 years ago)
when he said the 12th of February was the start of something big i was like, "o, then my birth must mean something big" lol
TheReturnofStephan1 (2 years ago)
Thanks for posting.:)
J. Amon (2 years ago)
thanks for posting
Teddy Kurniawan (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for posting this....thank you :):)
Josh Tella (9 months ago)
Teddy Kurniawan i
Ani Ani (9 months ago)
I see you on every fashion show and video linked with fashion. You are everywhere. Lol
Yuet Yuen Lee (11 months ago)
Teddy Kurniawan
TurboTwinable (2 years ago)
Thanks for the upload! Worth watching!

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