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Man insults restaurant customer who has Down syndrome l What Would You Do

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A rude man insults a customer who has Down syndrome. The man complains that the customer takes too long to order and that the waitress should pay more attention to him. How will people react? WATCH FULL EPISODES OF WHAT WOULD YOU DO: https://abc.tv/2s6sZqD
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Jamie Edwards (2 minutes ago)
I'd have more then a few ugly words to say
ηΔτe21 (1 hour ago)
I find Down syndrome people the nicest, who ever you are don’t be bothered by these angry type of people
Sarah Hudson (1 hour ago)
Fnck off old man leave peter alone 😢 it’s not right to judge!
Sarah Hudson (1 hour ago)
Mansur Bhinder (4 hours ago)
i cnt blv hate these how Dislike 3.8M this Video??? they were serious Man??? who they where Fucking Bas..d....
Mansur Bhinder (4 hours ago)
People Like Down Syndrome need your king and good care they like Angles of ALLAH(GOD) Becoz They are Sinless And Resst in Heaven Always ... (Quran)
M's world (5 hours ago)
Luis Diaz (5 hours ago)
Even the waitress looks really annoyed at the old man haha. Good actors
strattgatt (8 hours ago)
But should he have a guardian?
Masam M. (10 hours ago)
I didn't cry so you know. 😒
falselysilver (10 hours ago)
My parents teach mentally challenged kids and everytime I hear some1 say these exact things 2 my parents students it makes me so mad and it makes u wanna hit the people that say those things. Mentally challenged kids actually have a better chance then we do at having a successful life. They grow up faster and better manners than we do. They learn 2 care instead of hate and judge. And they can relate 2 a lot of our own problems
Ramez Shahatit (10 hours ago)
“I’ve been sitting here, I mean i don’t - !” “THEN GO ON A DIET!” And brushes him away 😭😂
Brianna Palmisano (14 hours ago)
if this happened in real life or if it magically was this show and all actors they better have the cops there and be ready to arrest me, I don't tolerate ANYONE saying bad shit to anyone with special needs. As my niece has special needs, I'd kill someone if people fucked with her when i'm around..... this erks my nerves!!!
Peter is toogood cute😊😊😊🤗👌
Wtv (17 hours ago)
Brodie Nathan (17 hours ago)
ill be your friend peter :)
Titan Boy (17 hours ago)
"Go on a diet" LMAO
mario torres (17 hours ago)
This make me tears
John Cangialosi (1 day ago)
The waiter in the plad is hot
BALTI00 (1 day ago)
everyone is unique 😘😘😘
Lyn Stefan (1 day ago)
"never seen such a behaviour in my life" like I haven't seen any of the scenarios in any of these videos, ever. Ive seen black people attack people, but this dynamic isn't dealt with....none of these scenarios chime with anything Ive ever seen
USA MARINE (1 day ago)
My son has a disability..if someone insults him ..he/she will be very very sorry..this man is an EVIL CHRISTIAN..
Nilo and Friends (1 day ago)
He is beautiful
Bts Bt21 (1 day ago)
Peter is cute
Avery Jenkins (1 day ago)
I felt bad for peter because he seems like he gets that a lot and having to act it out probably made him feel bad
Aesthetic Bangtan (1 day ago)
Why is Peter so adorable I can't I'm done he is too cute
Abby Fuentes (1 day ago)
I felt so bad
Danxoty ツ (1 day ago)
0:21 me everyday 2 my mom
LewdWaifu _ (1 day ago)
2:19 hit me in the face. I was like WTF! LOL 😂
Sarah Feeney (1 day ago)
Omg if anyone has a syndrome or anything like that and was being bullied I would SCREAM MY HEAD OF AND I WOULD GIVE HIM A KICK IN DA FACE
Koro Naivalu (1 day ago)
Aww I think he’s beautiful just the way he is he is also very cute I love him so muxh
Ruby Myles (1 day ago)
Those people that helped him, so nice!
shadow lk (1 day ago)
My friend has down sndrome
Shasuna Linnn (1 day ago)
His voice sounds like trump
Meina Mdn (1 day ago)
When this lady start to shake and cry my heart broke
stephyclaws (1 day ago)
Heart breaking. So lovely to see watch kind people there for him
LIL Z Bo (1 day ago)
I love that lady she's a angel and so sweet
Sweetx MSP (1 day ago)
I swear to god, I have met so many nice people with Down Syndrome and they are so sweet and cute, like I am glad they don't see me, cause if I was on this show, and didn't know, I would've tore his face off, and I would've said just get out like, we need a stick up for people with mental or disabilities because one day it will have really helped them to gain confidence and I just can't. But I am glad they make this as a show because it shows you the reality of the world. :)
Commit not Alive (1 day ago)
Yeah sure you would
Daljit Dlay (1 day ago)
I am sorry to the people who have it
Frickman Boy (2 days ago)
My friend has downsindrom and he is a good friend kids bully him and it’s not funny it’s never funny the kids say you do not have a brain and he crys he is good in the outside sad in the outside never do this please. Stop bullying
Frickman Boy (2 days ago)
Please send support to my friend enzo and Sara w and sara t
Pellegrino Girls (2 days ago)
2:07-2:10 me when someone tries to take my food....... I’m sorry if this is mean
L F (2 days ago)
Iv just came across this channel and watching this episode brought tears to my eyes and it’s touching to no there is people that won’t stand for that type of behaviour. As a mum of 2 autistic children I always fear my children not having me around them at any point as people can be cruel
jess jones (2 days ago)
“Why are you defending a retarded kid” FiRsT oF aLl ItS mEnTaLLy ChAlLeNgEd She snapped...
Chad Mckane (2 days ago)
These always make me cry and i dknt know why i watch them
Tia Diamond (2 days ago)
PLEASE CAN YOU GUYS READ THIS IT'S ABOUT MY GOD BROTHER My god brother Adam has Down Syndrome he has a hole in his heart and he can't hear very well and they can't give him hearing aids because of the hole in his heart he's 6 years old and he can't speak so he has to use sign language , he throws stuff around because he's frustrated that he can't hear anything. But that doesn't stop him from being a bouncy,happy,exciting child and hey he's my god brother and I'm thankful for what I have.
Duckyyy (2 days ago)
Why does that lady look exactly like the one behind that man? 2:28
Alex Ward (2 days ago)
My friend : *sneezes* Me: bless you John: Hi I am John quinones, what made you say bless you ?
Dragon Heart (2 days ago)
people with downsyndrom are awesome, beautiful , kind , friendly and pure of heart people, for them to be treated like less of a person kills me inside .
icesharc TM (2 days ago)
My cousin has down syndrome. Shes 14 and i find it absolutely normal. When we talk, play or do something else, we just talk normally. ( All you got to do, ist to pretend that he is like, younger cause they act younger.) Im not trying to offend anyone, thats what i do. People mustn't be uncomfortable with these people. We are all human beings, and that is what really matter.
icesharc TM (2 days ago)
Ok YouTube, i watched it!! Now get it off my recommendations
Lolthie (2 days ago)
one the kid or young man is so cute and so sweet and i just want to hug him. 2 i'd punch the man 3-if i worked him i'd go sr im sorry ^^ get out this young man is a reglaur and maybe even lie saying his dad or mom is friends with the owner of this chain. granted ive been attacked by childern with sever downsimber not the kind that allowed them to get jobs and go out to eat by themselfs. so yeah i'd still be kinda pissed off that someone was talking to someone like that
Lolthie (2 days ago)
also i love the old woman XD
Tony FreeDrum (2 days ago)
Down syndrome people are the nicest people ever
BALE Janakiovski (2 days ago)
and I am illiterate
Satish Shahi (2 days ago)
Still there are some people dislike these shows ....all about it social
Ashley . (2 days ago)
"Go on a diet then!" Hahaha I love that guy
LillybelleVoices (3 days ago)
I also just love people with Down syndrome. They’re super sweet!
LillybelleVoices (3 days ago)
This really hits close to home for me. I’m about to be in the first woman’s shoes, as I am going to be a special education teacher myself. I’m really excited to work with people like Peter, and I hope that when I do get my degree, people won’t be so degrading.
A_ Hill (3 days ago)
Who else spotted John Quiññones (i don't know how to write his name) at 1:22
EvieAnn 21 (3 days ago)
I hate it, hate it, hate it when people do this! Everyone is unique in there own way! But, I loved it when the dude said, Those are calls idiots. Don’t listen to them. HE IS SO RIGHT! FLIPPIN’ FORGET ABOUT THEM AND LIVE YOUR AMAZING, HAPPY, LIFE!!!!
Natalie cat (3 days ago)
People with Down syndrome are the kindest people you will ever meet
Iann Karrell Beats (3 days ago)
id beat the fuck out of em
__Gaara __ (3 days ago)
Why does the down syndrome guy look like jim carry
vhermida1210 (3 days ago)
This makes me mad
Harlem’s Finest (3 days ago)
Wouldn’t Be Able To Control Myself, I Would’ve Smacked Mike Ass Lol. I’d Hate To Be On WWYD & Be The Woman That Beats The Actors Ass 😂
ash ali (3 days ago)
i cant stand haters
Siddharth Chavan (3 days ago)
i am crying now
Rebecca Devega (3 days ago)
if im there, no needs for words, im gonna fly toward that shit and he will taste my fucking flying kick
They could never put me on this show because i'd beat the life out of those people that are treating people badly
vai walker (3 days ago)
i would just walk up to the arrogant impatient bitches and punch them in the face
Ashley Martin (3 days ago)
I'd lose my shit on that man.
trash-chan (3 days ago)
damn im such an emotional person. seeing peter got me all teared-up 😭😭
Steven Lazo (3 days ago)
Mike looks like thanos
Steven Lazo (3 days ago)
Peter looks swag
Kirstin Henry (3 days ago)
This makes me so sad I was calling out crying😀😁😍😘😄😫😪
iEnVyu Grizzle (4 days ago)
Low key I couldn’t be mean to him ever he’s so nice and appearance doesn’t bother me at all. If I was there I would beat him I have a brother that’s mentally challenged and if somebody was talking like that to him I would kill the person Mentally Challenged people they deserve patient and respect they can’t help themselves and they aren’t put in this world to be made fun of or be laughed at
Rick (4 days ago)
Just fucking euthanize those retards. Waste of resources and time, they're just a burden to everyone.
MC Baconator (4 days ago)
Peter is just a nice guy I would like to be his friend
Jackson stires (4 days ago)
I was actually crying this made me so mad just because he has a disfunction doesn't mean you need to be a jerk yes I know he was an actor the mean guy but god dang this made me mad
pla3ma_ pixels (4 days ago)
*W H Y A R E Y O U D E F E N D I N G A R E T A R D E D K I D*
Ashanti Frazier (4 days ago)
No lie I’m already crying and it’s only been 1:03 into the video
I say special needs people have beautiful hearts
MOEEZ M (4 days ago)
Campcamp Boi (4 days ago)
Ain’t there other waiters
THE GODZ (4 days ago)
My best friend is down syndrome I still play with him
Michael QPD (4 days ago)
I would beat up mike
Tommi Myyrä (4 days ago)
Who is the waiter?
Costas Chris (4 days ago)
I did not realise it was stage but people do exist like that
Costas Chris (4 days ago)
Good luck to the woman
Costas Chris (4 days ago)
That man should burn in hell disabled people are so friendly that man I would have hit him
Keilah Hellon (4 days ago)
3:45 "GO ON A DIET" *spirit fingers*
Keilah Hellon (4 days ago)
That first grandma would scare the daylights out of me
Dheeraj Chopra (4 days ago)
Awwww He is so cuteeeeeeeee.
Mckenna Jo (4 days ago)
Peter is too cute😩
Edward Miller (4 days ago)
He's about as cute as a pile of shit.
Gianna Gaming Channel (5 days ago)
This breaks my heart... I have a good friend with Down syndrome and she is the sweetest ❤️
Frosty4dawind5 Ethan (5 days ago)
I dislike because the way the guy treated him
Enis Santana (5 days ago)
I’m glad this is just acting cuz this made me so upset
Zaxck (5 days ago)
Great actors... great
Kayyyp Hello (5 days ago)
my little cousin has down syndrome and watching this even tho i know it’s acting but it breaks my heart. shes only 11 but the thought of her having to possibly deal with something like this makes me shake with anger. it’s comforting to see the ppl in the restaurant rally around peter
Madcuz Bad (5 days ago)
Hahaha the downy looks like 🗿
EmoneyWains (5 days ago)
im trying to enjoy my lunch

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