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Top 10 Things We Want to See in the Upcoming Matrix Movies

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Looks like our robot overlords were just taking a break! “The Matrix” has been Reloaded, survived Revolutions (barely), and is finally set to be revived! The first new Matrix movie is in the capable hands of screenwriter Zak Penn, whose filmography includes “X-Men 2”, “Ready Player One”, and “The Avengers”. Here’s our wishlist for any sequels, prequels, or spin-offs set in the Wachowskis’ post-apocalyptic sci fi universe. What do YOU want to see in the new Matrix movies? Watch more great Matrix and sequel related videos here: Top 10 Moments from The Matrix Trilogy: https://youtu.be/7d5Ln1WzLgo Do We Live in The Matrix?! - Mojo Minute: https://youtu.be/XeyKQZWLaSI Top 10 Movie Sequels YOU Didn't Know Were Being Made: https://youtu.be/J_wZkLR5lw8 List rank and entries: 10) An R-Rating 9) Inception Within the ‘Matrix’ 8) More About the Previous Versions of the ‘Matrix’ & ‘The One’ 7) More of the ‘Matrix’ 6) Trinity's Origins 5) Easily Digestible Philosophy 4) A Better Look at Machine Civilization 3, 2 & 1: ? Watch on WatchMojo: http://watchmojo.com/video/id/16385/ #TheMatrix #Movies #Scifi Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (1076)
GainTrainWompa 1 (45 minutes ago)
Upcoming Matrix movies ? There’s nowhere left to take it lol
jey fomson (49 minutes ago)
Sorry but NOOOOOO!!!!!!
Chi Jiguan (1 hour ago)
I didn't know we want to see upcoming Matrix movies... Is every great franchise destined to be uprooted, twisted and made into some pseudo leftist political statement? Because that's what's happening to every great franchise remade today. Can't wait to see 10 yr old little girls who are hackers, masters of electrical and mechanical engineering and street fighters twice as badass as Neo all in one with no faults whatsoever. Gonna be cool to place Matrix into the same mass grave with Alien, Star Wars, Avengers, Ghost Busters and Ocean's eleven.
Dizy Tizy (1 hour ago)
They should stick to the themes and feel of the first matrix. The first one got shit right. Work on an origin story that ties in.
Tri The Trinity (1 hour ago)
WatchMojo... Just stop, please...
sixtofive (1 hour ago)
This is such a bad idea
Sinbadd The Pirate (2 hours ago)
Wait there is an upcoming matrix movie? Oh snap!!! (Shock face!!!!)
Mike Jones (3 hours ago)
i love all the matrix films. My favorite film trilogy.
New agents will be coll
Paulius Paškevičius (9 hours ago)
I feel like it would be perfect prequel for Nolan to make, at least I feel he would not butcher it, maybe it would similar grim atmosphere like the first Matrix had. Just my opinion.
Min Cong Huang (9 hours ago)
Downvoted for suggesting matrix in a matrix
FrakU2 (11 hours ago)
The "Animatrix" has everything needed to kick-off prequels. Drop the philosophical jumbo and show us the beginning in all its brutality.
Federico Jimbo Smithson (11 hours ago)
The Animatrix is enough of a prequel for me. It explained well, the origins and the outcome
Greg Norman (12 hours ago)
I'd like to see just one new idea for a movie this year. Fucking remakes of reboots of remixes of recycled regurgitation is all Hollywood stamps out anymore.
Myra Price (13 hours ago)
If they absolutely have to make another Matrix movie, it should be about the robot uprising.
joey86bu1 (14 hours ago)
No a female hero would suck balls, keep that sjw BS to those cookie cutter superhero movies.
Epclaymore (14 hours ago)
O shit
Paul Borst (14 hours ago)
No prequels. No dumbing down.
Random Task (14 hours ago)
I'd love it if the "real world" Neo woke up to was really just a new level to The Matrix. That's really the only way to explain how he did some of the things he did in the "real world" outside of The Matrix.
Adam Moses (14 hours ago)
AI would never use humans as batteries. The efficiency is comical. They would be better off making any type of traditional battery.
Jacob Visser (14 hours ago)
A group of humans lead by a sympathetic AI
Tiana Pi Tesr (15 hours ago)
And this is how I find out?
joshua thompson (15 hours ago)
This list was trash. Your think tanks need a week off.
Steven Montana (15 hours ago)
So dumb down the matrix? Find a better cast?
lynn pehrson (16 hours ago)
Easily digestible philsophy is for posers
Eric London (16 hours ago)
Warning: may induce the desire or gender reassignment surgery if viewed too many times. A syndrome called wachowskism. The suggested level of rewatching the original trilogy is 43. Currently, there is no known cure.
Art with Ocsir B (17 hours ago)
My favorite movie of all time.
Justin Gonzalez (17 hours ago)
All of these things are in the Animatrix. Kid waking up from the matrix on his own. Machine city. The war it’s all there.
delta229 (18 hours ago)
No on every thing you said.
Rayyman (18 hours ago)
We don't need any new matrix movies
David V (18 hours ago)
Leave the matrix BE !
Alecia_Always (19 hours ago)
I didn't even know about this
James Green (19 hours ago)
What's wrong with the third movie? Everyone always says it's bad but gives no reason. Of course it ramps up, that what happens in math equations shit keeps counting up. What they should do is take everything in the animatrix besides second renaissance part 1 and 2 and the final flight of the osiris, a boys tale( dont remember if that's what its called) and try and add that lore into the overall story.
J Blank (19 hours ago)
I just hope the french man is cursing in french in ut
Code Khalil (19 hours ago)
Matrix 1 and 2 were amazing (Yes - even part 2) Reloaded actually had one of the best chase scenes in cinema. But 3...3 could've used some work.
Nickolas Red Bear (19 hours ago)
A live action anthology series about the awakening of every "The One." Character would be great.
Wade Stilwell (19 hours ago)
What if Bin Laden was really Morpheus?!? And 9/11 was to show how fake our reality is
Eduardo Valencia Puga (20 hours ago)
No!!! We don't want any reboots or new versions, they always crash! Remember: Hell Boy, Ghostbusters, Fantastic 4?
Ben Gibbons (20 hours ago)
I find it hilarious how dumb people are. Their has been musings of a potential new matrix movie since 2010/11 so this is really nothing new!!!
Ben Gibbons (20 hours ago)
Matrix within matrix has been explored and DISPROVED !
1983LoneRanger (20 hours ago)
Is there upcoming matrix films? I hooe so but i think this is full of shiiiiite
Razar Campbell (21 hours ago)
In The Matrix, Morpheus explains "Agents" to Neo, by saying something along the lines of: "They are guarding all the doors and they hold all the keys. Sooner or later, we'll have to face them." That made it seem like the Agents were an integral and intricate part of the system. It made it seem like the Agents held some answers, that they were access points to greater understanding and/ or control. Instead, in the Matrix 2 and 3, the Agents were reduced to 1 dimensional 'Bad Guys." No "keye," no "doorways," no access points to greater control or understanding. Just "Bad Guys," who cease to be a credible threat after the first film. It was like the Agents were intended to be something much greater and something far more important and relevant, but at some point things got re-written and the Agents simply got left out of the narrative...
Mac Hill (23 hours ago)
the first trilogy tried so hard to break peoples bias and tell you zion was also the matrix and people still didnt get it even when he developed special powers in the supposed real world and got told he was a solution to an incompatibility between the human mind and the matrix i.e an affinity for rebellion , by the architect . people missed the point so much they could probably go another whole trilogy without them realizing it . the significance of the second "spoon" scene basically says "there is no spoon here in the real world either" it goes over neos head so it goes over the viewers . its genius in so many ways but it suffers from a high brow narrative
Number 1: The true vision of the Wasonski, with the machines using the humans brains as a hive mind computer and not as something as stupid as battery
Marc Henn (1 day ago)
Wait there's a new matrix movie coming?
crazy_bandit_halo (1 day ago)
it's exciting to know new matrix movies are coming!!! talk more about this please! about the 10 points, the #5 I disagree... let them get as philosophical and deep as they want... that makes the scifi complex and awesome
The Rayvolution (1 day ago)
Do I agree with your picks? I don’t agree to a new Matrix film.
Thaeda - (1 day ago)
Can’t wait! I wanna know EVERYTHING about this universe.
The Matrix movies are fun to watch! My older brother watches it all time.
Stormwatch153 (1 day ago)
Ahahaahah...Millenials will make new matrix Movies...millenials in any context already sounds like a true disaster.
Chris Jackson (1 day ago)
Charasmatic lead???!!!!!! Neo/The One is a program just the like agents so saying that is like saying 1=2, it makes no sense
MrMister1227 (1 day ago)
If it's a prequel I'm not even going to bother watching 🙄
josh young (1 day ago)
More deeper biblical relationship between the movie and our workd
Ihate allthethings (1 day ago)
No Reeves then don’t expect anyone to watch
Jack Rabbit (1 day ago)
AFAIK, this is based on OLD news from 2017 when it was announced they were going to do a Morpheus sequel with Michael B. Jordan. 🤔🙄😂😐😣 Oh, and AFAIK (again) no Keanu, no Wachowski.....sisters? Things? I mean they keep their dicks in a pickle jar. Haven't heard anything new but you can bet it will be all bad. Zak Penn is pure d'garbage and Jordan is leading man only when he's replaced with CGI. As for this video......dumb on all ten counts. The chick who does these videos now is a moron. Or at least the writer is a moron. And I'm a moron for watching this crap. NO MORE GODDAMN SHITTY REBOOTS,. MOTHERFUCKERS!
Aselene (1 day ago)
More Architect please, he's too hilarious to leave out. Just want to hear him waffle on about god knows what lol
Rosalita Boyd (1 day ago)
No body cares about it anymore. let it be.
Dario Castaneda (1 day ago)
The Matrix trilogy all and all was great 👍🏼. I do want to see something similar to what happened to Hellboy... all ideas proposed in this video by mojo suck. Simplified WTH Matrix for dummies no thanks..
AarayKyramud (1 day ago)
Dennis Hastings (1 day ago)
Remember when AVATAR was supposed to have a couple of sequels, then Cameron realized that the plot really sucked. We have heard nothing about it for some time. All these remakes!! This is the true 'end times' that they talk about, when we keep repeating the same things over and over.
Dennis Hastings (1 day ago)
I could really do without a bunch of kung fu fighting where no one gets hurt and it just goes on and on and on. That got me down about the first movies. More about the machines and the surface of the earth. If it's all virtual reality, nothing really matters. Stay on a finely plotted script.
Christopher Watters (1 day ago)
With 15+ years of system upgrades no one would have seen coming, the agents will undoubtedly control the whole arena. *I BELIEVE IN SMITH VERSION 3.0.*
borninacave (1 day ago)
Star Wars, Super heroes and reboots. Why be creative when you can milk these 3 ideas. Hollywood is 💩💩
Mekya Adams (1 day ago)
I'm super happy for new Matrix movies, they will never live up to the original....sorry guy.
nil by mouth (1 day ago)
Please don't ruin it, please don't ruin it, please don't ruin it........... . . . . . . Awww...they're gonna ruin it :(
Travis Thompson (1 day ago)
I'll take the blue pill please.
Denji2006 (1 day ago)
What upcoming Matrix movies...? I didn't know there's going to be more, even an IMDB search doesn't bring up anything.
Kisu Bags (1 day ago)
My favorite thing about the internet, is kinda smart people acting like they are geniuses....
What is it even suppose to talk about? More Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and company? What is the story actually about?
Erik Loiselle (1 day ago)
why mess with perfection
OhBoy (1 day ago)
We all know they gonna have a female as the lead like everything else in Hollyweird
#1 a sure fire flop
Reece Qwerty (1 day ago)
Philosophy is great if delivered well but it gets really pretentious really quickly , and dont get me started on 'Religion'
Erik Lehnsherr (1 day ago)
People hated the ending of the trilogy bc it wasn't what they ALWAYS get... The hero always wins! They expected The Matrix to just end and the evil machines just die off all "Phantom Menace" style. Which is understandable seeing how thats what the first film was saying Neo would do. But then we, as the audience, learn in the second film that the situation and way things happened in the past are not what the chatectors thought they were. In the films, Only Neo learns this. They're not the first Zion. Neo isn't the first hero. Gotta take that into consideration. Remember Neo is the first "One" too choose a different outcome just to save Trinity. And he keeps this new knowledge of the Matrix and its history to himself. To bare the other survivors the pain of knowing that the machines had their freedom already accounted for and was part of the plan from the beginning. Beginning of the first sucessful version of the Matrix anyway. This trilogy was more realistic in the fact that (all theories aside of this actually being a possible reality for us right now; we're going with this just a movie for my hypothesis here) if this actually happened in the real world, most likely one guy would not end it all by simply reaching the source and turning them off like a switch. No super advanced form of AI would ever allow a human, born in their mind controlling captivity, have abilities they would be unable to defeat. Even if it happened by chance like the origional suggested, these machines are in our minds! They control our thoughts to a degree. The program would become aware of the persons abilities probably before the individual did and simply mentally block the person from ever becoming aware of it. Or most likely seeing how evil the machines are not caring about killing human's, they'd probably just flush the special person and kill them in the real world. So they were no longer any threat. The story in reality would be a much longer struggle. For both sides. And realistically there would have to be a compromise in both forms of intelligence to actually make it work. Not just destruction of one or the other. Most films that a new direction, end dark, or realistic, catch criticism from those weak minded individuals that just cant handle always getting their way, it ending exactly how *they* thought it would, or something new. Especially Americans. We're not big on change or new. "This works stick with it". "Its not what i expected so that means its wrong." Face it. Thats just how most think. Now I know. To get good reviews you gotta feed the people what they want. I get that. But I personally liked the fact that The Matrix didnt end exactly how everyone thought it would. Thats kind of the Wachowski's thing. You think its one thing and are suprised by what it really was. Also if it had ended that way, there would be no way to continue the story forward. Only do prequels. Just like the Oracle said the peace between AI & Human will last as long as it can. Since both still exist. You can go any direction. There are still programs like The Merovingian who despise humans and want more power. Theres still gonna be humans who want destroy The Matrix all together. Some humans that get out and want to go back in. This ending gives writer's a virtually Endless array of possibilities.
Syfi Freak!!!!!! (1 day ago)
Wait they are making more of these?
Mahlercougar (1 day ago)
JUST LIKE THE MOVIE TRON LEGACY (2010) - No-one has ever explored the idea of the INTERNET They did a comical version of the internet in "FUTURAMA" , but maybe the internet is really inconsequential . There really wouldnt be a "correct" way to represent the internet in the Matrix world because Its just an avenue for information,like the back door..
Kinglik7 (1 day ago)
I always knew the Matrix would make a return but the timing is unexpected. I original trilogy is basically a classic(well the 3rd is questionable) and I’m happy to see it come back but they better do it right.
Erik Lehnsherr (1 day ago)
@2:55 WRONG! The Architect never got it right. Arch- "..The answer was stumbled upon by another...if i am the Father of The Matrix, then *she* would undoubtedly be its mother" Neo - "The Oracle" The Oracle is the one who figured out how to make The Matrix work. @9:49 Also wrong! The Matrix was always written as a trilogy. But Warner Bros would not green light the 2nd & 3rd installments till they the first one's success reach a specific monetarily set goal. That is the case in most situations.
toonedin (1 day ago)
SEGUE THE TERMINATOR FRANCHISE INTO THIS ONE! Think about it... John Connor was the FIRST 'ONE'!!!!
2hip (1 day ago)
Michael b jordan is not the only black actor
Michael Finkelstein (1 day ago)
What next generation of films? So not necessary. Prequel movies would be great, I would rather see a movie called the Marovingian. That would be interesting.
EpiclyLost (1 day ago)
cpt. mifune's fight was a big highlight
hongpingmike (1 day ago)
please no cave dancing... that's all I ask
chapasproject (1 day ago)
every thing that made the matrix cool in the 90s early 2ks will not work today. the internet just started to became a thing in every home, the cloth the ground breaking effects. this things just wont work in the 20s, ye we all most in the 20s 😄
reggiep75 (1 day ago)
Matrix philosophy were that absolute toilet warblings of a pissed up homeless deviant. Less of that, more of the flesh of it all, matrix history and a few origins stories and don't fuck it up like Star Wars and the Disneyfied Star Wars.
Alex (2 days ago)
But we do know Trinitys real name. It's Trinity. That's the whole point.
Raul Rogel (2 days ago)
Im ready.....TO FREE MY MIND 😎
blackjack 2274 (2 days ago)
Is would nice to have Sophia Stewart direct the movie since she wrote books js
barry barnes (2 days ago)
Or better still come up with something original. Everyone is rehashing and spoiling originals including the music screen. And don’t get me started on Disney.
El Taino (2 days ago)
Yep cohesion is important unlike Disney that doesn’t know the meaning of the word and destroys the SW saga with the last Jedi!!!
Leonard Wong (2 days ago)
No sjw themes.
Arthur Curry (2 days ago)
Wow, a fourth part is in the making?!
The architect is Kentucky colonel Sanders and the oracle just look like Nelson Mandela the machine begun from terminator and ending as time traveling transformers that is the time singularity
k3ramatbabe (2 days ago)
zepcrazyfre (2 days ago)
I'm excited for new *"Matrix themed"* films...even though the Wachowskis and Reeves isn't involved (I'm ok with that surprisingly); I don't know how the hell the news of new films made it passed my consciousness but I am *'ONLY IRREVOCABLY HUMAN & living in a dream world'* after all (I chose the blue pill many years ago...I'm ashamed 😂);
Alexandre Martins (2 days ago)
WHAT upcoming Matrix movies?!? They're REMAKING The Matrix? For fuck's sake!!!! Is it now SJW Matrix?
28 Warlock (2 days ago)
WTF another Matrix movie! I thought Matrix Revolutions is the best ending to wrap up the story
coloured hazes (2 days ago)
Now, that's a scurry movie right ther
TheSnoozeFox (2 days ago)
This is the first I have heard about the remakes and GOD WHY are they doing this? the trilogy is timeless and hasn't aged a bit so why make a remake
ThingsITell (2 days ago)
w8 what !! there is an upcoming matrix movies ?!

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