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Try Not to Laugh Best Funny Pranks 2018 to Pull on Friends

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Text Comments (4300)
bnc gaming (5 hours ago)
Vicky Arroyo (13 hours ago)
1:35 Scare cam
Beauty tricks (1 day ago)
Mina Asni (1 day ago)
i'm easy girl i'm not laugh...
CrimsonGD (1 day ago)
That Kim John un mask always gets me, it’s so creepy
Artemis_Alpha (1 day ago)
Don't mind me, just getting ideas....
ranjan chakraborty (2 days ago)
while watching it i could not stop my laughter
Chara Dreemurr (2 days ago)
3:32 rude!!
Rida Fatima (2 days ago)
0:35 the dog is also sleeping
eli jah (1 day ago)
Dain Madrakogs (2 days ago)
Yes let's traumatize are kids for attention
Aysu Hajili (3 days ago)
That’s abusing not funny f**** you
Juana Morales (3 days ago)
Hahaha 14:00 karma
average chicken (3 days ago)
1:59 wait women fart too
Rebecca Robins (3 days ago)
Im blue Deded
eli jah (1 day ago)
fha gerber (3 days ago)
This is so fake
Susanne Isermann (3 days ago)
Bitte geine Clowen ok
Anand Bala Sharma (4 days ago)
4:25 That child was so weird
Vanessa’s Comedy (4 days ago)
Good self defense 5:40
chrisanto0506 (4 days ago)
i think dat 3:23 is the best prank that made me laugh but it is so mean
princess talia (4 days ago)
princess talia (4 days ago)
Josh Benton (5 days ago)
Hey my name is Josh and a merry fools days to you to sir
Just for Laugh TV (5 days ago)
Mackenzie Wood (5 days ago)
2:40 it’s a myth that mother birds won’t come back after you touch the eggs. There’s more of a chance of them attacking you then them not coming back.
Rataro NAUTA (5 days ago)
C'est vraiment idiot! !!!! ! ! ! ! !
JOKŪBAS TV (5 days ago)
2:23 ten lietuviai kas lietuviai like
Hari (5 days ago)
7:58 : *AM I JOKE TO U*
DuckyOnDatQuack (5 days ago)
At 4:00 it says qt
great gacah (5 days ago)
6:09 my brother did that to my sister XD
Dibenhi Pina (5 days ago)
12:28 is so funny 😂😂😂😃😃
Gamers Maze (6 days ago)
0:51 when you pass in all subjects
KENDRA WARREN (7 days ago)
Angel Rayne Lagen (7 days ago)
It’s so funny I love it guys
Omigor890 Rosinsky (7 days ago)
Not funny😑😑😑😑😑😑👎🏻
Ali Hassan (7 days ago)
ElectryGamer 10k (7 days ago)
12:22 😄😄😄
Zizi Conteh (8 days ago)
I feel so bad the kid who have the worst parent who laughs at that stuff
music covers (9 days ago)
Some of these people have anger issues
鄭芯庭 (9 days ago)
Nikoleta Mandic (9 days ago)
iniuram (10 days ago)
it wasn't funny at all and is the worst parent or relative to wake the little girl and scare her and make her cry. her day started badly. it's wrong.
Aqua Blue Sparkle (10 days ago)
0:38 If you listen carefully, that kid was watching the "Incredibles"
Gabriel Aga (6 days ago)
And no one fucking cares
acuario LUKAS . R 2019 (10 days ago)
Corbyn Marcy (10 days ago)
Whenever I fall asleep in class 0:47
Guada Sanchez (11 days ago)
guau jajajajajajaj🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Clint Bondoc (11 days ago)
That video is not funny -_-
Sam B (11 days ago)
The person who pranked the little girl after she woke up is ignorant
Jim Sr. (11 days ago)
This is funny;
Tiffany Wheeler (11 days ago)
I LOVE THIS VID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Chiara Galimberti (12 days ago)
Non si capisce come sia possibile che dei ragazzi qualunque riescano così bene quando la TV italiana ad es fa dei programmi di scherzi così falsi e penosi che son una vergogna x chiunque . Eppure anni fa Nanni Loi ne faceva di veri (famoso quello che pucciava sempre il suo cornetto nel capuccino altrui..)
Małgorzata Maruszak (12 days ago)
En el segundo 8 parece raton
HaHaHaHa!!!!! form thaiLand 😁😅😂🤣
Abigail Benner (13 days ago)
Killer comes in ..... Hides be hide a cabinet. Broooo
Jirah Friea Anne (13 days ago)
what DAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!
Andi alam (13 days ago)
9:35 my favorite
Kgomotso Mpele (13 days ago)
5:40 that's some mad reaction time 💯
Alvina Lawrence (13 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the very first video is funny he's like daaaaaaaad!!🤣🤣
Jayven Okuda (13 days ago)
“OML HER WATER BROKEE” So funny I forgot to laugh
D!ZZY Vila Nova (13 days ago)
9:08 did her ass get thrown away too 😂🤢
Ádám Baranyi (13 days ago)
Ez nagyon rossz!
James Wu (14 days ago)
Bam dodkklkkll project zorgo hackrtfx vghu chad wild clay funny super funny hacker vid
Bob Dillahunty (14 days ago)
Why are people these days so effusive and grand-spectacle about everything?
Angeles Barrientos (14 days ago)
Angelina Vp (15 days ago)
17:12 cogan bgtt😻 yg merah
Anthony White (15 days ago)
This is so funny this is so much buddy I inspected so this is much funny this makes my day really good day for me so thank you who made this video is kind of funny and made me happy I really really want to thank you so much
Kat Cookie (16 days ago)
Its Really Bad and ugly to scare a Little girl in the morning in her bed. Thats no fun😡
Cool (16 days ago)
Eh, there are so funny I want parents/friends like this
Jennifer Cojo (16 days ago)
If your grandpa will get a heart attack ........
Myah White (16 days ago)
Amie Rigor (16 days ago)
Swaggalicious Scenery (5 days ago)
I'm crying 😂😂😂😂 1:08 is hilarious!
Kristen Thurston (16 days ago)
Lol, my little brother has the same ninjago costume! 😂
CharismaticPrick (16 days ago)
The kid singing Bruno Mars 😂😂😂 I’m dying!!
Malak Benmoussa (17 days ago)
Isaac Lamb (17 days ago)
2:16 you can not touch baby bird eggs or the mom will leave them! you fucking idiots!
Isaac Lamb (17 days ago)
never mind they were fake. but still
Linny Martin (17 days ago)
Heart stoping laughter. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doge Tato (17 days ago)
kids in america get scared easily
Felix Villa (17 days ago)
So funny
Chasezava800 (17 days ago)
Life facts with chase: when it’s April Fools’ Day be cautious when turning a corner. This was life facts with chase.THE END
Nbayoungboy YB (17 days ago)
Water eye
Ledjana Abazaj (17 days ago)
WhiteTiger950 (18 days ago)
Seriously, 0:27 could be emotionally traumatizing, when your mind is still in that part sleep state it could interpret that very badly, and 9:33 could go completely wrong when someone get's a fish hook in the eye. Some pranks should be thought through a little more. Is it going to be damaging in any way to those involved, be it emotionally or physically or what have you. Come on people!
Mossy Giraffe (18 days ago)
Nowadays you just throw cheese on them
Omg 🐵
Princess_Niyah (19 days ago)
Nidhi Srivastava (19 days ago)
Go 🐕
Marvel Hacks (19 days ago)
Put your cock into a bitches ass
Nidhi Srivastava (19 days ago)
Hello bitch
Marvel Hacks (19 days ago)
Hi motherfucking archit
Sabrina Vollmann (19 days ago)
Sowas von Lustig (19 days ago)
0:27 Why do you sense it as fun? O.o She cries. Do you're empathically/emotionally disordered, mentally ill? Thumb down.
Adityaa sengar (19 days ago)
Niga Savage boskovic (19 days ago)
Hi it’s Chad wild clay I have changed my picture
TALIA AKEL (19 days ago)
Niga Savage boskovic No then why is your name not chad wild clay
jocelyn sabalbaro (19 days ago)
I died of laughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣
alex di rito (19 days ago)
😱. Pennywise
Mekhi Griffin (19 days ago)
that was funny

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