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One Direction's Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson Surfing In Sydney -- Exclusive

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Exclusive video of One Direction's Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson surfing and catching some waves in Sydney. For more Hollywood news and gossip: http://www.youtube.com/hollywoodbackstage Subscribe at: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=HollywoodBackstage Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hollywoodbackstage Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/HollywoodBstage
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Text Comments (130)
Shanaia Rebeiro (1 year ago)
It's 2018 and I'm still disgusted
This fans are so rude that gets me pissed
Hosn Tv (1 year ago)
Loui good
Angelica Marrapodi (2 years ago)
Poor baby :'( the fans here are so rude, they can't slap Louis's ass. Fuck, he's a human too.
Lisa Chaplin (2 years ago)
Louis Tomlinson lover you LisA yes yes lover you you loius LisA xxx
Lisa Chaplin (2 years ago)
Louis Tomlinson lover you LisA yes yes
Lisa Chaplin (2 years ago)
Louis Tomlinson lover you LisA yes yes
Larissa (2 years ago)
credo, parecem um monte de urubu em volta deles, eu ein
Kathy Conley (3 years ago)
hi my name is really bri and I love louis
Alyssa Avila (2 years ago)
Good try Kathy
Jenna (3 years ago)
louis was clearly fustrated
lentera mas production (3 years ago)
who is the one man after liam and louis
Jesse Smith (3 years ago)
wow it's like a stampede with one little trophy in the crowd
a scott (3 years ago)
WTF it isn't normal they can't take break for 1sec WTF they are humens too😯
makeMeCry방탄 (3 years ago)
okay wtf just what is that ! you can't go slap his ass like that he is an human and its not beacause he is a celebrity that you can slap is ass like that .. would you slap the ass of someone nowere on the street ? no . so dont do this !! guys com on :(
tylerdun (3 years ago)
omg why would a fan touch a celebrity. like yeah he is fricking Louis Tomlinson from 1D and I'm a big fan to but give them space like if I were a celebrity I'd be super a happy but the fans just go to fast and they need space so for all paparazzi and fans give them space to relax they still love us it's just you guys go to far and just let them have space
Steven Angelini (3 years ago)
1:17 someone said stay away from that hoe
Draculaura Intefa (4 years ago)
That girl is shameless Louis should have said something to her:-(
Georgia Morgan (4 years ago)
Everyone's talking about the butt slapping, I agree it was really rude. But I can't stop cracking up at around 1:50. Liam's bodyguard guy looks so funny just holding the boogyboard.
Martin Smyth (3 years ago)
I wish they did not slap him
parkerstvrk (4 years ago)
a girl also said "stay away from that hoe"
Martin Smyth (3 years ago)
That girl is a right fucking twat fugly bitch because Louis Tomlinson is my fucking favorite
Mia Andrews (4 years ago)
Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay
Mia Andrews (3 years ago)
Martin Smyth (3 years ago)
I agree on that rumors are fucking shit hole (exuse my language)
Martin Smyth (3 years ago)
Fucking shut up L T is not gay you are
Anikabat (4 years ago)
There NOT gay like seriously there are,so many rumours going around, there not gapy‼️‼️😬😬😬😬
Caspar Moores (4 years ago)
Poor boys :( it makes me upset that they cant just have a good time and be normal boys once in a while, and girls slapping your Freaking butt? Cmon guys what person DOES that! Poor Louis, <3 ya Boys :)
Martin Smyth (3 years ago)
I agree why do stupid idiots think it is OK to slap Louis on the bum?
Tamyra Smith (4 years ago)
Why would you smack his ass he is a normal person
Camryn YT (3 years ago)
+Martin Smyth if lousy snaked her bum back she would be over joyed
Martin Smyth (3 years ago)
Exactly. Slap HER bum and see how SHE feels
Nightheart (4 years ago)
I actually feel bad for them. Some girl smacked my ass and I was a Celeb id be pissed..
ananya (2 years ago)
Camryn YT (3 years ago)
when it happen
Martin Smyth (3 years ago)
I am in this with you
jinkss111 (4 years ago)
Lol a girl slaps his ass and he gets pissed That guy is so gay. A straight guy wouldnt care busted!!
Fiorella Simone (3 years ago)
No lol . him and harry don't live together . they stopped living together in around 2014 or 2013 , around there . but you're funny .
jinkss111 (3 years ago)
@Fiorella Simone lmao him an harry live together for how many years now lol he would probably throw up if he had to kiss a girl he's totally gay.... And he gets so jelly when harry gets attention. 😄
Fiorella Simone (3 years ago)
1. He had a girlfriend at that Time, why would you want your ass slapped by a random girl? 2. That is disrespectful for someone to just come and slap your ass out of nowhere. 3. He was tired and didn't wanted to be bothered. & 4. Honestly , if your going to be calling Louis Tomlinson gay , then look at your self. Your just some random person behind a screen commenting rude stuff about Louis. Think about it , he gets more girl attention then you.
Ivy Bronson (4 years ago)
it wasnt cause that girl slapped him on the but  it was the fact if u had your volume turned up loud enough you could hear someone say that Elanor is a hoe
Kristal L (4 years ago)
I don't think it has anything to do with being gay XD It has to do with not wanting people to touch you
I added u back @Lorielle tocute 
Lauren Georgina (5 years ago)
This is just absolutely disgraceful. They were having a nice time spending time together, going surfing and having a laugh. But now they've got to stop all of this because fans are following them everywhere? It understandable why people do this, but  it just isn't fair on them boys.One Direction are handling this so well, so proud of you guys, well done+keep it up:]xxx
Erynne Wolf (5 years ago)
1:15 :/ poor Louis! :(
Mia Sellers (5 years ago)
Those annoying girls in yellow pretending to be body guards at the end and, the girl slapped louis butt needs to give poeple personal space #crazygirls
Lily Forbes (8 months ago)
those girls are actually SLS (surf life saving), and they are trying to keep the fans away, but I do agree that they are definitely not doing a very good job at it.. 🙄
Raigan Doehne (5 years ago)
What would you do that
Kiana Evans (5 years ago)
must be hard to be them
Ana S (5 years ago)
YuliiTakumiLove (5 years ago)
bitch bitch bitch bitch! D:
May Tomlinson (5 years ago)
poor louis
Emelie Steen (5 years ago)
Well that girl is disgusting, like, really? Why hurt him?
Beth Mars (5 years ago)
Judging by this video and the fact that someone stole Liam's underwear it seems to me like Australian fans don't understand boundaries!!
Kristiane Bæklund (5 years ago)
when is is that someone slap him? And who is getting slapped? I feel a bit blind now for not seeing it..
Julianna K (5 years ago)
He handled it well though
jana malik (5 years ago)
why the girl slap his ass?!! stupid really -.-
1Dfancoco (5 years ago)
Louis is Not gay
Eve Masouras (5 years ago)
Louis has worked incredibly hard for all of this, he wouldnt let go of it for no reason cmon lets be realistic, if he wanted to leave one direction im sure he would have a serious reason because he loves the boys & the band :)) love you lou x
Isabella Oliveira (5 years ago)
Aquele momento q vc percebe q ate a agua tem mais sorte q vc
SherriCherry (5 years ago)
All you people calling louis selfish for wanting to leave one direction are brats! I mean that's sexual harassment!! So stop calling him selfish and not sticking up for his fans!! He has a girlfriend for crying out load and all. He wants to do is take her on a normal night out without someone trying to kill her
Faith Glorienne Dizon (5 years ago)
how would you not be annoyed if someone slaps or touched your bum ..
WWW.FREESURF.TV (5 years ago)
Maybe they should go surfing somewhere with more waves and less crazy fans.
Jesus Sanchez (5 years ago)
Le tocaron el trasero a Louis xD 1D 3
Angela Abad Moreno (5 years ago)
No se ve nada
Danielle Forbiin (5 years ago)
No, they did it many times
wizardxyz (5 years ago)
Clean or dirty underwear?lol
wizardxyz (5 years ago)
First time?:)
Grace Goodlad (5 years ago)
Yeahhhhh haha
Grace Goodlad (5 years ago)
Can we stop talking about the girl slapping louis arse and just appreciate that Louis and Liam are wearing wet, tight, figure hugging swim suits...Damn boys...Damn...<3
Grace Goodlad (5 years ago)
Louis loves his fans, don't ever say he doesn't. Just because someone slapped his arse and got pissed off doesn't mean he doesn't love his fans. Like come on guys i know it's a nice arse but it's his big arse so you haven't got the right to touch it okay :))
Arianna Styles (5 years ago)
if you touched the ass when you are gilfriend how would you react???????????
Britney Suriel (5 years ago)
It's not that he doesn't appreciate his fans because they really do love their fans but is that some of them go tooooo far. They can't get anymore privacy and its hard for them to get privacy with all the paps there. They kinda had a rough day in Australia.. First Liam's underwear got stolen and now Louis ass get smack .-. Ofcourse he would be pissed
Kalia Shimabukuro (5 years ago)
boys do u not know how to duck dive
Kalia Shimabukuro (5 years ago)
that girl is stupid
Nanci Hi (5 years ago)
Were is Harry tho
Makeup by Thay (5 years ago)
isso deve ser chato pra caralho, vc nao pode nem sair que lota de adolescentes berrando no seu ouvido
J'Manuel Bolaños (5 years ago)
1:18 le agarran el trasero a louis
Anna Luiza (5 years ago)
As vezes nem foi uma fã que fez,ele é famoso,qualquer pessoa iria querer ficar perto deles,independente de ser fã ou não ! Sinto Muito pelo Louis :\
Pati943 (5 years ago)
OMG poor Louis :(( sorry babe for all these "fans"
MomoMonnar (5 years ago)
i feel sorry for louis :(
mapaz555 (5 years ago)
that was sexual assault people, no one is allowed to touch you that way, ever.
Leslie Villasenor (5 years ago)
I could feel the tension when Lou got pissed off/.\
MRT12371 (5 years ago)
No, not all fans are like that, but look what thy have to put up with on a daily basis. So-called "fans" sending death threats to their girlfriends and friends and even their FAMILIES, and attacking them like wild animals whenever they try to go out and just relax and have fun. They have become more vocal about their displeasure recently, and I wouldn't be surprised if one or more just got up and walked away one day. My money's on Louis. He stands for nobody's shit.
LoveMeForMe (5 years ago)
I feel so bad for Louis and Liam :( They're only human! But, not every fan is like that. I am a HUGE DIRECTIONER and I love the boys so much and I would NEVER do that. Same with a lot of us. Just because a few people did that, doesn't mean every single fan of One Direction are bad. And how do we really know the boys are fed up with us? They're not if they don't confirm that. They always say a massive thank you to us, they always say they love us, so I still don't think they're fed up with us.
MRT12371 (5 years ago)
Poor fellas. Liam gets his underwear stolen and Louis gets his ass slapped by a complete stranger. Way to make them even more fed up with the fans. Dumbasses.
LoveMeForMe (5 years ago)
Anyways don't worry guys! Louis doesn't hate us. He still loves us! Only ONE fan touched his bum. That doesn't mean he hates all his fans. He probably doesn't even hate the girl who touched him. He was just probably a bit startled and wondered why she did that. But trust me, that doesn't mean he hates us! He obviously loves us, so don't worry :) He just wanted to have some privacy time and surf but some random girl happened to touch his bum which probably scared him. He'll always love us still
Cris Fernandes (5 years ago)
Cris Fernandes (5 years ago)
LoveMeForMe (5 years ago)
Poor Louis. It probably scared him when he felt someone touch his ass. I would get a bit mad too. If I were there, I would definitely not touch his ass. I mean, he is only human. We all have bums. I know I understand that it's Louis fucking Tomlinson, and he's fucking sexy and gorgeous, but is it really necessary to touch his bum? Leave him alone.
giada pupillo (5 years ago)
Neanche una bricciola di RISPETTO! cazzo! che gente,non sa cosa vuol dire RISPETTARE bah!
bodysrock (5 years ago)
No, but they actually looked tired in here, they just wanted to be ignored for an hour at least.
bodysrock (5 years ago)
Sometimes i really hate this fandom, and its exactly for things like this. I mean okay, yeah you can touch his arm to get his attention, but really? touching his ass? that girl is so stupid and this is exactly why sometimes they just found us annonying. Just for an hour they wanted to get out and act like normal people, its that so much to ask for?
Olga Islas G (5 years ago)
Existe la palabra RES-PE-TO
Red Pony (5 years ago)
That was one of aweful. Why did she do it? Does she have any decency
Red Pony (5 years ago)
Do they always act like this with fans?
Isa Horan (5 years ago)
Eu já teria voado em cima deles
Lora Haas (5 years ago)
I really think he hates us now...
Giovanna Magallon Mata (5 years ago)
Vanessa Laxamana (5 years ago)
Nice work Deborah Martini you got him mad nice work
Mili Lezama (5 years ago)
QUE SEXYS *.* Aunque debe ser un poco incomodo que vallas a surfear y estén: cartógrafos, fans, gente loca y cosas por el estilo XD
ben hardy rhapsody (5 years ago)
i am sorry for lou for that slap, but his bum is really hot...too sexy!!!!
Jéssica. (5 years ago)
I know what the girl did wasn't right (it was really wrong, they don't have any privacy and that makes me feel bad) but lets be honest you would do the same if you had the opportunity to touch that piece of meat ;)
Erica (5 years ago)
damn he got so mad hes like 'wut wus thet? *slaps leg*'
multifandom mess nafi (5 years ago)
Its horrible they dont even have private space anymore.. she invadwd his space how would u feel if someone walked up to u and touched ur ass wont u feel violated
Daen. - (5 years ago)
Uhpiz P. (5 years ago)
someone should've slapped her the face
poor louis!
smewlk soejwkpkrf (5 years ago)
Im so sorry for the boys i mean the can't do anything wothout being followed or something..
teenagecleanbag (5 years ago)
am i the only one laughing
Valentina Anaís ▲ (5 years ago)
that's so disrespectful man
laura edits (5 years ago)
because the girl slapped his ass
Holly (5 years ago)
THE GIRL IN THE BACK OMG " stay away from that hoe "
Grace Goodlad (5 years ago)
How would you like it if some random person came up to you and slapped your arse? I think you'd be a bit pissed and most importantly a little scared
flower heart. (5 years ago)
the girl touched his ass? ^^
Fluffymonkeyem (5 years ago)
Same goes for all of them. You do not get to touch his bosy like that. How dare you?
Natalia Chaparro (5 years ago)
Mi nombre es natalia
lolzman yeah (5 years ago)
some girl slapped his ass
Natalia Chaparro (5 years ago)

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