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What To Do When He Hasn't Texted You Back

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Margaret Mccafferty (8 months ago)
Thanks dude you really help me ,you are such a hunny
nacardelmar (1 year ago)
Good advice. The issue is not the guy. Its rejection management
Ayami Faroud (1 year ago)
I love this man so much!❤
makanaka runako (1 year ago)
well said
Brittany Roque (1 year ago)
There was a guy that would start up conversations, he apologized for responding late, and all. He looked like a nice guy :\ but one day came and I asked him to be my valentine through a meme. He said he forgot it was Valentine's day and said sure, I was glad to get in a way a yes. He knew I had autism and was totally chill about it. When I asked I meant it as just a happy Valentine's day, I didn't know I actually had to spend a day with him 😅 he said he would go to the gym and when he got back he would message me as soon as he could, I said "alright" and it has been three days
bbay y (1 year ago)
Sir, please answer my qusetion :( So my crush not in school so i texted him why he's not school, but he just read it. And my friends keep telling me like maybe He's busy or else, but some of my friend tell me that he was too shy? Is that because he's not intrested of me? Or maybe he just too shy?? But, he always nervous when i was around him? And there's another one, my friend tell me that he already have a gf, i was very surprise. I don't know if what my friend said is true or a lie. But if he does has a gf, why would he so nervous when i was around him? Thx,
Cee Mee (1 year ago)
I told this guy after we exchange numbers he wasn't using my phone number after a while I told him I was going to go out with somebody else now and he's like no I'm here and he send me a picture of him and his mom. Then said we should just be friends
tearadanye (2 years ago)
What if you texted him, he didn't text back but looks at your social media very often?
BetterToSleep (1 year ago)
I texted my crush like 2 weeks ago on Instagram and he hasn’t seen the message at all! BUT he stalks my Instagram story so i got confused. But I also know that he is very immature and he doesn’t have the guts to reply back or anything so many he deleted it... or he is just that guy that don’t look at his dms.
BetterToSleep (1 year ago)
I know I need to actually focus on myself, and better myself. I'm afraid he won't come back though that's the thing. What if he was just telling me what was going on with him just so I would stop bothering him and he just leaves? either that or he's saying he will come back? If he didn't care wouldn't he not told me?
This video is relatable as to right now. I've bene talking to this guy, and we vibe good together. first date was nice, second date we kissed, and started catching more feelings. all of a sudden, somebody died, so he went to a funeral. I gave him space to grieve for a day.. I thought he would text me the next day. he had time to change his profile picture, cover photo on Facebook, post a couple things, but kept ignoring my calls/texts. I knew he was getting aggravated but I couldn't stop.. 😕 i just didn't know why he pushed me away. I cried in school, I was being negative and it was so hard seeing him go online, and offline. I tried communicating, asking what I did wrong. I understand someone died, but that doesn't make it okay to ignore the girl you like. I get attached easily so I was really upset last week. I called one last time before i knew it was probably over. I thought he was done, because I get too clingy. I get a text message out of nowhere from him yesterday and he said "I'm not in a good place to be seeing someone right now, I need to straighten my life out first you know?" I said "these past couple days, ive been thinking the same thing for myself, I understand" he didn't reply .. I said "will we ever talk again"? "don't forget about me" I'm so afraid he will though.. because when he's ready what if I'm not that person he goes to first anymore😕 I already deleted him, I don't want to add him again until I know I'm ready, and he is.. what do I do? he described our kiss as if he never was happy in his life, we both couldn't stop thinking about it, does he still like me?
Tatum Osborne (2 years ago)
If he can't be bothered to text back and let a bitch know his ass is okay then I can't be bothered to make time for him when he feels like he's ready now... women have way to much going on to be babying grown skiddish men...if you have shit going on and are busy then TEXT her that.. just don't disappear it's rude..
Valsamia Bitziou (2 years ago)
Tatum Osborne You are so freaking Right girl!!!
다커아머 (2 years ago)
Are Men Intimidated by “Strong Women”?
It's me And You (2 years ago)
my question is : are all guys like that ? distant and bad texters? I don't understand. i need to know if am fucking unlucky or if guys are just all like this. because I'm sad now.
Luna Carminis (2 years ago)
Obviously not all guys are like that. It's all about priorities... for example my guy friend is long distance rn but no matter how busy he is he still texts me at least once a day and he's never skipped a day (even on his busiest days)! If someone loves and cares for you they WILL make time
Anupriya Nair (2 years ago)
Fatma Yılmaz (2 years ago)
thank u a lot!
safier321 (2 years ago)
I like watching your video's, most of all video's about such subjects :) You're nice to watch and listen to :)
다커아머 (2 years ago)
Well said👏👏👏I love all your videos... thank u so much😊
benji mARCHE (2 years ago)
what about if a girl says she has feelings for you and is interested but all of a sudden she doesnt text back for two days??????
The SleepingMoose (1 year ago)
It's me And You This seems like me. But I put allot of effort. And I texted her on snap. But hasn't replied. I also gave her valentine grams etc.
It's me And You (2 years ago)
benji mARCHE she is waiting for you to move your ass and prove her that you love her too. she already put some effort to tells you that she loves you. and you are just waiting ?? dude...please.
themizzzzle (2 years ago)
Good advice thank you
ahmed assaad (3 years ago)
all your videos are very pragmatic and rationale. no drama, no false excessive emotions (like most you tubers), no BS, just the plain truth. if I may add my word to yours, it's going to be "unplug". (your feelings, of course). and when you meet this right person, your feelings will plug again naturally. keep up the good work
Constance Davis (4 years ago)
I am a mess! I met a guy and he would contact me constantly. We spent a few hours together talking, kissing, and holding one another and now he has gone cold on me. He won't answer my texts or calls and the one time he did reply, he said he's busy but we're great and I shouldn't think like that. I miss him so much it hurts but I don't want to keep contacting him.
JE ENN (4 years ago)
What can I do to get him more interested in me?
JE ENN (4 years ago)
Aww thank you Nastassia, very kind of you to give me these tips, very much needed <3 Will try your tips out more :D Would love to talk to you more, if you have skype then lets get in touch there? Where are you from btw? I'm living in Sweden :)
rhea benjamin (4 years ago)
I so agree with you
Koru Peace (4 years ago)
Thank You, I really needed to hear this from a man's perspective 🙏
Rain Clouds (4 years ago)
Good advice!
V. C.G (4 years ago)
So true!
Claire Smith (5 years ago)
Fantastic video! Intelligent, thank you! x
Marie Hamilton (5 years ago)
very good and straight forward advice.  
Zoey Bonner (5 years ago)
You honestly make the best videos! So much good advice and they're always short and straight to the point, keep it up!

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