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I paid HOW MUCH for this watch?!?! Watches & Wonders Miami | Vlog #64

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Welcome to the world of Watches & Wonders. If you're not a watch freak, this might not be for you, or it's gonna make you one hehe. Hope you enjoy! aaaand here are my other channels: Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/marcelfloruss Snapchat: @onedapperstreet
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Jack Ross (16 days ago)
Dude, you have a pretty sweet life.
Galahad (9 months ago)
4:34 grail watch, get it because it 300,000+ which you could buy a house with
One Dapper Street (9 months ago)
Eduardo Organista (1 year ago)
Brian from hespokestyle spotted in 6:48. That guy has a great collection and taste in watches
Mister B (1 year ago)
The new Santos line is awesome, sehr schöne Eindrücke und Uhren, Danke fürs mitnehmen und Grüße, Konstantin 👍🏻 P.S.: Glückwunsch zum Kauf der Piaget, Respekt, sehr schöner Kauf und eine schöne erste, „richtige „ Uhr.
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
Danke vielmals, freut mich, dass es dir gefallen hat Konstantin :) #ODSquad
Noman Meria (1 year ago)
"3:57 hahaha very funny......i like your videos.....Thanks.....Love from India."
katta harishbabu (1 year ago)
But I don’t like it brother why because I love apple 🍎
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
haha yeah i feel you -- in terms of usage defintiely a lot more convenient, but i just love the look of a classic watch in the end!
Mahmud Hasan Khan (1 year ago)
buy a jaeger lecoultre reverso..it'll suit you very well
erwyn cubacub (1 year ago)
😂 I love math. Awesome and beautiful watches the details l is amazing . Would you do a collaboration with Adam Gallagher please? Out of all the collection which one is your favorite? OMG the CARS 🚗 I LOVE THEM ALL so COOL. Which car is your favorite? Congratulations on the watch!!! What surprise you about watches that you didn’t know about? The Piagaet collection is my favorite.
Sonny Jacob Lee (1 year ago)
More watch content!!
Sam Oshins (1 year ago)
my only question is why 81? there are only 24 multiples of 4 between 0 and 100. that leaves 86 model numbers...?
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
good catch -- since i like math let's get into this haha i kinda just took it for granted .. that would actually leave us with 76 as 100-24=76. if it's 19 that would mean no *multiples* of 5. so models: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,16 ... that way we get to 81, and the 5 stays because it's not a multiple -- thoughts? haha
I loved the rose gold Cartier with leather strap
GINO M (1 year ago)
I love the Piaget you purchased - that Rose Gold case and beautiful band will show well for many years and will be so versatile.  Other than the Piaget I also like the first Cartier in Rose Gold but I still prefer the classic Tank.  Almost everything else I saw in your vid was beautiful but I believe most are overpriced considering the caliber used in them.  I don't have large wrists so I usually wear a watch that is not too bulky.  I also collect vintage watches like Bulova and Hamilton that have mechanical movements and they have a lot of style in their cases and watch faces.  I believe they help enhance my look much more than something like the modern Apple which I would never wear.
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
thanks for the well-put feedback! I am very much in love with the Piaget as well, i like the simplicity and the versatility that comes with it -- especially with a price tag like that! I'd keep an open mind towards the apple watch, I personally don't wear mine day in day out but in certain situations it's quite convenient, so much so that I sometimes take two watches with me and switch them out throughout the day .. working out or being on the motorcycle are two prime ways i use the apple watch for example :) thanks for watching gino! #ODSquad
Roman Grigoryan (1 year ago)
Hublot is for douchebag :)
nathan bohonek (1 year ago)
Anyway you could make an updated video on how to pose for photo shoots?
DearPvPx (1 year ago)
so you paid 19k?
Asad Yare (1 year ago)
Mr. Sharp (1 year ago)
19k or 19 hundred for that watch?
+Mr. Sharp howso?
Mr. Sharp (1 year ago)
definitely an immediate loss in value
Mr. Sharp (1 year ago)
what a rip
Alex (1 year ago)
DearPvPx (1 year ago)
think 19k
ByTheWay (1 year ago)
❤😗 I'm here! 😍
Manuel Seda (1 year ago)
That LV minimal watch was so absolutely fire!
Bart Dieterman (1 year ago)
That watch is gorgeous!! 🔥 cool video once again👌🏻
LFUsername (1 year ago)
Amazing watch B-Roll and that Altiplano is truly beautiful. Did Ulysse Nardin not praticipate?
Manuel Seda (1 year ago)
“Idk I love Math” can’t relate
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
Gerardicosas (1 year ago)
Ok... and how much do you pay?????
Arthur Soto (1 year ago)
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
Gerardicosas the info is in there haha just not in your face 🧐
keithtaylor7 (1 year ago)
So many cool watches. I’m not too familiar with watches so I’m happy that you decided to create a video that focuses on this accessory. I will definitely look into the many brand you chose to display in your video and find out what works for me. Great video bro!
MrPinoshow (1 year ago)
An amazing watch! A really fine purchase!
sNow (1 year ago)
and now how much did you pay?
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
low key 🤷🏼‍♂️
sNow (1 year ago)
didnt hear that haha
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
It’s in the video lol. 3:43
Talib W. v. Goethe (1 year ago)
Junghans meister chronograph with the moon calendar ! Pure elegance and craftsmanship !
WAL33D MAS (1 year ago)
1:25 Aye my boy José Zuniga have one of those watch
WAL33D MAS (1 year ago)
One Dapper Street Yes he has one and its lit
Brittenelle and Orion (1 year ago)
Yea he mentioned about it in his watches collection video
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
haha for real? didn't know that!
WAL33D MAS (1 year ago)
I not first but I'm second
WAL33D MAS (1 year ago)
Talib W. v. Goethe (1 year ago)
Congratulations for you're article in the newspaper Bild. Didn't read though ... It's a plus article !
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
i knoooooow i was a little upset about that wish it was free but thank you haha
Oslogutt 32 (1 year ago)
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
that's what's up brooo!

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