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Body Language When Falling In Love

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Betty Cooper (2 months ago)
I grabbed his entire head and rammed my tongue down his throat,,,, Was that falling in love,,, Ya think? 😂
Lisa Ottomann (2 months ago)
I could listen to him all day, and he keeps it simple, not like those other guys, they are trying to hard, this guy is my favorite!!
K C Francis (5 months ago)
I knew he was in love when big macho lifted the blanket and curled up beside me like a golden retriever, laid his head on my lap, and then recovered with the blanket over his head. Something my 6 y/o would've done. The most vulnerable I've ever seen him. I just lightly stroked his back. After 5 mins, he stood up, kissed me and went back to his laptop. Mr. Machismo. Loved it.
beyondios (8 months ago)
1:03 LMAO
Siempre Ambie TV (11 months ago)
Wow. 🙏 thank you!
lois k (11 months ago)
Thank you for cutting through the b's. I learn a lot from your videos
Virginia Lacar (1 year ago)
Great, thanks!!!
Donna Just Being Real (1 year ago)
That's a good man. My type of Gentleman. 💙
Traci C (1 year ago)
Very true 😁
With Expectancy (2 years ago)
Rubber Ducky (2 years ago)
thanks for this video
DeShawn40 (2 years ago)
How do you know if it's a booty call versus we both work nights and is the time when we're mostly awake? For example; we both have the same one night off so this is when we meet and spend time together, mostly indoors.
Queen Sereda (2 years ago)
dolphin123654 (2 years ago)
Ur the best👌🏻❤️
zirpa1 (2 years ago)
i love ur videos, thanks
Shanti Shanti (9 months ago)
Guys just sms me
Yogircloclo (4 years ago)
by touching, is it possible that they just want to have sex with you in stead of showing affection?
AR. Fg (1 year ago)
Maybe. I know a guy who even though I am married used to touch my arms and my face. He would tell me that he loved me and wanted to get serious with me. I don't love him. He even has a girlfriend and I wonder why he does not marry her. I never told him I loved him nor that I would get serious with him. He is back with his girlfriend who he told me meant nothing to him and though she tries to wear provocative clothes to seduce him. He puts pictures of him and her kissing and touching each other on the internet. She asks money from him all the time like if he was a bank and he lets her take all his prize money he makes when he competes. He lets her use him completely and drain him out, I think it is dumb to have a girlfriend take all your money for her stupid shopping needs when she doesn't want to work. He would fight a lot of times with his girlfriend when he taught me a sport I was learning from him. I don't know why he acted like that. Why do some men tell you women that they love them when they have other women?
Queen Bee (1 year ago)
OrientalChai exactly
Dia Night (1 year ago)
OrientalChai it depents on where and how a guy touches you
Daily Simplicity (5 years ago)

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