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How to make an extra $176 a month thrifting on your lunch break!

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How to make an extra $176 a month thrifting on your lunch break! • JOIN OUR MENTORING GROUP ► https://bit.ly/2Jp82Ci • SUPPLIES WE USE ► https://amzn.to/2CCEQVd • SUBSCRIBE ► https://bit.ly/2Nwv5Mo • OUR PUBLIC EBAY STORE ► https://ebay.to/2Gjs7am • RALLI ROOTS MERCH ► http://www.ralliroots.com/shop.html Follow us on Social Media to stay connected! INSTAGRAM ► https://instagram.com/ralliroots Video Description: Today I took 30 mins to go to one Goodwill thrift store to see what I could find to resell on ebay. Thrifting on your lunch break is a great way to make a little bit of extra income each month. It doesn't take much time and the deals are out there if you know what to look for! About our channel: This channel is all about reselling stuff online, ebay, amazon poshmark, mercari. You will find thrifting videos, thrift hauls, garage sale videos, ebay wholesale, amazon wholesale buying, how to make money videos. We teach people how to buy items and sell them for a profit online. Subscribe for more! https://bit.ly/2Nwv5Mo If you’d like to send us mail ☺ Ralli Roots PMB 526, 11705 Boyette Rd. Riverview FL, 33569 **** Music credit **** ‘Cute proposal’ by aSr musik (https://youtu.be/YpWt_9q1t6g) soundcloud link : ( https://soundcloud.com/asrmusiclove/c... ) thanks so much for watching! We love you all ☺ ^some of the links above are affiliate links^ Video Keywords: ralli roots, thrifting, make extra money, make money on lunch break, thrift haul, reselling on ebay, selling on ebay, thrifting for resale, thrift flip, thrift shopping, how to make extra money, ways to make extra money, how to resell, how to make money at thrift stores, thrift for a living, extra income thrifting, extra income, side income, make side money, how to make side money, how to thrift, how to thrift flip, what to thrift, ebay, thrift ebay, side hustles
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Text Comments (158)
Jessica Hartman (13 days ago)
Awesome video! Thanks for all the tips!! Sorry if this has been asked before...do you guys ever shop at outlets?
kissy kat (24 days ago)
Your adorable. I can tell you have never worked a grueling office job. Lol. No thrift stores around office parks. You get about 30 minutes to wold down lunch. Then with traffic and parking, that takes up the other 30 min.
Daniel Weiss (27 days ago)
You know what else you could do in 30 minutes? Record your personal thrift finds video
Bobs World Podcast (27 days ago)
You sir are correct! Getting people to do it is the hardest part. U are awesome! I have podcast on this .
Rickyfyied (27 days ago)
I start work at 6am, get off work around 2:30 and hit different thrifts throughout the week and pick up my 3 kids by 4pm. Some days I'll go on my lunch just to get some extra hunting in. Thrift: Mon, Thurs, Fri Post: Tues, Wed, Sat
Mike Dancy (27 days ago)
I made $100 just this weekend from a $20 deal. Just a simple buy and flip. I do that 6-8x a month.
Myna Clewes (28 days ago)
Like your videos. So much good information.😁
Brian Boutot (28 days ago)
what is an hour long lunch break?
Mark Brewer (28 days ago)
My Job starts at 2 am and I get off early enough to hit a couple of thrift stores almost daily.
Jason Scherer (28 days ago)
I just turned $20 into $167 in 1 hour at the Goodwill.
SB SB (28 days ago)
Great Point.. I don't do clothing, because I don't enjoy them, in my case the return rate is very high on clothes, waiting for sale is very long , listing clothes is time consuming , and I often find some imperfections , stains and tears. So I leave clothes for other resellers, I do large , heavy and bulky items, which everyone else hates. But the idea is good
RALLI ROOTS (28 days ago)
SB SB nice :) clothing is not for everyone
Lisa Ladow (28 days ago)
Anyone sell laundry detergent on ebay i have a bunch of it and socks i want to start ebay but i am scared. Any advice?
Michael Allred (29 days ago)
Have you ever considered starting your own website? Also do you have a business license to sell on eBay?
Monica Snow (29 days ago)
Absolutely agree....it may take a minute to find your rhythm but once you do, you’ll make that lunch hour be the most profitable 60 minutes of your day! 👏🏻
MC360 C (29 days ago)
NJ has a lot of crappy thrift stores.....the owners take out all the good stuff and leave the trash for us.
Chris Sutton (29 days ago)
Love watching your videos when I have time. I started reselling 3 month ago part time so far sales have been just about $6000 with $3500 in the past 30 days! It’s possible to make great money doing it if have the drive to do it. I spends my lunch driving to the post office and thrift on days off, first thing in the morning or later before they close. Excited for garage sale season to start. Your videos have been an amazing learning tool, I can’t wait to join your mentoring program. I started with only $200 bucks and reinvesting my profits back into the business which is why it’s growing so fast. I think for me why it’s been successful is, I have a good eye for style, I know what people want, I love to research items and I don’t need much sleep. I’m a single father while working 50 hours a week at my day job. no excuses just do it(Nike don’t take down this comment)
Cynthia Morton (29 days ago)
Hello, I go once per week into a local church thrift shop during my lunch break and find two to three items per week to resell. It does add up over time. Thank you for sharing this information.
Jason Scherer (29 days ago)
Awesome content as always. Your videos keep me motivated. Part time reselling is definitely possible. I had some luck recently where I made about $60 in five mins at a local thrift store. One item alone cost me $0.50 and it should make me $53 in profit! Not bad for a quick trip to the thrift store :) I made a video about it if anyone is interested.
KendrasOutlet (29 days ago)
Love this!! Actual items that everyone can find. Also glad I am not the only one where Goodwill over prices 🤦🏼‍♀️
karen bock (29 days ago)
I'm surprised you are able to ship shoes first class. Every time I ship a light pair I end up having to pay money and that's using priority
RALLI ROOTS (29 days ago)
karen bock under 1lb = first class
Me: 30 minutes? Nope, 3 hours😆! Fab video, info as always! Shoes in our Goodwills are always destroyed & start at 7.99😳, no thanks. Have a lovely weekend! Jet 🧡🎸🎶⚡️
Roy Meyer (29 days ago)
This was my (almost) daily routine until last September, when I parted ways with my former employer and went full-time. Brings back memories.
Katherine Martindale (29 days ago)
so target will start selling vineyard vines. will this start to lower the resale value? thanks Katherine
Katherine Martindale (29 days ago)
@RALLI ROOTS thanks for the reply. i always appreciate your insight. it has been very helpful at times.
RALLI ROOTS (29 days ago)
Katherine Martindale probs yes
Go Compilation (29 days ago)
Hi Ralli Roots, love your video, started my journey through all this charity shops (im in UK), you inspired me to move around and do something useful. At the moment im working part time and studying business, but in the future i would like to do what you doing most of the time, hopefully college knowledge will help me to grow, and your video will put aswell me on the right track. One more time thanks you both! BIG HUG FROM UK!
Chris Bragg (30 days ago)
Ryan and Alley on ebay I hold weekend sales but I don't get any sales during the week. It's like they wait for the weekend. How do I generate sales during the week. I boosted everything up to compensate for the sale but still. I would like sales when I am not having a sale. Am I having too many sales? What is the percentages should I use during my sales? I do first weekend of the month 15%, then 2nd weekend I do 20% and then 25% and end the month 30%. So, I have adjusted my prices to 30% over the comp price. So, I don't know. Thanks
Chris Bragg (29 days ago)
RALLI ROOTS (29 days ago)
Chris Bragg we rarely run sales. Just price your items accurately
Bob Wait (30 days ago)
Instructive, but...income tax and self-employment tax will take a pretty big bite out of that net profit.
RALLI ROOTS (29 days ago)
Bob Wait theres also deductions, takes are different for each person. Talk to a CPA.
kingofbigmac (30 days ago)
I have a goodwill bins that's 15 minutes away from work. I just might do this tomorrow. I've made a killing recently on my days off.
Kayla Austin (30 days ago)
You know your in a expensive goodwill area when 10 dollars and 14 dollars for shoes is cheap lol, at my goodwill they are all 3.99 and at rnzys goodwill most are under 5 dollars. Location makes a huge difference. Your goodwill is ripping off low income people insanely, especially those Jean's prices!!! I was trying to comment on your insta post about that person saying millennials will come running to them when the money stop, how narcissistic are they to assume they are so important you would run to them for help haha, a stranger. And if anything they should be proud anyone is willing to bust their ass doing what they love to make a living that's everyone dream!
Randall Stout (30 days ago)
I do this every day. I get 30 minutes for lunch at my job and I hit to thrift stores that are within 2 miles of my work every Monday through Friday. Sometimes it is very profitable and sometimes it is a wasted trip. But it is by far the most enjoyable part of my work day.
Anthony Pierce (30 days ago)
Ryan do you have any thoughts on scooping some of the limited edition Vineyard Vines garments from Target? Worth it for a flip at a later date?
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Anthony Pierce I would think so yes.
gtaylor196 (30 days ago)
That doesn't even account for days like today where I dropped my wife off for an hour long appointment and I popped into the local goodwill where I found one item that should sell for around $200.00 that I paid $12.00 for. Many times I strike out, but if you use whatever spare time you do have available to look for deals you will find them. Even if it's one yard sale or one thrift store I always make the effort, because all it takes is one to find that gold.
BambiDoll (30 days ago)
This is such a good idea for a video!
Julia RO (30 days ago)
A* Still trying to get caught up on your videos over the past couple of months. Do catch the Live Show though.
Nateyad (30 days ago)
Yep this is me almost every single day of the week. It is definitely possible for anyone out there. At first it was definitely a struggle because I didn't know exactly what I was looking for and had to constantly look items up on eBay. But the more you do it, the faster you get and the more you can look through every day. Have a great day, best of luck to everyone out there!
Colin's Corner (30 days ago)
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Colin Keating of course! Garage sales are great. Some people work weekends tho.
Pixelated Chidad (30 days ago)
Exactly what I do on my lunch. 20 mins drive to and back. About 30 mins looking and picking and about 10 mins in line/paying.
Noe Barrera (30 days ago)
Is your overhead tax deductible?
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Noe Barrera absolutely
Barb Nauman (30 days ago)
Ryan, such a super video!! What I love most about you guys is you take the time to show other ppl examples of how they can make eBay work even when time and money is short. You are the BEST encouragers ever!! Seriously the best!! Pls know I have such great admiration and love for you guys-Callie and bulldog too!!💕👍🎉
Jody Mitoma (30 days ago)
This was great, thanks Ryan! Been missin' you guys... How many videos are you releasing weekly nowadays? It seems like less lately, sadly.
Jody Mitoma (30 days ago)
​@RALLI ROOTS super excited, Ryan! Thanks so much for taking time to answer my question; that alone means the world. I love that you're still reading and replying to comments. I love your work, so always looking forward to new releases from you. In fact, I'm releasing episode 3 of my "Day in the Life of a Full-Time Poshmark Reseller in Canada" is going up today, and ideas and inspiration comes from other channels such as yours, so I can honestly appreciate everything. I know YouTube is a TON of work. This video I'm releasing tonight took me over 10 hours to edit...... :/ Footage across 3 days, and as much fun as it is to do everything from recording what I'm doing and editing (Decided to give Premiere Pro a shot and I'm freakin' STOCKED with how it turned out).... Anyway, babbling on here. Let's just say, I 100% appreciate the time and dedication you put into your videos, and know first-hand that it is a LOT of work. Cheers. :)
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
:) we're trying to put out at least 3 a week, last week we were hanging out with friends in texas and this week the new round of mentoring started so most of our time has gone there. More vids coming soon though, we have some fun ones planned.
Cheryl Ross (30 days ago)
Ummm this is taken from "Hairy Tornado", is it really cool to copy something his channel is getting known for? I mean, since the man just hit his 1st 1k and you have how many subs, doesn't seem right.
ThriftyEsme (29 days ago)
Interesting that you make mean comments with no picture as a profile. Josh made a fist bump outtake for RR. It’s all good 😎
Digital Snowflake (30 days ago)
Just because someone has an idea, doesn't mean they're the only ones who have it. Something called logic. Ryan is a good man and trustworthy. Take a hike, Cheryl...
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Cheryl Ross 👌🏻
Cheryl Ross (30 days ago)
@RALLI ROOTS your friends and you've never watched his videos? I jumped on this because Josh is something new and fresh to reselling videos. He's original and just starting out, I enjoy what he is producing. I think he has been making some headway in the past 2 wks, his lunchtime thrift videos are what people are coming to watch. This is why I feel the way I do.
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
literally had no idea he made a similar video...by the way we're friends. Thanks for your unwarranted comment though, maybe get your facts straight.
Luisa Leanos (30 days ago)
Hey Ryan, got a question for you. I ordered Ebay supplies (36 Rolls of Ebay Tape) from ebaysupplies with my quarterly bonus of $50. Says item was delivered but never recieved anything that day being home that day to make sure it was delivered. Contacted them & they say they'll look into it, now this took awhile for them to investigate (with me keeping up on them with any new news) no results saying it may have gotton lost in the mail. Opened a case against them also & said case was still pending. Now I get this message saying I will not be refunded or my supplies will not be shipped which is supposed to be 100% gauranteed & now says case closed. They say I can appeal the case if I have any kind of proof. What proof if I have never recieved anything that day. Think they made an unfair decision. So basically I just lost my $50 free supplies. Any advise on this case? What's up
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
woah....weird, what's strange is the tracking shows as delivered, that doesn't happen unless the mail person scans the deliver code, sounds like a package was stolen off your front porch.
Josh Pickle (30 days ago)
If anyone reads this do not be disappointed with stuff that doesn’t sell. I tried clothes and I failed. I sell only electronics, computer parts, cameras and camera lens including vintage ones. You just have to find your click!
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Josh Pickle definitely true!
Joshua Davidson (30 days ago)
Another awesome video! That mighty ducks hat though 🔥🔥🔥
Vintage Damon (30 days ago)
100% what I do. My son gets home at 3PM. At about 2:15 I drive 10-15 minutes to a Goodwill and go through the store. 95% of the time, I leave with something that makes the 1/2 hour profitable. Then I drive home (5 minutes), am there when he gets off the bus and we talk for a bit. Then it's back to work (about 8 minutes). I have a massive death pile right now just from that 1 Goodwill store than I hit about 4 times a week.
Vincent Jones-Smith (30 days ago)
A few posts a day keeps your death pile away
5797029 (30 days ago)
We don't get a lunch break being full time resellers but we love the hunt. lol. Our local Goodwill is where we like to stop for a change of pace since we drive by it every day. That experiment we are trying out is working really good. Stopping in for 30 minutes 3-5 times a week allows us to find some great finds every time. The best time for us is late afternoons. Like you showed, these short repetitive stops can pay off. Great for a smaller reseller with limited time.
Kerrianne Jackson (30 days ago)
Always nice to wake up to a new video! 🥰
adam2O (30 days ago)
Ryan, are you a mind reader? I did this exact thing today on my lunch break, hit two garage sales. Picked up a ton of clothing for 75 cents a piece, found some vintage items, actually making more during my lunch break under an hour than what i make a week. I went really hard all week tbh lol.
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
adam2O awesome!!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻
That ending music 🎶 had like nah nah nah nah nah . Nah nah nah nah . 😂
Sheema Alen (30 days ago)
U guys are so bombe! Thx xo!! 😇👕👖👢👝👟
jaye buksbaum (30 days ago)
A big yes - for a long time I could only put $20 a week into inventory. I aimed for turning $20 into $200 in sales and then reinvested as fast as I could. Add to this sharing with family & friends & co-workers, and checking with neighbors when they are putting stuff out, and you can subsidize your inventory with free goods. Our area does free swaps a few times a year, I give away what isn't selling and pickup great new inventory to list. It's great that you show folks how this does not have to become a big business, you can scale it to what works for you. Thanks!
Doll Rose (30 days ago)
Yes! It can be done! 👍🏻😉
High Plains Thrifter (30 days ago)
WoW! You're doing a video simulating what I have to do every day to try and get this business off the ground. Kudos! Sucks I missed you mentoring group sign up again...
Stephen Miller (30 days ago)
Every time I go to a Goodwill thinking I will only stop for 10 or 15 mins, I look at my watch and go, crap its been an hour.
Vincent Jones-Smith (30 days ago)
Yeah me too unless I set an alarm or didnt really mean just 15 min.
Vincent Jones-Smith (30 days ago)
Im proof. Started this year. Doing eBay only and I'm doing between $1500 to $2,000 profit monthly using money from my savings and return the Full PROFIT to my savings. I haven't been keeping up with my numbers that great 😢 but I think more accurately maybe $1800 to $2500 Monthly because my 60-day average is just a under $7,000 and I get a lot of Really Good ROI Transactions.
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Vincent Jones-Smith awesome!!! 🔥🔥🔥 keep it up!!!
mooneynulson (30 days ago)
Love your videos from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
get buckets (30 days ago)
The only bad thing about him sharing this type of stuff with us is that the market will eventually get over saturated as he grows bigger
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
get buckets hustle harder 😉
Just Sayin (30 days ago)
Hi Ryan, the quality seemed a bit off in this vid. Was there some fog on the lens or is it my 1998 IBM computer?
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Just Sayin said in the vid ;) didn’t have my main camera, filmed on my phone
gammafighter (30 days ago)
Or, as Hustler hacks says "go out and get it"
Jeanith Burdine (30 days ago)
You make it seem so simply. You are really an encourager! I’m enjoying your videos.
Kathryn Kay (30 days ago)
You used the operative word, "extra cash" .... lol. I'd hit the stores everyday if I just had the available funds to do it!
Lara Lewis (30 days ago)
Those NB Minimus shoes ARE NOT missing the insole!!!! That's how they're made. Source: I have a few pairs and I don't think any of them actually have removable insoles.
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Lara Lewis hmm, strange. We’ve sold a ton of them and I’ve never noticed that. My mistake
carolina (30 days ago)
I needed this today. Thanks!
Mitchell Harrison (30 days ago)
Idk why but your channel is the only one I can stand. Great honest content. Thanks Ryan and Ali:)
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Mitchell Harrison appreciate that a lot!
Joshua Elliott (30 days ago)
Mr.Roots has caught me a couple times on my lunch break or right after work.
James Hennings (30 days ago)
Good video
Catherine M (30 days ago)
This is my model. I’m not here to change my life, just something for a little extra. And my profit % is lower too ... the less you have online the less viewers. But. It’s a blast!! My goal is $100 profit a month. I’ll take it!! 👊😁
Daniel Blaha (30 days ago)
Great video as always. You always do a good job of breaking down cost of goods and fees and potential profit on items. What method do you use to track cost of goods per item for accounting purposes and taxes at the end of the year? The way I understand things you cannot deduct cost of goods until the item actually sells. Individually inventorying each item in a spreadsheet to keep track of cost of goods is one way of doing things but is very time-consuming.
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Daniel Blaha talk to a CPA 😉
Daniel Blaha (30 days ago)
@RALLI ROOTS Thanks. Again I was under the impression you couldn't take the cost of goods of a product for resale as a deduction until the year it sells.
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Daniel Blaha we track bulk purchases, money in and out, not individual items but we’re also spending $5-10k a week so we have to. You’d want to talk to your CPA
mrfulgi (30 days ago)
Hey Ryan, good video. I don't have a Goodwill, Savers, or Salvo's near me to go on my lunch break, but certainly go after work, especially on Wednesday's at Salvo's, and take advantage of that 50% off day. I like to go after work so I don't feel rushed. But I like your video, and you are 100% correct, anyone can do this, on their lunch break, after work, etc. Have a great day Ryan! - Mike
Drew Conway (30 days ago)
Glad you told us it was 12:12 “in the afternoon.” For a split second I thought you’d driven to the Arctic and found an all-night thrift store. I thought to myself, well no wonder he’s wearing a T-shirt instead of a tank top....
Shannon L (30 days ago)
Just went to Salvos at lunch. Lame. We have a Salvos Outlet here in MI and it’s 🔥
Chato P. (30 days ago)
This is my lunch routine, hit up Salvation every lunch break.
Vincent Jones-Smith (30 days ago)
The most common search on my GPS is "thrift store near me" I love going in a thrift for the first time. I usually come up
M.H. (30 days ago)
Few weeks ago I picked up 2 dvd boxes for €4 in total, sold them for €60 in total without shipping. I just got some pokemon cards have to go through them but paid €23,95 and will get my money back on it, maybe a bit of profit, and the other cards will go into my collection.
Vincent Jones-Smith (30 days ago)
Right we forget that part thrifting is a win-win. You get stuff and make crazy profit and you find stuff for yourself at crazy insane deals. Not to mention a net "productive" way to kill time. Actually I'd call that a triple win for me because spending more time thrifting and flipping means less time spent on my bad habits.
David Escobosa (30 days ago)
You need to get a truck for all that work load Iol. Again thank you for the mentoring you guys are already helping us out alot! David & Michelle
Alex Spilker (30 days ago)
I do this but I’m making around 2k a month doing it on my lunch break!! Get out there and get your side hustle going!! I hope one day this will be my only hustle!
wtfyoumeaninvalid (30 days ago)
@Alex Spilker This is true.
Alex Spilker (30 days ago)
wtfyoumeaninvalid yeah it is that way here too but they always miss things the other day I found a GoPro fusion camera haha it was in a small package and everyone missed it. You can’t ever find those things if you don’t go
wtfyoumeaninvalid (30 days ago)
@Alex Spilker Oh ok, then yeah you're a little further away lol. I live in an area where there are a ton of resellers, so the bins are a nightmare here. :(
Alex Spilker (30 days ago)
wtfyoumeaninvalid I have a good job so I need it to bring around 5k a month or more because of health benefits and such
Alex Spilker (30 days ago)
I go to the goodwill outlet which sells by the pound and you can really kill it doing this find your local goodwill outlet and get working!! I eat my lunch while I drive over there and spend an hour and spend like 20 bucks to turn into hundreds of dollars
Amber Ann (30 days ago)
If only I had a decent good Will within an hour drive of me. 😞
Luis Reyna (30 days ago)
Awesome vid. Short and sweet!!
Lot of Josh (30 days ago)
Even though you’re a much more experienced reseller, and making way more money doing this than I am...you make it very easy to listen to you and relatable. I appreciate that!!
Lot of Josh (30 days ago)
Cheryl Ross thanks for the recommendation! I’ve been following him for some time now!! Love his channel 😃
Cheryl Ross (30 days ago)
Go to Hairy Tornado, please. He is newer at this and can give you lot's of tips.
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Lot of Josh no worries at all :) we still remember where we came from!
Exactly. You can make all the excuses as to why you cant bring in the $$$ but a little time and effort, can make you the dollars. Thank you Ryan
Vincent Jones-Smith (30 days ago)
Well said
carolyn moody (30 days ago)
Great video
Queen City Thrifters (30 days ago)
The UGG turned into UGGHH! :)
Ellen Gansowen (30 days ago)
Your value village are very different from Canada .. here..ohh so seldom you can find a good one... watching your channel almost everyday and I am learning a lot.. almost ready to start my Ebay store..thanks for all the infos though..
Hairy Tornado (30 days ago)
I have a whole series on my channel called Lunch Break Thrift Trip. Sometimes I only have 15 minutes to actually shop but I still make great money. I'd say I make about $400 per month net just from the items I buy during this time. Great video!
Cheryl Ross (30 days ago)
@RALLI ROOTS I'm sure you can see where I'm coming from. You have a great night as well.
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
@Cheryl Ross well then you'd know I'd never steal another person's content. That's the last I'll say on this, you can make your own mind up. Have a great night :)
Cheryl Ross (30 days ago)
@RALLI ROOTS yes I know your videos, I'm a subscriber.
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Cheryl Ross didn’t take a thing from his channel, didn’t know that series existed. We’d never do that, ps we have 400+ videos on YouTube, all original, go watch, I’ll wait.
Hairy Tornado (30 days ago)
@Cheryl Ross I dont think they were copying me. Ryan is a cool guy and he was just trying to teach people how easy it is to make money doing this stuff. Now, if he started singing "LUUNNCCHHH BREAAKKK THRIIFFTT TRIP OOOOOOOOOOOO", I'd have to make a trip down to Florida. Haha.
Walter Blake Knoblock (30 days ago)
i wish I could be in the mind of the goodwill employee who priced that at $50.
Walter Blake Knoblock (30 days ago)
@RALLI ROOTS somebody needs to tell these managers who their main customers are, lol.
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Walter Blake Knoblock 🤣 it was probs one of the managers repricing stuff. I was in a goodwill the other day and one of the managers god “mad” at the employees for pricing stuff too low that should be “boutique” items. She was literally pulling stuff off the racks to reprice them...sad days lol
Hope Miller (30 days ago)
Watching this at my 9-5 while dreading going to job #2 this evening lol. I've been binging on your videos and taking notes. Going thrifting some more this weekend and posting my first items this Sunday. Thanks for the all tips!! You two are the best!!
paranoiaprincess (30 days ago)
The only reasons I don't are: 1. I'm physically disabled and mostly bedridden. When I feel ok to go out, or have an appointment to go to, I'm wheelchair bound. 2. I'm on a disibility support program, and they don't pay much, so we live in a very small space, and have no room to keep extra stuff. 3. We don't drive, so every trip to a thrift store, is at least $24 round trip, as I need to be pushed. :S. These are the reasons I watch you guys. I'm living vicariously lol.
The Flippin Librarian (30 days ago)
Even if you wanted to do it a little bit, you could try some online arbitrage. I have kids and an elderly parent at home, so I can't get out as much as I would like. I buy stuff off eBay all the time that I turn around and flip for a profit right back on eBay. I recently bought a nice pair of leather shoes for $15 including shipping, and I should be able to get $80-$100 for them. You wouldn't need a lot of money or a lot of space to get started. Just a computer and a shelf in the corner, and then reinvest your profits back into the business for a few months to get the operating cash flowing. Hope this helps. Good luck!
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
paranoiaprincess makes sense. There’s definitely physical limitations when it comes to reselling. Sorry for not pointing that out. We wish you all the best!!!!
Alvin Mansilungan (30 days ago)
Nice video. I do all my shopping at lunch thats the only time i can go with busy working schedule. nice
Vincent Jones-Smith (30 days ago)
That's great because you never know when things change and maybe one day you'll have way more time to do it and you've already built a foundation of experience
Michael Christenson (30 days ago)
Or just call off of work and do this full-time. :) another great video thank you
R Swan (30 days ago)
Passing on that knowledge, I go thrifting around that time, not as many people in the store and gives time for new stock to be put out. Awesome video Ryan 👍
Rebekah Hoch (30 days ago)
This was awesome!
carol vasquez (30 days ago)
Missed you guys
jessicarobertson84 (30 days ago)
Super relatable video! You just missed the part where you haphazardly eat lunch in your car while swearing in traffic on the way to Goodwill and then back to the office :)
RALLI ROOTS (23 days ago)
Lydia Abell hustle during summer vacation
Lydia Abell (23 days ago)
And what if you only have a 30 minute lunch everyday like most teachers?
Vincent Jones-Smith (30 days ago)
I've had times where I've been in the Thrift Store with only 15 minutes timer. I get anxiety driving past the thrift store. FOMO for real
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
jessicarobertson84 🤣🤣🤣 dang! I should have included that!
Mark Hanes (30 days ago)
I have been doing just this for a few months at the same goodwill on my lunch break and I have had days with well over 100 in goods found even some single items in that range. It really has helped pay a few bills a month.
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Mark Hanes love that!! Great job!
Jennifer H (30 days ago)
Always click so fast on Ralli Roots videos!
Vincent Jones-Smith (30 days ago)
Me Too
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Jennifer H thank you!! 😊😊🤜🏻🤛🏻
Sean Oyer (30 days ago)
RALLI ROOTS (30 days ago)
Sean Oyer 😘 😘 😘

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