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Top 10 Best Fashion Designers in India

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Fashion Industry in India has gained a lot of popularity in today's world and has made its mark on the global map. Thanks to our top fashion designers who are now the most popular faces in the International fashion industry and are making our country proud. So, here is a new video of Top 10 best fashion designers in India and if you like this video, don't forget to share and subscribe and please give us your suggestions for some new videos in the comment section below.
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Text Comments (21)
Khushboo Sharma (26 days ago)
Wrong 1st position pe av Manish Malhotra hai....
Israr khan (1 month ago)
Where is ritu beri
Adarsh Gupta (1 month ago)
Wrong information First no. Pr Manish Malhotra h
Opinionated (1 month ago)
Manish Malhotra
Shhez Khan (2 months ago)
Mohammed mazhar hai 5ya 6
Sunil Khadilkar (3 months ago)
rohit bal aur vikram phadnis kaha gaye?
Faiz Print (3 months ago)
Kanchan Johar (3 months ago)
Priyankar Roy (3 months ago)
Please tell the number best fashion designer...
Rahul Singh (4 months ago)
mam Best fashion designing college ke naam bataiye please
Priyankar Roy (3 months ago)
Right year
Daud Khan (4 months ago)
Anwesha Misra (5 months ago)
Sabyasachi is the best of all
zain's Norns (5 months ago)
Nice video very informative..👌you did so well 👍in between 1st or 2nd position you put Manish Malhotra on second position is a great choice☺both are amazing designer..as a Designer,i love them😙but recently sabyasachi Mukherjee did so well in fashion industry....😎whenever i think about bridal outfit or Indian traditional ethnic wear,the first person come into my mind is Sabyasachi Mukherjee.
Susmita das (6 months ago)
I think u Manish Malhotra should be in the first position
Ye sabhyasachi Whi h kya jo bigg boss me aaya tha
Dev Sharma oohk
Dev Sharma (9 months ago)
No woh sabyasachi satpathy hai wo bhi Calcutta SE hi hai or woh bhi fashion designer hai. Or yeh sabyasachi mukherjee hai ye bhi Calcutta SE hai or currently top most designer me SE ek hai.
The Krishana photography (11 months ago)
The Krishana photography (9 months ago)
Top List તમારી ઇન્સ્ટાગ્રામ માં id છે તો કિયો ને હું ફોલો કરું તમને
Top List (9 months ago)
Thnku The Krishana photography

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