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Diner Scene - Dumb & Dumber (1994) - [HD]

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Extended diner scene from one of my favorite movies, Dumb & Dumber.
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David Merlino (9 hours ago)
Act special
David Merlino (9 hours ago)
I like it a lot
David Merlino (9 hours ago)
Funny movie
Mike 767 (13 hours ago)
When I saw the thumbnail for a sec I thought that was Logan Paul
iuku killz (1 day ago)
Seabass got rekt
ΣLECTЯ0N (1 day ago)
Seabass is retired Boston Bruin Cam Neely
Karl Wilde (2 days ago)
I like it alot
billion billz_ (3 days ago)
Seabass is the real idiot cuz he basically spit in the burger that he eventually ate for himself.
Aron Kelley (4 days ago)
Always wanted to try that in a little hole in the wall diner!! 👍😆👍
Dennis Njuguna (4 days ago)
fuck jeff
ayechill bro (5 days ago)
back when jim carey was funny
Hernie Patino (5 days ago)
Yogi Bear (5 days ago)
Pull over no it's a cardigan but thanks for noticing 😂😂
Steve S (6 days ago)
Jeff Daniels was incredible in this movie. After watching him in The Newsroom I'm convinced they're not the same person
Joe Masters (7 days ago)
Flo... nobody under 40 would get the reference XD
Kathy Simonton (8 days ago)
Aaa battery
Kathy Simonton (8 days ago)
Marisa?logoveen was rapped by my little cow girl brothers girlfriend from monte who is dead 💀
Jam Joe (8 days ago)
What was the point of the waitresses running outside with Sea base n his buddies what were they going to accomplish.......
Leafs Forever (8 days ago)
Cam Neely !!!
Average Chum (10 days ago)
2:18 when she eats his ass then kisses him
Tourettes Guy (10 days ago)
Aakamsh (11 days ago)
I almost threw up
Halixton illuminati (11 days ago)
Catch up Sea bass .
Sal S (13 days ago)
Excuse me flow, seabass just bought this meal. 🤣
Rahul Babu (14 days ago)
The idea is awesome...
Miguel Robles (14 days ago)
You could tell this motherfucker Jim Carey was coked out this whole movie
rockwithroadrunner (15 days ago)
PENALTY! Two mins for salting!
Ville Pakarinen (15 days ago)
I feel sorry for everyone whose first viewing of D&D wasn't the theatrical cut.
Desolate One (15 days ago)
seabasses cap haha need it
Nicolas Van Orton (15 days ago)
love this movie... brings back old memories
$weet James Jonz (15 days ago)
Coco (16 days ago)
Warning: Do not eat while watching this video!
The truth Man (16 days ago)
Top ten greatest movies of all time genius
Obsidian Dragon (17 days ago)
I've always wanted to try doing that tab scam to someone out there. Still do want to try it. It'll happen.
homer sexual (17 days ago)
I would still eat the burger mmmmmm burger.😀
Fernando 30 (18 days ago)
The color of that guys loogie...
Ruben Salazar (18 days ago)
Make it four boiler makers
kosmosleha (19 days ago)
Youve really whimped out man ))))
BreaKINGBAD (19 days ago)
You really wimped out man..
Habib Ahmed (19 days ago)
Who the fuck eats a burger contained with their own mucus????????
BiG JuiCe (21 days ago)
What the hell! Who's the dead man that hit me with the salt shaker?
T. kahraba (24 days ago)
Tal Lena (24 days ago)
“The guy hawked at my burger” 🤣
Rob MacNeil (24 days ago)
2:50 so many moments of genius.
Liana Soares (24 days ago)
“Excuse me, Flo?” Yea, they say it’s from a show...but how’s it funny? 😧
Adam Saleh (24 days ago)
Lloyd's evil laugh at the end is the perfect cherry on top of a hilarious scene!
Jon K (25 days ago)
The guy who spitted on the burger kinda looks like a redneck version of Bradley Cooper
Heidi Patino (26 days ago)
Radio are you ready Harry? Mock yeah King yeah Bird yeah yeah yeah lol
Karemaker (26 days ago)
I bet that Harry (Jeff Daniels) is actually bigger than "Sea Bass". Jeff is 6'3"!!!
awsan alshaibany (26 days ago)
Kick his ass man
Eirik Link (27 days ago)
The red International Harvester pickup truck rocks!!!
Gerry G. (28 days ago)
Fucking Lloyd schemin n shit x)
EUROPA (28 days ago)
They're not dumb at all. That was genius.
Liana Soares (28 days ago)
How did they manage to laugh that much when they know they're acting? Like during that shot they must've thought of something really funny to make them laugh like that because NO ONE can laugh that hard on command.
Isaac Aragon (29 days ago)
I crossed my mind..........🙄yeah
neoasura (29 days ago)
I love that "I got away with it" laugh at 4:24 gets me every time!
10k Subs challenge (29 days ago)
0:46 el guarache
Blake Sosebee (1 month ago)
It really is amazing how this movie has held up through time. Still funny to me to this day.
joe kotulak (1 month ago)
Sea Bass and the fellas offered to pick up our check. They're real nice. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That kills me every time.
hottyloxie (1 month ago)
I remember when I had this on vhs cassette. Lol
Ajay Stark (1 month ago)
😟 $1.09 per gallon gas. We'll NEVER see THAT again! 😕
Asa Yagami (1 month ago)
of course a person like this is a socialist
justinjacquez766 (1 month ago)
Why bring politics into this?
Nathan Smith (1 month ago)
I like it a lot
Gogol ginn (1 month ago)
Which TV show was Flo from?
Andrew Hall (1 month ago)
2:30 "Two foot of butt crack was all I could see..." ... wait, what??!
666zlatan666 (1 month ago)
This reminds me...my black ass is going to Denny's today
Andre Chaparro (1 month ago)
this is smarter work for dumbers
Andre Chaparro (1 month ago)
Harry should ask for another hamburger
D3 420 (1 month ago)
excuse me FLO!
denominator 56 (1 month ago)
Excuse me flo hehehhehehe
hadi F. (1 month ago)
SLE6AN 8 (1 month ago)
What a legends
Crook tsang (1 month ago)
s_lx (1 month ago)
“Cuse me, flow? 😂”
Matt (1 month ago)
Hurricane Flo?
Dub Mcdub (1 month ago)
too foot of butt crack is all i can see bahahahaha
Mr. Carrera 911 (1 month ago)
William McCormick (1 month ago)
The Monkees WERE a major influence on The Beatles.
advocate ankur mishra (1 month ago)
Sir mujhe dumb and dumber 1994 wala hindi language chahiye
Daniel Williamson (1 month ago)
0:17 Harry's laugh LOL.
KomackinoA (1 month ago)
Pretty good acting by a hall of famer. Actually the best, all other athlete actors suck balls.
3:33 When you have just been charged for the wrong table (a lot cheaper) at a restaurant & friend comes to offer you half of the bill.
Nic Parker (1 month ago)
I think I gamed with these guys on GTA 5 ,, down syndrome and full blow retard, and of you in the comment think stupid is cool. Go back to your country of origin .... 3rd world people in the usa makes the USA a 3rd world.. Good Job.. Now we got illegals making 15 dollars an hour flipping burgers at McDonalds. You can pay 5 dollars a burger and 2 dollars for fries.. I aint.
Kingslayer 10 (1 month ago)
Kick his ass seabass!!! Lol
Ralph Anus (1 month ago)
If someone did that to me in a restaurant I would murder them on the spot.
Third Echelon (1 month ago)
Gotcha bitch
Dee (1 month ago)
his head fell off
ren cat (1 month ago)
gregory parks (1 month ago)
smart move by dumb guy
Scott O'Grady (1 month ago)
You really wimped out man! to "Find a happy place" A brilliant comedy
Jorge Lopez (1 month ago)
Back when gas was dollar
Lewis Gaming (1 month ago)
Chyleen Lopez (1 month ago)
This scene is seriously iconic.
This is my favourite scene of the movie I love this movie so much I loved a lot dying with laughter
Jay McD (1 month ago)
'Kick his Ass CBass!'
J Wallace (1 month ago)
This scene alone is better than the entire sequel, they should have left a classic alone or at least do the sequel much sooner.
Benjamin Young (1 month ago)
Wood any body be scar of that tall guy i think i wood beat his ass
Andrew Brunnette (1 month ago)
The "WHat The Hell"?! gets me all the time it sound real

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