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52 Luxury Car, Watch & Fashion Brand Names You're Mispronouncing - German, French, Italian...

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How well do you know your favorite brands? Are you pronouncing them accordingly? https://bit.ly/brand-names-you-mispronounce #luxurybrands #mispronouncedbrands #notsponsored Did you like this video? Check out 22 Commonly mispronounced words here: https://bit.ly/2y2DwJ0 SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Knit Tie in Solid Rust Orange Silk - https://bit.ly/2MinM7N 2. Eagle Claw Cufflinks with Tiger's Eye - https://bit.ly/2l4VqSc 3. Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks Charcoal and Orange - https://bit.ly/2sZDbkr #notsponsored #luxurybrands #gentlemansgazette Learn how to pronounce French, German, and other sounding brands: 1. Audemars Piguet 2. Baume & Mercier 3. Balenciaga 4. Breguet 5. Chopard 6. Cartier 7. Chanel 8. Christian Dior 9. Comme Des Garçons 10. Dom Pérignon 11. Façonnable 12. Goyard 13. Gianfranco Ferré 14. Givenchy 15. Hermès 16. Hublot 17. Lanvin 18. L'Occitane 19. Longines 20. Longchamp 21. Louis Vuitton 22. Moet Et Chandon 23. Moncler 24. Miu Miu 25. Piaget 26. Stella Artois 27. Vacheron Constantin 28. Vilebrequin 29. Yves Saint Laurent 30. A. Lange & Sohne 31. Adidas 32. Breitling 33. Bayer BAY-Uh 34. Porsche 35. Hugo Boss hoo-go Boss 36. Mercedes Benz 37. Miele 38. Schwarzkopf 39. Tag Heuer 40. Volkswagen 41.Wüsthof & Zwilling J.A. Henckels 42. Alfa Romeo 43. Cerruti 44. Ermenegildo Zegna 45. Ferrari 46. Lamborghini 47. Loro Piana 48. Maserati 49. Moschino 50. Prada 51. Ralph Lauren 52. Vitale Barberis Canonico --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://bit.ly/2l5Cump Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ https://bit.ly/2sMxLKz Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://bit.ly/2l5Cump
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Gentleman's Gazette (8 months ago)
What are the brand names you hear others pronounce incorrectly?
Calen Crawford (9 days ago)
You mispronounced Hermès. Don't pronounce the, "S," at end. Moet et Chandon is three words, "et," means, "and."
cherdster (17 days ago)
Tom Hardware (18 days ago)
Jem N or how it should be called... jiggle wires. Because that’s how you start them and trouble shoot electrical problems.
Military Science (23 days ago)
Gentleman's Gazette Honda and Toyota. Properly pronounced Hohndah and Toh yoh Tah not Handa not toy yo dah
R. K. (1 month ago)
It's La-vah and not La-van for Lanvin
P. Herrmann (7 hours ago)
if you say some of this french names it sounds like chinese xD
Anirudh NT (21 hours ago)
G June36 (2 days ago)
Don't give a f-. American pronunciation ftw.
A (2 days ago)
Maybach was a luxury car brand on the early 20th century later bought by Mercedes-Benz (rescued), used for naming their top-of-the-line vehicles like the S class Maybach, the brand probably first or second most expensive car. And Daimler now is the name of the whole group that covers from smart, to Mercedes Benz and maybach, al the way to comercial vehicles like buses and trailers.
makecba (3 days ago)
Kei Soriano (3 days ago)
lilmacc 19 (4 days ago)
Really? Oookaaay then.
Anni Ramirez (4 days ago)
It's levioosa not leviosaa
AlternativeDesign100 (7 days ago)
how is "countach" correctly pronounced? The Lamboghini Countach (an older car from the 70s). That would be great to learn. By the way, good pronunciation otherwise, "machste recht gut, doch, bin beeindruckt... tja, da siehste mal!"
Ric Ferr (7 days ago)
I will never be able to afford none of these brands. So I will never pronounce them.
xbqchm (10 days ago)
I was amazed by your multilingual abilities until it came to Italian names. It's a shame you got almost all of them either partially or totally wrong. :(
Lilian Barbosa (10 days ago)
I was thinking you were awesome until "Moschino". That one you got it wrong!
jrd (10 days ago)
Very informative. Thank you.
Salma Massoud (11 days ago)
And moschino is pronounced like moskino. Exactly like bruschetta is pronounced like brusketta! Good video overall. Thanks!
Salma Massoud (11 days ago)
I liked the video till you started talking about your clothes 😔
Echelon Tahir (9 days ago)
Salma Massoud His entire channel is about men’s style and what to wear and how to wear it.
Shiva N (13 days ago)
What is the reason of different pronunciation of same word?
Debbie Johnson (13 days ago)
Very informative. Thank you.
Danny Steffen (14 days ago)
why do people watch these videos if they complain about expensive taste? we get it you like the taste of microwaved ramen noodles with sink water.
Matthias Hornbostel (14 days ago)
Breitling is not a german brand. It's a watch factory of switzerland. Although they are speaking a german slang, I bet, that nobody would notice suisse language as a german language, including most germans.
Marine lab (14 days ago)
The problem is that, when I prononce the brand's name with my French accent, people don't understand me, I have to repeat 3 times and then I have to say it with the American accent so people can understand me.
paola mura (13 days ago)
That's how It goes.
martinS S (14 days ago)
Why am I here? I'm so poor. Anyway, I laughed a lot during this video. You are the best.
MAGPIE (15 days ago)
Love the buttons!
Balanciga Cartier Chanel Christion dior Faconnable Italian Givenchy Hermes Hublot Lanvin
random observer (16 days ago)
Notwithstanding, this video is actually quite useful. Kudos.
random observer (16 days ago)
The t in Cartier should be pronounced as a t in English, too. Does one consider it proper to refer to the former US president as Jimmy Carder?
random observer (16 days ago)
I'm surprised that even with Quebec French and Official Canadian French my main exposure to the language here in Canada most of the French brand names seem intuitive and obvious to me. Guess surroundings and a bit of high school francais helped a bit after all. Interesting to know the change in Balenciaga, though.
TOSCHE (17 days ago)
Wait! Herzogenaurach is not Bavarian O_o It is a Franconian town!
Nisu (17 days ago)
And we see again french sucks xD (I am kidding)
Ábel Gáty (18 days ago)
Amugy bazzeg dumálhatsz arról h mi stilusos ha szarul nézel ki fater
cahyaef (18 days ago)
How to pronounce Peugeot correctly?
Sarah Sinjaï Gourdon (17 days ago)
cahyaef hi, I’m a French native speaker. The « E » right after the P is pronounced like the « U » in the words « Turn » « burn » or the « I » in « bird », « third »... Then, GEO is pronounced like JO in the word « enJOy ». The T at the end is silent. I hope this will be helpful !
Tom Hardware (18 days ago)
Otherwise known as over priced junk.
Mr Q (19 days ago)
If you get confuse easily because of the accent, please switch on captions. Auto generated YouTube caption made life easy
NJBO (21 days ago)
Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass Amerikaner deutsche Marken so aussprechen. Aber nicht schlimm, ich habe zum Beispiel meine Probleme wenn Marken französisch ausgesprochen werden.
Pipo (21 days ago)
"It's the Umlaut" 😂😂
Philip Hansson (21 days ago)
Get the feeling its only dumb americans that need this video. They are like rednecks that never traveled outside their village. Hihi
Francis Bautista (21 days ago)
Now i know to pronounce some luxury brand, but french accent its really hard. 😂 thank you
Kids Toy Channel (22 days ago)
the people behind these brands always say "We had a great DEF-LOF-Man" --Development...lol
Jon Doe (23 days ago)
Moschino is not pronounced "MosTSHino"!!! It's pronounced as "MosKino".
Jon Doe (23 days ago)
It's not "fErre", it's "ferrE". Stress on the last syllable.
Slime Ph (23 days ago)
Juned Syafitra (23 days ago)
oh no... my tongue
Dulce Neziraj (24 days ago)
Amazing 😉
Matthew Ramada (25 days ago)
"Maybach, pronounced my-baegh, not my-bok." Completely ignoring the fact, like a gentleman, that most English speakers are going to look at that and read "mae-back."
Joseph Dalton (26 days ago)
Please learn to speak American English before telling Americans how to pronounce others. Your accent needs work for Italian and American English.
ItsMinarmy (26 days ago)
Kylian Philips (26 days ago)
ahah when you french it's really easy
Frank Velrey (27 days ago)
The most challenging for me was UNIQ-LO which I mispronounced as "Unicoolo" until a Japanese clerk at the store explained me that is short form for Unique Clothing, so the right way is: Unique Lo!
SNG Anton (1 month ago)
so y'all are saying u can't afford adidas and puma?
Kiwi (1 month ago)
Everyone talking about accents and stuff: brand names shouldn't be included in that. Talking in a different language and having an accent is normal but brandnames should be pronounced the way they are meant to be. It's a huge pet peeve of mine tbh Never understood that "turning foreign words into english words" thing.
Elsie Coelho (1 month ago)
The mouthing I. E lip movement is not in sync with the video. So that's making it difficult to know how to keep our lips. Is it possible to help us with a little slower pace pronounciation? . It's really helpful to know this since I've completely being pronouncing it less of its origin.
Charlie (1 month ago)
I’m native French speaker so why I’m watching him explaining how to pronounce French words
MyradoGaming (1 month ago)
Ouh ouh his try on saying porsche hurts my ears he says pochsche
Marie. Elaine (1 month ago)
I love pronouncing words/brand names correctly but I always feel like people are going to laugh at me for faking an accent that is not my own (American).
tihi (1 month ago)
That slick hair.
Abdul Hamid (1 month ago)
Why german pronounciation are same with indonesian pronounciation of these german brands 😂
Oliver Ceberg (1 month ago)
Breitling is a SWISS watch brand - not German at all 😬
Elisa Coan (1 month ago)
I am sorry, but you got a couple wrong yourself. Ermenegildo Zegna [ er-meh-ne-DJIL-do ZE-nya] and Moschino [mo-SKII-no]. Thanks for all the rest, from a native Italian speaker!
R. Ive (1 month ago)
Louis Roerderer champagne.
shahin ali (1 month ago)
Really helpful. Waiting for more videos from you Mr. Gentleman ❤️
Allan Alda (1 month ago)
Then why french and germans included those letters that they will not pronounce anyway??? Or they have problems in writing the right spelling ??? Then they will blame you for mispronouncing it???
Simba (1 month ago)
I'm laughing all the way while I watch this video, dunno why! Good stuff man
Emmett Hartung (1 month ago)
I love the irony at 1:10 when you say "But, it never hurts to know to proper proNOUNciation" instead of pronunciation xD
Erica Lowry (1 month ago)
A gentleman would apologise for pronouncing moschino the wrong way.
Jakster 360 (1 month ago)
Moschino is Mos-Kee-No, not Mos-Chee-No.
Keller Instinct (1 month ago)
Hast bei Moschino einen kleinen Fehler gemacht, es wird Moskino ausgesprochen.
Keller Instinct (1 month ago)
Grüße aus Berlin mein Guter!
Tish W. (1 month ago)
Watching this to take my boujie to a new level 🧐
Andrei Hawke (1 month ago)
the gentlemans way should be to say variances not variations ;)
John Lo (1 month ago)
Does anyone know how to pronounce 'Pret a Manger'?
KaZ Cruse Akers Writes (1 month ago)
My father did business with Ralph LAUren and it drove him crazy when people thinking they were posh pronounced it LauREN.
bebetigre12 (1 month ago)
No on the red tie with green jacket no no it’s like Halloween orange and black.
Does dis brnd even exist?
currypac (1 month ago)
Ok, pronounced Oh Kay, not Ooo keeey
Xu Zu (1 month ago)
First, no one in America is mispronouncing Miele as no one has even heard of it. Second, never heard anyone use your pronunciation. I will say that my Miele stove is excellent but still has some annoying features my cheaper oven did better. Before we got the Miele, we had a cheap Polish stove. The way they situated the convection fan and vent made the capacity larger than the Miele. Furthermore, the polish stove allowed me to put my baking pan directly under my wire rack in the same slot. I could pull them both out together preventing dripping. The Miele has small slots and therefore they have to go in different slots and I can't pull them out together. Furthermore, German is highly dialectal and even amongst German speakers, pronunciation varies greatly. Listen to the difference in pronunciation of the German word 'ich' between Berlin and Hannover.
Xu Zu (1 month ago)
I live in Germany for years. I've never heard anyone pronounce those names as you do. Never, not once.
Joris Thijs (1 month ago)
FYI Stella Artois is not from the French speaking part of Belgium
Hrishikesh lee! (1 month ago)
Dude it's not pronounced pro - nounce it's pro- nunce
Phil .321 (1 month ago)
Bro Your prononcing on porsche is wrong
Kekistani Help Desk (1 month ago)
How do I pronounce Primark?
John Gore (1 month ago)
Love me
John Gore (1 month ago)
I think your ears are sinking
toddsk1961 (1 month ago)
Say "ah de das" her and you shall be laughed at
SevenRiderAirForce (1 month ago)
lol Hermes is NOT more synonymous with the French luxury brand. Everyone learns about Hermes the messenger god in middle school / high school, that's why they pronounce it Her-meez.
L S (1 month ago)
why is the Italian section called "other"?
Oakland Republic (1 month ago)
Tsai Jason (1 month ago)
If you are Bill Gates you can pronunce whatever you want!
Is he Meta Human!??? The Flash🤔😂🔥
Alex Ward (1 month ago)
Mr Bean wears that suit
Alex Ward (1 month ago)
Don't tell me what to wear u knob
Olivia Nazareno (1 month ago)
Stuff that are so expensive when I try to pronounce them , the words won’t roll off my tongue😬
artur kowalski (1 month ago)
If i pronounce those brands incorrectly is that mean im a uneducated peasant. Because i think the thing that matters that it should sounds the way that most people will understand
Glechik897 (1 month ago)
In Russian we pronounce those brands much better than Americans(each of the German ones we do perfectly)but still differently. Exclusively the French ones.
Khaula basalat (1 month ago)
The most mispronounced name is IKEA. the swedish pronounciation is eekia
Gabriel Lebre (1 month ago)
Mispronounced: Dior, Ferré, Prada, a Lange und sohne (even though you are German which is a shame), Porsche, Miele, Alfa Romeo, Cerruti, Ferrari, Moschino and Prada. Don’t overpronounce, makes you look silly.
havocproltd (1 month ago)
funny how all of my "Lings say Swiss Made.
havocproltd (1 month ago)
"it's like those French have a different word for everything"!!!
Elle (1 month ago)
How many of us "think" we will remember the correct pronunciation of these brands and will fall flat on our face when we try to "look cool" and correct others.
scasey1960 (1 month ago)
Probably the best video on this channel for every clueless American viewer (like myself).
Ben (1 month ago)
Great video!! Even if I can not afford them, I can say to my high brow friends “nice longshaw bag!!!”
Race MotoGP (1 month ago)
Moschino ... Si pronuncia mos ki no ...no moshino

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