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We Know We Like Each Other But He Can't Approach Me

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Snitch_blaster04 (2 months ago)
Alan Walker (4 months ago)
Oh man you hold on my feelings I liked him but idk how to start conversation please help me
Roslyn M.Davis (4 months ago)
Thank you.,
luqman laji (5 months ago)
U know we both always accidentally eyes contact, its often happen, while eating in athlete's canteen, ... I dont know to start... Its so hard for me to smile.. I dont know why iam just to shy... And when we doing the eye contact i cant control to stay, and i often to giving up on that look.. I pull out my look away when it happen,.... She not even smile at me..
Artiste Maria (6 months ago)
Yes this is him
Yasmine Art (6 months ago)
I'm too shy to smile at him. I feel like he's waiting for a signal from me but everytime I convince myself to smile, or to say hi, the minute I'm face to face with him I panic I can't smile only look at him arghhh it's frustrating and makes me angry
florence wallis (17 days ago)
Oh wow I thought I was the only acting like that l am hoping one day he will just say hi
Frankie Flowers (7 months ago)
shan4883 (7 months ago)
Its hard to smile back when you're tired and not feeling well and nervous and scared of my moods. He's known me for almost a year now and works across from me at the hospital. I finally got him to almost approach me again by staring at him with turning his back around to notice me and we both got really intense sexual tension after that for days! I'm mean my god my legs were literally shaking just being in his precense as he's smiling with his friend teasing him. Now all he does is smile at me but my building closes their blinds when they leave and I feel so anxious to open them just so he can see me. I worry that he'll think I don't like him if I don't smile and I get tired of just staring. The blinds were closed last Thursday and all he did was sigh at the window smiling happily (I've never seen him that happy) on his break, looking around to see if I'm going outside. I can't just leave my work. We tend to get off work at different times but I stayed longer just to finally see him leave after he got off work in his car and he stared into my window as he drove past thinking to himself. I imagine myself kissing him and we had our moments when he intensely stared. I'm just concerned if I let him I'll hurt the both of us and I'm in a long distance relationship.
Zions_Own (8 months ago)
This one is my favorite because that's where I am now
A L C A R Y L E R O N (3 months ago)
Zions_Own same here 😝
Michelle Thompson (8 months ago)
How can u be happy if ur not with the person u love..and I'm never around him to do what ur talking about if I wanted too..
Cheaffs Death (8 months ago)
This is me RIGHT NOwww !!!
slomo1357 (8 months ago)
This is me and I hate it so much
Vule (8 months ago)
you've consistently been one of the best relationship experts on youtube, don't stop making videos!!
David (9 months ago)
Girls need to grow out of the idea that men (the ones they like) are gonna approach them by reading their all too ambiguous signals... whatever happened to just saying what is on your mind or expressing how you feel?
Edward Highland (9 months ago)
thumbs up
mar jn (1 year ago)
I think before emotionalizing on a pre-relationship FIND OUT THE FACTS FIRST unfortunately we've been taught the wrong way.
Hershey 4Life (1 year ago)
Hey! I’m experiencing this now and it is confusing me!!! 😖
Beta (1 year ago)
This is soooo me and my crush
Smiley Lol (1 year ago)
very accurate !!!
Madalyne Ramos (1 year ago)
You deserve way more subscribers
Christmas Is Awesome (1 year ago)
To all women that are watching this video, here is some more advice. It is best when you are alone rather than being with your girlfriends. To us, it is like you are surrounded by bodyguards. In addition, the prettier you are, the harder for us to approach you in this bodyguard situation. However, there is more chance of us approaching this bodyguard situation if you introduce us to your friends. Imagine you approaching your crush who is surrounded by random people, there is less chance of you approaching your crush since you don't know the group. Nevertheless, if you two really cannot approach each other, at least make an eye contact with him and smiles at him. This lets him know that you acknowledge of him in the area and are interested in him perhaps.
Jessica Richards (1 year ago)
Carolina (1 year ago)
You are incredible!!!
Vicko GM 7u7 (1 year ago)
Sir, I love your advice. You have really made me understand too many stuff about guys, and you make it simple, quickly and direct. Thank you so very much!
Maddee G. (1 year ago)
This happened in 4th grade...Heh, it was so obvious. We didn't do anything...
Theodora (2 years ago)
My crush thinks that girls should make the first move (what the fuck?) and I know he's waiting for me to do it. What does it say about him? what should I do? HELP
Ceren Yıldız (1 year ago)
He's lazy. Wont give you the things you want in the relationship if you get into one with him.
Aces (1 year ago)
what does it say about you.
Rogue Thief (1 year ago)
Theodora fucking do it
Candy ._. (2 years ago)
But one thing if you act happy and you never really are and he likes that wouldn't he feel weird if he sees you acting different
Ceren Yıldız (1 year ago)
Just act same as you feel. We already get more excited when we see a person we like. Don't pretend to be something other than yourself.
rafael (1 year ago)
Future Failure you don't need to act happy. In this context it means you being more friendly, appealing, and accesible.
Nambi Pambi (2 years ago)
there is this one guy I like and we have liked each other since we were little, but know I'm a freshman and he moved away but visits his family regularly so I see him but he never talks to me anymore or makes a move. I'm also very shy so I can't speak to him either! I feel like he likes me but when he sees me goes the other way. Pls!! someone help me this makes me so sad:-(
Ceren Yıldız (1 year ago)
Nyambi Marsh He thinks even if he gets in a relationship with you, he wont be able to see you as much as he wants to.
Blue 24 (2 years ago)
Maybe girls should make a move.
Spacely Man (19 days ago)
I seriously wish they did bro.
Georgie Is MGTOW (1 year ago)
Ceren Yıldız you can’t pick and choose what you want when it comes to equal rights.
Ceren Yıldız (1 year ago)
We dont want to be "treated" equal. We want same rights as you. We dont want to be like you or be seen like you, we want freedom to be and be seen as our own selves.
Kyesha Carter (1 year ago)
George Is Straight Elite you said "they" you didn't say "some girls" or something similar. You said they as in us girls.
Georgie Is MGTOW (1 year ago)
Kyesha Carter where in my comment did I say “All women” ?
maroon 6 (2 years ago)
thank you soooo much
javasta askavas (2 years ago)
Yeah. Every time we pass by each other we'd just stare at each other. Sometimes when we get comfortable we smile at each other and rarely say hello. xD
Ceren Yıldız (1 year ago)
ICEE FREEZY We shy people have great instincts. Go use them. Let it flow.
ICEE FREEZY (1 year ago)
javasta askavas omg same i am a senior in hs what should i do i am a guy and shy and dont no what to say or conversation help 😢
maykia hang (2 years ago)
😂😂😂 that's what I think. I think it's obvious we both like each other
Christian Johnson (2 years ago)
0:17 literally me.
Beta (1 year ago)
RatchetSprite same
nolo2gogo (2 years ago)
dolphin123654 (2 years ago)
Ur the best
Zac6230 (3 years ago)
Dating Logic I'm 36 year old guy and man you're good. You know your stuff on human behaviour. Write a book dude
Ari Del (2 months ago)
Lmao 3 years later im relpying yea do a bool pls
Platinum (3 years ago)
I had this problem two years ago and it was a pain -_- He ended up finding out that I liked him and still didn't make a move.
Queen Directioner (9 months ago)
Lol ikr. It's f frustrating
rafael (1 year ago)
sweettunes500 what if je was a shy but righteous boy? In that case probably he did not want to play with your feelings.
What if i smile and look like silly and deliver im fall for him? And what if i smile be animated and then people around me is hostile towards me? Should i keep smiling to show i can engage with people?
Opal Whitney (3 years ago)
okay need some advice, theres this guy at my youth group. hes cute. he has a gf, he can never keep one,lol. Weird,...He and me have a relationship of staring at each other. lmao, not sure to get over this guy, or if theres something, anything, really there but, last time I saw him he look right at me and just gazed while we both were laughing at realzies funny jke, but his friend who saw us looked at him with a face that said; "ahah you just didn't!" then cute boy slighty look confuse and his friend make eye gestures he look at me then back at him and then cute boy not really look at me at all rest of night in fact later I felt embarrassed like I did something wrong so I didn't even look at him. :( I dunno why I feel guilty :( Imao. plz help I so confused I don't know what dis mean wha his friend doing????
Ticklish Terrorist (4 years ago)
Talkative?Happy?That's me!My personality is really cheerful!I knew it!I started jumping up & down when you said I have to act happy!And he always smiles at me when I'm happy(that means always)!Yes!Thank you,Thank you!
goforth115 (4 years ago)
What if I already do those things and he still doesn't make a move?
goforth115 (4 years ago)
@DatingSitesOnline Already thank you :)
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
You may have to be the one to do the initial asking out on this one.
goforth115 (4 years ago)
@DatingSitesOnline I know he is a little bit shy... and I like that about him. But I don't know what to do.
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
If he is not responding to all that, he may be very shy.
Jordan Washington (5 years ago)
Questions: What are some good non-verbal cues to send out to a guy to show that you like him back?
DatingLogic (5 years ago)
@Jordan Washington Doesn't really mean anything in particular. It could just be a habit.
DatingLogic (5 years ago)
@Jordan Washington Yes and appear like you are really interested in what he is saying.
Jordan Washington (5 years ago)
Also, what doe sit mean when a guy's legs are always shaking, and when they turn their whole body to face you?
Jordan Washington (5 years ago)
@DatingSitesOnline ...or when he's speaking in class, really pay attention to him?
DatingLogic (5 years ago)
Be yourself but be dynamic. Discover your passion and find other like-minded people who share the same. Have a good attitude with good body language while you are at it. You will attract the right man.
DatingLogic (5 years ago)
You don't. Being a soul mate takes time. You have to be there for each other through the good and bad times over the course of time before you can qualify that person as a soul mate.
Elaine Miranda (5 years ago)
how do you attract the right man
Yeri Kim (11 months ago)
Be the right person first
mar jn (1 year ago)
Elaine Miranda attracting the "right person" doesn't just happen you have to learn how to weed out the wrong person with the wrong intentions.
Elaine Miranda (5 years ago)
how do you know if he is your soul mate?

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