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eBay shipping tips - How to ship on eBay! Join our mentoring group! https://bit.ly/2Jp82Ci **** Supplies we use: https://www.amazon.com/shop/ralliroots **** Check out some of our other videos **** ABOUT US! https://youtu.be/sj38MZgRQO4 eBay BOLO List! https://youtu.be/dT8eUQ9NWII Thrift Date Night! https://youtu.be/0kn5Pmq-vzs Massive Vintage Snapback Haul! https://youtu.be/nHtlBuyoqMI 1 Year on YouTube! https://youtu.be/7RDr_notbBg What Items to Sell on eBay? https://youtu.be/o5jYPsFIsUw Cram the Cam! Thrift Road Trip! https://youtu.be/VMy2LzldZGw How to Amazon FBA? https://youtu.be/aRNbMRiw-Rk Hidden Camera GoPRO Garage Sales! https://youtu.be/rFEy93GwE5o **** Music **** ♫Music by Dj Quads♫ ● @aka-dj-quads ● twitter.com/DjQuads ● www.youtube.com/channel/UCusFqutyfTWRqGhC8kHA5uw ● open.spotify.com/artist/2VZrdImbvB03VWApYtBRr3 ● www.instagram.com/djquads -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Finding Treasure At The Thrift Store To Resell Online!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z47io7wnEHc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Uly's Chido Vlogs (5 days ago)
always check the next day if packages are in transit and have reached the sorting facility. Sometimes they are lazy and i find sometimes our usps packages dont leave the station until the following day. It's frustrating because it delays the delivery time. USPS sometimes sucks.
Mary Jane Steinbrecher (16 days ago)
A post office welcones ALL packages. They get credit for every pkg that goes thru there. She was wanting to get off early plain and simple.
Mary Jane Steinbrecher (16 days ago)
Always wear a scarf wiyh your hair up Alli or in a bun You look so pretty, my fav over wearing it down . You look more happy with it up.😊
Mrs. Akilah (22 days ago)
How can you have 2 accounts? Can the PayPal be attached to both accounts? It sounds like a good idea for me?
Karen A (23 days ago)
They can always order more equipment from their main facility. That is the cage clerks job. Tell her next time, educate her. From a former P.O. Employee. P.S. They don’t discipline anyone unless they don’t like them. They DO give a lot of lip service.
Michelewith1L (1 month ago)
I love your inventory bin idea! I'm learning so much from you and also having fun watching your videos. I hope you know how much I appreciate your tips and advice. I just sold a couch I got for free for $60. A small profit but I'm taking that money to goodwill tomorrow to see what I can find. I figure I can start small and build my business. I can't wait to start this reselling journey!
Victor Castillo (1 month ago)
Have rewatched 4 times in the last couple months in preparation to begin my reselling journey!! Awesome content and wisdom 🙌🏾 any chance we are getting another packing & shipping help video?
melissa looper (1 month ago)
Do y'all have like a schedule of when you ship things? Are you guys shipping weekly, twice a week, just curious how often y'all ship things. I have been shipping them as they are sold which has me at the post office all of the time. So just curious to see how others are doing it.
Merchantess (1 month ago)
You guys are awesome idk what took me so long getting onboard! I’m in Florida too btw🙂
Darling Jess (1 month ago)
I love you guys and Cali! New subscriber and I love the videos. So helpful!
Jamie Trusel (1 month ago)
Cause some employees are LAZY
Hustle Cachet (1 month ago)
thank you this is so helpful
Skylar Hartnett (2 months ago)
Just curious, but you don't get the receipt from the post office?
John Goncalves (2 months ago)
Wow I work for the USPS and I am shocked at that women. She would be fired at my office. We never say that to customers, and my post office is 50x smaller then that in the woods of Pennsylvania.
Robert Mememe (2 months ago)
Thanks I am trying to learn something knew since I can longer work as a mechanic due to serious health issues... I can't work a normal job so I am trying to come up with starting my own to make money since I have had no income in 8 months :-(
Helen Galindo (2 months ago)
Do you get those Blue bags in other sizes? Under what listing on Amazon, can find them? You guys have been fantastic at sharing your life, and business experience with all of us. Thank you!
Dug (2 months ago)
Check their Amazon link in the video caption.
Homer Munoz (2 months ago)
Another great Ralli Roots video. You handled the USPS lady really well. And thanks for the helpful shipping tips!
R Anderson (2 months ago)
The girl in the glasses looks like she dropped some orange sunshine.
Crystal Grimm (2 months ago)
Thank you for showing
Nick Guidry (2 months ago)
Why use more than 1 Ebay account?
Nick Guidry (2 months ago)
Thanks, I didn't think about having a niche store on Ebay.
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
separate inventory, brand a niche lots of reasons. One of our main reasons is because we only want one of our stores public to 70,000 youtube subscribers. Still need some privacy ;)
mary basham (2 months ago)
Also, do you include an invoice with shipping? I usually do, but know a lot of sellers do not.
mary basham (2 months ago)
I always wrote a thank you on my shipping invoice, but since putting in a thank you card, I get almost double the feedback! Thanks for the idea!!
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
Awesome!!!! :)
Great job on the content and video you guys 🤙
Hey will you tell Cali that I said hello and that she is awesome 😁🤙. I get a good laugh when she is on. (Damon)
Mr. Truth (2 months ago)
I'm hoping to do them figures 1 day
samual Wallace (2 months ago)
You can go to label preferences at the top of the bulk shipping screen, and from there you can change the setting so your custom label number number shows up on the label. Then you can use the labels to pull the items. There are a lot of other improvements you could make to your storage and shipping processes that would allow you to get where one person would be able to pull and pack this many items in a couple of hours with quality control checks as well. Overall though I like the videos.
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
samual Wallace you’re not wrong my friend
samual Wallace (2 months ago)
+RALLI ROOTS (Model that works) + (Improved Process that lowers labor cost and requires no capital expenditures) = More profit
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
samual Wallace our model works for us. Cheers.
Andrew R (2 months ago)
I started an eBay account, sold a couple things. However I feel kind of weird using my home address when sending things to someone I don’t know. I feel as it could be a bit dangerous? Any advice ?
HelloJude (3 months ago)
Do you add the shipping cost into your prices to offer the "free shipping"?
Rusty Nail (3 months ago)
That's just what happens when you get a fat lady that sees she has to do actual work at her job lol. I guarantee fedex would fire her for that if you showed them.
Zeps Toys (3 months ago)
I get some negativity when I drop my things off. Don't know if they are too busy to take my pre paid that they don't have to do anything too? So you're not on your own.
Rachelunknown (3 months ago)
That was a very helpful video!
Yan Vast (3 months ago)
I have a question how can you prove than u have send the item if the buyer said than haven’t received?
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
every item we ship has a tracking number
H G (3 months ago)
At least you don’t live in Georgia. The USPS here is TERRIBLE !!
zach richardson (3 months ago)
What size clear polymailers do you use? And what size are the blue ones as well? Thank you!!
Ray Slaughter (3 months ago)
What happens if 101 different customers come in with a single package., will she warn the 101th customer that they can only take 100 packages. U.S.P.S. is SHIPPING organization. I've shipped 40-50 packages from my house and my carrier takes it no problem and hauls them to the truck. She was having a bad day. We all have them
Brittani K (3 months ago)
Love your videos! This one had a lot of good tips. ... and that old lady was just lazy and didn't want to take care of it.
Julie Gauthier (3 months ago)
Those blue mailer bags where do you get those from? Love you guys
wvumaniac87 (3 months ago)
Government employees....
Slo Flash (3 months ago)
Us re-sellers are reviving mail industry
Slo Flash (3 months ago)
She be hatin~!
guy charlton (4 months ago)
Great vid I'm new to the reselling game but you have given me some great ideas. Thank you all the way from the UK.
Handoko Liam Rianto (4 months ago)
Don't know if this helps: I used the custom label to put in the actual weight of the product, and also how to ship it. We used brand item, thus we put SKUs at the end of the title, I guess bin number is not allowed in title, thus you may stick to having it in custom lable. On eBay there is how you can print the custom lable along with invoice and packing slip, thus you print all those orders sheet, and put in each items in its order sheet - rather than you collect those items first, then have to find it again in the table.
Jennifer Maher (4 months ago)
When pricing how do you estimate cost for shipping for your heavier items? A lot varies by zip code. Also how do you determine shipping type for listing. I’ve stayed away from heavier and larger items bc of lack of knowledge in this area. PS I love your videos! You guys are awesome!
RALLI ROOTS (4 months ago)
We average our costs out, so let's say last month we shiped 100/20lb items all over the place, we'll take the average shipping price across the board and that's what we determine to be our actual cost that we add back in.
Gerardo Puebla (4 months ago)
Who pays for shipping?
Don Walker (4 months ago)
Was that the speaker you were scammed on?
Radsan (4 months ago)
Hey guys, don't ever apologize for not putting out more frequent vlogs, I think it's extremely nice of the two of you to offer to do it at all. Both of you are more helpful than I think you realize. Thank you both very much!
Robert Naue (4 months ago)
Her accent explains everything :)
Pat Dinucci (4 months ago)
what handling time do you have on your listings? I've dropped off packages once before and they either weren't scanned in that day or too late and I got hit with a late shipment rate a while back.
RALLI ROOTS (4 months ago)
we do 1 day.
Cody G (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for the content! Glad I found your channel a good bit after you started so I can binge watch :D
Idowhatiwant (4 months ago)
So how would you handle selling a $100 item that shipped to a P.O. Box so I can’t used fedex shipped priority was $70. I shipped it but was a break even deal. Would you have canceled the order. Or do u say no shipping to P.O. Boxes in listing?
RALLI ROOTS (4 months ago)
You can choose to not allow po box addresses when you list the item. That's what we would have done.
Dottie Webb (4 months ago)
You gave us an average sales price, but why not include shipping cost also??? Luv the videos!!!!!
NoSwiss AllCheddar (4 months ago)
You are very informative, hopefully the competition isn't watching these videos also.
RALLI ROOTS (4 months ago)
there's enough for all of us :)
Lethal Lefty (4 months ago)
Gonna start an eBay thing soon so you guys help
kazoo990 (4 months ago)
Once again another Great video!👍 you guys are sooo lucky to have all those options in the US. Here in Canada I don’t have that fast shipping option on eBay and shipping is real expensive. I think I’m moving to the US, 😎Lol Love you guys you’re the best! Thanks
Third Coast Hustle (5 months ago)
Why use two Ebay accounts?
Seth Williams (5 months ago)
How did you decide to divide the stores? Is one strictly for clothes, and one for everything else?
Heather Heffernan (5 months ago)
how do you do your prices? I just mean like the .77 on the end rather than a like 22.00 price?
MrDboes (5 months ago)
I want to make love to Cali's personality. I dig those happy positive vibes!
Luke Forsee (5 months ago)
I heard Tony Evans when you took those packages out to the car! :)
Aracely Barboza Cabral (5 months ago)
what is the name of the label printer you use for your shipping labels?
Sounds of the Cypher (5 months ago)
snitchin on old ladies smh
Mike Lytle (5 months ago)
What is that app on your phone that shows listings and dollar amounts?
You Cant Skate (5 months ago)
when shipping does it only have to be under 15 oz without the other polybag or in total
Doug Orilio (6 months ago)
This may be too personal of a question but how do yiu pay Callie? Is it like an hourly rate? At what point did it become more profitable to pay for her help than to only do what the two of you could handle, awesome vid you guys as usual tysm
The Subliminal Factory (6 months ago)
I love Callie
Jaroslaw Kijko (6 months ago)
remove the dimensions when you ship via USPS, at times the price is different and cheaper. - NOT thru the bulk shipping tool though
RALLI ROOTS (6 months ago)
Jaroslaw Kijko it’s cheaper because you have to input the dimensions lol. That’s like saying ship it as 2lbs when it’s actually 5lbs because it’s cheaper...
JAYMATIK (6 months ago)
Great video. One thing for everyone to note when weighing your items for the shipping label. Don't forget to add the weight of the padded envelope or box. Sometimes accounting for that weight tips the package from First Class to Priority.
Ari Abreu (6 months ago)
LMFAO USPS - always an experience
Richard M (6 months ago)
Ryan, please post the brand of your printer and the model.
RALLI ROOTS (6 months ago)
It's the first item on our amazon page :) https://www.amazon.com/shop/ralliroots
Richard M (6 months ago)
Ryan, what do you do about returns? And what is your policy on your EBay store?
Dan Bell (7 months ago)
Great video, cheers
Mickey-2940 (8 months ago)
Thanks for taking the time out of your very busy day to share these wonderful and informative videos with us.  I'm learning so much.
Daniel McNeil (8 months ago)
hi, I am thinking about dipping my toe into reselling on Amazon and Ebay. For objects like the ice making machine how do you let the customer know how much shipping will cost when you list it?
Sean Kitahara (8 months ago)
That's typical (& pretty aggravating) of different USPS employees. Also, where do you do most of your sourcing? Looks like a bit of everything? Wholesale, Liquidation and RA?
Oscar S. (8 months ago)
Awesome video Ryan. By the way received your coffee and it is amazing. Thanks
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
woohooo!!!! :) glad you like it
Christian Gutierrez (8 months ago)
A truly rich and informative video on shipping for ebay, thank you so much 😊
camachovideos (8 months ago)
Can you tell me the model of your thermal printer?
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
camachovideos we use this one :) https://youtu.be/mUUiJcea4JE
Cristi Harris (8 months ago)
Great video! I love it when an eBay YouTuber shares their actual processes. Thanks!
Anibal P (8 months ago)
Hi! Guys. Question hope you can answer it for me,I have seen you guys do this on your other videos. Example you got to ship out a t-shirt you put it in a clear bag and on the end or in the middle of the bags there is a strip of adhesive that sticks on to the bag, and that's when you put the thank you note my question is what is the name of that clear bag? I think I seen some writing on it ,not sure? Maybe some caution, choking hazard warning signs on the bags that will be my guess? They are not the same as polybags? Are they? If not what's the difference please if you can explain it will be very helpful!!! On this video you have it on the scale @ 6:40 Can you please tell me the name of them bags, of if you can send me the link to where you purchase (good price) that will be awesome!!! Like your videos very informative!!! Thanks in advance....
William Mei (8 months ago)
whats the purpose of having 2 ebay accounts? Thanks!
Adam (8 months ago)
Really enjoyed this video! Question, what size blue poly bags do you use? Do you use a different size for a shirt versus a pullover/sweater? Is there a size for jackets that you use or then switch to a box? Thanks!
Deana (8 months ago)
I don't think she was refusing you, she was explaining for next time.
Katie Roaden (8 months ago)
Hey guys!! I remember watching this video and had to vent! I had 13 small packages to drop off from the weekend(yay!) which is huge for me. I'm also having problems printing labels in bulk with my new thermal printer so I wasn't able to print a scan form (I didn't even know what that was until recently lol). The lady helping me asked me how many packages I had and told me I would be holding up the line if she scanned them all. She said "I don't think I can do it"! I told her I have never had an issue before. She also said that because I get a discount from shipping them on my own, its not fair that I'm holding up the line for people that pay full price. She did help me, and it took less than 5 minutes. I do get her view to a degree, but she made me feel like absolute crap. I'm sorry for my rant guys, I absolutely love your videos!💖
mnlakes (8 months ago)
Why didn’t you put those Bostonians in a padded flat rate envelope?
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
mnlakes they didn’t fit and for an extra couple bucks it later better to ship more expensive shoes in a box so they don’t get damaged.
Rebecca Shetter (8 months ago)
Thank you; love you videos. . Wow, what a lazy and nasty women.... so.... glad they took care of it. You are a very good customer and they should be unloading your packages for you.. I know of a few post offices that all you do is pull up to the dock and they scan and unload your packages for you... Thanks again.
Winston Torchon (9 months ago)
Very very heplful video!!!👍👍
ItsVyzo (9 months ago)
I've heard of you guys for a while but never really explored your guys content. Huge mistake. This is one of the most informative videos I have ever seen, as a new seller thank you so much. Made sure to sub, I have a lot to learn. Thak you!
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
yay! well welcome :) and we're glad we could help!
ItsVyzo (9 months ago)
Nicholas Nietzsche (9 months ago)
That's why the USPS loses $$$$$Milllions every year. Make it as hard a possible on the customer to do business with them.
Derek Elliott (9 months ago)
1 small, not noticed stain, a not described scuff, a snared shoestring, or even anything trivial.... poof... selling clothes and shoes backfires. I rarely sell clothes or shoes. My average sale price for the past 12 months is $78, average shipping is $6.12 with 761 items in that time. Average item cost with tax is $5.87. Nickle and diming sales is a waste of resources. Remember, packaging supplies is NOT a tax write-off; only the shipping courier cost is.
RALLI ROOTS (9 months ago)
glad you've learned :) keep it up! clothes and shoes are only about 20% of our total business btw.
Derek Elliott (9 months ago)
I'm part-time. Over the past 15 years, I have learned to sell higher sale items over much lower items. I tried shoes, and agree with the cordovan/kenwood leather shoes. I deal in flatware which I get for .20-.30c each and most sell for $5-$15 a piece each - sold in 4 piece of a kind, or 5 piece place setting. I do sell other things. Clothes, as mentioned, is too risky after 15 years. I do love the vids though. Have learned a few things :D
RALLI ROOTS (9 months ago)
Derek Elliott so you’ve done roughly $42k net in a year...i would say it’s time to expand your knowledge into additional categories like clothing and shoes ;)
Dave B (9 months ago)
Question...do U guys like using the USPS scan sheet for your large bulk shipping days? We just started it and find it tricky. I know the USps likes us to use it but I question if it’s worth it.
TrendsandThings WV (9 months ago)
Awesome video. Curious as to what label printer you guys use. Im looking into getting a thermal printer but not sure which is best
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
we use the rollo https://youtu.be/mUUiJcea4JE
Cheapy Thrift (9 months ago)
I love your videos. You guys are wonderful and funny too. I enjoy watching and learned soooo much. Thank you!
Timothy Lavoie (9 months ago)
Thanks for showing us the process. Like the inventory system and you explained shipping so well.
Alfonso (9 months ago)
Hey why not pre weight everything when you are storing your items
kocoa berry (9 months ago)
I don't think I get the post office in trouble because they might decide to pull some crap with your packages
FreshMoneyCeo (9 months ago)
Hey ya! Just wondering why 2 stores?
Susan Correia (9 months ago)
I would choose to be very tired in my reseller’s job over my current thankless, corporate tiresome job any day. So ready to quit! My passion lies in reselling, not helping to make the CEO of my job richer by the day
Bim Taylor (9 months ago)
Love the video.. yall got a new subscriber!!
Chris Shaw (9 months ago)
Does shipping weight only include the contents and not the box?
HappyHandyLife (9 months ago)
OMG seriously that post office lady was something else! Sorry, but they're closing post offices around here left and right and consolidating. She should be thankful to get so many packages at once to show that her office is needed. Our tiny little small town post office here would have zero issues if I dropped off that many. They may have me take them to the back, but they'd be excited that I had a big weekend. Geez lady.

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