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World's Funniest Engineering Fails

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Who approved these blue prints? These are 57 of the world's funniest & most EXTREME building & engineering fails ever! Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 50. At the corner of Auschwitz lane and holocaust road. How did no one see this in the blueprints? 49. In the event of an emergency, grab a crowbar or a torch and weld the bars off from around this hydrant. Good luck, you’re going to need it. 48. Duck! These stairs are for the vertically challenged individuals only. 47. We can stay at the second Best Western just to see what the inside of the room. Staying in the corner room non-smoking and by the hallway. 46. Your new office is right this way! 45. These condos come equipped with a workout facility, pool, and every unit comes with a balcony. 44. New improved ATM they are child proof and have the latest technology to keep your money secure. You cannot even see the numbers to punch in your own pin. 43. Child’s ATM, Is there no middle ground? It’s a small world after all. 42. Window access to the stairs. 41. The landscaping is through the roof in this home. 40. The landscaping is off the wall in this one. 39. It is a good thing they stopped there someone could have gotten hurt with no railing on the stairs. 38. Bridge by IKEA. Let’s make sure we read the instructions correctly. I’ll meet you halfway. 37. The menswear is up the stairs. 36. Is this what they mean when they say they have a half-flush toilet? 35. It’s the most fun you’ll never have again. I suppose every playground has a tunnel built on the ground by children leading to China. 34. They must feel walled inside. Think they could try and leave the window open? 33. There is plenty of room to build additional stairs. Seems up to code. 32. Looks about right parking should not be an issue living here. 31. A metaphor for life? Or Dr. Kevorkian kitchen? 30. Introducing the most exclusive club in town. Where’s the doorman? 29. Every employee must be sure to wash their hands five times before returning to work. 28. Stairs are coming soon. I may be able to reach this one. 27. Thank goodness for that handrail it’s the stairway to platform 9 ¾. 26. It is a handi-trap. 25. Don’t hit the wrong switch I suppose the projector needs to cool down. 24. Economy seats still cost $300 on StubHub. 23. Is this a team-building exercise? 22. You have arrived at your destination; please exit to the left. Is this the airport? 21. Stairs are for wussies! These stairs are even handi-capable. 20. Even the trees do not want to be here. 19. These stairs are spiraling out of control. 18. That is not how it is supposed to work. 17. Do we forget what that symbol means? Apparently you need to bring your own ramp. 16. Nice save, looks right, at least, someone is trying to keep up with the time. 15. Almost as bad as going into the stall and realizing after you go there is not toilet paper. Go ahead reach for it! 14. Narnia’s exit door. This secret room is a truly a secret. 13. Not the most comfortable seat around, but hey there is a beautiful ocean view. 12. Yes, seriously just build the stairs six feet to the left. Someone evidently followed instructions. 11. Ring your little bell now, Mr. Cyclist and see what happens. This appears to be an excellent place to put a large pole on the cement path. 10. It’s not stupid if it works, but how are you supposed to shut the door when you get in there stand on the toilet? 9. How’s that meant to work? Just open the door and jump after climbing over the railing. 8. This belongs in a skate park or a playground to be a slide, very x-treme. 7. Suck it in, guys or you will never get out this way. 6. Our bathrooms boast an intimate and friendly setting to help you relax while you use the bathroom. 5. Even more intimate and friendly. 4. The sidewalk is closed you need to make your own pathway. 3. World’s largest pay phone. Wonder what kind of money it takes? Pay phones still exist? Hang on. 2. I’m not a contractor, but I am reasonably sure that building is supposed to be in the middle of the highway. Detour! 1. All Employees must wash fingers only before returning to work. How did these ever make it past the blueprint stage? Someone needs to get fired! Which one of these building blenders made you face palm? Leave a comment below! Dont forget to subscribe for more fun videos like this. Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (15935)
Will Bart (8 hours ago)
Weld the bars off? Do you know what welding is?
exorientelux (8 hours ago)
There has been a funny bridge constuction at the upper Rhine close to Basel. When they built a bridge between Laufenburg(Baden) in Germany and Laufenburg in Switzerland they tried to deal with the problem with the metres above sea level. Gemany measures from the sea level at Amsterdam. Not so the Swiss. The difference is 27 centimeters. They knew it but messed plus with minus and by mistake extended the difference to 54 centimeters. The insurance of the responsible Swiss company had to pay for the fixing. I once heard a story that some workers constructed a house without entrance door. There was a change in the plans and no one noticed the missing entrance because the workers alway entered through the veranda door
Dante Kliem (13 hours ago)
Ha ha!
Mj Mendoza (20 hours ago)
The bridge over troubled water ha ha
lacey howe (21 hours ago)
The funniest is the slide GO down that slide it'll lead you straight to China XD
KAYAK KOWBOY (1 day ago)
4:20 evil face in the toilet paper holder
farhana sony (1 day ago)
They did not make me face palm they made me laugh
Can I share?
Cagkiller0 (2 days ago)
So much better muted
Daniel (2 days ago)
Anyone want a job in construction? No experience necessary and no training provided
Jesus Zaragoza (2 days ago)
That's to funny stuff
Mikal Adamson (2 days ago)
Mine was the swastika Symbol building
ElegyForTheMasses (2 days ago)
Number 38 isn't even real. It was an illustration made by the Zurich American Insurance Company. Did you do any research before making this, or did you just pull random photos from google and throw them together?
Skunx Gaming (3 days ago)
this video is better on mute
tom antino (3 days ago)
But where is the mis-match bridge
Haas Thierry (3 days ago)
Thanks photoshop !
ApplyUrBrain (3 days ago)
Thumbs down for the fake photo click bait. Also, most of these aren't "fails." Some are simply re-purposing, some are unfinished. Example: those balconies likely have the doors Photoshopped out OR (less likely) it could be that doors openings are sealed over to be finished later. Architects don't make these kinds of mistakes, and even if they did, workers would notice before constructing them. This video is largely fake or assuming mistakes where there are none. Some entertainment value, but not to be taken at face value.
Chuck Norris (3 days ago)
All those are fine, move along, nothing to see here.
Dan Hays (4 days ago)
Ah, Just throw some plywood across and call it good. It would be better than I-4 in ORLANDO, that's for sure!
ek_do_teen (5 days ago)
They r disturbing , not funny
duddu manoj (6 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Q26UHvDsLuE Civil engineering capacity saves a child life
Human Cat (6 days ago)
Number 50 is actually likely a peace sign in many religions.
Blinding 'Light (7 days ago)
I actually laughed at the handitrap pun
arnalackda windak (7 days ago)
stop saying that these mistakes are funny when PEOPLE CAN LOOSE THERE LIVES, YOU FUCKING LACK OF MATTER.
Airoplane king (9 days ago)
HS Adventures (9 days ago)
Big Oof! Great video!
Brian Jerry (9 days ago)
I'm pretty sure a lot of this stuff is advertising and not actual mistakes
DioxonTM corporation (9 days ago)
Trust me, I an enginer!
Ikmalreza 1998 (9 days ago)
It's ok. People will improvised.
harishrajput2007 (10 days ago)
Some wrong constructions are over lapping older buildings....the new owners were probably saving money by not demolishing the entire structure....but that bridge was super expensive disastrous blunder by ultimate professionals
Prophetmusic (12 days ago)
Kinda humor is this ?
cheetah makes videos (12 days ago)
LoL 😹 so funny
Rafli Fatih (13 days ago)
2:36 it's must be filled with sand
shivani balram (13 days ago)
REDNECKTOM (13 days ago)
1:19 weld the bars off. i don’t think he needs to be talking about mistakes
TheSilent1 (13 days ago)
Trust me, i'm an engineer! I think i'll put thing right here! Trust me, i'm an engineer! Whatthefuck did just happen here? Trust me, i'm an engineer! With epic skill and epic gear! Trust me, i'm an engineer! OOH SHIT I THINK I'M OUT OF HERE
Alfred (13 days ago)
Very impressive photos, have Spanish subtitles, don't you?
Weld the bars off 🤣😂🤣
Nate Sa (14 days ago)
Dasha Youtube (14 days ago)
Number 35: world's most dangerous slide.
Huri Think before (15 days ago)
#53 could be a dungeon since decades.
Stella Boo (15 days ago)
Terrier gaming (15 days ago)
No these are real
Paul CCraciun (16 days ago)
Actually the doors that are mounted up high on the wall are built so intentionally. This is what a construction engineer told me. They are technical doors used to bring materials inside during construction or even after, in case of remodeling or something.
Jackybacon 08 (16 days ago)
You cant weld off something
Kien Nguyen (16 days ago)
علي محمد (17 days ago)
ما جاي افهم شيء
this is actually funny. This meets my humor standards.
SUPREME ROASTS (17 days ago)
On 49 you would actually plasma cut the bars not weld welding is when you put to pieces of metal together
H Ron (17 days ago)
Better on mute maybe
Charlie Wang (18 days ago)
Steve Townsley (19 days ago)
The narration certainly does not help...
cj love (20 days ago)
NIce edit!
Megan Evenson (20 days ago)
no the stairs lead to hogwarts you idiot not the mines of moria and please shut up. no one needs to hear your so called jokes
You Know Who (21 days ago)
Most of the jokes weren't that funny, but I gotta be honest I did laugh at the handitrap one
Your comments are hilarious haha
aasan pakwan (21 days ago)
Hello my dear good vibe...
Markiyan Hapyak (21 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Face-palm on each of them!!
LLooper (21 days ago)
There’s nothing wrong with #21 or am I missing something?
LLooper (18 days ago)
Joe Schmoe we have those ramps everywhere where I live. People with children in stroller’s use them all the time. Don’t think they’re meant for wheelchairs.
Joe Schmoe (21 days ago)
How would you push someone in a wheel chair down what is basically a sliding board? You would not be able to hold them and they was speed up uncontrollably and eventually crash.
lunarwolf 864 (21 days ago)
Where does the hole accualy go
Jackson Gehring (22 days ago)
I don't quite like it but no disslike.
VoxNerdula (22 days ago)
This video is better on mute
Name Name (23 days ago)
Name Name (23 days ago)
2:19 Bridge by IKEA lets follow the instructions
Markiyan Hapyak (21 days ago)
Ah....okay( =I could modify my comment on this... :-/ ). [Check it out.]
Purple Hearts (24 days ago)
Well this video sucked lol
Terri Romero (25 days ago)
No. 36 is for a half ass 😂
Kirby Johnson (26 days ago)
Must be the same engineers that built Ford's.
Dan H (26 days ago)
Jesus, Dude..
Michael Woll (27 days ago)
Um.... You do realize about 10-15 of these were Actually Art Projects, or Photoshop as in the case of the bridge, escalator with no headroom, etc.... And the Narrator Sucks.
prashna Martolia (27 days ago)
no.50 ...look like SWASTIk..... holy sign in uttarakhand...used in wedding, prayers, nomenclature etc
Hilary Schrey (23 days ago)
Number 50 is the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, Tulagi Road, Coronado, CA. https://www.google.com/maps/@32.6760387,-117.1578386,313m/data=!3m1!1e3
mikael olisa (28 days ago)
I pity the engineer
Matyas Dedek (28 days ago)
Name Name (29 days ago)
Name Name (29 days ago)
2:21 “Bridge by IKEA Make sure you read the instructions carefully. I’ll meet you halfway.”
marchrabbit85 (1 month ago)
#41-40 Может дизайнеру мешал Багз Банни?
marchrabbit85 (1 month ago)
Доверь дурачине стеклянный х*й...
Jay's Brick Co. (1 month ago)
45. EA obviously made those balconies The doors are sold separately
Informal Empire (1 month ago)
4:41 trust me i am a engineer 😂😂😂😂
Steve Johnson (1 month ago)
#49 you don't weld metal OFF thats like saying, let's glue this off. doesn't make sense
daghrb6 (1 month ago)
Same tool just different Adjective... Blowtorch It off?
JakeAndrey Valdevieso (1 month ago)
Wow! New high-tech engineering 😅😅😅😅
Tomas Novoselic (1 month ago)
Matthew Tong (1 month ago)
Would've been funnier without all the sarcasm.
HAC Channel (1 month ago)
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Susan Gamble (1 month ago)
All of them lmao
Bert Visscher (1 month ago)
I've actually seen some of these on Facebook.
Jessie Mace (1 month ago)
I get 42 views on my videos and this video gets 42 million views. God we are fucked!
Andros Kai (1 month ago)
saw the thumbnail and title and clicked it only to give it a thumbs down the clickbait and make this comment. Didn't watch more than 5 seconds but I can already tell this is a really poor quality video and will be requesting YouTube not to recommend this channel again
InsomniaSystems (1 month ago)
Actually, you will find a pair of doors on an upper floor when there is large heavy equipment that may need to go in and out of the building. It's no oversight. And I think the 2 story garage door is pretty cool, if there's a decent view.
3:50 yeah those are for wheelchairs
this is so CRINGE
Smokey Bear (1 month ago)
I was annoyed at first but ended up laughing my ass off
Eric Korn (1 month ago)
I love the probably 100 million dollar bridge project not coming together
pica (1 month ago)
The pictures are good, but the sarcasm and comments are very bad!
The Crystalline Entity (1 month ago)
number 38 Is fake. They would have known WAY before they got that close they were so far off. and it's also not how they build bridges like this.
Michael Williams (1 month ago)
M P (1 month ago)
3:49 i don‘t see any mistake here? idk maybe this is sort of a german/ european thing, but here in germany it is pretty common e.g. to push up a baby buggy or a bike...
Stephen Lee (1 month ago)
I feel like allot of these were cost effective solutions like the stairs to the window , and bricks behind the chimney behind the window
Itz Alex (1 month ago)
The Garage is dangerous! 😂
MrBloodbunny (1 month ago)
16 is brilliant :)
Yume0Sagashite (1 month ago)
The raw sarcasm just made this video for me XD

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