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Buying Wholesale to sell on EBAY / AMAZON - Where to Find Products + Profit Breakdown | Ralli Roots

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Buying a wholesale bulk lot of shoes to resell on ebay. Where to find local products to resell online. We cover wholesale in our mentoring. SIGN UP HERE: http://www.ralliroots.com/mentoring.html **** Supplies we use **** BEST LIGHT EVER: http://amzn.to/2tigQRB More lighting for pictures: http://amzn.to/2sOoMbT My Sunglasses: http://amzn.to/2zC8t3n Our coffee machine: http://amzn.to/2tlpjnj PHOTO PAPER FOR WHITE BACKGROUND: http://amzn.to/2xIhD0I Shipping labels: http://amzn.to/2sfmWT3 Poly bags: http://amzn.to/2seYd18 Our vlogging camera: http://amzn.to/2sf4M3B Big Studio Camera: http://amzn.to/2xpXBXJ Small Scale: http://amzn.to/2uSIpBO Big Scale: http://amzn.to/2tG6dsC Poly Bags: http://amzn.to/2eKFzYO Tape Gun: http://amzn.to/2eKhPUX HWC Stickers: http://amzn.to/2uTqNpl **** Check out our other videos **** ABOUT US! https://youtu.be/sj38MZgRQO4 Thrift Date Night! https://youtu.be/0kn5Pmq-vzs Massive Vintage Snapback Haul! https://youtu.be/nHtlBuyoqMI 1 Year on YouTube! https://youtu.be/7RDr_notbBg What Items to Sell on eBay? https://youtu.be/o5jYPsFIsUw Cram the Cam! Thrift Road Trip! https://youtu.be/VMy2LzldZGw How to Amazon FBA? https://youtu.be/aRNbMRiw-Rk Hidden Camera GoPRO Garage Sales! https://youtu.be/rFEy93GwE5o We ALMOST went to jail! https://youtu.be/jm2q4b6aCEA **** About this video **** In this video I buy a wholesale lot of 100 adidas shoes to resell on ebay and I breakdown the profit margin of the wholesale deal. I also talk about how to find local wholesale and bulk products to sell on ebay and amazon. Hope you enjoy this video. We cover wholesale in our mentoring. Sign up for June mentoring: http://www.ralliroots.com/mentoring.html -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Finding Treasure At The Thrift Store To Resell Online!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z47io7wnEHc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (244)
Randy Stone (1 year ago)
Ryan and Alli: I'm getting orders ready to ship out that were sold after I implemented some of your suggested changes to our listings. These sales are from both eBay and Etsy. I'm thrilled and humbled to know you. You are life changers! Peace!
John Arnold (9 months ago)
Could you please link me to this video? I have been struggling with my ebay listings and would love to see what they have to say about ebay.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
That is so awesome Randy! Very proud of you! Keep up the great work.
Road Less Traveled (9 days ago)
My mind is boggled at how you find these sources OUTSIDE of thrifting/garage sales/clearance shelves at big retailers
Road Less Traveled (9 days ago)
how do you find??
JB ATL (25 days ago)
The was extremely helpful, Thanks!
ernest gould (1 month ago)
Reb ai (1 month ago)
Hi i want wholesale send me face book
The World of Knowledge (1 month ago)
Xavier Ramirez (1 month ago)
Man do you mind telling me who's your wholesale plug?
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
lol. no
Can you explain how you came up with $4 for shipping? I shipped a shirt today at USPS and the very cheapest it was, was just under $8. I would love some tips on this.
RALLI ROOTS I appreciate the response. Thank you so much
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
County Line first class mail. Label purchased through eBay
Sesn Laurel (1 month ago)
Does anyone know where i can sell a big bulk of jewelry. I have around $90,000 in retail i want to sell. please email if you know somewhere we can sell. [email protected] thanks
Will (1 month ago)
How do you keep the faith that the shoes or whatever item will sell? Blind faith??
Will (1 month ago)
RALLI ROOTS cool. Thank you :)
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
Will V Food sold comps. We look at past sales before we buy anything
Jonathan Hernandez (1 month ago)
Im starting an e-commerce from USA directly into Mexico, eventually creating an app dedicated for people that want to buy staright from USA. Higher profit! Why? I own an exportation company, so i deliver anywhere in mexico! People love american clothes and shoes! If theres anyone who would like to partner up lmk :) God bless
Keith Hyman (2 months ago)
Thanks for the vid great info
Me and my Nikon D500 (2 months ago)
Where can I find suppliers like this? Can someone help, please?
John Martell (2 months ago)
I have been selling on eBay for 15 YEARS-YOUR SHIPPING IS WAY WAY OFF- MINIMUM average OF 10 DOLLARS EACH-usually more- 4 dollars?? you know that is blatantly wrong. I have been shipping shoes for at least 4 years straight when I worked in a shoe store and sold sketchers mostly. Why, why mislead everyone?? why????
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
John Martell THAT IS 100% incorrect. You’re wrong. Do some research on first class mail. If it’s under 16oz it’s first class. We’ve shipped literally hundreds of shoes in a poly bag, FIRST CLASS MAIL. Here, I’ll do the work for you https://www.stamps.com/usps/first-class-package-service/
John Martell (2 months ago)
@RALLI ROOTS Medium Flat Rate Box – 1 (top-loading) $12.80 commercial base $14.35 at Post Office (retail & online) Outside: 11 1/4" x 8 3/4" x 6" Inside: 11" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" THIS IS THE MINIMUM SIZE NEEDED FOR SHIPPING SHOES-TAKEN FROM USPS WEBSITE- resorting to insulting me wins no arguments-while I here, provide FEDERAL PROOF OF WHAT I STATED.
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
John Martell nah, we’re good bud. $500k last year. PS. Learn something new. Shipping paper, poly bag, under 16oz. 15 years and you still can’t ship 🤣🤣
John Martell (2 months ago)
@RALLI ROOTS shipping any shoes, with the box, why would you talk about shipping with out the box???? so if its USPS, which is cheaper than ups, if you ship usps, using their boxes its well over 10 dollars. you can't just throw the shoes in a box, there is stuffing materials too-it adds up-to usually more than 10 dollars. and by the way-the cost of fuel-driving here, driving there-being on the road, the time you put in, etc ect-it does not add up and you know it-bcause the deal that you came across is *rare-so all added up it does not add up-your better off getting a job at starbucks-13 an hour plus health insurance-sorry but I don't want people to be misled or suffer to be honest here
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
John Martell first class shipping bud. I’m sure as a seasoned seller you know what that is right?? These shoes were under 16oz shipped without the box. We’ve never misled anybody in our videos. Thanks for the comment tho.
Joshua Duke (3 months ago)
Hey Ryan, could you guys make a indepth video on how you manage your books? Do you have spreed sheets with what you paid per item? Like we sold 17 shoes this month so those cost us X so we can take home Y. Or do you just combine all expenses overhead, shipping, fees and cost of goods then just subtract it from your sales to figure out what to take home? I am just kinda struggling with it and I am growing so fast. I have gone from a 3 tote hobby to a 50 tote in 6 months. I am scared of making mistakes in the books.
ToneTone500 XD (3 months ago)
“I’m not gonna show you the product because I don’t want to “ fucking fake
Jonathan Fry (3 months ago)
Were you really able to ship shoes first class ?
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Jonathan Fry yup
Rehman (3 months ago)
Lol poor peopple lik this make me laugh
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Rehman *like ;)
Reza Shavali (3 months ago)
Hi, I have about 300 light fixtures that I’m gonna selling in bulk it’s a great deal for Resellers, lmk if you’re interested, thanks
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
shoot me an email, [email protected]
The Truth (3 months ago)
Hello, thanks for this informative video! I'm just wondering do you know of any good wholesale websites based in the UK?
luis huerta (3 months ago)
"Im not going to show you guys the product because i dont want to but as you can see these are adidas" ....yeah nice box
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
luis huerta 😘
blue Ice (3 months ago)
Thanks for being honest and letting people know it can take 4 months to sell all units. Some videos make false promises and try to sell people some get rich course, going to check out the auctions
LahvUs (3 months ago)
right, or they'll totally leave out all the ebay and paypal fee's
Mfrizz198 (4 months ago)
Combed through countless hours of YouTube and Google searches to find a distributor. Fail. Found several, all suck. No profits. Why would I use a supplier that sells the exact same product on Amazon eBay etc...... Ugh. This shit isn't easy.
Florence Darden (4 months ago)
how do i find good brand names like this for bulk purchase....please help!
LiveLaughandLove06 (4 months ago)
Thanks for this info! Subbed
Hook Me Up Ken (4 months ago)
hi guys...great video....so do you run into problems with brand restrictions with ebays vero program?
Sean Conner (4 months ago)
I know I'm missing something, but how is spending $1700 to make $1380 a good thing?
Hook Me Up Ken (4 months ago)
Sean Conner i would think because you make your $1700 back plus a profit so its actually spending $1700 to make $3080. some products will have better margin than others but profit is profit and it all adds up. :)
DIY Jay (4 months ago)
Hi there how do we know if the adidas/nice etc we're buying in bulk are genuine? Should we ask the auction/seller to provide invoices of where they've purchased from? Just that I got a Vero strike on ebay and want to avoid this with amazon! Thank you
Sergio Rojas (5 months ago)
Amazing tats
RALLI ROOTS (5 months ago)
Justa Commenter (5 months ago)
I hope Auctionzip is a legit site, I just joined them so I will see if my 25 bids pay off or not. Fingers crossed.
Marsha Schroeder (5 months ago)
You did not mention about the return and that is where the big lost is.
Hook Me Up Ken (4 months ago)
Marsha Schroeder the good thing i would think that he can still sell them again if they are in good condition
Robert Cundiff (5 months ago)
I'm looking for glass bottles
Usman Hussain (6 months ago)
I Have Bulk Teeth Whitening Kits for Sale‼️ Asking price is $200 for a box but the price is slightly negotiable. Each box has 25 teeth whitening kits and 25 charcoal teeth whitening polishes. Brand: Mr Blanc Teeth (Pretty reputable brand) Price: $200 but slightly negotiable Why selling so cheap?: My friend and I found a pricing error on their website and decided to order a bunch. We didn’t think they’d ship... they did. Now I have a bunch of boxes stored in my house so I need to move a couple of them out so there’s space in my garage to walk again. Does that mean these were acquired illegally? No, not at all. I talked to two legal advisers and they said since it was from a pricing error and they decided to honor it, it’s completely legal and safe to do whatever I want with them. I also talked to shopify to make sure I didn’t go against their terms of service and they also said that I was in the clear and that this was on them since they didn’t have to honor it but did anyways. Worth?: Id say yes, these are a pretty easy flip. According to the website now, the entire box is worth $1750 but I’ve seen sales on eBay for spring $25 on the teeth whitening kits and $12 for the charcoal teeth whitening polish. Packaging: Packaging is amazing and it’s honestly the best part. Both the teeth whitening kit and charcoal teeth whitening polish come in amazingly packaged in shrink wrap and the box itself on both is very nice and detailed. The packaging is very high quality. Quality: I personally liked it. Since it’s a peroxide free teeth whitening kit, I was able to try it myself and I was already a shade 3 which is pretty good as it is and so I didn’t think it would work but for a peroxide free formula, it worked fairly well. After like 4-5 uses I went a shade higher to a 2 and then I stopped using it. I still use the charcoal polish everyday though and it’s really nice. Ingredients: More information on the product can be found on their website, mrblancteeth.com . Need more information?: Feel free to comment‼️
Bryan Guerra (6 months ago)
That American Flag background is dope
FRIENDLY JEW (23 days ago)
You can tell they're not liberals
RALLI ROOTS (6 months ago)
Cheers man
Gilbert Robles (6 months ago)
Sound advice.thanks. just subscribed
LOTUS DOLL LITTLE (6 months ago)
u love running in for quick finds
Conz (6 months ago)
How the hell do you ship shoes for $4??
Road Less Traveled (9 days ago)
Road Less Traveled (9 days ago)
since we the viewers don't know what's actually in the box, let's assume sandals or flip flops from addidas, now those weigh less. Let's assume they use poly mailer bags, not boxes to ship ... now they're really cheap to ship. But these are all assumptions ;)
wut m8 (1 month ago)
@County Line Convenience we buy truckloads of shelf pulls and returned items, I'm not in shipping but I know that currently the best offer we get is through UPS, things change depending on how much you ship. We weren't always going through them
wut m8 Interesting. I shipped a shirt through USPS for under $8 and UPS priced it out for $18. How can you get it less than USPS?
wut m8 (1 month ago)
@County Line Convenience I don't know them out who they use but we end up doing most of our shipping with UPS, we pay about 60% compared to what the average customer pays due to how much we ship. Currently sending out about 20-25 packages every other day. 95% of our business is done on eBay and how we got those prices I'm not exactly sure, not really my department
Sandra P (6 months ago)
You mentioned shipping without the box. Does that mean you list new without box?Can you do a video on how you ship shoes and come up with that shipping cost please?
John Martell (2 months ago)
obviously there are a few pieces of the puzzle missing here.
Kieran Ceazer (6 months ago)
where do ii find the vendors
Chris Chase (5 months ago)
Kieran Ceazer still need?
rogcav2008 (6 months ago)
Enjoyed ur video. Just subscribed. God bless
Perry Stevens (7 months ago)
Hey dude, any advice on Alibaba or DHgate?
RALLI ROOTS (6 months ago)
we don't use either
Sheena Abdulwahid (7 months ago)
Do you label wholesale the way retail arbitrage products are labelled?
thank you so much! so useful
Gm Visuals (8 months ago)
Too many transactions for me.. i rather got to the car auction and do one deal for 1,500-2,000
SIOMI (8 months ago)
Thank you new subscriber
Rich Marcus (8 months ago)
I’m having trouble finding truste wholesalers
FRIENDLY JEW (23 days ago)
Sophia Evans hey. Send me your damn email. I've got 2k right now. Hurry the Fuxk up too
Joseph Klimowicz (1 month ago)
Sophia Evans will you share with me as well please?
jrlv62 (2 months ago)
Sophia Evans Interested
Jesus Zuniga (2 months ago)
Im intrested who can refer me to a Whole Sale provider
Me and Mirka 2011 (2 months ago)
Sophia Evans i am interested
Irfan Nur (8 months ago)
Can i be your reseller? And i want to sell it in indonesia, please reply me :)
Chris Chase (5 months ago)
Irfan Nur do you need a supplier?
Michael Ward Photography (9 months ago)
Excellent work!
Timothy Rutherford (9 months ago)
How much do you pay yourself? I'm just getting started, I'm taking 10% of each sale.
luxabu26007 (9 months ago)
Hi rayan , just wonder if you have any bulk items that not selling fast or take up your space. Since I live in Florida , thinking of rebuying items that you don’t want to make little profit, planning to pick up my self to save some shipping cost. Please let me know
SquishyBunny (9 months ago)
How do you only shop for $4 for shoes ??
Benny Pazhampilly (10 months ago)
sir how do you get those adidas sneakers for low price.
Fuego Pazzo (10 months ago)
Thank you Ryan, I had been wondering where to source quantities. Know I know. Keep you the awesome work
SimplyAdiva (6 months ago)
Nice hustle always interested in learning new sources of incomes. I make my money selling Real Estate wholesales & doing airbnb's. I also own Credit Repair Company love the hustle.
J Cooper (10 months ago)
Hi Ralli Roots do you put in the description that they will be sent without a box?
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
Bai's choice (11 months ago)
Good job man. Thanks for the information.
Diana Simpson (11 months ago)
How is this bussines.. you buy a bulk on amazon? And then you resell it?
jgroomasb (11 months ago)
How do you ship these shoes for $4
Andrew Vargas (3 months ago)
anything less than a pound and ships 1st class
CODY DUNLAP (11 months ago)
Running late but you gotta record the video.. I've been there lol! I gotta know what's in the boxes. If i guess via IG DM will you tell me? You the man Ry. Keep hustling.
mybookishlife (1 year ago)
How do I get started with bulk buying? I'm in Davenport fl and I don't know where to start. I cant do auctions because I work full time... for now. Any help is so greatly appreciated!!! Love you guys. You are goals.
Carter Tv (1 year ago)
How do you get your hands on adidas shoes?
Marilyn Cruz (8 months ago)
Try footlocker outlets they are the best I’ve gotten adidas for $20 sold in flee markets $40 no shipping cash and carry oh and get phone numbers from the workers they can tell you the next shipment dates
Missy Burton (1 year ago)
Can someone tell me how to list one item with more than one quantity? Thanks!
Kevin Briones (1 year ago)
Missy Burton "bulk" option you type in the quantity i'm pretty sure.
sean rourke (1 year ago)
bet it was slides ?
khanh khanh (8 months ago)
This was great, been searching for "cheap dropshipping" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - *MyOnlineSelling. Com* ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend got excellent success with it.?
Ashley Applegate (1 year ago)
How do you pay taxes? Throughout the year or all at tax season? I'm new to reselling and not sure how to do the taxes.
Ashley Applegate (1 year ago)
RALLI ROOTS totally understand thanks for the reply 😊
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
You'd want to talk to a CPA about how to pay taxes. We can't give out tax advice sorry.
Hey Ryan there is a company I use to buy from before and I did really good. I recently went to their website and Wow have they changed it! I quit buying from them 4 years ago because my last order was pretty much a wash. But my trouble is this the items are not brand name but beautiful items how would I research out comparable prices nobody else that I can see is selling these items on eBay
Tracey Powers (1 year ago)
Another great educational video! Starting this shortly for our business! Have a great week! Thanks again for all of your help.
Proactive Intuition (1 year ago)
Easily one of the best videos you’ve made, make more like this! Very informative and right to the point! Great video and great editing
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Proactive Intuition thank you very much! More like this on the way. Cheers!
The Thrifty Christian (1 year ago)
$4.00 First class shipping? I've never been able to ship a pair of sneakers for $4. Please tell us how you do that!
Hook Me Up Ken (4 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS good job :)
james McDonald (5 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS (5 months ago)
@john demint lol DUDE! Stop being such a massive hater. I already answered your question. They were cloudfoam slip on shoes, they were under 16oz without the box and we sold hundreds of them and made $THOUSANDS! Get over it :) go hustle.
ADRIAN (6 months ago)
Cheap shipping because there're either Adidas sandals or something similar to sandals so they are lightweight. It's not Adidas athletic shoes
Javier Delgado (6 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS Does the price u get for keeping them in the original box not outweigh the shipping u would pay for a slightly heavier package?
madeinus2000 (1 year ago)
How can you ship those 1st class? Are they sandals?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
madeinus2000 they’ll ship without the box
Anthony Broeders (1 year ago)
Must not weigh much to ship first class.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
they'll ship without box.
Nice 👍🏼 the key here is “Investment” even if your purchase takes 4 months to sell... what other investment would pay you the same return? Certainly not the bank... Well done 😎
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
daniel mallo (1 year ago)
How are you able to ship these first class for $4, still in the box or poly bags?
daniel mallo (1 year ago)
RALLI ROOTS, Thanks! My wife and I love watching you guys! Your awesome!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
we'll ship them without the box
itsAKINNDA (1 year ago)
You should make a video for everyone on how to set those listings up ! Great video (:
TheJay Os (1 year ago)
Are you all still going to do obo on these items when the margins aren’t as high as thrifted or garage sale items?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
JayandJas Flip2Cash nope. Just going to price them right
Sandy Jenney (1 year ago)
You said you were going to ship the shoes 1st class. Just wondering how. In the box they came in? You'd have to put that shoe box in another box right? Thanks!
Sandy Jenney (1 year ago)
Thanks... that makes sense now. :)
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Sandy Jenney they’ll be sold new without box
Smilz (1 year ago)
Thank you for the great advice👍
Kirsten Moses (1 year ago)
I have a question that I think would make a really great video topic. It is about finding the balance between sourcing expenses and money coming in. What percent of what you NET on a weekly basis, do you turn around and use to source new items? I am having trouble finding the balance. What to reinvest and possibly sit on inventory for who knows how long and what to use as my living income. I quit my job to do this but I am finding that because I reinvest so much that I am making less than I thought I was to live off of. Would love to know your thoughts on finding this balance outside of "just source stuff that will sell fast!" lol. Thanks!
Ceslav Cehovskih (1 year ago)
yeah, same, I've been reinvesting everything back (and its fun too), but not much left to live off. There is a disconnect somewhere, maybe I just need to go through my numbers in detail again to know and plan what I need to live off and how to grow the business.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Kirsten Moses yeah that’s a great idea for a video. We’ve been asked that question a few times, definitely something we’ll try to cover in the future
Anne S (1 year ago)
Another great video! Perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Thank you so much for the valuable info! I definitely want to get into wholesale items to scale my business. Although, treasure hunting at thrift stores is pretty awesome. I just found a Panasonic cassette player for $5 at an overpriced thrift store that is selling for $90 on Ebay! I guess they didn't know what they had! LOL
rae sunnyshine (1 year ago)
nice job. thank you
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
:) no worries at all!
Merritt Dotson (1 year ago)
Are you shipping without the box? Pretty lightweight to ship shoes and box under a pound especially if you put the box inside a box.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
We're shipping without the box
mel505mel (1 year ago)
Excellent video! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!! 😊
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
:) no worries at all!
Randy Stone (1 year ago)
A 6:34 Ralli Roots video with $10,000 worth of info., now that's a score!!! Love it! Peace, Guys!!!
Katherine Hurt (1 year ago)
How can you ship them for 4.00 each do you put them in a box or do you just put the label on the box they cam in. ?
Hook Me Up Ken (4 months ago)
ArbitraryLifestyle ive also sold shoes and clearly state in the listing how it will be shipped and then put in a priority box with some padding....no complaints thus far....even some positive feedback. :)
ADRIAN (6 months ago)
@ArbitraryLifestyle they're not heavy Adidas athletic shoes. At $4 shipping, it has to be Adidas sandals or something similar to it because it's lightweight.
ArbitraryLifestyle (6 months ago)
@RALLI ROOTS NO box??? Wtf, why? How can you ensure they arrive safe and do none of your customers complain about not having the original box?
Anthony Nunya (6 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS (6 months ago)
@Anthony Nunya hey there. yes all the shoes in this video sold out in under 2 months. We clearly state in our listings how the items will be shipped, the account these were sold on has 4700+ positive feedback with 99.7% positive reviews, most of the time just that credibility is enough to make the customer comfortable. Cheers, Happy Holidays
Sir Isaac (1 year ago)
YES! i love the wholesale videos. and the whiteboard helps understand it so much! do you talk about wholesale in the mentoring program?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Awesome :) yes, we cover all aspects of how we do wholesale and bulk buys in the mentoring program.
Jimmy Gallop (1 year ago)
only about 10 % of storage auctions pays enough to notice the rest are just junkage ,not very good just expensive fun .
M Blake Jr (6 months ago)
@Liliana LAWSON sure.....
Liliana LAWSON (1 year ago)
Guys I make $3000 to $4000 a month with eBay and amazon by working part time with the help of *MyOnlineSelling. Com* Recommended to all you guys who want to make money with ebay and amazon.I personally tried it and it works…..
Theresa Gross (1 year ago)
@ralliroots Thank You, so much for your tips on whole sale it was very helpful. I’ve been doing ebay for about 3.5 years now and I’m a Top Rated Plus Power Seller, do you think I would be ok to venture into my first Storage Auction? And if so do you have any pointers? I’m definitely going look it through before I start bidding as I live in a poverty stricken area with a high unemployment rate and I am afraid to say that the items would not hold much value. With that being said are there certain areas that are better then others for Storage Auctions, like Retirement Community’s, Resort Area’s and areas with higher rate of young professionals? Btw, love your honesty and videos🙌👍. You guy’s are the greatest☺️
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
:) no worries at all! Storage auctions are tough, I would say if you have the time and more importantly the space then go for it. We used to buy them but it takes a lot of effort to go through them to usually just double your investment.
Richard Johnson (1 year ago)
Selling items you pick up in bulk like this can be a real game changer. You're doing two listings for (roughly) the same profit as the effort to list 100 different listings. The time savings is well worth the up front investment and tracking down the deal. Well done.
Hook Me Up Ken (4 months ago)
makes perfect sense :)
fallofshadows FPV (1 year ago)
That's my dream right now: find items to buy in bulk for Amazon FBA. I'm doing decently well with online flips, but bulk is where the profit's at!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Absolutely 100% agree
Elisabeth West (1 year ago)
Ahh I thought you had accidentally written on the board with a sharpie 🙈 glad it was a wet erase instead! Great tips and video as always. TFS!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
hahaha! Me too at first!
Roman Lopez Jr. (1 year ago)
Great content!!!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Thank you sir :)
Haley Roseberry (1 year ago)
Perfect way to start my morning. With some knowledge bombs 💣💣 Thanks Roots Tribe!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
yay!!! No worries at all :)
Timothy Miller (1 year ago)
Callie says you were late. So that you didn't have to carry any in. Lol
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
hahaha! She's probably right ;)
JonHanlonMusic (1 year ago)
Do you guys know of any place you can put in the dimensions and weight of your boxes before you ship them? I find the hardest thing to learn is how to ship stuff for the cheapest but also the best way. Lol I made .45 cents on an item that I thought would be at least a $10 profit. Didn’t lose any but it was to close for comfort haha
Neon Calico (9 months ago)
Pirateship.com is awesome.
Life Stirred Up (1 year ago)
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
USPS calculator does not show the discount you get from ebay
JonHanlonMusic (1 year ago)
Awesome thanks!
Stretch n Grow (1 year ago)
Google USPS calculator
Eric Perich (1 year ago)
I do like how you showed the numbers! Excellent! So you know I started selling on ebay again and I sold my first item for $177.50. That was a Nice Sale for me! Thanks for the video! Have a great day Ryan, Alli and Callie!
Eric Perich (1 year ago)
Thank You!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Nicely done!!!!!
Eric Perich (1 year ago)
Randy Stone Thanks Randy!
Aelox CEO (1 year ago)
thank you for the links and auction ideas and local auction ideas. never went before, just thrift rn. thank you.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
:) :) no worries at all!
Stretch n Grow (1 year ago)
Would you mind sharing how you found your "wholesale guy" that you buy from? Thanks!
Lukas Blyznyuk (5 months ago)
Chris Chase hey I’m looking for a supplier
Chris Chase (5 months ago)
Mauricio Naranjo all clothing fitness sports
Mauricio Naranjo (5 months ago)
Chris Chase what kind of products do you offer ?
Chris Chase (5 months ago)
Stretch n Grow hey bro!!Do you need a supplier?
Marilyn Cruz (7 months ago)
Google Mr sale it’s a liquidations warehouse house you can get everything from sneakers 👟 👞 electronic s and more
Michael Rodieck (1 year ago)
Any size 16 or 17?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Michael Rodieck no sir. All small sizes sorry
Steph -TJae- (1 year ago)
Haha awww Callie you beat me to it ;) 😎
Chris Chase (5 months ago)
Liliana LAWSON do you need a supplier?
Liliana LAWSON (1 year ago)
Guys I make $3000 to $4000 a month with eBay and amazon by working part time with the help of *MyOnlineSelling. Com* Recommended to all you guys who want to make money with ebay and amazon.I personally tried it and it works…..
Callie's World (1 year ago)
Callie's World (1 year ago)
JUSTINventory soooo fake 😜
Callie's World (1 year ago)
Theresa Gross thank you 😊
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
haha :) the jokes continues!!!! #fakejokes
Theresa Gross (1 year ago)
Lol, I was worried. Yes, I watched the video about the sad person who called them fakes. That’s why you had me worried,🤣🤪
JUSTINventory (1 year ago)
Just an ongoing joke... promise 🤪

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