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Top 10 Mistakes Ebay Sellers Make & How to avoid them

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Top 10 mistakes eBay sellers make & how to NOT make them. Thanks for checking out my channel. Make sure to subscribe!! For 1 on 1 coaching Pricing & Availability Email me: Rockstarflipper @Gmail.com JOIN THE FREE FACEBOOK RESELLER GROUP- (questions answered 24/7 from members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/689595301181796/ VIP (paid) Facebook Group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/263997070772761/ *Ebay/Amazon Equipment Photo Lighting Kit- http://amzn.to/2mEdSQq Female Mannequin- http://amzn.to/2uEnCxS Male Mannequin- http://amzn.to/2slaFIw Photo Background- http://amzn.to/2xCBnBD Shipping Tape Gun- http://amzn.to/2s7rc6f Poly Mailers - http://amzn.to/2iVae2t Bubble Mailers - http://amzn.to/2iVcUgt Thermal Printer- http://amzn.to/2mqkhST Ebay/Amazon Scale- http://amzn.to/2hIF2r2 Video Game Cleaner- http://amzn.to/2jD08Iy *Youtube Equipment: Microphone (Blue Yeti Blackout)- http://amzn.to/2sAHTaU Microphone Pop Filter- http://amzn.to/2tKN6NU Logitech Webcam - http://amzn.to/2iZcLc7 Canon G7X II Vlog Camera- http://amzn.to/2ujOgwH Memory Card- http://amzn.to/2xBPDdD Flexi Tripod- http://amzn.to/2xBmuiL Back Up battery canon G7X- http://amzn.to/2wQ1cPG MacBook Pro- http://amzn.to/2xCaUEn (Disclosure, these are amazon affiliate links & I do get paid a small commission if you purchase using them) *My EBAY STORE- https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_id=114&ipn=icep&toolid=20004&campid=5338069183&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fstores.ebay.com%2FTheElectronixZone1 *Our personal Vlog Adventure channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDfKwFzkHmnTfkHe_G8QcA *FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook.com/Rockstarflipper Instagram.com/Rockstarflipper Twitter.com/Rockstarflipper News Theme by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Thanks everyone who checked out this video over the last year or so!! I appreciate everyone. make sure to browse some other helpful videos on my channel above!!
Karen Stuart (16 days ago)
RockstarFlipper thank you for these tips! Your experience is so valuable!
The Elementers (3 months ago)
What is the best time to hit the thrift stores? Every time I go there is little to no profitable items. Its like people ransack the stores as soon as possible with everyone trying to make money flipping things. So when is the best time to hit the stores? Thank you I love your vids!!!!
Brandon Fairchild (4 months ago)
Brandon Fairchild (4 months ago)
Rockstar flipper I have a question I'm just starting selling on eBay it's about shipping I don't have a printer is there another way to ship without having to print out a eBay label I'm just getting started and I intend to be
Jimmy Griffin (5 months ago)
Rockstar Flipper I really appreciate all the helpful information that you share on your channel. We started using a free software a few months ago www.vlazoo.com it has really helped us to manage our ebay biz and we have saved over a $1,000 in shipping already. I would like to know why no one is doing any reviews or tutorials on www.vlazoo.com?
Audry brown (2 days ago)
Casey, do you recommend Valets on EBay?
RockstarFlipper (2 days ago)
NO I wouldn't recommend.. the fee is alot.. list it yourself
Dead Eyed Demon (2 days ago)
Free Shipping is the way to go. Incorporate the cost of shipping into the price, AND then write off the shipping price on your quarterly taxes... Win win!
RockstarFlipper (2 days ago)
I do free shipping on most items yes
Trevor Wellington (3 days ago)
smart idea for 8
RockstarFlipper (2 days ago)
thanks!! :-)
Vucumprá (3 days ago)
Ah selt some land rover parts and charged £7 delivery, the gunt cost is £13.
Kelly Buck (4 days ago)
I weigh the item in the packing materials n box I'll ship it in. And I live in Florida so when calculating shipping I figured out and use the furthest point zipcode from me in the USA, which is in Alaska, to calculate shipping.
Nadia Thaman (5 days ago)
This was a super cool video, I loved the authenticity.
Karen Lee (7 days ago)
Question? Is selling a Mystery Box the same as this? Just finding out about this.
RockstarFlipper (7 days ago)
You cannot sell a mystery box on ebay.. against TOS
willsp28 - (8 days ago)
very nice vid
German Malave (8 days ago)
Thank you
Crazy Nerd (8 days ago)
also i would like to add make sure your paypal works. i had to close out my account and make a new one exactly like the old one. but now im gonna have to wait for the buyer to get back with me cuz he wanted to buy it but if not ill relist it next month. i need to get me a tabletop scale actually.
Susan Behring (9 days ago)
After a8 years on e-bay I have done a lot of them...esp at the beginning. Great information.
RockstarFlipper (9 days ago)
Thank you so much!! appreciate the support and comment
Christopher Miller (13 days ago)
Wow, I have that exact scale.
great info thanks
RockstarFlipper (14 days ago)
Very welcome!! thank you
godbluffvdgg (15 days ago)
Shipping is the biggest killer for ebay...I use a rule of thumb that whatever you want for your item...add 30% to that number; you'll usually make a profit if you bought it for cheap and you're selling it dear...
Vegas Alien (16 days ago)
Get a motion activated camera at your shipping table to record everything you put into packages and the labels while putting a date stamp on it. Shoot it lo-res and save it to an external hard drive. Dump the data after a few months.
'Nette Simon (18 days ago)
Thanks so much for making this video. Interested in getting started and this is some good information to know. Definitely subscribing. 👍🏽
propfella (24 days ago)
1. Now let's talk about the 10 mistakes people make when recording their videos. SIT STILL. You're not the best looking guy around, put your camera at eye level and don't keep moving toward the camera. 2. Keep your hands out of shot. You don't need them to speak, keep them below the camera's view. It's distracting and unprofessional. 3, Calm down. keep your voice at a moderate level, at times your were close to shouting at us. 4. Don't dictate, you're giving advice. You're not some policeman catching us doing something wrong. You're telling us we MIST NOT do something and then say do what you like BUT etc. etc. 5, Leave your mouth and nose alone, if it itches, hit pause, scratch it, and record. 6, Have items you wish to use as examples close at hand. Very Unprofessional to almost go out of shot trying to reach for something. 7. Don't keep moving the camera. It shouldn't be in a position to be moved. Keep your tripod away from your desk. 8. Don't wave pieces of paper or large objects in front of the camera, You can verbally tell us, there's no need to show us. I'm sure we all know what a piece pf paper looks like. 9. find yourself a better backdrop. You can hang something on the wall behind you to break it up. At the moment it's very stark and colorless. Some people buy a large sheet of coloured blue or green cloth and hang it behind them, then overlay a background during edit. It's easy to do and once you've set it up it takes seconds to do next time. 10. Last one. Use a little dress sense. You're calling yourself a Rockstar and looking like a delivery boy. No need for a tie, just something better than a drab green worker's shirt. This is meant as friendly advice, these are run of the mill tips many YouTubers can use. By following them you will show some professionalism and who knows you may get more viewers. We appreciate it when someone goes to the trouble of looking good and sounding good. Don't ask where my videos are, they're all over the world in TV newsroom archives. I'm retired as a Journo/ cameraman and the last thing I want to do is make more videos. 16 years averaging 6 or 7 stories a day, 365 days a year was enough, plus I'm now disabled due to my service in Vietnam, I';m now 70 and my days are spent in bed and using the Net. In those 16 years I learned a lot from others. and I like spreading it around to those I think can use a hand. Believe me I don't do this for everyone and I've never made a list of 10 before. A hell of a lot of them would only abuse me for trying. Good luck and I hope 2019 will be a good year for you in Ebay.
RockstarFlipper (24 days ago)
You just started a comment with "your not the best looking guy" and you think im going to respond positively to you? You have to be kidding right... In all honesty I should go off the rails and tell you how much of a prick you are for writing what you wrote.. but ill be the more mature one and let you go back to your miserable life.
Nautical Vulpine (27 days ago)
Normally i click off of videos like this because so many people drag on. I love that you are to the point while still throughly explaining. You seem very down to earth and very honest. Thank you. You just might be one of my youtube favorites. 💖
Barbara E Pye (28 days ago)
I just found 'Velcro' listings on ebay today as well 27/12/2018
RockstarFlipper (28 days ago)
correct... and you'll find fake LV purses and Fake Rolexs also... doesn't mean they are ok... If Velcro or Gerber (owner of the word onesie) wants them taken down... they will come down
Barbara E Pye (28 days ago)
Hi I just checked on eBay if anyone is selling 'onesies' and there are loads of sellers selling them
Emily Stepek (1 month ago)
Thanks for lots of great information!
RockstarFlipper (30 days ago)
You got it!! Anytime
Jesus Is The Way (1 month ago)
I'm a new seller, and I noticed you do a lot of, Free Shipping - Best Offers, and your prices are low already, how does that work out for you, and what do you usually take on a Best Offer, I mean like a few bucks below your price, If I may ask please ? I am struggling with both of these issues. I sell Curriculum, Books, Clothes & Shoes at the moment. I just want to do well. Thank you very much !
Jesus Is The Way (30 days ago)
Thank you very much +RockstarFlipper , I really liked your video. You remind me of a friend I use to run around with way back when, he hustled tools every where, do flea markets this was way before ebay, and he could sell a used wrench to anyone, you seem like a go getter to me. God bless !
RockstarFlipper (30 days ago)
Yeah I dont go much lower usually. $1 or $2 lower if possible
gary smith (1 month ago)
Excellent advice! Thank you!
Cynthia Mahanes (1 month ago)
Thank you! Great advice for newbies like me!
John Doe (1 month ago)
Thank for the information. Very helpful info.
RockstarFlipper (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for watching!!
bloodharlet (1 month ago)
Cool video man. I'm trying to start learning the how to sell on ebay. I want to try to give it a go this coming up year. This videos shows me great tips on it.
Lexst1 (1 month ago)
Easy to get around by saying 1sy
Tim Stultz (1 month ago)
I’ve sold a few items on eBay and purchase many more but I see a trend and kinda am at a loss for non existing items listed. Example...I’ve purchased an item and I’ve gotten an answer back saying we’re sorry but the item you purchase after checking our stock is unavailable. Here’s a refund sorry for the inconvenience. This happened with a car part from more than one seller to me recently. Another time I watched for a specific tool and got a really good deal on it because I bid on it at the last moment. It wasent listed very well so I think the traffic to it was light thus my good by right. Well the seller contacted me and said unfortunately my warehouse had a fire and the item was destroyed. I didn’t know I had a way to punish a seller for not having an item that was posted for sale other than bad feedback which would be wrong if the seller truly did have a fire or miscalculated stock. One last thing I’ve noticed is an item for sale say a starter for a car. The seller doesn’t have a picture of the starter but a picture of the car itself. This leads me to believe that the seller doesn’t possess the item but he went to the junkyard and snapped a picture then just gives a lame I’m sorry but the item burned up or miscalculated stock excuse
RockstarFlipper (1 month ago)
it happens alot... they oversell.. or run out of stock and make up excuses in hopes the buyer dosnt punish them. Theres no way to confirm it one way or the other
Anj Kovo (1 month ago)
I like you. I've learn't a lot from you. MY PROFITS GOING UP FROM WHAT I'VE LEARNED FROM YOUR VIDZ
Christian Colmenares (1 month ago)
I learned a lot from u and good voice
George Jr Petre (1 month ago)
You're great bro! "Now let's take a deep breath" :)) I like it that you are sincere and say it as it is. God bless you & Early Merry Christmas to you!
@ #1- Don’t sell Otter box, Onesies, Velcro - they are VERO trademarked? WOW! Thank you RF!
Sung Ku (1 month ago)
I first thought this guys was some young kid who just wanted to be on YouTube. But WOW he saved my ass. I was about to post item that was against Ebay policy due to copyrights. THANK YOU! and I will subscribe!
Pema Khando (1 month ago)
“Attachable shoe thingies” 😂 Just sold my first listing ever and so so glad I found your videos before I ship it tomorrow! 🙏🏼
RockstarFlipper (1 month ago)
:-) Congrats!
mari vcf (1 month ago)
Oh snap! Time to change some descriptions
RockstarFlipper (1 month ago)
Yeah make sure they are good
Michael Osada (1 month ago)
That was very helpful, thanks for giving us the guide to do it right! ;)
RockstarFlipper (1 month ago)
Your very welcome!! thanks so much for watching and commenting
UShallKnow (1 month ago)
that scale is fucking dope, I have the same one. Fucking perfect scale.
Carol Jackson (1 month ago)
Very good advice. Thanks!
Gavin Smirthwaite (1 month ago)
Brilliant information. I'm thinking of starting a business with some savings. After I had a major stroke at the age off 33 and having to leave my trade after 14 years. Thankyou again
marklend theriot (1 month ago)
Could you do a video or did you already do one on how to properly buy from Alibaba and when u do buy how to get it to your door
marklend theriot (1 month ago)
So if you do do things that'll will get your account shut down and that does happen could you just create a new account and start over with that account just you'll loose all your feedback Wich seems important for buying and selling on ebay
Papi Sorrels (1 month ago)
This kid is WONDERFUL. What a GREAT starter video for my or anyones entry into Ebay. Great content.  Thanks #RockstarFlipper !
51 and Happy (1 month ago)
Excellent advice. Thanks!
RockstarFlipper (1 month ago)
Very welcome! thanks so much for watching and commenting
Jacques Gauthier (1 month ago)
Even if you know how much it weights, and you keep local, some Provinces / States cost more to ship to.
RockstarFlipper (1 month ago)
Depends if its priority or first class.. 1st class is the same anywhere
Octus Joseph (2 months ago)
What the simplest way to explain step by step to join e bay affiliate
RockstarFlipper (2 months ago)
Google "Ebay Partner Network". Sign in with your ebay.... then fill out the info and your all done
Octus Joseph (2 months ago)
I live in Antigua can I sell items on eBay?
RockstarFlipper (2 months ago)
Im not 100% sure, you'll need to ask ebay
Octus Joseph (2 months ago)
explained wonderfully.great video.
RockstarFlipper (2 months ago)
Thank you sooo much!
Sharon Walker (2 months ago)
Bless You for your sneeze, and thanks for the info!!! 🙏👍❤️💯🎯
I'm absolutely astounded, I'm going to have to do some research because it's hard to believe that the word velcro and onesie cannot be inserted in a title or description because a lot of people on eBay wouldn't know this. surely this is just a myth because thinking about it the majority of people on eBay wouldn't know this
RockstarFlipper (2 months ago)
ITS 100% NOT A MYTH. I can show you the screenshots, or you can join my facebook group with 101k members for free and make a post asking and you'll see hundreds of people who have been hit with it. Velcro is probably the worst....if the item is an ACTUAL velcro branded item your suppose to be able to use the word but they will come after you. Most items with velcro are not actually velcro though. They are a product similar to velcro, and thats why they are so harsh. Also with onsie, Gerber owns the word and the product and won't allow anyone to use it.. Do your research but I guarantee you if you ask my group of 101,000 sellers you'll find out with a quickness its a huge NO NO along with dozens of other things
absolutely fantastic one of the best I've seen on YouTube very professional straight to the point good information. I totally agree with you dropshipping is basically spam on eBay and I absolutely hate it unless you have the physical product you shouldn't be masquerading on eBay pretending you do, more than likely you will be providing the customer with very very bad customer service and additionally your products are coming from China then they're going to take a lot longer which is also very misleading to the customer. I have never had one negative feedback on eBay because I resolve every single problem very quickly and if a customer says they haven't received their product I send a second recorded delivery straight away.
bleek blaw (2 months ago)
Hey, I didn't catch that, you were recommending "drop shipping" as an excellent idea?
bleek blaw (2 months ago)
Just messin, good vid!
joseph pray (2 months ago)
i was thinking about using drop shipping to sell on eBay , because i have nothing to sell , but you say drop shipping is no good ?
RockstarFlipper (2 months ago)
joseph pray I said it’s risky. Not bad. It CAN be profitable but if you screw up, it’s bad
tjbrass1 (2 months ago)
Thank You so much for the Education- I am new to eBay selling. SO HELPFUL!!
Nick Fleming (2 months ago)
The company that has the trademark for velcro would get trounced in court if they tried to enforce it and someone fought back. Trademarks lose their enforceability when they become generic terms; in other words, when nobody is actually referring to a specific company's product when they use it. Nobody even knows this company exists who are trying to say they have that trademark. In velcro's case, another term doesn't even exist for that material, what are other companies who make velcro shoes going to do? "Buy our shoes that tighten with 2 strips of fabric that stick together!"
VALERIE WOLVE (2 months ago)
amazing information for sellers. My favourite part is the counter offer mistake 😱😱😱
Joe G (2 months ago)
i do drop shipping ive had so meny accounts lmfao
Paula Schuler (2 months ago)
Excellent, helpful information. Thank you from a newbie.
tobylove3 (2 months ago)
Thank you for all the good info!!!
RockstarFlipper (2 months ago)
Your welcome. thanks so much!!
coldsore (2 months ago)
put a link in messages and ebay will delete the listing
Lauren Brown (2 months ago)
if they automatically relist your item that didn't sale, can you then safely delete it without getting in trouble? Thank you.
DaveTheWave (2 months ago)
Mistake #11 = listing an item with only 1 photo or with crappy photos
Jack B (2 months ago)
I could deal with a 10m video covering 10 things. But 30 mins for 10 things is a bit much...
Lesley Parish (3 months ago)
Great video Rockstar.
Lisa A Johnson (3 months ago)
The biggest mistake is fooling with eBay all together! eBay policies allow for customers to scam sellers waaay to much.
Alan W (3 months ago)
Number 1 is bs because Its not copyright if you are selling something you arent stealing from them it falls under fair use. If that was the case it would be illegal to sell anything at all.
RockstarFlipper (3 months ago)
Your right and your wrong. Technically speaking when you list a nike shirt on ebay even a used one from a garage sale, you have the right to resell the item because of the first sale doctrine but what you DONT have the right to do is use the word nike or their logo in a listing and they CAN have it removed if they wanted.
Jennifer - buckeyemom82 (3 months ago)
So glad I clicked on this video. I'm a new seller & keep hearing about "drop-shipping". I have it on my list to research & now you have just saved me at least an hour of my time!! Big N-O to drop shipping!! Thank you!
Lara CS (3 months ago)
Issue #4 - I box and weigh and print out item by item, I don’t have high high volume, but I keep the print label open cause if it doesn’t print, I have to go navigate many pages to reprint if I closed the window.
Lara CS (3 months ago)
I’ve accidentally swapped labels. A couple times. Thankfully I apologize profusely and get them to ship to each other. And been blessed with nice buyers who were happy enough with my kissing ass and reimbursing the extra labels. Give an honest excuse but tailor it to the item.
Qibilii (3 months ago)
I just started dropshipping, you have to check your source every now and then. It's that simple. Millions are making money off dropshipping.
dianaholish (3 months ago)
Very useful information. Thank you!
yadi Adan (3 months ago)
Sorry another question, I'm new at this, if the seller contacts me via eBay and tells me to call or text and give me it's phone number is this allowed?? Is it save??
yadi Adan (3 months ago)
So you weight the item by it self? or do you weight with the box or bag your sending it?
yadi Adan (3 months ago)
+RockstarFlipper really?? I thought it was just the item by itself, okay thank you so much really helpful video and thank you for the fast reply!!
RockstarFlipper (3 months ago)
yadi Adan entire package everything
MrRob105 (3 months ago)
Also don't sell fakes...... Fakes sold as Chanel and other costume jewelry will get you in trouble. If in doubt say like Chanel blah, blah, blah....
Artorigus (3 months ago)
I love drop shipping! *Hears screams in the distance* <_<;; ;;>_>
Alex (3 months ago)
Amazon doesn't have to solicit eBay sellers, eBay is doing a fine job of making their sellers choose to sell on Amazon. eBay is going under if they don't treat the sellers better. I maybe wrong but, seems like they are being sore losers instead of upping their game.
wjb722 (3 months ago)
Listening to all this stuff, and it's all just part of one way to make money, really drives it home for me (again, I've experienced this thought many times before) that we need to change the design of our society. It wouldn't be perfect, just much better. And people love to say "that wouldn't work", "that's utopia", etc but to not even give it a chance is the stupidest thing ever. We've been using money and/or trade for thousands of years, and we've also had suffering, starvation, crime, etc along with it. When will it be time to really try something different that hasn't been tried before??? Resource based economy, The Venus Project, ubuntu contributionism, The Zeitgeist Movement are some things to research if anyone is interested, if you're tired of working your life away, worrying about how you're going to survive, dreading going to work, tired of being scared of people committing crimes...you get the idea. Ubuntu contributionism is currently being done by the mayor in N. Frontenac, Canada and he posts updates on a facebook page - One Small Township - North Frontenac
wjb722 (3 months ago)
I was very careful when choosing what pc to order, being sure it had the correct monitor connection, but then the ebay seller sent me the wrong one! I asked him to send a free adapter after explaining, he agreed but ended up not sending it and not communicating with me further except to accuse me of getting the pc for practically nothing (he had best offer option but I paid what he asked!) and other BS. I pointed out that if ebay people were doing their jobs, they'd see that I was in the right, because all messages were going through ebay. So yeah, that was a huge inconvenience to me, and still pisses me off when I think about it over a year later. I ended up buying an adapter, spending more money because of HIS mistake and a-hole attitude. I always look at ratings and very rarely buy from someone with low ratings. It's not fair to other buyers if I didn't leave an accurate rating, he lied and didn't correct his mistake.
Ruben Mann (3 months ago)
this comment has nothing to do with ebaybut does this guy remind you of the guy that was saying im not gay no more im delivert... lololol
MA USA (3 months ago)
Thank you!!!!!
Tyler Fillis (3 months ago)
Hello, I have watched a couple of your videos. I am a new quickly rising ebay seller. I started selling less than 6 months ago, I started with 600 dollars and now sell well over 20,000 dollars of product a month. I also have close to 400 reviews at 98.5 % positive feedback. I tell you this just you give you an idea of how quickly rising and how little experience I have. I sell a lot multiple quantity listing anywhere from 2 - 100pack listings. Recently I have been dealing with a rise of customers saying that they are getting their packages a few items short in bigger quantity listings. I am not sure how I am supposed to handle these accusations , as I package all my items myself and know for a fact the number quantity that goes into the package due to my process. I am seeking any advice you (RockstarFlipper) or any others may have on how to react to these situations still treating my customers with respect and integrity, but also not allowing myself to be scammed out of items that where not missing. I thank you for taking the time to read this and respond, all advice is very much appreciated. Regards Tyler
Brandon Shealy (4 months ago)
Great video overall, but wow, you "hate dropshippers"? Pretty harsh words. You do realize some of your friends in the Green Room do drop-shipping videos, right? I like your content, man, but after watching this one you seem kind of hostile. I get bringing up drop-shipping as a warning, but the way you presented it is a little over the top. People don't just drop-ship because they're "lazy and cheap". It's a great business model when done correctly. I've done really well with it. You wouldn't just start drop-shipping from a random supplier without getting samples and vetting their quality and shipping process. Great stuff, but insulting some of your audience members probably isn't a great idea. You don't know what area of your sales all of your viewers are in.
Brandon Shealy (4 months ago)
+RockstarFlipper All good. Keep making great videos. You know your stuff 👍🏼
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
Well 2 years ago I probably worded it wrong, but 100% I dont hate someone for their business model... Def not. I hate the business model. And iv actually done some drop ship deals that iv made good money on. I know what im doing of course, and how to stay safe.. some people dont :-(
Brandon Shealy (4 months ago)
+RockstarFlipper  RockstarFlipper  My mistake, you said, "I absolutely hate people that drop-ship." at 21:51. I'm not trying to be petty, but you can understand how that may come across to someone who does drop-ship and enjoys your videos. I see where you're coming from on your end. I do still find your content very valuable and am glad you share it.
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
I dont hate people who drop ship.. NEVER said that. I Hate DROPSHIPPING.. the business model. Totally different. #2- This video is 2 years old lol....I barely knew the green room members or anyone for that matter then. #3- I drop ship... and have drop shipped plenty of times.. I hate it still. The reason im so harsh on it is something you viewers won't understand until you become a voice on youtube or social media, basically what happens is... someone watches me who has ZERO experience, ZERO idea whats going on, goes and drop ships, then comes back after losing everything and blames me somehow/someway. By being this harsh, if someone trys to pull that crap I can say..heres the video I CLEARLY WARNED YOU. If Im wishy washy about it, they literally will say "you made it seem ok so I tried and lost my life savings". Yes I know its their fault and shame on them, but you would be surprised the emails I get, and then those same people go tell 1,000 people im garbage and not pay attention to me and boom...business and viewers lost. Even though those 1,000 people have no idea.
lostintime86 (4 months ago)
wish this video was only 15 minutes long. #1 mistakes YouTubers do!!
dave dimartino (4 months ago)
Fu-k ebay use amazon hassle free .
Samson Boyy (4 months ago)
Great fuckin video dude 🖒🖒
Tyleem Reid (4 months ago)
You have a lot great content.
Jay Blade (4 months ago)
Thanks for explaining dropshipping. Im a first time seller on eBay. And im trying to learn all i can. I sold my first item a week ago. And the only thing i did wrong was i didnt have a scale. And i let eBay calculate it. And it was a couple oz over. But i got it fixed. Had it shipped and the customer recieved it. Without losing anything. But im subscribing bro. You explain things really good. Dropshipping sounds scary lol. I'll be taking your advice!!!
guillermo campos (4 months ago)
I drop ship all the time. It's a science to it
Diane Beland (5 months ago)
How to you choose ebay global shipping I only see international shipping.
RockstarFlipper (5 months ago)
Diane Beland select the “global shipping option”. If your in the USA it works. Otherwise it might not be available
Don Mega (5 months ago)
20:00 dropshipping isn't about luck. if you arrange proper supply lines, meaning you have alternative suppliers and do everything properly, such as state the estimated delivery times will be long, you can run a dropshipping business. i wouldn't do it though for the amount of headache and i like to remain as close to 100% in control as possible. 24:00 atleast in UK there is an official seller for Velcro. they had mine closed, yet I see plenty of others who clearly are selling fake velcro still being listed, cos they're not competitive like mine was. they only bother filing vero against serious competition.
Don Mega (5 months ago)
9:40 if you mistyped a counter offer and don't want to send it then simply say you sent it without tracking, but in reality don't send it at all. at least you won't get a defect for canceling the sale. 17:30 if you oversold what you had in stock the solution is the same.
Don Mega (5 months ago)
#1 mistake: shipping anything to south america. that place is full of scammers and thieves. they will even scam you on $5 items, they're that desperate for money.
RockstarFlipper (5 months ago)
You should always use the GSP to ship because its safe
Kelli (5 months ago)
Well so much for my plan of finally being able to make some extra money for my family :/ I'm not lazy though, I'm unable to work outside of home, I have been racking my brain for weeks on how to make money when I barely have any to start with, so I can't go out and buy stuff to sell like y'all do. I was seriously considering drop shipping, but using actual department stores as my "source" like Walmart, Target, Wayfair , etc Guess I have to go back to the drawing board. Trade mark - on Onsie's - what else are they supposed to be called though? lol that is what the outfit is called
What do these companies have teams of people patrolling eBay for these trigger words!? Fucking ridiculous
Omar Rawashdeh (5 months ago)
thanks for the video
Dennis P. (5 months ago)
I don't understand global shipping program.. can someone help me out? I do not want the scenario you mentioned of having to ship $20 for a $10 item. what do I have to do to protect myself????
Dennis P. (5 months ago)
im really interested in amazon fba drop shipping in the future but I know its no joke and that it requires $ and time. but ebay has been a really nice introduction to everything for me
Dennis P. (5 months ago)
youre the man! made my first $70 off a couple listings on ebay today. youre channel is right to the point and so helpful. this is the first step in paying back my student loans (one year left of school... need about $15k more) but it doesn't feel like such a crazy mountain to climb. as soon as im done selling all the extra stuff around my house Im gonna check back and see what your videos have to say about choosing products to sell or if I need to have a niche etc....
RockstarFlipper (5 months ago)
when you make a new listing under the shipping option check the box that says GLOBAL SHIPPING. Shipping direct international is risky.. I wouldn't
Dennis P. (5 months ago)
RockstarFlipper I understood that from reading ebay policy about it. However, is it automatically a thing your account does? And is there an option I need to click in order to protect myself from international shipping? Last bonus question haha is there a reason you'd ever international ship directly yourself instead of gsp?
RockstarFlipper (5 months ago)
Global shipping program is exactly the same as shipping an item inside the USA... you ship toe bays warehouse in Kentucky and they handle the rest
OhMostBobulousOne (5 months ago)
Plenty of velcro for sale on ebay.
Armando Royal (6 months ago)
Whats your opinion on FBA.
Papa Joe (6 months ago)
I'm a "newbie" seller and want to send out a big THANK YOU for this video!!!....Education is a valuable activity!! :) Look forward to seeing more!

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