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Africa is Constructing its Tallest Building in History in Kenya

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Welcome to 2nacheki's Africa Trending News where we bring to you the latest Africa News trending through social media. Africa's tallest building is being constructed right now Called The Pinnacle Towers, in Nairobi Kenya. It will be 300 meters tall and house a hotel, restaurants, offices, a luxury shopping mall, and homes. It's hoped the ambitious project will attract tourists from Africa and around the World Do you know any African News we should cover? Please send us news tips that concern Africa and we will cover them -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Thanks for watching 2nacheki the biggest African channel on Youtube from #Africa . All our videos are aimed at Educating, Informing, Reviewing, Criticizing & Ranking everything #African. Our content includes: #africanews #africalist #Africanpopculture #Africaentertainment #Afrcicanmusic #Africanculture #Africanpolitics & #Panafricanism Support #2nacheki here PayPal: http://bit.ly/help2nacheki Patreon: http://bit.ly/support2nacheki We have written permission to use the majority of content found on this channel by the content owners themselves and do not infringe on any copyrighted content knowingly. As for the other content on this channel we assure you it is strictly only used under Fair Use. Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Email us [email protected] for ads partnership, collabos, sponsorship or content issues. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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2nacheki (9 months ago)
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Early Man Productions (3 months ago)
2nacheki I'm coming for you.
Lilja hash (18 hours ago)
Hhhhhh this is a Somali building not for Kenya is our money as Somalis how can a poor Kenyan build such tall one
Dimaz Sadewa (13 days ago)
Proud to Africa from Indonesia
SOMALIDA CAANKA AH (1 month ago)
Jacob Kipkurui (2 months ago)
South Africans can't believe.!!!!! Guess the whites are now migrating to Europe????
kibudome (4 months ago)
How is Africa constructing??? Stop confusing us! Kenya is constructing!
loera vance (4 months ago)
Sub my channel too
loera vance (4 months ago)
Personal blog .....I have just started it out ...I will be vlogging around Nairobi town yeah
2nacheki (4 months ago)
What's it about?
Cori Harris (5 months ago)
Africa is building this? More like the Chinese. Stop lying.
Ayuba John (6 months ago)
2nacheki (6 months ago)
Dick Head (6 months ago)
If Africa is doing so well. They will have any problem taking all your economic (eu/un funded invaders) back. migrants back. The EU UN all Zionist media NGOs and borderless charities must be disbanded for Europe to keep it's European cultural heritage identity and have a peaceful future
Dunn A (6 months ago)
That's a nice thing,Viva Africa!!!!
2nacheki (6 months ago)
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salieu jallow (6 months ago)
kenya is occupied by indians . kenya is a indian country
The BRIDGE 54 (6 months ago)
Is Nairobi the only city in Kenya? This poor development. At least build roads to allow access to the rest of Kenya so the private sector can get involved
2nacheki (4 months ago)
Lol. This seems like a misdirected point. We are not incharge of development of your individual countries. Talk to your leaders
Leon Kangogo (4 months ago)
I have roads in my area 350km away.... What are you talking about.... And it's a private investment not a government project
kamara ibrahim (6 months ago)
Africa will stand one day own it own, love africa
Hon.Tirus Wahogo (6 months ago)
Congratulations to mr president of republic of kenya uhuru muigai kenyatta for the developing africa continent
2nacheki (6 months ago)
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sphephelo sokhela (6 months ago)
Congrat Kenya one love from Azania(south Africa) 🇿🇦🇰🇪
GeoMorocco (6 months ago)
this is just the begining in morocco and egypt they will build a tower more than 500 meters
GeoMorocco (6 months ago)
yes then it's good we always build taller and taller
sphephelo sokhela (6 months ago)
If Morocco and Egypt build that south Africa will build 600mtr coz you know south Africa is always leading
GeoMorocco (6 months ago)
please make a video of it if when you have some free time
GeoMorocco (6 months ago)
between 2020 and 2030 I will show you the videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZXjdEPHHes
2nacheki (6 months ago)
when will this happened?
Kyoko Sakuraba (6 months ago)
So cool to see Kenya grow into a 2nd world country. <3
2nacheki (6 months ago)
We greatly appreciate your support 😊
Kyoko Sakuraba (6 months ago)
You're welcome. I'll look through your videos and then leave a sub. Good work done here and I'll share when I'm on my phone or another browser. My twitter is not linked here.
2nacheki (6 months ago)
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Musa kalenjin (6 months ago)
Kenyan boy #legit
2nacheki (6 months ago)
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lino conceicao (7 months ago)
beginning future ahead for Africa.
The suicidal Indian (7 months ago)
I taught it always be in Ethiopia Or Nigeria there economies are growing more
2nacheki (7 months ago)
That's good...but other African countries are coming up strong too . Thanks for watching and commenting. Please like and share with friends and family to support the channel. You can also support us here https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=rQVPPm1KUhvbkPWU1KUe2FpujQV2febjvU3KgzprN0BkdOJ8LOykr6yR_HoI3nFYI0Un_m&country.x=KE&locale.x=KE
Darood Ismacil (7 months ago)
😂😂😂 the tallest biuld in hole Africa is owned by #Somali #cushite , beacuse we are the #civilasation and #development people Of east and hole africa , dont blame us the Western protect war in our country , wich is all about our rich ocean , rich land and strategic place wich western nations and big powers focusing on and love to get , but they dont want a strong African muslim goverment and people here otherwise they will not get what they want from africa or muslim world . That is why our country beign destroyed but IF god says , we will get back to our world and africa position soon . 🇸🇴💪🏾🇸🇴🌍👑 #somalia #talks
SOMALIDA CAANKA AH (1 month ago)
2nacheki say somali Owners
2nacheki (7 months ago)
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jonathan mosby (8 months ago)
Hopefully they used a Kenyan architect.
Lil benghazi (8 months ago)
I'm so happy for Kenya and the Kenyan people this is so great,it's a big step forward. The only thing that makes me sad is that we still can't build buildings like this own our own without the help of forginers 😔😔.Africa won't be great if it doesn't do things own her own. i hope that one day we will show the whole world that Africa is the continent of beauty and that Africa is as great as any other continent 🙏
SweetKarma (8 months ago)
Kenya is so cool
2nacheki (8 months ago)
Oh yes we are😎
awacon awacon (8 months ago)
God bless Kenya, Africa.
philipi santos da silva (8 months ago)
Because of bribe, HOPE CITY in ghana was not built even though sod das cut by ex presidente mahama and was SAID to be costing billions of US Dollars. HMMMMMM GHANA ....Now look kenya building the same tallest building and is costing $194million ....IF GHANA they would have said 1 billion......example is the so Called terminal 3 in accra which Mahama said $ 250million ....YOU FOOLS ....GHANA LEADERS WE ARE GOING TO START KILLING YOU ONE AFTER THE OTHER. DEVILS😂😂
TGR Tank (8 months ago)
Darkside (9 months ago)
That is very nice! Lovin Africa more and more 😏
Eddie Eryuba (9 months ago)
Nice background music
Loue afrigue (9 months ago)
uhuru is the best president in Africa.
POLM PHOTO (9 months ago)
Architecture Whisperer (9 months ago)
Can't wait to visit.
Beautiful Me (9 months ago)
Retarded. Help your ppl first you butt lick
Paul Peart-Smith (9 months ago)
"Wakanda" is coming.
fx Gamer (9 months ago)
Kenya not Africa. i don't think the whole of Africa contributed in building this. so it should be Kenyan building the tallest building in Africa
Jaha Able (9 months ago)
Owh wooooow proud African
Hold Your Own Nuts!! (9 months ago)
17 pink people thumb down the video!! They wasn't taught that Africa is a continent, and that the United States can fit inside of it, 10 times over!! The Universal Black God got this..
Greg Thomas (9 months ago)
Please cover the TransAqua Chad project..thank you.
ax is (9 months ago)
With money from the west, money better spent feeding and helping whites, not blacks
Jasper 4 (9 months ago)
The Owners of this are Somali, it is known worldwide that Somalis have the extremely good business acumen and commence commerce where ever they go. Somalis do the second largest amount Import/Export Business volume from UAE, second only to Iranians. Also, Somalis are well known for being the top business communities in Kenya, Somali business accounts for 33% of Nairobi's economy. Also, this is funded by Private sector and the owner is HASS Petroleum one of the largest oil companies in Kenya(Somali owned).
Francis Kaguanyu (6 months ago)
Praying for Somalia as a country, for it is one of the poorest country in the world, (Somali owned)
Swaghili (9 months ago)
People forget it's a hilton hotel, and they tend to be very expensive so it doesn't really help middle class and lower class Kenyans in anyway, just a building to stare at and be amazed.
Felix Ondieki (9 months ago)
Magical Kenya 😍😍
Beck Hassen (9 months ago)
Always cool to hear about African news. Most people don’t even know what’s going on there
Prem Man (9 months ago)
Kenyans deserves better
Mary Davies (9 months ago)
Jodaddy Mac (9 months ago)
Too bad Africa is turning so racist. What country in africa is next to steal land cause of the color of your skin? I guess demorats from america are rubning off on yall
senzo fanele (9 months ago)
check the Durban Iconic Tower to be built in South Africa
One Journey (9 months ago)
🎬 1 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🌎🌍🌏 Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. 🤔 🧐
2nacheki (9 months ago)
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cinnamonstar808 (9 months ago)
Kenya is boss
The Ancients Ancients (9 months ago)
Ironically it will be build by Somalis 🇸🇴 Whose country next door is recovering from a 27 year war. But well done Kenya 🇰🇪 and Africa! Peace and Prosperity to all✌
Senior Koplo (5 months ago)
500,000 Views There's no big difference between Somalis of Somalia and Somalis of Kenya. It's only the other tribes that differentiate the two. #Long live Uhuru. #Long live Somalia #Long live Kenya.
Kadooze Junior (5 months ago)
500,000 Views they were canadians before they became Somali-kenyans
500,000 Views (5 months ago)
They’re kenyan of somali tribe nothing to do with Somalia.
chris Shifu (6 months ago)
They are Kenyan Somalis Born raised and educated in kenya😏
Kadooze Junior (6 months ago)
Caleb Murenn Yeah!
Me & You (9 months ago)
iTuber012 (9 months ago)
is it Kenyan or AFRICAN owned though?
Jet Blac (9 months ago)
Real life Wakanda!
Jet Blac (9 months ago)
Real life Wakanda!
Xamar Boss (9 months ago)
well, hilton is not an african company, that is not landmark.
Ta Hesi (9 months ago)
What is that going to do for Kenyans?
ahmed dahiye (9 months ago)
Hass petroleum we're proud of you guys
ahmed dahiye (9 months ago)
Hass petroleum we're proud of you guys
Rocky Alvarez (9 months ago)
People dying of aids and so poor their starving to death. Aid organizations have been pooring in millions of dollars every year to save kenyas dying children. Televisions world wide have been pladtered with infomercials to help feed Kenya. Now some rich fucks idea is to build this monstrocity? Seriously...this is why polotitians suck ass and you can't trust them. I wonder how many including the Kenya President have a financial interest in this building project? I wonder hiw many kickbacks this corrupt ass president us receiving while his people are starving to death. Yu want to build shit and create jobs? How about housing for the poor homeless? How about building programs that will feed your people so other nations dont need to?
duncan ocharo (2 months ago)
have you been to kenya u r such ignorant
Um abraço do Brasil🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Pra vocês da África💜💟❤
Graham Olando (9 months ago)
Proud to be Kenyan
vincent kivuva (9 months ago)
What this clip is not telling you is that the building is being constructed on illegally and corruptly acquired public land hived off from the iconic Nairobi National park. This was strategically done by changing the path of the Standard Gauge Railway (another corrupt, commercially unviable project) to cut off the parcel this building will stand on. It's a halmark reflection of greed, corruption and pride. You build a great country by building its people not buildings.
InfiniteWisdom (9 months ago)
Mwafrika Mkenya if the “owner” is a Kenyan woman. I’ll stand down. What I don’t like are Africans trying to claim structures and monuments of greatness that they don’t know how to engineer, build, or maintain themselves. Time and Time again African leaders build these moments to their own inferiority complex through the SKILL of non-blacks and then proudly stand there with their chest out. That’s dumb. If this is designed to build up African self esteem then it need to be independent and created by African hands. Look at the stupid communists looking monument the KOREANS built for the Senegalese. Structures and monuments build by others does NOTHING to change the perception of the African as incapable of not only doing for self, but inability to be self sufficient. If this is not done properly then other groups will always claim that the African simply imitate (with assistance) and do not innovate.
Hillary Lugoe (5 days ago)
https://www.sde.co.ke/article/2001298392/arc hitect-reveals-unusual-design-inspiration-behind-kicc
Kenya Taa (9 months ago)
InfiniteWisdom You seem to bitter about this Awesome project of pinnacle tower! Shame on you big time,you seem have mental problems and you have no positive outlook. Shame on you...Kenya is rising so does other Africa country's...give us a break or chew so leather
Liberation (9 months ago)
Stick with China, we will prosper because they don’t mind if Africa grow.
2nacheki (8 months ago)
We appreciate your sentiments and time. Please like and share with friends and family to support the channel.
Billy Moses (8 months ago)
Ras Chinese are just like the white man. They see something in it for them.
Gacal Haji (9 months ago)
Built by somali company hass gas
Talebird K (9 months ago)
Gacal Haji So? Ethiopia and Kenya have more Somalis than Somalia itself.
Daniel Sabum (9 months ago)
Go Afrika you can do it! I love you Afrika!
Katula Muyendi (9 months ago)
I wish an earthquake brings it down..... when Kenyans have the highest mortality rate Kenyans are sleeping in prisons in fear of terror attacks Kenyans have no jobs Kenyans hospitals without medication under equipped army and this is what the government is doing....??
mimi kwisha (9 months ago)
I don't know of any country that has no poor people. Even in America they have the homeless so should they stop building the wall to help them. In society things don't always balance. African will not just stand still so the westerners can feel better. No way. Wether you like it or not we refuse to be what you want us to be. We take our continent and move a step at a time. Day by day. It's obvious that some people are trying to discredit our achievement and make us guilty of trying to build a better Africa. If you want to help come volunteer no one cares about your trifling ideas. Shuf them down your throat and keep moving. Next...✌
BIBIAN OKELLO (4 months ago)
mimi kwisha I wish there were even 1000 people that think like u do.u r so intelligent
Blacks vs Everybody (9 months ago)
The reason the US has any poor or homeless people is because they spend so much on their military to neo-colonize the world
Amanor Nartey (9 months ago)
It's pointless it against God heard of Tower of Babel
ugaas wiilhoog (9 months ago)
And it'd being built by somalis.
Blacks vs Everybody (9 months ago)
ugaas wiilhoog You're probably right the website I checked wasn't clear about the funding
ugaas wiilhoog (9 months ago)
Neanderthal Extinction not partially fully the company funding is Hass petroleum which is solely owned by somalis.
Blacks vs Everybody (9 months ago)
No it's being partially funded by a somali company but it's being built by an american company
Facts International (9 months ago)
tallest buildings in Kenya by 2020https://youtu.be/unT9f0IKLVg
Richie Rachuonyo (9 months ago)
I mean, unless Kenyan taxpayer has a stake in it, perceiving private investments as patriotic is very unwise, shout out to the architects though, if it can see both mountains that's quite amazing !
beni One (2 months ago)
Whether unwise or not its gonna be built. We all know we are blending your livers😂😂
Blacks vs Everybody (9 months ago)
This isn't anything to celebrate until africans are planning funding and building these infrastructure projects on their own
Blacks vs Everybody (9 months ago)
cinnamonstar808 The 4th industrial revolution is going to happen regardless of the social effects Many low skilled labor intensive jobs will disappear The world will have to move towards socialism the more jobs become automated to make it work
Blacks vs Everybody (9 months ago)
cinnamonstar808 China is overpopulated so even when their average age rises they will still have more than enough people below 30 modern militaries don't really need much manpower since they heavily dependent on tech Developing countries aren't all black the majority of the countries in the world are developing countries US trade size with africa is insignificant right now The US hasn't been focusing on the african market No new trade agreements have been made yet There will be positives and negatives to any new trade deals for Africa China will lose their market share in the US and they will focus on dumping their products in Africa
cinnamonstar808 (9 months ago)
I know: but China has no options. by 2030 they will be in trouble for what they are famous for: people. China is an old country average age 37. and lack females now to create another generation not only of consumers but an army. 3 years ago they reverse the 1 child policy. those 3yrolds cannot close the gap Environment is also an issue: not just the air but all the sand they remove to build in concrete. I DONT BLAME CHINA for securing a future in Africa. (4IR) wont work: developing countries are all black. THE NEW TRADE AGREEMENT last month will favor African countries. I seriously doubt USA or European products will flood the African continent; they are being pushed out right now. 3IR displaced millions on jobs in the West & the stock market is saying otherwise to me right now. I dont believe the market is leveling out: I believe it trying to balance itself to avoid a cash sooner than later
Blacks vs Everybody (9 months ago)
cinnamonstar808 Nearly every single major infrastructure project is being funded and built by China Obviously Africa should have more growth due to it being full of developing countries I don't see how the west is in trouble considering the technological gap is too wide to be closed anytime soon The 4th industrial revolution is already working because it is basically just a continuation of the 3rd The new era of robotics and automation is going to hurt the majority of the worlds population especially developing countries because most factory jobs are going to disappear making it harder for places like africa to pull the majority of people out of poverty
cinnamonstar808 (9 months ago)
they do have investment companies now: many are funding the newest railways and IT or Robotics industry in Africa. You dont hear of them because the politicians takes all the credit. But they are in the backrow of the A.U meetings listening. Its not an emotional investment either Africa is one of the few places in the world now with positive growth $ numbers every year. THE WEST is in trouble: the pie is all eaten up. LARGE companies are devouring smaller ones just to post positive growth numbers [ Fourth Industrial Revolution is what the west is looking at to survive the future; ] 4IR wont work; they will essentially go back to medieval economics.
charles Ndungu (9 months ago)
Kenya must beat it all
King Amsterdam (9 months ago)
The company is owned by a Somali There is a bright future for Somalis
Zinzzi (2 months ago)
No Name your last comment couldn’t be truer 😂😂!!
BIBIAN OKELLO (4 months ago)
King Amsterdam that building is owned by a Kenyan.dumb head
No Name (4 months ago)
King Amsterdam you talk as if Somalis are not Africans. You may see it like that, but the whole world will call you African no matter what so you’ll have to suck it up and deal with it, btw I’m Ethiopian and other Africans don’t hate you cause they’re jealous, you guys are just conceited and cocky asf. That’s probably why you think everyone hates you 🤦‍♀️ (I don’t hate Somalis, just my honest answer)
No Name (4 months ago)
Blacks vs Everybody YES!! FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT!! I feel as if I’m offending people but what is having 40+ tribes in one country going to do? Look at S. Sudan, the tribes are fighting, they don’t see themselves as a nation. Rwanda didn’t recover until they came together. Ancient Greece united all their tribes to become Greece. France had fighting tribes and had to unite them all to become France. Africa needs to do the same, everywhere
harun razak (9 months ago)
I'm kenyan. God bless.
FitAwrari Abelx (9 months ago)
its about time !!!!
Paul Gattuso (9 months ago)
I built skyscrapers in America for 30 years.I am Caucasian.Plenty of people, black,white,etc.participated in the planning,design and of course the construction of these great buildings.The economic gains from projects of this magnitude benefits everybody!!!!!!!Materials suppliers,tool companies, restaurants,gas stations,taxpayers and on and on.There is no room for ignorant racism on the job,we are friends and fellow tradesmen and tradeswomen.In some cases we entrust our lives to eachother black and white.Just like when I served in the US Army.All people better wake up and realize that the world is multiracial and multiethnic and in some way interconnected and dependent on eachother. The world is a job site,no room for ignorant racists so dont be one.
Chis T (9 months ago)
More than half of Nairobi live in appalling conditions in a shithole called Kibera.( you cant even call it a ghetto). It has human waste flowing all over because they are no toilets so people throw their excrements out of the window. No running water, no electricity. So you cant hide . This is not intended to humiliate the people of Kenya but to tell them to wake up and realize the poverty of millions is on of humanities greatest injustices. We cant be celebrating a new building when people are lamenting in such destitution. Anyone one who wishes to challenge the accuracy of my statement, i will gladly post links to poverty in Kibera and other places in Kenya.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching and commenting. Please like and share with friends and family to support the channel. You can also support us here https://goo.gl/AeR6Dt
Branky Ruri (4 months ago)
growth and investments means more job opportunities ,so even if the govt is not as proactive as it should be,doesnt mean the private sector shouldnt grow,,and btw how come you only remind people of their failings when something positive is mentioned?
Chis T (9 months ago)
Please build reasonable housing with clean running water, electricty and sewage systems for the people of kibera and othe rshanty towns which make up most of nairobi before you start building the tallest building in africa. Disgraceful! morons.
Chis T (8 months ago)
It's good. You just proved my point. You dont want to hear the truth so you resort to the lowest primal form which comes natural to you. Make the slums and poverty disappear and I promise you I will disappear. As long as there is poverty in Africa I will be all over the place. Speaking for those millions who you want to forget and pretend they dont exist . Thats why you continue to build shithole contries with failed systems then flock to other people's countries to enjoy the goodies of civilization. Resolve poverty first !!!
Chis T (8 months ago)
US has uglier cities than kenya? really ? Name the cities please. Thats why americans are dying to cross the ocean in small boats to move to this Kenyan paradise, right? The fool thinks wisdom is foolish.
mimi kwisha (9 months ago)
I don't know of any country that has no poor people. Don't be stupid. Even in America they have the homeless so should they stop building the wall to help them. In society things don't always balance. African will not just stand still so the westerners can feel better. No way. Wether you like it or not we refuse to be what you want us to be. We take our continent and move a step at a time. Day by day. It's obvious that you are trying to discredit our achievement and make us guilty of trying to build a better Africa. If you want to help go to kibira and volunteer no one cares about your trifling ideas. Shuf it down your throat and keep moving. Next...✌
keep on dreaming (9 months ago)
Chis T dude you are all over with the same comment plz fuck off
Mwafrika Mkenya (9 months ago)
Chis T You are an imbecile.You must have a brain the size of a peanut judging by your comments. Slums are all over the world Bangkok, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Mumbai, New Delhi . That has never stopped those cities from building sky scrappers. Even U.S.A has uglier cities than Kenya https://youtu.be/8nGYkEBDjX8 yet it calls itself the biggest economy in the world yet you can't compare those ugly U.S towns to small Kenyan towns like Nakuru, Naivasha, Nanyuki,Kericho ,Kakamega,Malindi.Slums are caused by rural to urban migrations. China used to have slums too but slowly as the country's economy grew and people became wealthier slowly the slums disappeared.
Karem Channel (9 months ago)
ASIAN AND ARAB COUNTRIES HAV MANY SKYCRAPERS.. its good to see africa started altho its just 300m tall
JAMROCKBRAND . com (9 months ago)
Your future is looking bright. 💓
ettekamba6969 (9 months ago)
Africa shd build 165 storey building.
Frank Marshall (9 months ago)
Keep going Kenya
Peter Mburu (9 months ago)
Nairobi Africa smartest city two years in a row able to watch two tallest free standing mountains in the word plus great rift valley and a bar dares ranges only in Africa Kenya not Dubai not Newyork or London proud Kenyan and African.
PHILLIMON PHIRI (9 months ago)
We need to do more
Son of NOK (9 months ago)
Simple minded, naive fools. It's called long term strategy. Other races like in the US have 50 to 100yr strategic plan. Africans have foofoo and chapati weekly plans, just for their personal stomachs. What part of your economy is not controlled by Indians and Arabs? Dumb fools, but Africans can't even walk the streets in Dubai or Lybia or Mumbai without being lynched, yet you even let them vote and hold public offices in Africa. Naive childish fools.
baffe vlogs (9 months ago)
We dont lack any resources in our country.we are among the most educated countries in the world,also we have one of the most formalized economy in africa. yet corruption is the sole reason we lag behind.in totality let we end the culture of impunity
Blacks vs Everybody (9 months ago)
No kenya isn't among the most educated countries in the world where do you get that nonsense from lol
baffe vlogs (9 months ago)
Kuwani tuta kula buildings,we need to be realistic,our economy is 50 percent in debt,unemployment is at 45 percent ,youth un employment is at 65 percent. Soon the bubble will burst and the imf will slap us with austerity measure like they did in greace. We need to end these madness soon
Leon Kangogo (4 months ago)
It's not a public building.... It's a private investment why are you so stupid
RobertsDigital (9 months ago)
We need to develop the whole continent to be better than anywhere in North America, Europe and Asia (especially China). That should be the priority of every African. To succeed we must begin by fighting corruption. A single building means nothing. We need to learn to build our own cars, aircrafts, maglev trains, ships, computers, microchips, machineries, medical equipments, garbage treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, water purification plants, drainage systems, infrastructure and a lot of other things. Africa needs to be self-sufficient and most importantly self-efficient. To be self efficient, Africans must learn a technology from Europe or Asians the first time by keeping records of how they build so that next time they want to build that same thing they do it themselves not telephoning the Europeans or Asians every time to come and build for them. That's how China did with the Europeans. By telephoning the Europeans and Chinese every time you want to build something, you will be giving jobs to Europeans and Asians and not your people. If we Africans cannot build any of our stuff but import, then we make Europeans and Asians rich. It's ok to import at the initial stages but eventually we need to start building our own stuff in all areas of technology and export them together with the resources we have to make a double gain. Africa also needs universal and world class, technologically advanced medical care system in all its countries. Corruption prevents all these technologies from happening, that's why Africa has to adopt the death penalty for corruption like China is doing. That's the only hope of eradicating corruption which is a way of life in Africa. The power to control corruption should never be put in the hands of political leaders but special organizations within African states that have power over the African leaders. African leaders should not be the ones deciding on corruption issues. Anyone who wants to become a leader in any African country should not do it with the intention of getting rich or to amass wealth but with a priority to help the African people and develop their individual African nations. If you want to be a rich politician then do your own business outside politics to make your money. Last but not the least, all lazy illiterate and corrupt African leaders with no vision or plans for development for their individual African countries should be eradicated from their offices. These fools have made Africa a laughing stock and an object of mockery to the rest of the World. We really really really need to develop our Continent. I'm bloody honest about it. Our African brothers need to enjoy the benefits of a well developed continent, not to travel outside the continent to struggle to enjoy development and be treated like dogs because of their skin colour. I personally don't believe a single building is sufficient although it's a nice idea. I think we need to develop in all sectors and most importantly maintain these sectors of development. I will be more impressed if we Africans can take a more radical/aggressive step against corruption. That will be like the basic foundation towards a path to industrialization.
RobertsDigital (9 months ago)
*Django Freeman* Are you freaking cursed or something? I just outlined lots of things that need to be done in Africa and you misinterpreted everything. Making a beneficial suggestion based on constructive criticism is not making a person or group of people to look stupid (I'd rather they don't ignore my comments and suggestions as well as the suggestions of others and continue looking stupid to the rest of the world). If that group can perhaps understand what I am saying like a little kid who listens to a rebuking dad he can become more successful and sensible than a rebellious senseless son.......like you for example. Africa needs development whether you like it or not! Africa needs to eradicate corruption whether you like it or not! Everyone in Africa needs to benefit from development! If you don't see anything positive about my comment then get lost!
Cjango Freeman (9 months ago)
What you are saying are sky is blue, water is wet and when you are hungry you eat. That's a given. Of course they will try to learn and be independent. So you are not saying anything except to imply Africans are stupid.
RobertsDigital (9 months ago)
*Cjango Freeman* Go back and read my comment again you retarded fool! I didn't say Chinese are bad. I said Africans should learn from them once and then become independent with the technology they have learnt (Self Efficiency). Are you a chimpanzee or are you mad or something? And retard I am not talking about cancer or going to mars....I am talking about Africans investing in the basic things that other countries have which they lack or are inconsistent with. Execution for the corrupt should be a private thing....not public. We must always try to project a positive side to the public. You've clearly understood nothing about my comment! It's obvious that retarded people like you are the ones ruining the continent.
Cjango Freeman (9 months ago)
Lets not stop there Robert. How about coming up with the cure for cancer? Develop a space program to Mars? Africa hasn't changed in thousands of years of corruption, dictatorship, civil wars, colonization with majority of people living in poverty. So is your idea is new? What's been stopping you? To stop corruption starts with public hanging of the corrupted. You seem to despise China and all the work they are doing to help Africa. Your simple mind thinks learning involves, here, hit the nail with the hammer and your are a structural engineer. If you think China is just another colonizer, tell your leaders and stop China in your country and see where you end up. The same dirt road you have been living on since the dawn of time.
A Jewel Ra (9 months ago)
Wakanda TV (9 months ago)
What do you mean by africa is building? A whole continent 😂😂 what's wrong with you people. Just say Kenya is building the tallest building in Africa
Speek No Evil (9 months ago)
I don't believe a word of this. Exactly how many wonderful structures do they have now that wasn't built by white people?
2nacheki (9 months ago)
You clearly knows nothing about Kenya. Simple answer, google it. It’s not that hard
Jujuman (9 months ago)
It would be wiser to invest this money on children's education. They're the future, a building isn't...
Jujuman (9 months ago)
2nacheki I'm not fool enough to think that 124 millions $ would educate all the children in Kenya. I was merely pointing out that the best investment possible for African nations would be educating the youth and building schools and universities before copying the developed nations just to boost our ego. BTW, l'm no communist, I'm a panafricanist.
2nacheki (9 months ago)
So you think $124m will educate every child in the country. It’s a private development. Or are you a communist now and want to tell private citizens what to do with their money?
Rukia Niles (9 months ago)
Awesome! I wonder what the government people in my country are up to? 🤔🤦🏾‍♀️🤭
2nacheki (9 months ago)
It’s a private development so government not involved
Geary Erua (9 months ago)
Okay Africa, making big moves!
Blacks vs Everybody (9 months ago)
That isn't big moves
Jeff ChuruMaina (9 months ago)
They should consider major issues first like destroying slums and replacing them with better housing and demolition of makeshift venders that are illegally built along major roads...... before rushing for Glory. Otherwise when you already on the 10th floor the first eye sight captures is slums!
2nacheki (9 months ago)
So you want a private for profit company to go help poor people , what country do you live in? Do you understand how business works? The goal is to make more money. Or you start by giving out all ur wealth to the poor.See how it works
Wavis (9 months ago)
I want to know who’s contracting it? What African companies are benefiting? and who’s profiting down to the shareholders. We all know Hilton is not an African company
Wavis (9 months ago)
We're on the same page my friend.
Blacks vs Everybody (9 months ago)
Wavis Yes that does make it better but africans need to start completely building their own infrastructure
Wavis (9 months ago)
Neanderthal Extinction Thank you my friend. It makes me feel better that some Afrikan faces are actually behind the development of this glorious Afrikan project. I look forward to assisting in the progression of our economic infurstructure in the near future.
Cjango Freeman (9 months ago)
Hilton was a Russian Jew who immigrated the US. He worked as laborer but studied at night to become a lawyer. He started buying up businesses such as motels and hotels and became the hotel magnate that he is today.
Blacks vs Everybody (9 months ago)
The Hilton hotel is being developed by Hass Petroleum and White Lotus Group https://constructionreviewonline.com/2017/05/construction-work-start-on-africas-tallest-building-in-kenya/
Son of NOK (9 months ago)
Jxm K Brighter future under Chinese, Indian, and Arab economic colonization?

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