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What Does "AAA Game" Mean in 2016? - Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 75 (Pt. 1)

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Text Comments (344)
Poever (6 months ago)
Means something, I’m sure
Suzaku Kururugi (2 years ago)
Heighten your gaming experience with the Gameplay Trailer of Spiderman, Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, Mass Effect Andromeda | PS4 Pro
Bryan Albrecht (2 years ago)
I don't think many companies can risk charging $70 for a game, because Walmart who, much like Colin was talking about, operate on an almost non-existant margin, will just undercut them at $60 and steal all of their business. Shop local, kids.
Fiery Muffin (2 years ago)
I was getting so annoyed when they kept saying star citizen but would then say that's not it. It was infuriating because then Greg said it only raised 2 million on Kickstarter but it actually raised way more than that after the fact
rad ray (2 years ago)
I guess if we used the old term like greg suggests, than all Tripple A games by wikiedia definition is games with high budgets.  even though ratchet and clank is a 40 dollar game it is a triple A game based on the team size that built the game which gives you an idea of what scope of budgeting was in play.. I mean watch the credits and see how much people worked on it compared to rocket league. If that's the case then yes homefront revolution is a triple A game also, though it is a terrible game.
Joshiesgotagun (2 years ago)
Colin, Netflix is huge, my man. We still have DVD's, Blu Ray's, and 4K now. So, I feel that you might, "MIGHT" be wrong about there being no physical games in 10-20 years.
EposVox Gaming (2 years ago)
Very interesting discussion.
saxafish (2 years ago)
I'm so glad you mentioned the physical retail pricing issue and our perception of quality vs price.
Andre Aroyan (2 years ago)
I love Colin's T-shirt!
neoturk nope (2 years ago)
Twitter did that already years ago they are due another one.
calvins48 (2 years ago)
Tim always seems like he's dragged Colin and Greg into the room for the show like, "C'mon guys! It's episode 75!!" "Okayyyy Tim. We'll do the show just, you just do all the talking."
ki70000 (2 years ago)
Triple A games here in Canada are actually $80 now. I cannot describe how frustrated I am with this system.
Scott Koppinger (2 years ago)
AAA = Tent pole games, uncharted, mass effect, mario, Halo, etc (games that sell consoles, that people wait for to buy a console for) AA = Tomb Raider, Ratchet and Clank,...(Great games, that aren't going to sell consoles) A = Smaller great games, Until Dawn Ukelele...Games that are smaller but still great, that have a big following from hard core players from that console
Ryan Eichler (2 years ago)
Really good topic guys. Each of you had some pretty insightful things to say.
The Elliot Equation (2 years ago)
greg is single??? what happened
Andrew Izquierdo (2 years ago)
I actually only paid 30$ for my Overwatch game on PS4.... buying games digitally with a friend and using GameShare is amazing. If any of you haven't done it yet, find someone to gameshare with, so worth it.
Sebastian Medel (2 years ago)
What about No Mans Sky where does that game fall in?
Dave.R (2 years ago)
I hate indie games man, most of em are just side-scrollers or 2D platformers. i know im going to be called ignorant but i dont care most of em are just fucked up. I love forst and third person games but most of those again are also really bad or short.
FishSticks Yo (2 years ago)
bobbyw223 (2 years ago)
im here
ScriptZac (2 years ago)
There ARE three Purge movies... That was definitely a movie I walked out of thinking, "Well, that was super meh..." Now look where we're at.
PwnMuffin (2 years ago)
Deus Ex is AAA maybe not to a console gamer but on PC those games are huge.
MeneMrMustard (2 years ago)
I'm becoming much more open to digital games on my PS4, mainly due to Sony's PSN sales. Recently I've purchased: Alien: Isolation, Darksiders II, Metro Redux, Saints Row IV, Sleeping Dogs, Tearaway Unfolded, The Walking Dead: Season 1, The Wolf Among Us, and pre-purchased South Park: The Fractured But Whole in order to get a free copy of Stick of Truth. I also realize that almost all of these are last-gen games brought to PS4. Says something about this generation that two out of three games I'm excited for this fall are The Bioshock Collection, and Skyrim Special Edition. (The other one being Dishonored II)
vectorsan (2 years ago)
The difference is in the budget and how much was spent producing and marketing the game.
TheRealGamerKing (2 years ago)
A John Galt shirt? Gross.
Emperor Lars XVIII (2 years ago)
I dig Mario Cart, but don't agree it's AAA. I would think the time and money that goes into making games like Forza and Gran Turismo proves that Mario Cart isn't AAA. I don't think anyone would even pay attention to Mario Cart if it had generic unrecognizable characters.
SymphonicAngel (2 years ago)
My god, thats a little funny. I haven't purchased a physical game since 2012 on PS3/PS4 and I occasionally use Steam but really hate gaming on PC... My PC is not high end but is intel 7 and has AMD and yet Phantasy Star Online 2 looks better on my PS4 and Bravia TV, even with full graphics turned on. I can't really say that PS4 looks better always than PC since it is a fact that it doesn't, but I absolutely hate gaming on PC.
LewTurboB5A4 (2 years ago)
Colin praising PC gaming?????  :-o
luciddre4m (2 years ago)
Digital PC games are more popular because there are no "generations" and game libraries can exist in perpetuity. I think Sony and Microsoft are starting to grasp this and are now going to iterate on hardware more frequently in order to shed the "generation" idea. I think this is also why so many games have been ported to PS4/Xbone.
miniwar monger (2 years ago)
So why does Yacht club release shovel knight physically in the end if the migration is supposed to be from physical to digital and not vice versa ? Indies goin retail is a batch of honour these days.
Patrick D. (2 years ago)
For me a AAA title consists of AAA graphics, AAA sounds, AAA physics, AAA gameplay, AAA story and AAA game environment.
bmdshred77 (2 years ago)
The whole question of this show is wrong. Indie is clearly defined. Just because a indie dev has great success doesn't mean it's not an indie title. CD project is still a indie developer. They don't answer to anyone. What needs to redefined is "triple AAA". To me battlefront is not triple a worthy. No damn story , lack luster multiplayer, bullshit dlc. I would say triple a should be the games that are huge ,graphic, story driven, multiplayer to last, and big budget. I would say indie games could qualify as a triple a. But indie is already defined. If insomniac gets money from Sony to make game then it is no long indie.
bmdshred77 (2 years ago)
No mans sky is no longer indie title. Sony is helping fund it I believe.
Sjono (2 years ago)
19:12 AA is pretty self explanatory, but what dafuq is an A, B or C game?
Retail games are $80 in Canada not $70. It's because our dollar sucks currently. $60 USD = $77 CAD. So it makes sense.
MADagain (2 years ago)
The new Homefront is considered a AAA game. Yet, with that said it's still a horrible fucking title and should be removed from market. The developer does not deserve to get any money from that game anymore.
Yazeed Alrajhi (2 years ago)
9:22 Lol I love Colin
Juan Ortega (2 years ago)
The power of editing
Manuel Boglio (2 years ago)
Does it really matter, though? Does anybody buy a game simply bc its AAA or indie? I usually think indie games are small games, especially experimental games. Whereas AAA games are the opposite. But, it seems to me that gamers usually know what games they want. They see the trailers, look for gameplay, even know the developers. In other words, we buy the games that we want or think we will enjoy, regardless of how its classified. Granted, price is a factor, but I also don't believe price should be based on classification (AAA or indie), or vice versa. At the end of the day, we just want great games. How you classify them is irrelevant.
YOUNG MAC (2 years ago)
what is colin drinking?
Cube (2 years ago)
This topic is kinda dumb. You are all debating about pointless video game labels. We don't need to label anything. Who cares? It just doesn't matter... Is the game good? That's the only question I have.
eathdemon (2 years ago)
overwatch is $40 on pc btw
Cadilla 430 (2 years ago)
I like buying physical items from a collectors stand point. But I also like it because I know that I will always have that item. A digital only future scares me because those digitally own products can be taken away at any time.
Dr. Jekyll (2 years ago)
it was star citizen that colin was talking about http://www.gamespot.com/articles/star-citizen-funding-continues-to-climb-reaches-ne/1100-6435618/
James English (2 years ago)
Star Citizen: 117 million raised as of 05/07/16
Goldenboy617 (2 years ago)
It's insane to compare PC digital gaming to Console Digital gaming. First of all. in console digital games Sony or Xbox makes you buy the game multiple times! if i buy a game on PS3, and i want to play it on ps4. i would have to rebuy the damn game again. if i buy a new PC i dont have to rebuy the game on Steam or whatever other digital distribution platform you choose. If i buy a new PC, i will most likely be able to play the games i bought 10-15 years ago on it with updates. on Console once i go to the next generation the old games are no longer supported...unless ofcourse i choose to buy them ..again! Totally different. to compare them is idiotic.
MidNightFooty (2 years ago)
In Australia, a new release will set you back $80-$110. Absolute ripoff
keyblade zero (2 years ago)
finally getting our due, pc nerds! #colinwashonest
Josh Harold (2 years ago)
I'm fine with Overwatch being $60 on console. Fantastic game.
Ravelys (2 years ago)
Besides that, the game's sales figures speak for themselves. Tim is just clueless on this particular point I'm afraid. Why would they make it a $40 game when they can move mass units at $60. I mean honestly none of them understand that particular section of the market because they are console guys - the main reason overwatch is $60 is because fans asked for it instead of having f2p with lots of microtransaction skins and locked out heroes (which interferes with a core design mechanic of the game - hero swapping to counter the enemy team).
Josh Harold (2 years ago)
Collin is absolutely right, it had to be $60 to make it a "real" game to us console owners where as $40 isn't looked upon so badly on PC.
Syphon (2 years ago)
Star Citizen throughout it's development has raised over 100 million.
thejobloshow (2 years ago)
It means the games made by the companies that are paying your bills.
InterEDGE (2 years ago)
The whole thing of digital games (at least on consoles) is fucked anyway since new games are still $60 dollars. WHY? Wasn't the whole point of that was that they would be cheaper because you didn't have to pay the same price for a physical copy, therefore negating the cost the publishers had to pay in order to make the discs and cases and what not? That being said, I always buy physical when I can anyway, I like having something that I actually "own", rather than it just being data on a hard drive.
BLueSun (2 years ago)
Colin w/ the vocab.
Rebellious Q (2 years ago)
I just see AAA as meaning a lot of money went into the game but there's no standardization to using this term. Whoever is working on Star Citizen is an indie for they're putting the game out themselves but id say SC is AAA game w/ 100 million plus budget
Baytuh (2 years ago)
Saying Overwatch isn't worth $60 is weird, if its because its Multiplayer only than why is the value of Single player more then Multiplayer Plus more then likely you're going to get more HRS out of the Multiplayer.
tlou is a bad example because that game has a great single player AND multiplayer
Because some people look for more in games than just contextless shooting
TaeInfinite (2 years ago)
+SmoothLegend Not to mention, Multiplayer-only titles doesn't last forever.
TeeKay 2 (2 years ago)
Overwatch content is same as F2P and games like CSGO. Those games are free or 20 bucks. Ofcourse Overwatch is more polished, hence the 40 bucks price point is a good price-point, instead of the 60 bucks price point. 60 is just way too overpriced if u compare it with other games.
Baytuh (2 years ago)
+Some Thing True!
Dōjin (2 years ago)
I think one thing they missed is the state of most Japanese developed games today like those coming out of Bandai Namco, Capcom, Koei Tecmo which definitely don't meet the standards of modern day AAA games, but also aren't indie games. This is where the A, B and even C grade games are coming from nowadays.
Phracattack (2 years ago)
Colin is absolutely kidding himself as is everybody who thinks brick and mortar shopping is going away especially for gaming services. The great PSN outage in 2011, Lizard Squad bringing down down PSN and Xbox Live for days around Christmas, ring any bells? The internet is too unstable and too vulnerable to cyber terrorism to EVER be the ONLY way we buy things. What the fuck are you going to do if the internet is down for days on end and there is no store to go to for backup. Well I really need toilet paper but the internet is down, I guess I'll wipe my ass with a dish rag. Not to mention the millions of low income individuals and families that can't afford internet service or their service is unreliable. There is no denying digital will overtake physical in the near future but there will always be brick and mortar stores to shop at.
trounbyfire (2 years ago)
as long as devs are stuck in the lets make it bigger instead of better ai and new mechanics games will continue to be the same.
ThisIsSludgehammer (2 years ago)
I would start buying all my games from the Playstation Store if the prices were the same or cheaper than buying a physical copy. But here in Australia, physical copies are almost always cheaper.
Zer0Hour17 (2 years ago)
Man I can't disagree more. I am not looking forward to the day things go digital only. I still have my nes/snes/PS1 etc... games. They're right there, I can play them whenever I want, but PS4 digital games? You aren't going to have those forever. At some point the servers will get cut off. Yeah you can download them all before that, but I hope your PS4 doesn't break. I really don't understand the support for digital only. It's not helping consumers that's for sure.
SurlyAndroid (2 years ago)
I would pay $100 for the Witcher 3 or Red Dead Redemption.
Joe Dory (2 years ago)
The difference between calling bands and games 'indie' is that the vast majority of games (read everything that's seriously put up on steam) needs to make money. It needs to justify itself in order to pay staff and cover overheads. Music and bands can, and often do, just exist purely exist for the sake of existing. I'm not saying game developers aren't passionate about games, but the amount of capital required to make a game, is far greater than the amount of capital required to write a song.
BLueSun (2 years ago)
Greg, that guy fucks.
AC130 (2 years ago)
nice hair cut greg
NinjaNick Gaming (2 years ago)
I mostly buy physical games cuz then I can "trade" them in if or when I wont play them again
iownalx23 (2 years ago)
true steam is good as it is bad as far as the content in it. they need to polish that up lol
Brandon Tyler (2 years ago)
If Overwatch shouldn't be 60$ than Super Smash Bros 4 shouldn't be 60$...
Kragthor (2 years ago)
I feel like if you want digital only you must be a very casual gamer or you're rich. If I bought 10 new games at full price on PSN it would cost me $600 But thanks to physical I can buy cheap used games and I can do trade ins and as an Amazon prime member all new games are $47 so on those 10 games I won't spend more than $200 So going all digital is a horrible idea until Sony and Microsoft stop being so damn high on their prices.
Joshua Cameron (2 years ago)
There's no such thing as the "superior" platform. Kind of odd seeing console guys say PC gaming is the "superior" platform. It really depends on what you want. If you want the best specs and access to tons of smaller indie games that probably won't come to other platforms than go PC. If you want a more controlled list of games (the cream of the crop), ease of use and first party exclusives than go with Sony or Nintendo (or Xbox, though they are starting to become ubiquitous with PC gaming since all their first party content is on PC). What do you want? When you answer that than you know what the actual "superior" platform is for you.
DANzwKU (2 years ago)
had to help their landlord with his computer?
Abelardo (2 years ago)
No sense in downloading a huge game to only play it once and not be able to sell it after you are done.digital for small games, physical for big ones.
BaldPetros (2 years ago)
atheists are braindead retards.
Teh Hands (2 years ago)
I buy as many pc games in store as I can, some just aren't available
Justin Watson (2 years ago)
You don't label games like you don't label people... each are their own individual and unique thing!
Gean C (2 years ago)
Like 99% of the time I agree with Colin, physical games have NO business being around. Those things in shelves are not as sexy as blurays, you have to pay sales tax for them, companies spend money making the box and sometimes booklet, they have to deal with the whole shipping thing and the list goes on and on.
Some Thing (2 years ago)
It can be cheaper. Too dependant upon where you live. Outside of the US a lot of AAA is variable pricing. Things don't match up all the time.
Cadilla 430 (2 years ago)
personally I'd rather have a physical item. Buying digitally makes me feel like it can be taken away from me.
Gean C (2 years ago)
+Zer0Hour17 we're talking 10+ years after the release of the game at minimum. In 10 years we'll be full VR most likely and your ps4 and Xbone will be dead by use or dead by dust accumulation. Every good game being $60 to please hoarders is anti-consumer. But you'll see, blockbuster said the exact same thing 6 years ago and look at them now :P.
Zer0Hour17 (2 years ago)
+Gean C I'd rather risk my games getting stolen/lost/broken then lose access to them when a company like Sony decides they don't want to pay for the PS4's servers anymore. A digital option is great, digital only is anti consumer.
Gean C (2 years ago)
+Zer0Hour17 yes it is, it's CHEAPER and more convenient than going to a store to buy the game then come back home and risk it getting stolen/lost/broken
David Stubbs (2 years ago)
I'm in favor of the youtube purge as well
86Themadhatter (2 years ago)
I picture indie being more of a genre now more than a development description. It's an indie game? ah then it's no doubt a $20 4-6 hour experience that may only appeal to a minority.
Surya Rai (2 years ago)
Loving this Kinda Funny-Haus banter lol
Daimon Clarke (2 years ago)
It's $80 for games in Canada.
Daimon Clarke (2 years ago)
+Client1983 yes. What is you're point? They mentioned how it's more in Canada for a game. I was just correcting them.
Jason Andrews (2 years ago)
Basically same as U.S. (I'm Canadian too :D)
Boots! (2 years ago)
AAA insurance offers AAA games.
Ignis Mare (2 years ago)
No physical, no buy from me, simple as that. Digital is great as another additional option, but i ain't gonna download a large ammount of GB everytime i want to play a game, not to mention not everyone has internet, and there's no garanty that the servers will still be up in some years from now for me to download the game again in case i have the desire to play that game again. I still play old games, i'm sure i will still be playing old(current) games in the future as well. Plus, there is precedent for removing games from the online stores, so there goes the game you paid for, puff. It's easy to argue for digital when you don't put your hard earned cash into it, so if you find yourself in that scenario, if you advocate for digital that opinion means little to me. There is positive aspects for digital but there is also negatives, and for me personally, the negative aspects still overcomes the positive aspects I have PS Plus and receive games for "free" and i see how it's convenientl. You don't have to switch discs and bring them wherever you go, etc. However, because they were "free" i don't care if i later lose access to them, so the perks of them being digital do shine there, but if i had to properly pay for them, then i would want to have a garanty that i'll be able to play them whenever i want even if servers shut down. Plus i'm a collector so i like to see my games, especially my favourites on my shelf. I'm one in millions, but one non the less, and one by one makes the populus. Carry on .
MikeG82 (2 years ago)
what if your house is robbed or catches on fire?  you just lost your game collection that you still would've had if it was tied to your PSN account you don't truly own physical games these days either because every game needs a download patch if you forget your PSN password, that's hilarious
Sean B (2 years ago)
Totally agree. I will never switch to digital. I'll only switch when that is the only way to get games. I love spending my hard earned cash for something physical. the other big thing is, if forever reason you lose access to your email and forget your password for PSN you are locked out of every game you have bought. People forget when you buy a digital game you are paying for the license to play it, and you do not own that game. At least a physical copy of a game can be shared or sold on, esp for people who can't afford to buy brand new games. People who find this to be bad on developers are so wrong, the Amiga, PS1, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, All did very well and yet were all pirated for in a huge way, now that piracy has fallen with new tech and software and with the PS4 breaking records, with GTA 5 breaking records, these developers are making good money, selling used games can still be doing it's thing for years to come. Also for the collectors out there like myself I love having my Collections on show, for my friends to browse through, if everything was digital I'd need a very big hard drive and it won't be the same sitting there and going through a list on my console. At the moment I own 67 PS4 games and over 150 Blu Ray films. Totally understand people who like digital and understand the ease of it, but here in the UK at the moment digital copies cost substantially more than physical copies at the moment. To put it into perceptive, a digital copy of the standard edition costs as much as a physical copy of the special/deluxe edition of the game. I'm not paying extra to not even get a box and disc, it makes no sense except the fact I don't have to get up off the Sofa.
CENTER311 (2 years ago)
+SmoothLegend I wouldn't say it's niche. Global PC game revenue is higher than consoles. That's for all games total. Everything that consoles do today, the PC platform did first. So yes, this is indicative of where the console market is headed. Maybe not the immediate future...
Emperor Lars XVIII (2 years ago)
100% agree with original comment. I'll buy digital if it's the only way. I also refuse to buy games that require online connection for single player. The Crew and Need for Speed are examples.
+Joshua Cameron what happens if you loose your disk/scratched/sat on/ate by dog/misplaced/disk drive dies? i only say it cause they all happened to me lol. i like tax free and all money goes to sony and the developer. physical copies are for old really discounted games (for me)
Robert Khalatian (2 years ago)
Star Citizen was correct. Last time I checked, it passed 100 million.
Alan Garcia (2 years ago)
If Overwatch isn't worth $60, then neither is Super Smash Bros.
Alan Garcia (2 years ago)
+Connor Maruke (ThatsHipHop4Yaa) Dude, trust me. I usually HATE multiplayer games but Overwatch has really grasped on to me. I can't put it down. I look at it more like a first person fighting game with super heroes. What I really love about it is that it's kind of a love letter to all video games. Each character has a interesting and deep gameplay mechanic that was influenced by other games. All of these cool gameplay mechanics that have been invented over the past thirty years are in this game. You've got wall climbers, double jumps, grappling hooks, builders, jet packs, melee only characters, teleporters, time manipulating etc...
Cadilla 430 (2 years ago)
+Alan Garcia I agree with quality and I'm happy people like overwatch but for me paying 60 dollars for a game with a couple of modes isn't worth it. It would if been if there was a story mode.....cuz I keep rewatching those shorts
Alan Garcia (2 years ago)
+Connor Maruke (ThatsHipHop4Yaa) Think about it. Usually when a game tries to do both a single player and multiplayer, they end up doing a bad job on one of those modes.
Alan Garcia (2 years ago)
+Connor Maruke (ThatsHipHop4Yaa) I think it depends on the content, man. I'm a quality over quantity guy, so I'd rather have a focused, polished game rather than one spreading itself too thin and doing a mediocre job at a campaign and multiplayer.
Cadilla 430 (2 years ago)
+Hawkeyesniper45 And both Smash and Overwatch have not a lot of content. Sure lots or replayability but Overwatch barley has enough content to justify 40 dollars
SwinnyUK (2 years ago)
Back in the PS2 era, I remember the term ''Triple A'' was used to refer to a game of exceptional quality, now days it refers to anything that has a huge budget regardless of quality.
sluggdiddy (2 years ago)
Colin... Inflation from 2002 to 2016 is about 6 dollars.. not 20 dollars.
Alex Huszár (2 years ago)
nope, data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/cpicalc.pl?cost1=60&year1=2002&year2=2016
MegaTarod (2 years ago)
its pronounced esketha, my old friend James co hosted her podcast
drbg11 (2 years ago)
Greg is dumb. Yes, it's Star Citizen
Lerkero (2 years ago)
Ken Levine's breakdown after releasing Bioshock Infinite may have been the beginning of AAA developers abandoning the practice. AAA does not always indicate quality or quantity, and many developers may just want to express their creativity through video games.
weirdeyedkid ™ (2 years ago)
FromSoft is a great example of the middle ground collapsing. Back in the mid 2000s they made middle ground games like Armored Core and other Japanese titles but now they hit big with the AAA Dark Souls and Bloodborn. FromSoft's next movie will be interesting now that they are stepping away from Dark Souls.
BeanToast (2 years ago)
What happened with the highfive thing with Greg and Nick? I must've missed it lol.
Robert Clark (2 years ago)
AAA to me simply pertains to how good a game is. Uncharted 4 is AAA to me but then again so is Rocket League. So is Journey. So is The Witness. So is Ratchet. They give me triple A experiences, therefore to me they are triple A games.
Armani Knight (2 years ago)
Greg is single??? Sorry Man, Happy 4th of July!!!
JLJLowe (2 years ago)
dissapointment is what it means lol
Simply Hawkward (2 years ago)
I think indie/AAA aren't titles given to games because of their price point or the funds used to make them I think now it's more about the style in which the game is made and how it makes you feel if anything they're basically a genre of games now.
DrGeisson (2 years ago)
I am a PC gamer, and also a fan of Kinda Funny. I listen to the Kinda Funny Gamescast, The GameOverGreggy Show, and yes, PS I Love You XOXO. I really do enjoy your outlooks on games, the games industry, and other subjects, as they are quite different than anything I, as a PC gamer am exposed to. I recognize that you "hate on" PC gamers in jest, but come on Greg, you sound like you believe the words you say. We are all gamers here. Also, side note for some perspective: There is a very large portion of PC gamers who use underpowered machines and laptops to exclusively play indie games, old games, or games at the lowest graphics quality, and these people seem to be ignored every time PC gamers are brought up. These people do not experience games at the same quality standard as other PC Gamers, or indeed, even the current (or even last) generation of consoles. Just food for thought.
Mkeegs79 (2 years ago)
Ratchet and Clank is definitely a AAA title. It being made by Insomniac defeats any question that it isn't and it gets away with its price point by being a remake of a AAA title. Deus Ex is  a huge game. It not being a 60 dollar games would be shocking.
IcyFlamez96 (2 years ago)
I didn't say Song of the Deep was an indie, but it's not an AAA. As for the independent stuff, I wasn't addressing any of that.
Mkeegs79 (2 years ago)
There are various factors to consider but it being a big developer has to be considered. Song of the Deep isn't an indie. Plain and simple. Just because its small doesn't suddenly make it being made by a independent developer and when you think of independent developer, you think of a small team. With that said, the term indie is now more complex but I won't ever consider Ratchet and Clank a indie title. That is absurd. It is a major franchise, it isn't a short game, its not by a small studio, and it is very pretty. It makes up many things that is never or at least rarely considered indie. Indies never hit on all those check marks.
IcyFlamez96 (2 years ago)
An AAA title isn't defined by the studio that makes them. They're also making Song of the Deep, and made some mobile games. Those aren't AAA just because they're Insomniac. The new R&C more likely had a budget closer to that of an AA game IMO just based off what we know about its development. Probably a big reason why Sony was encouraged to price it at 40, because it was relatively cheap to make.
Vita Vegeta (2 years ago)
damn I just noticed you guys are back below 200k thats wack
Code: Marla (2 years ago)
With music, “indie” music now longer means independent. It is now an actually genre defined by a specific sound. I think that the same thing is happening with games too. People tend to use the term indie to describe a certain “feel” of a game. Maybe we should borrow some terminology from cinema and call those types of games “Art House” games. Then it doesn’t matter how many people made it or other a publisher helped fund it. WE will all know the general style that you mean,
Jacob C (2 years ago)
Indie means...independent.
SuperiorBryce98 (2 years ago)
A game that is complete with no microtransactions

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