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What did we find at Goodwill to Resell on eBay?? (New Bags)

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What did we find at Goodwill to Resell on eBay?? (New Bags) • TOTE BAGS ► https://www.ralliroots.com/store/p42/bag.html • JOIN OUR MENTORING GROUP ► https://bit.ly/2Jp82Ci • SUPPLIES WE USE ► https://amzn.to/2CCEQVd More links below... • SUBSCRIBE ► https://bit.ly/2Nwv5Mo • OUR PUBLIC EBAY STORE ► https://ebay.to/2Gjs7am • RALLI ROOTS MERCH ► http://www.ralliroots.com/shop.html Follow us on Social Media to stay connected! INSTAGRAM ► https://instagram.com/ralliroots Video Description: Today we went to a Goodwill thrift store looking for items to buy that we can flip for a profit on ebay. About our channel: This channel is all about reselling stuff online, ebay, amazon poshmark, mercari. You will find thrifting videos, thrift hauls, garage sale videos, ebay wholesale, amazon wholesale buying, how to make money videos. We teach people how to buy items and sell them for a profit online. Subscribe for more! https://bit.ly/2Nwv5Mo If you’d like to send us mail ☺ Ralli Roots PMB 526, 11705 Boyette Rd. Riverview FL, 33569 **** Music credit **** https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired thanks so much for watching! We love you all ☺ ^some of the links above are affiliate links^ Video Keywords: ralli roots, goodwill finds, thrifting, thrift haul, reselling on ebay, goodwill resale, trip to the thrift, thrift with me, thrift shop, thrift shopping, thrift flip, paul cantu, vintage t shirts, best thrift finds, goodwill haul 2019, thrift brands, ebay haul 2019, selling on ebay, selling clothes on ebay, how to thrift, how to thrift and make money, shop with me, ebay tips, selling online tips, what items to buy from goodwill, make money from goodwill, thrift, goodwill
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Text Comments (132)
Tanya Johnston (16 days ago)
that was a very short video and I thought you were going to Salvation Army too?
RALLI ROOTS (16 days ago)
Tanya Johnston watch one of our 400+ other vids 😊
Nottobecompared (17 days ago)
Nice. I bought a pair of Women’s Stuart Weitzman Heels for $7.99 at the Salvation Army & sold them on eBay for $75.99. I’ve been doing pretty good thus far. I’m proud of myself.
Endri Borici (17 days ago)
cool guys
Ah, man! Bags are already sold out. 😭
marty m (18 days ago)
I love your channel but have u guys ever done drop shipping before? If so what did u think of it?
marty m (15 days ago)
+Learning2resell thanks, do u happen to remember why they didn't recommend it by any chance?
Learning2resell (16 days ago)
They have mentioned before that they don't recommend it.
Michael Valenzuela (18 days ago)
Hi guys I’m a newbie but what is a good offer statement to send to a person who is watching your item on eBay any info u can provide would be greatly appreciated
Brentt Irwin (19 days ago)
Man u guys practically print money lol
Jaime Arroyo Ruiz (19 days ago)
Last week went to Goodwill Thrift Outlet world and i found 5 new boxes of DNA 🧬 genetics that you send your saliva in the mail and get your health and genetics emailed to you! I scanned them on ebay and were selling for $125+ each. I was shaking in joy. Ran to the register to pay for them as $1.29 in weight. Paid like $2.00 total for all of them and got me $600.00+ in profits they sold fast in 2 days. Feel so lucky almost to good to be true 😀!
JustinTime (19 days ago)
Like smashed for the Lakey Inspired tune introduction 👍🏽
Recycling Treasures (19 days ago)
Great videos
Make that monayeee, Ryan! :P Enjoyed the short (bag) show.
Riley Boy (19 days ago)
Dude shouted you at 4:30 in this video. https://youtu.be/AD7TcAnHoEc
Tyler Coy (20 days ago)
Love you guys! Please check me out, I'm still new to this but trying to grow every day! https://ebay.com/usr/retail_slayers
Robert Deates (20 days ago)
I’ve sold 6 items from thrifts stores in the last week! Not much profit but just started a month ago after watching you guys!! Thanks for all the tips and tricks!!
Chris Bragg (20 days ago)
They are sold out
Was you 2 at the goodwill store on St RD 54 2 weeks ago? I think I seen y’all there 🙂
Lets Go (20 days ago)
are you going to be selling anymore tote bags? I was in the hospital with fluid around my heart due to lupus and missed the sale.....I so wanted one! Pleaaaseeeee onemore round of totes!
DeadeyeAnarchy (20 days ago)
I'm not sure if you've covered this or not in one of your videos (maybe you can direct me) but if you haven't already, would you be willing to make a video focused on the breakdown of taxation as a full-time ebay seller? Thanks so much for what you do, it's the highlight of my day to check out updates on your journey!
Joshua Duke (19 days ago)
I agree! Taxation and how to do a full p and L statement. How you pay yourself yet keep cash around for merch.
Tucker Upper (20 days ago)
Your channel sucks.....freaks!
RALLI ROOTS (20 days ago)
84,452 people disagree ;) mwahhh
ashley dicken (20 days ago)
Do you guys sell on Poshmark???
RALLI ROOTS (20 days ago)
ashley dicken nope
MK MK (20 days ago)
That goodwill you were at has soooo much more stuff than all of mine combined! 😞
Kristina H (20 days ago)
I enjoy your channel. I found a Women's Calvin Klein Jacket at a Goodwill Outlet. It's 100% polyester. How do you guys not fall in love with stuff you buy to resell? I'm currently having that problem at the moment.
RALLI ROOTS (20 days ago)
haha :) we keep a lot of our finds!
RALLI ROOTS (20 days ago)
Just re-loaded 10 more bags! Once these ones sell out they're gone! https://www.ralliroots.com/store/p42/bag.html - SOLD OUT!
junk man (20 days ago)
A major TV production was in our town last year. Saturday a lot of the vintage 70s 80s props, clothes and items, are selling at salvation army
Lynda Painter (21 days ago)
Totes - out of stock already!!
James Oswalt (21 days ago)
Totes are sold out!! Might need to order a second edition.
Terri Homer (21 days ago)
love that bob Marley !
Dalia Rendon (21 days ago)
Omg!! Sold out bags 😀😀😁 congrats
Jbird (21 days ago)
I had that Bob Marley shirt in the 90s
Jbird (21 days ago)
Guys all my stuff is cool, my rating is 100, my prices are fair, my eBay sales are crazy slow.........?
RALLI ROOTS (20 days ago)
Jbird could be a lot of factors, pics, prices, titles, promotions, competition. I wouldn’t know without reviewing your store in depth.
Patricia Barnhart (21 days ago)
I'm 74 and love you two as a couple. Got hooked because my mama was a big yard saler - miss her❤️
Raspiy (21 days ago)
There's another high pitch ringing
Raspiy (21 days ago)
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
Raspiy can’t hear it sorry
Shaysizzle And Brooke (21 days ago)
Just ordered my tote!! 🔥❤️
Tara Mason (21 days ago)
yay, I got me a bag!!! Cannot wait to take it to eh bins with me.
I saw that Tommy Bahama shirt a few weeks ago, they wanted &15!!! Nope! Do the TB half zip cotton sweaters sell? Passed on 2 (1 was a bit faded black, other a lovely rust, grey inside) today @ $2 each as I wasn’t sure if it’s something that would sell. What do you think? I passed on a hat like the guy from your mentoring group had on as well for $1, bad move? I’m going back tomorrow so can always hightail it to that area 1st (they were there at closing, plan on arriving early... hmm we’ll see how this 🦇 does). The Bob Marley tee was fab as are your bags! I’ve been on the “use your own bags” kick since the 70s, wish I needed yet another! (Tbh have too many😬.) Have a lovely week! Jet🧡🎸🎶⚡️
RALLI ROOTS - Thank you! I hope it’s still there🤞! J. 😘🧡
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
Rock ‘n’ Roll Glam Queen I would say around $25 on the TB zip, the reversible ones we get $30+ for
G1ne Createz (21 days ago)
Nice bags! You guys are doing exactly what I want to do one day. Thank you for the videos and advice! And taking us threw your journey. That is why I subscribed.
5797029 (21 days ago)
We stopped into the Trinity Goodwill on the way back to Orlando Sunday. Left some good ones behind. I couldn't see paying $10 for shirts that are plentiful in Orlando at $4.19 not counting the discounts we get. There were some Affliction tees also at $10. We get them for $1.99. Demand has really fallen off for them recently. Have you tried hitting up the same store 4-5 times a week? I have doing this at my neighborhood Goodwill. It is working out extremely well. I'm on a first name basis with a few employees and they sometimes point me to the new arrivals. They know I am a reseller.
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
5797029 nice!!! No, we don’t have time to go to thrifting that much. Busy building the wholesale business up.
Fanecia Campbell-Daye (21 days ago)
Nice bags Ralli Roots. Check out my store. The Budget Chic Store
lauren ralph (21 days ago)
Really to see stuff that's my name but not my name 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 really great vid guys your bags and t-shirts are sick af as always really enjoyed the vid
Kalli Beall (21 days ago)
I found a brand new, excellent condition pair of Red wing shoes weekender chukka, is $165 a good price to put them up as on ebay or too high? Thanks
ebay man (21 days ago)
Thanks for the video what do you think about liquidation.com or bulq.com do they have clothes as well I wanna give it a shot.
ebay man (21 days ago)
+RALLI ROOTS Thank you for the advice.
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
ebay man you have to be very careful about what you’re buying from those sites. Do your research well
ETX Gamer (21 days ago)
Already got my bag definently had to cop one of those. Just wanted to let yall know how much I love the videos you guys make and how much I learn from yall. Because of what I've learned from your videos I am almost to the point of going fulltime reselling. Look forward to future videos. Take care.
YouTube News Official (21 days ago)
Hi I am selling heelys on eBay for $38 someone just offered $60... should I accept it or is it risky
YouTube News Official (21 days ago)
RALLI ROOTS thank u so much!
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
It's a scam
YouTube News Official (21 days ago)
I just started selling so idk if it is scam or not
junk man (21 days ago)
WANT that Bob Marley shirt
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
Sick right! email us [email protected]
Joseph Mayo (21 days ago)
Hey Guys!! Always love your content. Quick question...I see you purchased coats in this video (just bought a couple myself). Do you plan to list these now or hold them till the fall?
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
We'll list them now, with global shipping on
Daniel Weiss (21 days ago)
Ryan I expect that personal collection video soon ;)
Rafael Trickett-Robles (21 days ago)
FYI - @ 4:59. The "Aztec" print/design is known as "Beacon", specifically when it refers to Ralph Lauren clothing.
Hoodboot Vacal (21 days ago)
I learn so much from your videos :) Just ordered my new Awesome, Ralli Roots Tote! I'm a newbie (few months selling) and want to Thank ya for all you guys do! <3
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
Thank you!!!! :)
Stu Pascoe (21 days ago)
I want marley shirt ill beat any price
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
shoot us an email :) [email protected]
Leigh Ann Gamble (21 days ago)
I want that Bob Marley shirt! Lol. Love your videos! ❤️
Michelle Volkmann (21 days ago)
Jennifer Christopher (21 days ago)
Awesome video! Makes me wish I was thrifting.... why I gotta work!!!!😞
Myra Maven (21 days ago)
Just purchased my tote bag! Can’t wait 🤜🏻🤛🏻
bigbill 881 (21 days ago)
Every Tuesday where I'm at in the outskirts of the twin cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul MN) the Goodwills do a 75% off deal. They have diff colored tags so one Tuesday it will be everything with a green tag is 75% off next week blue tag 75% off etc, so I only thrift once a week but I get so much stuff for super cheap that's all I need to do 🙂 love your vids!!
Brundy O (21 days ago)
Lets meet up for coffee. New in the cities as well
Daniel Larmon (21 days ago)
You should make it longer bubby
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
the video? lol, watch our other ones. This was just a quick one.
Nicole Desrosiers (21 days ago)
Just ordered my bag, I am superfriggin excited!! You guys have been super helpful to my business, so i'm excited to support yours! Keep being awesome!
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
Thank you so much for your support!!!
Patricia Hines (21 days ago)
i just bought 2. Can't wait to get signed up for your next mentoring group..
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
Thank you so much! :)
Bobbies PDA (21 days ago)
I cant wait till i find your new bag at my local thrift store!
ROB S (20 days ago)
Bobbies PDA (21 days ago)
+RALLI ROOTS love your channel friend
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
hahahaha wow
Mandy Pink (21 days ago)
I started promoted listings and my sales are back baby! I was complaining about it but if it helps my stuff sell then I don't have much of a choice. Glad I got you guys to set me straight about it. Thanks!
Mandy Pink (21 days ago)
I just buy and sell. Not much travelling here 🙂
Mandy Powell (21 days ago)
How much are your rally Roots totes again?
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
$12.97 :) https://www.ralliroots.com/store/p42/bag.html
DTR Wichita ks (21 days ago)
Analog Rewind Threads (21 days ago)
What song is that? That user has a lot of uploads lol
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
Noah (21 days ago)
My easiest goodwill flip is to buy local college team gear. Example: I’m in Austin so buying quality UT gear is always an easy flip! Dope bags btw guys👌
Carmin Laurens (21 days ago)
another great video, thanks ya'll!
MsEyezopen (21 days ago)
Bags are awesome!!!!
Alicia Rogers (21 days ago)
I went to your eBay site. The hip client and found only T-shirts. Is there another site you two have?
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
the website for the merch? https://www.ralliroots.com/shop.html
Jessica Godish (21 days ago)
I love watching you guys - you make such a great team!! Love the new bags, I may have to buy one of those!!
Jessica Godish (21 days ago)
I really appreciate all of the effort that you and Ali put into all of your videos.  I am a mom of 4 little girls and I work full time at a corporate job, but I just started sourcing and reselling part time as a little side hustle for some extra income for my family and I really love it.  I'm currently doing Poshmark because it seemed the easiest with shipping. I'm a little intimidated about the shipping aspect of Ebay, but I'm trying to build my knowledge base and feel comfortable enough to jump in!  Thanks for all of the helpful information! :)
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
Do itttt!!! :):)
The random collection (21 days ago)
Hey hows it going
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
The random collection great :)
Kathy Wages (21 days ago)
I wish i could give you a few questions i try on the live videos but so many talking its hard to do
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
Kathy Wages very true. That’s why we do our mentoring. We’re not able to get to everyone’s questions. Ralliroots.com/mentoring
Natalie B. (21 days ago)
A 5 minute video?? You're wrong for this. Boooo! We want more! 😁
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
Natalie B. 🤣 I know I know
Jim Kroeger (21 days ago)
I so hope I get in on the mentoring class! I’m pumped!
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
Jim Kroeger it’s gonna be an EPIC round 😊😊
krayziemike2007 (21 days ago)
Love your vids! Thanks 🤜🤛
Drew Conway (21 days ago)
“Hey mentoring student, wanna go thrifting with us?” “Sure, let’s go!” Never to be seen or heard from again.... 😵
Drew Conway (21 days ago)
RALLI ROOTS A likely story!
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
Drew Conway 🤣 he had to bounce
Kathy Wages (21 days ago)
I think I am officially a groupie!
Bonnie Crilly (21 days ago)
Good video as always
Kathy Wages (21 days ago)
Just ordered mine
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
thanks for your support!
Retro_Junk_1987 (21 days ago)
Great video as always!! I'll make you guys a deal, check out my instagram @retro_junk_1987 and give me a follow and I'll buy a tote bag right away! I collect a lot of things that I think you guys would be interested in as well :)
Retro_Junk_1987 (21 days ago)
+RALLI ROOTS thanks guys!! Held up my end of the deal, even added a keychain! :)
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
done ;)
Tim Burkert (21 days ago)
waiting for a RALLI ROOTS Athletic shirt! *hint hint*
Tim Burkert (21 days ago)
I'm not going to look as good as Allie did with the new bag, but I'll send you a pick anyway! LMAO
Rickyfyied (21 days ago)
Two videos, back to back? I'm diggin it!
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
:) working hard
Jim Kroeger (21 days ago)
Hi guys, I found a Women’s Large Affliction T Shirt. Affliction is actually written on the front with really small metal chain! I’ve never seen one like it! What would you All price this at?
Jim Kroeger (21 days ago)
Excellent! Thank you
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
Nice! Not sure, we don't really deal in a lot of women's stuff, prob $25+
A shirt would be so cool!!
Shaun Jamieson (21 days ago)
That Bob Marley! 🔥🔥🔥
Aaron Ryan (21 days ago)
Short and sweet, IKEA bag has some competition for sourcing.
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)

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