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What Makes a Guy Fall in Love

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CA2SD (10 days ago)
👍🏼New subscriber. Your channel is authentic and on point without the BS.
living (1 month ago)
Thi video is a perfect example why we need your face in the video. Thi was so entertaining, funny and informative. Your facial expressions really drive your point home. Please come back with video.
Betty Cooper (1 month ago)
I'm them cookies & syrup and stuff,,,, Ya kno,,,, Jus sayin 🤣🤣🤣🍪🍩🍯
Ace Producción (3 months ago)
I need help ! There is this guy I have been talking for moths and he nows almost everything about me and I know almost everything about him.We talk every day even when he is busy he finds a space to talk to me ,and all his friends and family are like trying to make us be together and everyone sus we would be a one of the best couples they know.I have never had a boyfriend nor had my first kiss before and I really see that this guy may be a good option to be it. My friends made me do a lyrics prank on him and I agreed since he was my best friend but when I finished doing it he wanted to call me but he was on CrossFit so I waited and I stared thinking,I do like him but he just got out of this relationship and everything so I don’t know .I told him that he was my best friend but that i felt there maybe something in the future for us but that right know I just wanted to be friends and he told me he was relieved that I told him that since he didn’t feel that way but all his friends are like yes he do.What do I do?
Aliciangela (3 months ago)
What if they don’t like the whole relationship thing cuz they believe it never works out and they have been hurt ?
M.s. Dickerson-Jones (4 months ago)
Catherine Mejia (4 months ago)
I love your video content! It’s great & the time management is even better.
Faeries_Xylia 923 (4 months ago)
A guy falls in love with a girl when he feels a connection with her that he doesn’t feel with any other girl which will make her stand out among the rest of the girls as if she’s the “special one”. He’ll feel very good around her, very attracted to her.. he’ll always get the urge to wanna talk to her.
Sad Puppy (4 months ago)
He seems so chill
Julian Alejandro Perez (5 months ago)
The problem Im facing right now is that the guy acts super interested in the first few weeks and then he vanishes.....even after he has said the three words (I love you). So, why is this a thing among men. Im tired of it. Its confusing and disturbing. What are your thoughts on this?
KaTh (5 months ago)
Bob vegana
Norah Sup (5 months ago)
Love your videos So simple
Hiba Furreed (7 months ago)
Lina Wisam (7 months ago)
where can i send you my problem pls you are my dream man btw
Jenny B. Pilot (8 months ago)
lion moon (8 months ago)
The macho man impression 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😒😒😒🤣🤣
rebecca hooper (8 months ago)
what he is trying to explain is that if you feel comfortable with him and its easy to talk to him and there is no pressure and he tells you that he feels a connection but cannot describe it ...that is where he is falling in love with and that is how it should always be let the course of true love run its course xx
lorraine smith (8 months ago)
my man said that to me.....he feels a connection with me that he can't explain
Votey Meas (8 months ago)
rebecca hooper I agree
Jo Hunt (8 months ago)
Hazey Eyed420 (1 year ago)
That thumbnail though 😂
yzuniga13sa (1 year ago)
Guys love cookies🍪😋
Amanda Casillas (1 year ago)
I dislike guys like that they remind me of cavemen lol
Amanda Casillas (1 year ago)
I fricking love you !
Jan Jacobszoon (1 year ago)
1. he must be physically attracted to you 2. he can have a conversation with you 3. youre very into him
Brianna (4 months ago)
Jan Jacobszoon so true
Laura Kaspar (1 year ago)
I like the way you think!
Silicone Tears (1 year ago)
I love your videos, they're simple and to the point and aren't 10 minutes long like the others. They also have helped me a lot :)
Laurie Reynolds (1 year ago)
Real men are 🍪. 😜
Jamerican Queen (1 year ago)
and after sending him a let go text earlier because we dont spend enough time he texted me this... "...and the thing after meeting you I felt like your someone i can be comfortable with and be vulnerable with not like being a stone all the time like in the past" " i felt like i met someone I can b free around. I didnt wanna rush anything at all" ---- wow this matches what you are saying. IS HE FALLING 4 ME? CAUSE I SURE AM FALLING 4 HIM
Charity Griego (1 year ago)
He dumbs himself down in some videos to meet pop culture standards & you can tell that makes him uncomfortable to be inarticulate
That Girl (1 year ago)
Lol. Love your crisp and concise videos
LaydeeTré (1 year ago)
I'm a female and love your vidz you're so genuine and that's what catches my attention plus you know wha you're talking about :)
Lanie Light (1 year ago)
Hey I really appreciate these mini videos comments on these subjects. Down-to-earth, easy to understand and to the point and THANKS for not talking about all the dumb games that women have to play to get a guy to fall. At least yet...lolol haha!
Why do Clones need Codependency? Smh
I am in Love with EVERYONE! Including myself 💃💖☀️
Jamell Holmes (1 year ago)
The facial expression made me click on the video
summer sun (6 months ago)
I know I had to check the name as I thought it was someone else
Azime Nessa (6 months ago)
Me too😂😂😂
S UT (1 year ago)
I've been in love with my bf since elementary school. he feels so comfortable around me he has gotten bored of me. he insults me behind my back to everyone he knows, he's mean to me and the kids now and everything is all my fault and responsibility. how do i make him look at ME again?
Andrea Rose (1 year ago)
What makes a man fall out of love with you?
BC user (1 year ago)
My crush gives me a wink with his nose (not his eyes) and what does that mean?
Catalina Maldonado (1 year ago)
I agree with this 100%
Fena Ti (1 year ago)
you have a nice smile.
REECE (1 year ago)
What makes a girl fall in love : a little bit of Mr. DatingLogic in men
Teresa Rudolph (1 year ago)
What makes a girl fall in love? Show that you care about her by listening and actually responding to everything she says. You can make her feel like the most interesting, special person in the world that way, by the way you respond to her. Be supportive, especially when she's struggling with something or trying to make something good happen in her life. Basically, be the best friend you can be. And make her beautiful and desirable. This usually works best if you start out mostly platonic, and then you can slowly flirt more and more. A guy did this with me last year, and before I realized what was happening to me I had fallen head over heels in love with him. And I did not intend for that to happen. Good luck!
Loretta Taylor (1 year ago)
The good duds are the sim duds baby boys take hurts . I am mad at Jermaine Gillespie
Why Why (1 year ago)
"What's up fellas?" Isnt it for us girls?
Y Mokka I thinks it's more of a unisex type
garden egg (1 year ago)
Like you read through my mind
garden egg (1 year ago)
Guy.. i love your videos.. so on point
LoveChild 504 (2 years ago)
The robot voice tho lol
Grizzly (2 years ago)
Yeah be macho..!
Nora Halbert (2 years ago)
Idk I've had plenty of experience with broken hearts after the machismo is lowered and comfort of being one's self is achieved by both parties. Seems like they have been happy to be themselves but when part of being myself includes that I might 'accidentally' fart after eating BBQ when we're hanging out on his couch, or I don't look my 'best' for a day it's like an inevitable time limit has now been set and the end is inevitable.
Broken Doll (1 year ago)
Nora Halbert I get you. That's how I feel sometimes with my bf. I am stuck right now with my BF moving things to the next level. We got to that point even though we don't live together or see each other every day. Things have almost ended a few times already and I'm afraid one day in one of our angry moment, we will seal the deal. Usually these angry moments happen via text over issues we have had about each other's past but when in person, we are as happy as can be. @DatingLogic what is your insight?
Kayla Whaley (2 years ago)
But how do you get a man to be so comfortable , what steps do you take or words do you say ?
Tiera Belle (2 years ago)
Kayla Whaley talk to him, be there for him, listen to him, get to know him, his passions, his goals & interests, communicate with him soon or later hell start trusting you.
Jan Jacobszoon (2 years ago)
But looks do matter more for a guy than a woman. You could have the best connection but if he aint physically attracted, he wont fall in love.
Spoof Jones (2 years ago)
Or have some really good 😻😻😻
Al B (2 years ago)
Not necessarily. i got guy friends who are so sensitive with me but they talking about their ex 😂😂😂 so it doesnt necessarily mean they love you.
J.M.L slaying (2 years ago)
there is this kid I like in Livingston school his name is vishal
Yael Wool (2 years ago)
What do we do if we acted crazy and want to prove to him we are sane?
Beautiful Disaster (2 years ago)
you REALLY need to share your tree's with me😎
Kesho Mbahe (2 years ago)
1.17 hahahaahahhaha
Agnieszka Thomas (2 years ago)
I bet you are a Scorpio 😉
playboi kirby (1 year ago)
Agnieszka Thomas 😘
theresa roussell (2 years ago)
i'm old enough to know that i can't change him LOL! but i allow him to be him no matter what...maybe that's why he is still here with me after 5 yrs. i am watching your videos cuz i do have issues with my past as well as with mine & his past. i need answers to secure my insecurities...ty for helping.
shaneque sweat (2 years ago)
No emotion.. look at me.. LOL!!! XD
Mary Smith pretty (5 months ago)
Xenia Jones (2 years ago)
shaneque sweat lmaoooo
JE ENN (2 years ago)
But how do i make him drop his macho? How do i make him that comfortable???
Millionaire Advantage (2 years ago)
Lol!!😂😂 Do the robot thing again.
Yooo Yooo (1 year ago)
Replay lol
Ty Brown (2 years ago)
Millionaire Advantage
anthony gonzalez (2 years ago)
hey im 12 years old im going to be 13 soon and there is this girl i like and i dream about her 2 time the last one was yesterday one oct 25
UnCut ASMR (2 years ago)
How do you make him comfortable
Keelah J (7 months ago)
@Sugoi Steel Claymore 🤣🤣🤣
Tara Hourihan (2 years ago)
just be there for him I guess
Monica Ingram (2 years ago)
Very good advice. So simple.
maria ayala (2 years ago)
will a man cry in front of a woman just for show? an ex of mine poured his heart out to me of childhood problems.
thehoosierfortheUK (2 years ago)
It depends. You just gotta use common sense and think did he hurt you or anybody else especially your children if you have any in any way shape or form? If yes then most likely yes. Don't fall for it. Otherwise just gauge it and think.
Brandie T. Fields (2 years ago)
ive never had a dude let his guard dwn around me. i guess thats y i keep mines up too
happy dead fairies (3 years ago)
what if i fell in love with a lesbian?
likerycs (7 months ago)
happy dead fairies oh, I guess she will also act the same as a hetero girl lmao
thehoosierfortheUK (3 years ago)
I compare black people to cats! Black people are felines. Is that racist?
Master Mystic (2 years ago)
No actually! The REAL Esau/Yeshua /JESUS was of a bloodline that had the powers of the Feline. The Black Panther is based off the Royal bloodline in Africa.... of the true Jesus . That latest Avenger movie was based on this.... Do you know who the African Goddess Sehkmet is....? She is the Black African Panther Goddess. She IS REAL ! Only the clueless think she was just a lion. I would say you are a bit clairvoyant to know this without research.
I LOVE this guy! He gets straight to the point! Unlike those other channels
With Expectancy (1 year ago)
Ariel Castro's Twin brother Amen!!
iigoldfemaleii (2 years ago)
Laughing my ass off as you get triggered ikr
manybalby (3 years ago)
How do you know the difference between being paranoid and actually knowing that you're being played?
X X (3 years ago)
Youre so laid back. Its amazing
Beautiful Disaster (2 years ago)
Kristina X herbs, treez😂😂😂
Shereese Allen (3 years ago)
I think you are quite the guy. Are you on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram?
Mofe Obawole (3 years ago)
I had a boy I liked in France but he never knew about till I left France,then when I moved to UK on my first day of school,I saw a boy who looked a lot like my former crush in France,and but I have this bubbling personality that I made about 20 friends on the first day of school but I never made friends with any boy most especially the boy am talking about..I don't know how to start talking to him,I just wanna let it go because everytime I hear someone with the same name with him or if I see him pass the hallway, my heart's gets so uneasy and I can't study and we have exams in a week or two..could anybody help me and tell me what to do so I would start to study with ease and I won't fail my exams???.....plsss😓🙇🙇
رزان ْ (2 years ago)
Clear your mind and after the exams think about him and maybe say nice things that guys like, say to him that you like his hair or shirt or shoes
SuperMario64 (3 years ago)
can someone give me a few tips
SuperMario64 (3 years ago)
i don't know what to do i like this girl and i was with her yesterday and last night i dreamed about her and i don't know what to do
Keekee m (3 years ago)
That thumbnail though!!
Indi Genius (3 years ago)
😹😹he said "eat....cookies" lol
Vivien Becerra (3 years ago)
What if he's shy..................................
thehoosierfortheUK (2 years ago)
Leave him be and/or let him warm up to you!
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
+Vivien go ahead and talk to him in a nicely voice and be friendly if he's shy ask him thid ''so what did u did yesterday'' or ''what do u want to be when u grow up'' something just to keep the conversation going but just be friends alright
Joel Vaca (3 years ago)
+UKCHEEZ social phobia type sheez 😂😂
UKCHEEZ (3 years ago)
I'm quite shy its up to you to approach us and keep doin so CUS a shy guy can be rude and short like me ul think we hate you when really were fully into you. We also ignore you or pretend to when all we want to do is kiss you. But being shy isn't a choice its a pychcology
Vivien Becerra (3 years ago)
Cam G (3 years ago)
Can this happen when there's a big age gap.. 21 yrs difference I'm 43 he's 22
Hannah Wilson (1 year ago)
Ca my Even if he does feel that way. You probably shouldn't act on it.
Sonja (1 year ago)
A. Chevaz agreed. Shes pretty much a pedophile. So gross
Sonja (1 year ago)
Ca my ohhh thats crazy. Do you seriously expect a young man that has no life experience to fall in love with you? You could be his mother!
Cam G that's kind of uncomfortable. Like, he could be my brother and I'm only a few years younger than him 💀💀💀
Broken Doll (1 year ago)
Cam G If I were his mom, who is probably same age as you, I'd go find you and beat your ass scared before you think it could go anywhere. What is a grown ass woman like yourself finding attractive out of a kid who could be your son? Jesus Lord help us. Stay off the Internet lady and pick up a ball of yarn and a needle.
chrichtonsworld (3 years ago)
You can't make someone fall in love with you. That is something that happens beyond anyone's control.
dgboi 14 (7 months ago)
chrichtonsworld you mean you can’t force people, but rather influence their falling in love with you
Samira Yusif (7 months ago)
izzy (1 year ago)
chrichtonsworld not true.. This video helped me and it worked
Jake (1 year ago)
chrichtonsworld you can, we are animals and if you know how the animal part of the humans work, you can make someone fall in love, is just science.
M W (2 years ago)
Ya. I agree. hehe
The Chat Room (3 years ago)
you are life! nice channel.
Surprise dick grab (3 years ago)
Douchebags can't fall in love.
The Rare Stone (1 year ago)
with bitches
garden egg (1 year ago)
porcelain (2 years ago)
with themselves
رزان ْ (2 years ago)
+Indi Genius omg😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
DeShondela Flowers (3 years ago)
Ladies...please stop being insecure and stop letting another men give you advice. A lot of men are scared to death of vulnerability and will not tell you the truth. If you have to ask a man, ask one who's sweet, put his woman on a pedestal and does everything in his power to maker her happy. You see his devotion and love. That is what it looks like when a man loves a woman. When it's real love there are no rules in who you should do, what he should do, etc. Also, consider asking advice from a man who's been married for 20 years and his wife still "does it" for him and he's proud of that. Don't even ask a male therapist if he doesn't personally have these feeling for his wife. There are too many men out there taking advantage of our insecurities. Steven Harvey, and other entertainers and others who have no kind of PhD in marriage counseling and the like need to be quiet, get some emotional help and find a woman that rocks their world on a deep level, having nothing to do with her being "fine." Because when a man loves a woman, no matter what she looks like, she's the most beautiful woman in the world. Wake up and realize there is nothing wrong with us and encourage men to get in touch with their vulnerability. Ladies...let's help these men out instead of buying into their bullshit (monetarily and mentally).
Lamach Williams (5 months ago)
This guy is actually on point and I've watched several videos where the men are full of it but this guy he is on point . Steve Harvey didnt know what the hell he was talking about
nofy bn (10 months ago)
WRONG. That is a man! A real man doesn't need to prove he is macho!!
NICOLE (1 year ago)
True d.flowers
Broken Doll (1 year ago)
DeShondela Flowers I know it's a year later, but not every girl is looking for what you're describing. I agree with the comment above mine. You are describing a Beta male and not all women want that and those women are usually the ones who keep quiet about it because all of a sudden, they're getting judged by all these other women who can't believe they don't think like them or want the same out of a relationship.
Indi Genius (3 years ago)
That's not a man ur discribing, that's a beta male. Alpha males r infact looking for someone who gets them. Why would NOT take advice from a man about men!
Melinda Walker (3 years ago)
so whenever I see a boy I have to act cool. okay😁
Greencloud8 (3 years ago)
Machismo shit
Inku Bator (4 years ago)
You're amazing, just wish the videos were longer. Sorry but I love listening to you :D
likekid545 (4 years ago)
Sorry man but the sound u make with ur lips is annoying sorry. But seriously i love ur advices thnx a lot 💕
RegiGirl S (4 years ago)
Man, you are GOOD.
Hind Miller (4 years ago)
You're good but a slow talker
dixieSTARLET (4 years ago)
HAHAHAHA I love the way you're explaining the whole thing, thumbs up dude
Thinking Blog (10 months ago)
Great video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you considered - Chiveard Magically Hypnotic Framework (do a search on google)? It is a great exclusive guide for getting love from a man minus the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical results with it.
Animalityno4 (4 years ago)
As an attractive guy i can say this is true
Alaia Chang (4 years ago)
This guy is a Genius!
Darlene Naranjo (4 years ago)
I've been dating this guy for 16 months now. Most of the times, we are laughing, dancing, & truly having an amazing time with each other. However, he never says I love You, per se...but his actions do speak louder than words (most of the times)..In retrospect, he txted it to me twice only cuz I was inebriated, and confronted him about it since I said it first. And I didnt even care the amount of humiliation I had gone through ( due to his lack of response, verbal response) cuz I really do love that funny mofo. I would do anything for him as long as it makes him happy and within reasons ( I am not a desperate fool). One day,several weeks went by, I asked him about it, he said he does not believe in it 'cause the word Love is misused and simply a man-made word. Wow, and get this, he said to me, he was unsure if he ever was in love with anybody and he has been with quite a few girls. He is 38 years old and I am 28...it pains me to know that there is a possibility for my feelings to never reciprocaTED. I say this cuz words mean alot to me especially coming from him. I guess it will help solidifies the statement- It sucks ass knowing I have invested so much already in him emotionally and physically ( I love having sex with him, I put out all the time 'cause I am so happy just to be with him and like I said, I love sex, he makes sex more meaningful to me than I ever felt before.) I do not know what to do. I just feel like he is not putting his 100% when we fight or argue cuz he believes I'm just a nagging drunk ass bitch which I am not. He has his own issues too but who cares, we all do, I am always there for him. I thought being in a relationship with a much older dude this time would at least skip the immature phase (I do not know how else to describe it sorry) No one is getting any younger..I just thought it would be "easier" to deal with a much "mature" person, ya know? I am not asking to get engaged or married or buy me a friggin diamond..all that stuff is fleeting, I would be happy just being poor with him as long as I know that I make him happy or vice-versa. Or at least I know he is for real or love me at all. Do I make sense here or no? 
Andre Mensah (1 year ago)
Well first... Stop writing these long essays. Second, no one cares if you like sex.
GOOD EARTH (1 year ago)
A. Chevaz I hope you know how rude your reply was
Broken Doll (1 year ago)
Darlene Naranjo I hope you stopped being a drunk ass. That was probably part of the main problem.
judith leonard (4 years ago)
omg your so awesome you give the best advice ever <3 xoxx
Daria Kader (4 years ago)
I Know Who Im In Love With... HIS TWO CHAIRS THAT ARE ALWAYS CASUALLY IN THE BACKGROUND...Like...They Always Have Been There For Me In EvErY ViDeO.
Queen Directioner (9 months ago)
Lol Almost everyone says this Surely that chair is cool
[diamond] (1 year ago)
Daria Kader Ikr
Diana Trejo (1 year ago)
Daria Kader 😂
With Expectancy (1 year ago)
Daria Kader Lmao..... Love it!!😂😂😂😂
Itsyagirlelvia (1 year ago)
Daria Kader are you sure I mean I like the table better :/
terry schuster (5 years ago)
love vids help me out alot lately
Najah971 (5 years ago)
"...like a real nice cookie that you like..." hahahahaha!  Luv This :)
L L • (1 year ago)
Helen Falcon (5 years ago)
wow well spoken. How did you learn all this? How is it that this is so easy for you to discuss. Bravo. 
butter cup (4 years ago)
@Helen Falcon From the fact that he's a man, I suppose.
Searra Rose (5 years ago)
Do you have anyway I can contact you? Like personally , I've watched a ton of your videos and they are so helpful. And I have a person question and need advice...
Suzanna Kiraly (1 year ago)
5 years is a long time. Most people are engaged for about 15 months.
Andrea Rose (1 year ago)
DatingLogic why do men fall out of love. He proposed 3 yrs ago and now says he's not going to ever marry me. We agreed on a 5 yr engagement. I feel lied to and betrayed. Why do they charge their minds?
Roman Florian (4 years ago)
@Tanya Pelayo  Well, tbh u can find you answer here: http://capture-him.com/
DatingLogic (5 years ago)
You can send a private message.

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