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Why Marvel's Inhumans Was Such A Flop

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper Marvel's ABC TV series Inhumans has made its long-awaited debut, with a modified version of the first two episodes landing in IMAX theaters across the country. Unfortunately, the reaction from critics and fans has not been kind. The theatrical release currently has yet to earn a single positive review on Rotten Tomatoes, the box office take has been anemic, and fans have been left wondering how a project that spent such a long time in development is turning out to be Marvel's first massive flop. There are several factors that brought Inhumans to this point, so let's take a look at where this project went so wrong... Red light, green light | 0:34 Terrible teasers | 1:36 Awkward press panel | 2:58 Imperiled production | 3:50 The IMAX experiment | 4:41 Critical miss | 5:23 Read more here → http://www.looper.com/85067/marvels-inhumans-flop/ Netflix Lists and Features https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F The Best Movies On Netflix Right Now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oot_P8Tw6II&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F&index=2 The Untold Truth Of Stranger Things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEYuRxO-yVk&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F&index=6 Hidden Netflix Gems You Definitely Haven't Seen Yet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu17yaejJns&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F&index=7 Netflix Hacks You Need In Your Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mY38CnDpR0M&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F&index=10 Underappreciated Thrillers You Need To Watch On Netflix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXyc-KkmJxs&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F&index=11 Netflix Exclusives You Should Be Watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHhV7RE9BsU&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F&index=16 Website → http://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Follow us → https://twitter.com/looper Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (5670)
Looper (1 year ago)
What would you fix or change when it comes to Marvel's Inhumans?
Raymond Nolan Scott (15 days ago)
Medusa's hair for one!
Lex P (1 month ago)
In humans was more make for cartoon then film. Yeah the issue to not really make the characters as colorful as they are on paper did not help. But honestly the show was not promoted.. Aos set u up for it and yet it felt like marvel just made a store soft opening for this show... Hopefully they can tie infinity wars and just show Thanos making iron fist Luke cage and half the in humans disappear so they can fix everything
Alterss Bot (1 month ago)
Inesha Dixon (2 months ago)
XXXDerekXXX Vibez (4 months ago)
I feel like the first season was just introduction and origin story I have a feeling if there's a season two it should be more interesting it really wasn't a flop to me but maybe they need lest drama and more action that's the embodiment of marvel comics
Benjamin Ben-Shimon (8 hours ago)
It was boring. There wasn’t enough action. The royal family sucked.
arjay polines (4 days ago)
Thats because quake is not in there
Rajesh Rahal (4 days ago)
Chris Ur the best online reviewer u gotta review netflix the night comes for us as I'm killing my self to watch this , best martial art movies ever
Eduardo B. R. (9 days ago)
Have a main character that can't talk, plus a secret hidden agenda for a second season, plus this stupid 'brother' drama, it all made me puke.
Melvyn Scheepmaker (11 days ago)
Wtf it was not that bad. Crybabies
Hail Hydra (15 days ago)
I hope they try again because I really want to see Medusa brought to life!
B0LTROD _ (17 days ago)
I loved inhumans, not the tv series but the comics. Honestly I wished the movie came out... Black bolt was one of my fav heroes
Keaton Mussman (25 days ago)
One positive thing we can say about marvel is that Serinda swan is the best medusa actor I mean yes she did not look very good but can we admit she is perfect for the part of medusa hopefully down the road we get a movie of the inhumans and it will be far better than this I hope serinda swan plays Medusa again
jonathan sauceda (26 days ago)
Dog is only good part
Bryan Gosling (27 days ago)
Ramsay Bolton was just too inhuman for the movie
xmandlt (29 days ago)
Horrible writing. Horrible acting.
lazer tag (1 month ago)
this should have been a fucking movie
lazer tag (1 month ago)
the gifted is the best marvel tv show
Piddler On The Roof (1 month ago)
That show was so afternoon in the 1990s material
Malcolm McFarland (1 month ago)
Because it was crap. No need to explain anything.
YoYo Mowafak (1 month ago)
It was supposed to come out today 😂
Bradigans D (1 month ago)
The only good thing in the show is lockjaw
ShayVon Battle (1 month ago)
I liked it🤷🏾‍♀️
Sam Doo (1 month ago)
I had no idea this was even a thing, so bad marketing
safabru (1 month ago)
it really was shit
Robert The Doll (1 month ago)
I forgot this show even existed
Cqllel (1 month ago)
I never knew who these Inhumans were until I discovered this show. I watched it. I hated it. It was so boring. So cliche. Bad acting. Medusa sucked and was ugly as hell. That guy with super charged vocals was cool but only got to hear him talk once. And whisper a bit but that was it. Medusa rarely got to use her hair. Lockjaw was cool. Or whatever that dogs name was
Gremlinton (1 month ago)
when "agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." did inhumans better than "inhumans"
Macnutz420 (1 month ago)
Part way through this vid, i went and watched the first episode of Inhumans. A great idea for a series but done oh so very badly. Its just more soap opera sci-fi. I can handle cheap cgi but I can't handle bad clumsy writing. It is hard on the actors, as well. Also, what I have seen of the action sequences was also a bit clumsy. Not interesting, at all. The dog is my favourite character. Too bad, I actually wanted to like it. It is still better than Jersey Shores but that is a very low bar.
Lost Age Comics (1 month ago)
Just hire an award winning cosplayer next time.
Lost Age Comics (1 month ago)
Damn. I thought they would just adapt Paul Jenkin and Jae Lee's run or at least Young Inhumans.
jer radcliffe (1 month ago)
I think a lack of 'display of powers', and a boring sequence of events in the story line leaves one feeling unsatisfied. Although I was disappointed in the end product, I still enjoyed the Inhumans series. I also liked the first two f4 movies more than many other people, and really disliked the 'reboot'.
Kristal Vibes (1 month ago)
I can see why Kevin Feige was like, "Yeah, I think we just have too much stuff going on... Maybe TV or something..."
Benjamin Ben-Shimon (1 month ago)
I agree the tv show was very disappointing. There was too much dialogue vs action. They didn’t show their powers very often and if they did, it was limited.
JEFFIE 2001 (1 month ago)
Villain (1 month ago)
The inhumans aren't the X-Men! Reboot.
Gustavo Aragon (2 months ago)
Looking back into this TV series i still wonder why marvel studios let go fo inhumans. I know they aren't popular as the X-men. But if guardians of the galaxy was a master hit why they though inhumans won't be successfull as peter quill and his space band
Julia Rose (2 months ago)
Unpopular opinion, I genuinely enjoyed the show, and was excited for season 2 until I learned everyone hated it so it got canceled.
DauxzoGaming (2 months ago)
Please don't be any Marvel franchise like this again. Marvel, whatever movies or series you'd do next, do it nice and plan it just like all your movies before.
Mr Cat (2 months ago)
Casting Ramsay Bolton was a bad move too. He will always be the Bolton Bastard.
Ivan Cerecer (2 months ago)
ironic how in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, the inhuman concept is pretty interesting
Ember D-L (2 months ago)
Iron first season 2 was great.
Radi Kallonas (2 months ago)
Yeah, I was VERY disappointed. Its not coming back. The money will be better used in future MCU films. 1 out of 10
Koji/Bubble (2 months ago)
I’ll give you one concrete reason: Why the fuckity is he so weak
David Reece (2 months ago)
Should have been cut up into a movie. Might have worked better. But Marvel here and Marvel there and Marvel everywhere the Marvel Universe is just to far stretched. The problem with inhumans is the lame acting and the scriptwriters who have a strange idea of how a monarchy works. It just seems outdated formula intodays terms. The other problem isn’t this just X-Men but on the moon. The other bit I couldn’t fathom considering the humans were invisible to the rest of the planet they weren’t to the native Hawaiians? This was not explained and very badly washed over with I guess those hooves weren’t designed for swimming you must be one of those inhumans? But no one on earth knows about them. In addition the locations on the moon are just on earth. The corridor tunnel they walk down looks like the place they used in Buck Rogers and the 25th Century ah another fine show that had a theatrical release followed by a dire show with a dire creepy song at the end of it. The other thing that always gets me about these sci-fi progress everyone speaks ENGLISH as in English ENGLISH or American ENGLISH. The plot also doesn’t make sense that the inhumans on the moon are actually humans but have to go through some initiation chamber and gas to gain their X-Men powers. Really.
Whytebio (2 months ago)
The only good TV show Marvel has done is Daredevil. The rest are all shit.
Bh Bh (24 days ago)
Whytebio You know that now Aos is the most succesful marvel tv show right ? And aos got the best reviews with daredevil
alv. (1 month ago)
haven't seen legion are u?
Let's Grind Gaming (1 month ago)
x-men cartoon series of the 90's.
NJ223Gaming (2 months ago)
You obviously haven't seen Jessica Jones and Luke Cage
max hamman (2 months ago)
god that show was such shit.
Eugene Meneses (2 months ago)
I liked it
Manny Bruce (2 months ago)
It was a low budget shit bag of a series .
a3883m (2 months ago)
The best way to salvage this show would be to make it a meta-joke about itself. Completely remake another Inhumans show/movie the RIGHT way. Spend time on the casting, script, CGI, plot, and acting. Then have this "show" be a parody of itself much like Loki's play in Ragnarok where Matt Damon was Loki's actor for himself. It would show Marvel isn't afraid to admit when it fails, it would introduce humor which is something Marvel has been nailing in their movies, and it would give a second chance to an awesome section of Marvel that has a lot of fans and simply deserves better and another shot.
Jo Givens (2 months ago)
As soon as I saw that wig, I knew this was a no.
diascrive (2 months ago)
Blame this on the producer I think his name is Jeph or something like that. They did not spend the money needed to make this work. But how the hell could you make a series where the main character cannot even utter a sound. Stupid - look ABC has been done with Shield for a long time. Someone has kept the series alive and we thank that someone. We hope Netflix will take over Shield once the idiots at ABC are done with it.
jonieevangelista (2 months ago)
story is what really matters...if they only connected and paralled this to the existing storyline of MCU.....casting, poor-cgi, cheap visual presentation etc. were all just fine, i remember when agents of shield featured the news about thanos attack on earth in one of their episodes...just a few bits of frames from infinity war (not even an images from the film - just a mention of it) and i was so satisfied.
Mr Smith (2 months ago)
Because it was a social justice shit show just to lay it out there. The writing was way to political. I want to be entertained not face fucked by the world views and political leanings of the shows writers and producers.
Kevin Knight (2 months ago)
Honestly, the MCU doesn't need the Inhumans now that they have the X-Men back. They are also supposedly looking into using Celestials (which sounds underwhelming). My personal hope is that somehow 1) the Venom movie and New Mutants manage to be incorporated into the MCU. 2) Dark Phoenix is the end of the Fox X-men and then recast everything there for the MCU. 3) Deadpool stays separate. 4) Fantastic Four finally gets it's due.
P Valdez (2 months ago)
Just found out this came out .
Kirby C (2 months ago)
Is it cancelled?
aefgfgf (2 months ago)
Wasn't Vin Deisel originally cast in this?
Triz ENY (2 months ago)
Honestly it wasn't the cast of superheroes it was the writing and plot. It was bland and not good or interesting at all. Granted the first episode was good but everything after was hot garbage. I feel the show needs bang, more action with more villains and better storyline.
chained2it (2 months ago)
The Inhumans was a flop for one big reason. It sucked
Jamal Vargas (2 months ago)
I rather watch delta state
Keltic Fury (2 months ago)
Shit acting played a huge part.
funwith mike (2 months ago)
i thought it was good
Minato Namikaze (2 months ago)
The main problem of this show are the unlikeable and really REALLY stupid characters. How they are mean to good people for absolutely no reason, how they plan to do stupid shit (specially Maximus)
paul STARKS (3 months ago)
Gerard Butler as Gorgon would have been perfect. If you read the original comics you could see it and dare I say for BLACK BOLT ...Guy Pierce......
JustEricka 203 (3 months ago)
This shit can’t be fixed... I’m just here to say that Agents of Shield is the real deal!
Jason Yang (3 months ago)
Never heard of this crap. Is it still on
Arch Karr (3 months ago)
All superheroes in the movies should have huge muscles..the male AND the females (well..women muscles) That's the only way to really be like the comics visually. Make 'em at least look like they could kick butt..lol
Chatternat Acts (3 months ago)
Iron Fist got a new Showrunner but Inhumans couldn't? It's not all about the comics. I actually don't mind that they change it up
I would have actually linked it to agents of shield. These superhero shows never have the heroes use thier powers.
SGSnake2X (3 months ago)
Why would they put it in a series anyway? It’ll be shit like that. When it comes to heroes like the inhumans then films are always better plus they’d meet the avengers
Michael J Schumann (3 months ago)
This was doomed from the start and never been green-lighted at all. If you don't have your ducks in a row don't bother to go ahead and initiate Production or you end up losing money in the end...
Patches (3 months ago)
Can't believe the review didn't bring up the hilarious "WHY" scene
Joe Kobra (3 months ago)
Should made into to a movie, how dumb can they get?
Ayan Ahmed (3 months ago)
Inhumans is sooooo goood
levski sofia (3 months ago)
I like Iron fist
KazamaFury (3 months ago)
Buck is done
SUSHIL SHARMA (3 months ago)
No connection with Agents of SHIELD and ,Hydra
Baron Zemo (3 months ago)
Agreed. Flop from first released image.
Pierré Beukes (3 months ago)
I like it.
Jonathan Harris (3 months ago)
Well they know not to give it to ABC again because it is BS on budgeting for a Marvel Show.....relaunch the show and do better.
Jonathan Harris (3 months ago)
There where too many holes to the stupid plot. The human brother could have just built another city on the Moon. The dumb sister of Medusa could have realize her dog is dumb and can not remember where he dropped of the last person. The people serving the King quickly turned on him. Their intell gathering was stupid and they went on assumptions instead of going down to learn for themselves as to what the earth was like.....they were so one sided in their thinking that it made them stupid in every way once out of their bubble. Most of the people have dumb powers and I am surprised that cutting hair can eliminate a her ability to rapidly grow hair. The filming filter make it seem as if it is a YouTube video done better than most but not up to television quality. The charterers still acted as if they were on the moon when interacting with people on the earth. They should have been cautious and more inclined to ask questions. This is only the first 3 episodes that I've watch and it look like how Hercules and Xena Warrior Princess was filmed in the 90's the thing about both those 90's shows is that they actually look great for the 90's. The acting is odd also. It has a second season coming out allegedly here soon.
Jay Zeus Croix (3 months ago)
The reason it was a flop is because they made Ramsey Bolton play the part of Bernie while the rest of them were playing the part of the establishment
Michael Lee (3 months ago)
They should have kept it connected with the mainstream MCU and gave it the big budget production that Marvel's other films have enjoyed. I think it would have been quite successful if it had a tie-in with the Avengers or Guardians. I don't really understand why Spider-Man should have derailed this film. Sony has their own studio. I'm sure they could have squeezed an extra film into Phase 3 without the MCU imploding.
Justin Mondary (3 months ago)
Too much talking not enough action black bolt almost never used his powers the whole season and the main villain should have been able to be stomped out so much easier than he was
redrat (3 months ago)
it was good to me for a marvel tv show u guys should watch it all
JustSilly rachet (3 months ago)
Soon you are going to have to do the same with Titans from DC
LordSkudy (3 months ago)
Im the kind of guy who force himself to like everything marvel do, so...
Akherousia502 (3 months ago)
I don't know why anyone's surprised. Marvel may be knocking it out of the park with their MCU, but when it comes to their television shows, they've always felt really cheap and ill-conceived. Didn't really expect much to begin with.
Thu Thuy Nguyenthuthuy (3 months ago)
Black Bolt ^^ :3
Mike Constantino (3 months ago)
Its marvel trying to copy DC with shows and failed
Paris Roam (3 months ago)
??? This was a thing
Cale Daniel (3 months ago)
Dammit, i reeaaaaaalllyyy wanted to see the Inhumans enter Marvel in a good way.
Jayden Hamilton (3 months ago)
I actually really liked Iron Fist. I'm seriously in the minority here aren't I?
junnny **** (3 months ago)
Nobody wants to see a poor man's X-Men. Young kids dont really know the X-Men, and older people just want the X-Men done correctly.
Shmicko (3 months ago)
I watched the first few episodes but i couldn't get into it.
M S (3 months ago)
I lasted 25 minutes.
russell5078084 (3 months ago)
You get what you pay for. Quality costs.
Remel Ballinger (3 months ago)
Cheap costumes, poor CGI, hurried time limit, tight budget....I mean, I'm not a genius but...
VAMPYRE ANGELUS (3 months ago)
problem was it was 8 episodes of family infighting, had tons of potential, but it was just a family battle for power...
moneek robinson (3 months ago)
I actually like inhumans more than agent of shields
Juan Dela Fuente (3 months ago)
because it was abc..
SummerWave (3 months ago)
You don't need a video to explain why it flopped. A comment is all you need. 1. Too small of a budget and 2. Scott Buck.
The Truth of the Matter (3 months ago)
These jokers were a disgrace to their paged counterparts.

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