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Top 10 Smartest Talking Birds in The World

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Find out which are the top 10 smartest talking birds in the world, from this Hindi video by Himanshi.
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Text Comments (13)
jugal kishore (1 month ago)
I have macaw
ashish jagtap (8 months ago)
Beautiful information mam
sahil chouhan (8 months ago)
I subscribed as ur intellect is nyccc.....
sasanka das (10 months ago)
Sakibul Islam (4 months ago)
Himanshi I love you
Naitik Surela (11 months ago)
Souvik Roy (11 months ago)
If you make only top ten list people will get bored.Hence please come with some variety
ujjawal singh (11 months ago)
i m here to see you...... looking lovely
Being Human (11 months ago)
Atcha laga
Akash Biswas (11 months ago)
Bhot khub
Priyesh Khandare (11 months ago)
1st liker 🤗

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