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How To Get a Girl's Attention

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I was really tired while making this video. If you want me to make a "What Girls Look For in Guys" video, I promise I will drink a cup of coffee before hand :) Rate and comment! Thanks!
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Text Comments (12)
JhaKE Roxas (2 years ago)
How to get your attention babe :)
Dman (3 years ago)
Love her voice omg!!!!!
Potato PoziPaul (3 years ago)
Ow i think im inlove with her (not joking) ☺😊😍😍... shes so pretty 😍😍
SamjrMusic (4 years ago)
sorry just want the kind of girls with one night stands and money ..this is not for me 
badmjbow (4 years ago)
Awww u r so cute. I think I know whom I got a crush on just now. lol
Golam Siam (4 years ago)
make more videos... coz it was helpful !!! p.S- ur cute :)
Austin LaPointe (4 years ago)
She made this a while ago, I hope she makes more
DeusOmega (4 years ago)
Well after watching this I now know why I've messed up so many times. I'm just really unintentionally creepy.
Fresh Panzeh (4 years ago)
Can I date u?
Illusory Gaming (4 years ago)
starks86 (5 years ago)
This girls good, I gotta watch it a few more times tho, there's a lot of rules to follow lol.
Guy (5 years ago)
I failed and now the girl that I use to like wants to break my rist :(

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