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ROLLO Shipping Label Printer FULL REVIEW - Direct Thermal X1038 | RALLI ROOTS

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http://amzn.to/2yBdDvJ - BUY THE PRINTER - This is our comprehensive review of the Rollo x1038 thermal shipping label printer. We use it for eBay & Amazon. http://www.ralliroots.com/workwithus.html - WORK WITH US! Check out some of our other videos! ABOUT US! https://youtu.be/sj38MZgRQO4 Thrift Date Night! https://youtu.be/0kn5Pmq-vzs Massive Vintage Snapback Haul! https://youtu.be/nHtlBuyoqMI 1 Year on YouTube! https://youtu.be/7RDr_notbBg What Items to Sell on eBay? https://youtu.be/o5jYPsFIsUw Cram the Cam! Thrift Road Trip! https://youtu.be/VMy2LzldZGw How to Amazon FBA? https://youtu.be/aRNbMRiw-Rk Hidden Camera GoPRO Garage Sales! https://youtu.be/rFEy93GwE5o We ALMOST went to jail! https://youtu.be/jm2q4b6aCEA SUPPLIES WE USE! Stock Trading App: http://share.robinhood.com/ryanm156 My Sunglasses: http://amzn.to/2zC8t3n Our coffee machine: http://amzn.to/2tlpjnj BEST LIGHT EVER: http://amzn.to/2tigQRB More lighting for pictures: http://amzn.to/2sOoMbT PHOTO PAPER FOR WHITE BACKGROUND: http://amzn.to/2xIhD0I Shipping labels: http://amzn.to/2sfmWT3 Poly bags: http://amzn.to/2seYd18 Our vlogging camera: http://amzn.to/2sf4M3B Big Studio Camera: http://amzn.to/2xpXBXJ Small Scale: http://amzn.to/2uSIpBO Big Scale: http://amzn.to/2tG6dsC Poly Bags: http://amzn.to/2eKFzYO Tape Gun: http://amzn.to/2eKhPUX HWC Stickers: http://amzn.to/2uTqNpl Music Credit: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Works with any Thermal Direct Label including free UPS labels - save hundreds of dollars on label costs - don't fall victim to our competitor's business model that forces you to buy their highly over-priced proprietary labels High Speed Printing at 150mm/s - nearly twice as fast as the closest competitor. Advanced Thermal Direct technology prints without requiring toner or ink. Compatible with all major shipping platforms including Stamps.com, Endicia Dazzle, ShipStation, ShippingEasy, Shippo, ShipWorks, Ordoro and market places including Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and others. Limited support for Fedex Ship Manager. Technology long used by shipping couriers is now available to you at an affordable price. Prints at quality required by USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL, and other major couriers. Compatible with Windows (XP and newer) and Mac (10.9 and newer) - Rollo offers 5-star U.S. based customer service via Phone, Email, and Remote-Desktop. Easy to setup with short how-to videos. High-speed, wide-format label maker prints labels up to 4.1" wide, including 4" x 6" shipping labels, warehouse labels, barcode and ID labels, FBA labels, bulk mailing labels and more. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "eBay Scam Update - PROBLEM SOLVED?? + Fan Mail! " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8ZzlYm6B70 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (155)
KornShaDoW097 (1 day ago)
I don't get why they aren't wireless either... So dumb.
Lance Masta (11 days ago)
you should buy labels from Thermallabelsxtra.com they are the best!
Isa Ansharullah (23 days ago)
One weakness for direct thermal printing is that it is very weak with cellophane tapes. If you put cellotape directly on top of printing surface, the printing result will fade very quickly within hours.
A Guy Named DJ (27 days ago)
Does it work with Shopify?
ArbitraryLifestyle (1 month ago)
Lost me at "not wireless". Next.
I'm Flippin it (1 month ago)
I love my Rollo, it has been one or actually 3 of my best purchases for my business. Good video as always
Christopher Tuel (1 month ago)
@I'm Flippin it Awesome! Thanks!
I'm Flippin it (1 month ago)
@Christopher Tuel My Scotty Peeler and Barcode Scanner. I know it sounds small but at the time when I was prepping five to six hundred items at a time by myself they were a life saver.
Christopher Tuel (1 month ago)
What was the other 2?
KIM G (2 months ago)
When I print a poshmark label it comes out very light and harder to read. But ebay labels come out fine. Any suggestions?
USChampion2007 (2 months ago)
Am I too late? : )
Frank Daniele (2 months ago)
Anyone having an issue with the label being off center when printing from eBay? I have everything setup properly but my labels are moved to the left a little and it's driving my minor case of OCD crazy
Bryan Campbell (2 months ago)
Does this work with Inventory Lab? I would like to be able to have the labels print as I list
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
not sure, i'd reach out to the company
volkan yöntemli (4 months ago)
A Dhillon (1 month ago)
volkan yöntemli same question I had - does it print for smaller FNSKU labels?
wuufer001 (4 months ago)
I have a wireless inkjet printer that i use for regular printing and label printing. Want to get the rollo, but have a question. The print label preferences is that something you do only once or everytime? Does making the label printer default affect the default printer in other programs? Meaning if i were to print something off MS word, will it end up printing from the rollo? Mac user also
KeyStroke (4 months ago)
If Reese Witherspoon was a guy... Or, if she had a twin, you'd be him.
wouter Jolink (5 months ago)
not wireless is to bad however there are solotions for this like usb printerdecks to ethernet or wifi
Reese Eulert (5 months ago)
order directly from Rollos website it's cheaper there and you can get the label holder and a stack of 500 labels, I just ordered mine with the holder and a stack of 500 labels for $184 with promo code "saveme10"!
ck ana (28 days ago)
Thank you for the advice. I just ordered mine directly from the website and saved myself almost $20.
Michelle A (5 months ago)
I really like your review straight to the point...no extra stuff. thanks
Crissy Gomez (5 months ago)
Mine won’t let me set it up to my laptop. It says Device not recognize smh
VeeSentDays’ Endz (6 months ago)
Does the Rollo thermal printer print shipping labels for Pitney Bowes online postage services??? I need to know if it’s worth buying this neat printer. Thanks in advance.
RALLI ROOTS (6 months ago)
I believe so yes
PreCiouS_ BeAutiEs (6 months ago)
Wait... so i cant use this printing to print using my ipad Pro or print from using my ph??
Lee Vogel (6 months ago)
My Rollo is a life saver, only negative is they do not like dusty environments. Mine lives in the garage and has to be cleaned once a week, very easy 2 minute clean up. So much better machine then any Dymo we have had.
fashionsofmystery (6 months ago)
I bet we can find a USB to firewire adapter and plug it directly into the router.
Raymond Espinosa (7 months ago)
Thanks just bought one with your link
K O (14 days ago)
I'm going link buy to
RALLI ROOTS (7 months ago)
:) thanks! You're gonna love it
Anthony Hernandez (7 months ago)
A cheap investment is exactly what it is if you're saving money down the line, that's what investment means, no? noun 1. the action or process of investing money for profit or material result.
Jennifer Allen (7 months ago)
Hi, I ordered all the supplies (using your affiliate link) to get started with my ebay business. I got the lights, paper background, Rollo printer, labels, polybags. Everything you suggest. I received all my equipment and starting to use it and I don't understand how you use the labels that you recommend with the Rollo printer. The Rollo printer takes 4x6? and the labels you recommend are 8x11 sheets. Am I missing something?
ulises yaniz (8 months ago)
So is this what you are currently using 12 months later? What are your thoughts on it?
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Yup, still an awesome machine. No issues at all
Curbside Junkies (8 months ago)
Is that thing still working out for you guys?
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
We still use it daily yes
Carrie F (8 months ago)
The fact that my current printer requires me to buy new ink every time one of the color inks gets low (it uses a tiny bit of color even when printing black/white --such a racket!!) makes it worth it early on to invest in a printer like this. I'm currently low on 3 colors (black is almost full) but my printer will not print if ANY of the ink colors is out, even if I only want to print black and white. I went to see how much the full pack of all 6 colors would be since I'll need them all soon anyways and it was $100. I'd rather spend my money on the thermal printer! I rarely print anything else on this printer and it just eats through ink...it is higher end Epson color printer but was a waste of money.
Laura Wyatt (9 months ago)
this printer is out of stock, do you have another one you would reccomend?
Laura Wyatt (9 months ago)
@RALLI ROOTS thank you so much!
RALLI ROOTS (9 months ago)
I'd go Zebra or buy a rollo on ebay
Travis Burke (10 months ago)
I just got a Rollo for my eBay store. I am glad I read the fedex pdf Hack in this thread, I am surprised you paid so much for those 4000 labels though! I got a box of 8000 shipping labels off Amazon for about $25
Travis Burke (10 months ago)
I bought the wrong size labels! No wonder mine were so cheap, you got the better deal for sure haha
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
Travis Burke cool 😊 careful with the labels you buy. They don’t always work.
Mike (10 months ago)
Hey Ryan, Great review buddy. Quick question ,can you print directly from your iPhone or do you have to print from your computer?
Anav Picker (11 months ago)
I don't know why I waited so long to get a Rollo but after watching your video I got one with the roll rack. You can get FREE rolls of paper from UPS if you have an account. Works great
SchruteFarms (11 months ago)
I bought this and it didnt print shit...just my fucken luck
Chase Brooklyn (11 months ago)
How does it work without ink????? huh????
Wuzzam Supa (8 months ago)
Its thermal stupid
Donna Smith (1 year ago)
Going to toss my dymo and get this one! Had nothing but problems with the dymo.
Fadeux (1 year ago)
Hey man, this is exactly what an unboxing/setup/review should be! Solid info, no BS. I subbed. I don't sub. I'm sold!
Robert M (1 year ago)
Only problem with the printer I found is the sample label they have NONE of the eBay labels print like that at all I have probably toyed with every density and speed setting
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
really? we print like 50 labels a day through ebay on this printer with no issues at all
Devonthedo (1 year ago)
Can get free Thermal labels from UPS
Alannah LeeAnne (1 year ago)
Great Review, first and foremost, however, I do not agree with the statement that smaller business owners shouldn't invest in the Rollo. I disagree because I have been in an instance where I was shipped something and the ink was smudged and the package was a mess, causing me not to buy from them again because I could tell by the way the package looked internally as well as externally, they did not care what happened with my package, so to all the smaller business owners, try your best to make the outside of a package as brilliant as what's on the inside.
Cas J (6 months ago)
I agree 💯!!
Thomas Murray (1 year ago)
How does this compare to the zebra GK420D?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
I like it more
ken marcum (1 year ago)
what size fba fnsku labels should i order for the rollo printer? thanks
troy Wisdom (1 year ago)
149.00 on ebay right now. Thanks for the video. I had a zebra and never could get it print correctly through the ebay app so I finally gave up on it. Wish I would have seen your video, it might have helped me.
Lucy B (1 year ago)
Can you use this with a phone? I'm still mobile listing and haven't yet decided on what laptop to get. I have an android phone.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
I don't think so
JJ Coolidge (1 year ago)
I'm having an absolutely horrible time with the Rollo thermal printer. Bought one four months ago and the printouts were blurry. I'm tech literate and tried different settings - there's not much to set up there anyway - but nothing doing. I set up a ticket with their service, and they did call me, but nothing doing. They even operated the printer themselves from my computer and updated the firmware remotely. They sent me a second printer, but it turned out to have an altogether different problem. After more time spent with their tech service, they ascertained this one too was faulty and sent me a third one. Got it today and, lo and behold, it only prints the upper part of my labels and then jams or feeds to the middle of the next label. All settings are correct on my computers. This thing won't even print its self-test properly. Of course they won't refund me. They tried to make me believe it's a system error on my end, and then that it might be an issue with the power at our shop - really? - but I tried it on five different PCs, with Windows 7, 8 and 10, and through several different outlets, including a Furman power conditioner, and guess what: none of them work. At some point they thought it was the labels themselves - the ones they had provided us! - that were the problem, so we bought labels from Canada Post - 20 000 of them, their minimum order! Still didn't work. This piece of crap has cost a lot of time to three people in my business. Be aware, look elsewhere.
Robert M (1 year ago)
I agree same with mine and wasted around 100 labels printing with each density and speed all crap def going to return it support cant even get it to print clear yet the sample label printed without an issue
JJ Coolidge (1 year ago)
Worked briefly, then went wonky again. Got a refund from original seller, not from Rollo. My advice: Avoid.
Bizill (1 year ago)
So did the fourth unit get you sorted out?
JJ Coolidge (1 year ago)
Indeed, hasn't been pleasant. Yesterday they finally admitted there had gotten a bad batch, so they want to send us a fourth one when they get new batch. would have been nice knowing that before wasting all this time troubleshooting. I'll let you know how it turns out...
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
woahhhh....that is crazy, I will say you're the first person who we've heard of having issues like that. Ours has been working like an absolute charm since this vid. so 2 1/2 months of non-stop printing with no issues.
Sanctus Vianney (1 year ago)
Does it print FBA FNSKU labels?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
omar dias (1 year ago)
Hi the Rollo printer is really easy to make wireless all you need is a apple airport express you can bay one on eBay for $10 you don't need the new apple airport express the old one works
karen newmiller (8 months ago)
Can someone do a video setting up an Apple Express. Thanks.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
oh thats smart!
Tankersley's Tribe (1 year ago)
Thank you so much just what I needed!
Brian Hunt (1 year ago)
You should buy a raspberry pi and setup a print server so you can do it wireless
waldo lok (1 month ago)
Brian Hunt you know what’s up
Dude Ubering (1 year ago)
A used Zebra 500 or LP2844 from eBay will last you until the end of time.. Or a new one if you are made of money... There is an issue with FedEX, but the work around isn't that difficult..
HappyHandyLife (1 year ago)
I ended up not loving my thermal printer and I sold it on Ebay. I hated having to switch back and forth to that printer, forgetting, wasting labels...I went back to a regular laser printer eventually. So many people swear by them though, and I really wanted to love it.
Chris Magnelli (1 year ago)
Id never even heard of that brand. I just got a brother 1050 for the same price and i like it. I used to have the dymo and hated it, returned it after a week.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
yeah the dymo isn't great. this one has been exceptional so far :)
Everday's Saturday (1 year ago)
You absolutely answered my question about it being wireless!! I prefer wireless because my desk is maxed out on space and my printer now sits on a table behind my desk. I'm so SICK of buying ink! Thanks for the review...I'm almost out of magenta ink and I decided to go with a new thermal instead of getting new ink lol
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
yeah no worries :) I believe Dyno is coming out with a wireless one next year so that'll be good. Thermal is soooo much better :)
M.A. Murphy & Co (1 year ago)
I have the Zebra ZP 450 and to print FedEx and this method should work almost all thermal printers having trouble with printing from FedEx. I have to download the label as a pdf and open in Acrobat and take a snapshot and then print. Works every time. After doing it a few times it becomes faster and easy. Also, you can get free labels from USPS, UPS, and FedEx if you have accounts with them. And one of these has the labels Ryan has on the video available. I can't remember which carrier. I didn't find this out until after I bought 3 rolls of 1000. Still only cost around 30-40 bucks. Thermal does not smudge or bleed. They can if they are put under packing tape because the adhesive and label causes a chemical reaction to the label and it will not be able to scan. Hope this helps you guys out. Great job on the video, Ryan!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
M.A. Murphy & Co awesome info. Thank you!
Drew Conway (1 year ago)
I always check camelcamelcamel before buying anything on Amazon. Looks like the price on this baby is pretty stable, though.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Drew Conway yeah for sure. That’s a smart way of doing it.
Jillian Middleton (1 year ago)
Hey guys... haven't seen you talk about this before but here's an issue that came up for me recently. I have my listings all posted with a 1 business day turnaround time which I've been religious about. I work super close to a post office so it's easy for me to package up items and mail them out before I go to work or during my lunch break. To save time I drop them in the blue boxes outside the post office or for those items that don't fit I bring them in and drop them on the counter. Here's the kicker... I noticed when I had three items sell on 10/31 and dropped them off the morning of 11/1 my local post office didn't scan them until 11/2 and 11/3. I noticed this when I was trying to figure out why my sales plummeted. Guys, I seriously had 0 sales for 9 days when before I was selling 2-3 items a day (I'm just starting out, 250 listings all fairly priced). I lowered prices AND dropped my store to 30% just to make sales to bring up my late sale percentage. I finally got some sales in the last 72 hours (thank god!). But I feel they dinged my ebay SEO (I'm sure there's a more technical term for this) for the "late" sales. Do you think this is possible? Also, I made a sale on Poshmark during the 9 days of hell. I dropped the package off INSIDE the post office into one of the bins after hours (5pm) on SATURDAY, Nov. 11 thinking this might be better then dropping in the outside boxes. Get this, on TUESDAY, Nov. 14 the package STILL wasn't scanned. So I went into the post office with my tracking information during my lunch break and was like WTF is going on? How is it that 2 business days later this item STILL isn't scanned? She spoke to me like an illiterate fool. I showed her on my phone with the tracking (or lack there of) and everything. She went to inform me that the post office is closed on Sundays (no shit) and that the item probably wasn't scanned but made its way to Cleveland (local hub) and I should be ensured it is on its way and should arrive in home that day or the following day. Well. At 6pm that evening that same post office finally scanned my item. Ryan and Ali, I lost my shit. I've obviously learned my lesson that the people who work at my local post office are incompetent mutants and that I need to stand in line to get my items scanned because they can't do their job. But I thought my "learning experience" might be a good topic for discussion in one of your videos to help others. Love your videos... thanks for listening to my rant! :)
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
OMG THAT'S NUTS! So first of all yes, ebay definitely gives favor to sellers who are hitting the "shipping goals" if the items aren't getting scanned in time your sales will suffer. One thing you might want to do is start scheduling a pickup the day before and then make sure the postal worker picking up your packages scans each one. USPS is pretty lame sometimes.
Mike C. (1 year ago)
Nice work Ryan. Very helpful. I'm glad you mentioned the "cons". Not being wireless is a major drawback.
Zeb Hatton (4 months ago)
Just plug the printer into a airport express and you can print wireless I did it with mine and it works flawlessly. You can pick up used ones for around $50
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
For sure! they need to fix that lo.
Kay Radebaugh (1 year ago)
Plug it into your router and assign it an IP address and you can print to it from any computer hooked into that router. I have printed 4x6 fed ex and ups labels for Amazon by changing the paper size in the print settings.
Grandma Wrinkles (1 year ago)
Ive had the rollo for about 6 months and I love it. I bought the label stacker, it works for the accordion folded labels or the rolls either. its so fast. I am a big fan its been great.
Colorado Quality (1 year ago)
Their tech support is amazing. Wouldnt hurt to ask them how to solve both the problems you had as cons. Might have a solution and theyll help set it up
Mo Frescas (1 year ago)
Just bought one! haha. It'll save me for how much ink I go through. Thanks!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Mo Frescas Nice!! Yea, it’ll definitely be a big time saver for you too!
Jason Reyes (1 year ago)
Sorry this is an unrelated question Where do you buy your self adhesive clear plastic bags. BTW I got the Cowboys pullover, a bit big for me but I think my son has claimed it for himself. Thanks for the cool button Callie, I actually collect pins and buttons. A great one to add to my collection.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Jason Reyes awesome!! Glad you like it! We buy the poly bags 1000 at a time on eBay
Bearded Picker (1 year ago)
You might want to try saving the label to a pdf, then using adobe to print the label, using a snapshot to get only the label. It works with my Dymo 4xl, so should work with the Rollo.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
yeah that seems to be the hack...fedex/ebay should really fix that issue though.
Doug Delegorburu (1 year ago)
wooh came to comment again.. and theres a zebra printer ad before you vid for me...based on her earlier comment before... the algo's are getting nuts
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
hahaha! crazy!! yeah we did a live video yesterday and just said the word jibo and the first ad was for a jibo
Doug Delegorburu (1 year ago)
I can also print my ebay labels from ebay app. wireless from my phone via the samsung app. Love the review.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Nice :) yeah that's awesome!
Doug Delegorburu (1 year ago)
I love my little samsung laser printer. Great starter.
Vicky (1 year ago)
I'm using a cheap Brother laser B&W printer. It's super fast and fairly cheap. There's a hack to get it to keep printing thousands of pages beyond what the empty toner sensor thingie says. ;) It's so wasteful when printer companies do that! Toner is much cheaper than ink and lasts longer. When my Brother dies, I'll get a thermal. Maybe it'll be wireless by then. Great thorough review. Thanks!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
yeah definitely! laser is the way to go if you don't have thermal :) I think wireless is coming soon, crazy that it isn't an option already lol
Edward Gonzales (1 year ago)
Hey great video . I'm not ready to make that investment but I will click the links to support the video. Respect the hustle ✊
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Edward Gonzales cheers man!! Respect back to you!
Adam Ham (1 year ago)
Thanks Ryan! I’ve been looking ahead to see what my next step for a printer will be for my business and this video was a great help! I’m not quite to the point where I need to upgrade but my business continues to grow and hopefully soon my sales volume will be enough to warrant some upgrades!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Adam Ham no worries! Glad we could help, there’s a lot of good options out there and this is definitely one of them 😊
Lisa Bailey (1 year ago)
I appreciate the realistic view of looking at your total shipping per day, thanks
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
no worries ;)
Justin Whitaker (1 year ago)
Omg those dragonball shelfs n figures! Cool idea for background!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Thank you :) Allison made those!
Eric Marroquin (1 year ago)
Quick question, do you have a link to where you bought the labels?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Eric Marroquin https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F112571413158
Abraham Scott (1 year ago)
Got my Zebra ZP 450 from UPS $3 per week free labels and if u have issue send you a new one Free
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Abraham Scott niiiice 😊
david Pearson (1 year ago)
Great review I use a leitz is wireless. Can't believe it's not wireless.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
thank you! yeah crazy right, hopefully they come out with a wireless model soon
Amber Collins (1 year ago)
This is the printer I have and I have never had problems except the FedEx labels. I just print those on my other printer. I’m going to try that hack down there in the comments and see if it works.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
yeah!! same here :)
Lori Wilson (1 year ago)
Thankyou Ryan love that it doesn't use a lot of ink thanks for all your tips
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
yeah! no ink at all :) easy!
5797029 (1 year ago)
I noticed you used a single label to test. What happens when printing bulk shipping labels? My printer prints labels sideways, two to a page and includes a bulk shipping manifest for USPS to scan. It looks like we could be wasting a lot of time printing individually then wasting more time scanning in with USPS if this unit dosen't support bulk. Mike
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
it supports bulk, you just have to change your label size to 4x6
Glenn (1 year ago)
Thanks for the review, I'm trying to figure out either to go with this or the Dymo 4XL. Is it easy to rip the label off on the Rollo? Since you have to stack the labels behind it, do you find they fall over or make a mess? I saw they sell a label storage addon for more money of course. Thanks!
Glenn (1 year ago)
Awesome, thanks for that info!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Glenn Burn haha yeah, the label storage is like another $20. I’ve used the dymo 4xl and I would say this printer is much much better. I know there is a dymo wireless one coming out next year though so that might be a good buy. The labels do rip off very easily yes. No issues with it so far
Ryan what are the chances that the information printed could fade during transit while being exposed to different types of light during shipping? do you feel thermal technology is consistent enough to use for a full-time Ebay store?
HeartlandRanchTV (5 months ago)
Thermal shipping labels have been the standard in every industry for decades now, so this isn't new or untested technology to be concerned about. I still have boxes from the 90's that have been exposed to all kinds of extreme conditions, and their original thermal labels are still perfectly legible, albeit slightly faded.
Beth Benjamin (1 year ago)
We run our business out of Phoenix,AZ. Would our extreme heat here cause any change to the labels?
Project720 (1 year ago)
I could be wrong but I believe most big companies use thermal labels. Amazon
G. Jasso (1 year ago)
Full Melt Fusion I have the same thought because the receipts from the post office can easily be scrached. If a package is thrown and the barcode is affected or the ship to address is affected there will be a problem.
Flip Flops All Day (1 year ago)
I have been using thermal labels for about 12 years now with multiple ebay stores and a website. They only fade if you put shipping tape over them. They are peel and stick labels so you don't need tape. Top 3 investment I ever made for my business was a label printer. Also you can adjust the darkness of the print if you think what printed looks too light. Ryan No holder for the roll of labels? Good luck with that. I see you responded and said there is a holder. I can see dust getting all over them. No good.
Timothy Miller (1 year ago)
I used to make millions of 4"×6" on direct and indirect thermal paper. For companies shipping labels. Does the printer have a heat adjustment if you want to use colored labels instead of white?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Timothy Miller haha definitely!
Timothy Miller (1 year ago)
RALLI ROOTS thought maybe Alli would prefer purple labels instead of white. Lol
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Timothy Miller I’m not sure 🤔
Timothy Miller (1 year ago)
Shouldn't Callie and Alli have been part of the review?. After all they do shipping too. Lol
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Timothy Miller lol. They were working 😉
OrangeSodaTicTac (1 year ago)
I love the reviews. I vote more reviews!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
OrangeSodaTicTac thank you! We will do more
Mary Shine (1 year ago)
Hi My Kiddos! Great review! I have the Dymo 4XL that I got on Amazon when it was on sale for $69 which I was totally stoked about! I also cannot print FedEx labels directly to my dymo so this is MY hack, try it out on your Rollo to see if it also works for you... So when I print a FedEx or UPS label I print as an Adobe PDF then when the PDF pops up I print it to my Dymo.... it works literally every time for me, so give that a try on your Rollo to see if it will also work for you. I know it is kind of a pain in the you know what with extra steps and all but it works well for me and my little Dymo 4XL so I am going to assume that this hack can be used with other thermal printers. Also, don't throw away the back of the shipping labels they are great helpers for us crafters when we mix epoxy and work with various mediums because once we are done with those things we don't have to feel bad about the clean up or damaging our painting pallets... just saying... Alli and I had a conversation about that so she knows, tell them Alli... Happy Day!
Michael Fisher (5 months ago)
When I try this it's super small
OnlyOneWing (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Mary Shine awesome hack! 😊 thanks Mary!!
360 Vintage CO (1 year ago)
Cool looking unit! We use the Zebra 2844? Thermal printer. We bought it refurbished on eBay for $130...10 years ago lol it works amazing and it’s a work horse. We use label rolls that hold 250 at a time. It’s not as pretty as this one but it works amazing. Not sure if I like the labels just sitting on the desktop though. No hack as far as I know for FedEx. We have a laser printer for those labels. Awesome video as usual!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Very nice! Yes, we've heard great things about that printer as well! You can buy a label holder for the rolls and the stacks. http://amzn.to/2zVM2tj
Chilidog (1 year ago)
I have the zebra which I love (Ebay deal @$65 with a roll of labels). You can save the labels as a pdf and then use foxit pdf to print the label. Not a very good solution if printing multiple labels but it does work. Ebay really needs to fix this issue with fedex labels
Alex FC (1 year ago)
Which model?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
agreed. the zebra is a great printer as well :)

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