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Do You Know How To Pronounce These Words?

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Text Comments (8678)
Amber Sullivan (8 hours ago)
Try southern lol Geaux =Go GEAUX SAINTS
Vlogs with John (15 hours ago)
Cray-on Cara-Mel and Car-Mel Jewl-erE Jiro
it is caramil jwelilri jiro like cairo yes? yes.
Sིaིfིiིyིaི Nིyིgིaིaིrིdི lིoིoིkིsི sིoི yིoིuིnིgི lིoིlི
_Tina917 (2 days ago)
what about.... SCONE!!
Jessica Andrews (3 days ago)
It’s cArAmel not carmel
KGB Espionage (4 days ago)
Isn't it ironic saying euro on gyro? With the eurozone crisis in Greece and all....
xXkawaii nekoXx (5 days ago)
*S A Y F I A*
Helen Varga (5 days ago)
They should have asked about AUNT. The entire North American continent BESIDES 1. those that think they are British; 2. live in New England; or 3. live on the northern east coast, say ANT, and that is the CORRECT PRONUNCIATION, period.
Mr. Snorlax YT (6 days ago)
Hey can you guys please subscribe to me? I had an allergic reaction today and got 3 unsubs :( and no, I'm not begging for subs lmao
Derpy Potato (12 days ago)
I’m still like how people say my name wrong it’s funny
Abi david (14 days ago)
safiya girllllll
RandomSapphire (14 days ago)
*this is safiya nygaards intro song*
Emily Doez (15 days ago)
Posting late but just wanted to point out that Car-a-mel is the candies u eat car-mal is the sauce/topping u put on ice cream/desserts
Giselle Lipsky (15 days ago)
I say 1) Cray-un 2) Jew-L-Ree 3) Car-mol 4) Yur-O
honey comb (16 days ago)
if you pronoun it cran you’re no longer valid
ALISHA S (16 days ago)
the language is called ENGLISH not AMERICAN. So if English people say it one way it is correct. IDKW americans are so stubborn about this! If you want to be stubborn create your own language!
Sophia Justice (16 days ago)
How I pronounce it: Cranon Jewelererery Camel Geryro
Valbona Veliu (16 days ago)
It’s Care-a-Mel not car-Mel how I say it
Hey, this a _Robry_ , give me ur _jury_
Riley Hernandez (17 days ago)
peep fetus safiya
Makayla Elizabeth (17 days ago)
In my opinion it should be Cray-yon because everyone says Cray-ola and it’s spelled the same 😂
Hi It’s Pippa (18 days ago)
In England it’s car a mel
Crazy - in 😂
Maja trtanj (19 days ago)
is that safiya at 0:31
Chu Qingyan (20 days ago)
If you pronounce gyro eu-ro then why do you pronounce gyroscope jai-ro-scope
Hailey Armstrong (20 days ago)
At 0:31 it was Safiya
sim_ tastic vids (20 days ago)
Cara mel idiots
Holly’s MAU (21 days ago)
I say Cra-n Jew-lry Car-Mel He-ri
aznpride1207 (21 days ago)
Gyro depends on what your describing, if its the food it ghe-ro but if your describing a mechanical component then its jai-ro
Bunni Bloopers (22 days ago)
wuter smh
gabrielle ball (22 days ago)
Cran and car-mel
C & J vlogs (23 days ago)
People in the south say ca-ra-mel but people in the north say car-mole
Rey Vlogs (19 days ago)
C & J vlogs no hate
C & J vlogs (21 days ago)
Rey Vlogs Yeah I guess you can say it any way you want but where I live we all say it ca-ra-mel except the people that live in the north of my state the say it with 2 syllables
Rey Vlogs (21 days ago)
C & J vlogs I live in the south but I say Carmel with two syllables
Ella Dillon (24 days ago)
p e n n y (25 days ago)
Ok wtf is a gyro like is it food or something from ancient Greek mythology or what
Rey Vlogs (19 days ago)
p e n n y kinda
p e n n y (19 days ago)
+Rey Vlogs it says that the kebab is the ancestor to the gyro, so like, kinda?
Rey Vlogs (20 days ago)
No.... just google it
p e n n y (21 days ago)
+Rey Vlogs so a kebab?
Rey Vlogs (21 days ago)
p e n n y It is a Greek dish made from meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie
Grace Bowes (25 days ago)
CraYon carAmel jewElry
KittyKatCassima (27 days ago)
Care-A-Mel Jew-ler-ry
Tae Bae (27 days ago)
Caerwynn Wark (27 days ago)
Its carAmel not carmel!
What about breakfast?
Olivia Case (29 days ago)
Omg I think Daisha broke the world record for largest hair 😂👌🏻
Val Pucci (29 days ago)
Crawn Juhl-rie Car-mul Hero
Savannah G B S (30 days ago)
Steffi J (1 month ago)
I say crayan how iprononce it is i say crown
Olivia Hood (1 month ago)
In caramel and jewelry there is the extra vowel
0:55 Sit the hell down
Ned (1 month ago)
Cray- on Ca- ra- mell Jooll- ery Dk that word
Nfamous toffeepop (1 month ago)
American english needs a bullet to the head
Live_ Evil (1 month ago)
here's how i say 'em: crayon: cray-un caramel: car-mul jewelry: jewl-ree gyro: guy-ro from phoenix, arizona <3
Zeruywh Zakiya Sarah (1 month ago)
Adam is that you ?
WeakResort (1 month ago)
I got an ad with the PPAP guy for the Summer BBQ Pineapple Whopper and I feel like I struggled to say just that
Bella 51387 (1 month ago)
"Here oh"
Bella 51387 (1 month ago)
🚘 Mel
Adjective Noun Number (1 month ago)
Cran Jewl-ree Care-mel (sometimes with a diphthong-y _a_) Hi-roo My pronunciations from a Libyan in the U.S
Bhawna pandita (1 month ago)
Mostlysane now in adds!!!😮😮
KIRA COLE (1 month ago)
Okay I’m always told I’m weird for pronouncing Zebra like “Zeh-brah” rather than “Zee-brah”
Ned (1 month ago)
KIRA COLE tf it’s pronounced zeb- ra. In Britain anywayd
LazyBread 1 (1 month ago)
Kpop is pretty Normal (1 month ago)
Wait so the G for Gyro is silent
Josh Miller (1 month ago)
if you say "carml" you are an idiot. it is pronounced CARE-AH-MEL.
kiera lambert (1 month ago)
Jule ree
kiera lambert (1 month ago)
Rose_Sketch OwO (1 month ago)
English *is* weird. -an English speaker.
Alana Plays Roblox (1 month ago)
Caramel sounds silky and luxurious but car-mel sound like the stuff you put on your tires
Glasses Girl (1 month ago)
Is that safiya nygaard
Big Thief Sweaty (1 month ago)
People who over pronounce words just want to feel good about themselves
Gabriela Martinez (1 month ago)
it sounds like Ee roo
Chocolate Milk Man (1 month ago)
I say kran, carmal, jewlrey, idk the word,
SuperT (1 month ago)
In English we have vowel slurs and the dipththongs so for instance. When I say Jewelry, I say Jewelry but it just sounds like Jewlry
lindsey grace (1 month ago)
cran care-uh-mel jewl-er-rey
ayden (1 month ago)
It is pronounced “cran” I never hear people say cRaY On It’s pronounced “car-mel not cara mole it’s jewelry not jew ler e
BossSpaz (1 month ago)
g i f
PedalToTheFloor (1 month ago)
“I never say caramel” You just said it.
mad girl (1 month ago)
weird, in italian words are pronounced the same way the r written, there s no chance to say it wrong
Alex Rus (1 month ago)
Adventurous (1 month ago)
1) Spanish makes more sense because everything is pronounced the same way it is spelled 2) I say Jewl - er - ry Care - a - mel Cray - on
Charlotte B’s World (1 month ago)
0:38 that’s Exactly what I do
Payton Carlsgaard (1 month ago)
"I never say caramel" You just did
Gwion Glyn (1 month ago)
0:13 has she been electrocuted?
his name would be DAVE (1 month ago)
carAmEl JewlEry crayOn
Ariel DIAZ BRENES (1 month ago)
I did research either way is correct! You can pronounce caramel as Karr-uhl-mel Karr-uh-muhl Kar-muhl The first two were the “originals” because the world caramel became a thing vía French people that took from the world in Spanish caramelo (I actually know Spanish, 🎶 cause I was born this way 🎶 ) Which means the same,The world caramel (the first two) made their way to North America and from there people also began to called it Kar-muhl
Saff1xo (1 month ago)
I’m British ❤️
Hockey Topic (1 month ago)
I am Greek lmao
Utopian Goat (1 month ago)
We don't have this issue in England
Logan Strong (1 month ago)
My mom always explained it this way: caramel-2 a’s carmel- 1 a
Gacha Maria (1 month ago)
Is that safiya at the start??
Olivia Buzz1106 (1 month ago)
Normal Me Gyro= hero Crayon= crown Jewelry= jewe-lry Caramel =Care-amal
arwntang (1 month ago)
i’m right. you’re wrong. shut up.
Action Jackson 4236 (1 month ago)
What about gif
A.P Productions (1 month ago)
2 ways of saying gyro
Grano Fivo (1 month ago)
it's ca-ra-mel not ca-mel
help me (1 month ago)
Try “anon”, short for anonymous. I’ve heard it pronounced: ah-non ah-nun an-non an-nun an-on (yes I know thats the spelling with a hyphon) an-un ay-non ay-nun in-non (the “in” and “uh” ones are mainly due to accents) in-nun in-un in-on uh-non uh-nun And theres a lot more
Faith Fennell (1 month ago)
I say Cran Jewl-ery Car-mole My way!!!
GamingDu_de2019 (2 months ago)
*G* *Y* *R* *O*
Pickles 304 (2 months ago)
Hydrax (2 months ago)
Ca-ra-mel Not CAHRMUL
Brianna k31 (2 months ago)
3rdoftheherd YT (2 months ago)
Cran Car-mal Jewelry
Ellabelle (2 months ago)
Jyro 😊
Gacha Pop (2 months ago)
yas.. greek

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