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They Were MEAN and HARSH to Him, but He Came Back to PROVE THEM WRONG!

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MusicTalentNow (1 year ago)
Many times in my life people didn't believe in me and always tried to put me down, telling me that I am not good enough... but I didn't care about negative comments or influence and now I am successful :) This audition is good example why to NEVER GIVE UP and keep fighting for your dreams! Anyone else is or was in similar situation?
CallMeFaded (3 months ago)
this comment is a waste of time stop reading lol
Dawn Miller (5 months ago)
I love you david
Pro gamer ray Ray (7 months ago)
So fucken true😃
Senada Cana (7 months ago)
Father Afram Barboura (7 months ago)
u should know our Life is like a big school we are learning and growing up with our experience from every thing . So I think it's very good to see just the full amount of the glass. So the negative comments only reference to the person and what kind of experience he has . So go ahead and be positive person in the life and say I have a dream so I can do my dream to be or not to be .
Brian Newton (6 days ago)
Literal chills on the back of my neck!
FilmBohne12 (11 days ago)
tengku (14 days ago)
wht is song
brooke cherie (16 days ago)
I was legit like he’s gonna say twelve Him: twelve Me: KNEW IT
nath pacifiste (16 days ago)
frisson direct , bravo
Hieu Tran (23 days ago)
Savanna Spraberry (1 month ago)
Simon-nice, hard to impress Amanda-nice, honest, pretty Alisha-nice, pretty, gentle David- [email protected]#$%&*€₩
OldSchool Gamer (1 month ago)
Ух какой глас и какая проникновенная песня до слез)
ItsLiannaHere YT (1 month ago)
I was shocked it wasn't Simon
Tyesean (1 month ago)
He said he’s 50 he is not
TianHau BenLee (1 month ago)
I m a student of pre-university , i am facing this kind of situation right now and it really hurts me so bad becuz everyone is looking down on me and i felt they even try to put me down. I am very very sad today and i cant control my tears right now bcuz i have no where to express my feeling. I will try my best to get back up again.
Giorgos Demetriou (1 month ago)
Who dis like dis? Idiot
Prabhjot Singh (1 month ago)
What is the background song name in the end?
Stephanie (1 month ago)
Kristina Ismolli (2 months ago)
dan morgan (2 months ago)
That little kick in the middle makes me smile every time, your awesome kid true inspiration.
Matessa xll. (2 months ago)
Şarkı güzel alt yazı çevireni sikmek isterim
Layla Haro (2 months ago)
Sahin Ahmedov (2 months ago)
Music name ?
markmh835 (1 month ago)
"Hallelujah." By the late great Canadian songwriter and singer Leonard Cohen. It has been covered and recorded by many, many singers. KD Lang's version is sublime.
Tyrique Williams (2 months ago)
I thought I could sing but damn dude
Kosta ist Ein hurensohn (2 months ago)
War richtig richtig schön gesungen!! Musste bisschen weinen. Nach 3 Jahren so eine Stimme zu haben. RESPEKT ✊!!!!
FLORA BOUAME (2 months ago)
I could only stare when he started singing he is amazing
Kyrah Vance (2 months ago)
Great singer
Howie Mandel (2 months ago)
You know David wouldn’t of pressed it if he didn’t regret being mean to him 😂
Soul Svge (2 months ago)
I swear I got chillz
GetFitAsh (2 months ago)
Jalah Wilson (2 months ago)
It reminds of shrek
Ana Carolina (2 months ago)
he is so charming
Colton Vinson (2 months ago)
Wow David you would put this boy down
Lori Elliott (2 months ago)
Nelda Fairley (2 months ago)
Not everybody is going to like the same person's voice. so I'm glad that this boy took the chance and came back to prove David wrong. Yes sometimes kids voices at 12 it's not mature enough at that age. So I'm not sure why they allow kids that young to be on the show. After their voices change then they work sound good enough to sing. David shouldn't have been so cruel to him.
Ha Vi (2 months ago)
I am not related to this kid but I am soooooo proud of him. Congrats to him and his parents
Ha Vi (2 months ago)
Minute 1:23 David I was the mean one? And the kid replied without hesitation yea 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.
Wazzat _1107 (2 months ago)
Vladilena Mocreac (2 months ago)
In love with him and his voice. GOD! 💘
Esmeralda Ceja (2 months ago)
Tbh this almost made me cry why he cried
Cecilia Rose (2 months ago)
you'r chanel is the best
Corrine Neal (2 months ago)
Sandip Gautam (2 months ago)
Anything happens , it happens for good david being mean and harsh made him stronger and hardworker<>
Elise Xuereb (2 months ago)
I saw the expression on his dad's face and saw how proud he was of his son and it made me tear up ❤️
Einari Kisel (2 months ago)
1:01 David is sweating 😅
MERCY LANA (2 months ago)
am also crying ooh my
Gabriel Vergara (2 months ago)
I feel that David wouldn't press the Golden Buzzer if it wasn't for the little mean history with the kid.
lean lee (2 months ago)
Jurica D (2 months ago)
OMG!!! Every time I listen to this video,I get chills...Nothing to say,PERFECT!!!
Jane Badabiang Dkhar (2 months ago)
This audition is evergreen😍
The Lost Souls (2 months ago)
The smirk on Simon's face okurrrt it says it all
Rae 27 (2 months ago)
I can almost see Simon telling David "Told ya!"
Sean Gee (2 months ago)
brenton_ luke (2 months ago)
I’m glad to see he was held accountable for saying what he said to a minor ...I mean that kid was 12 when he said what he did harshly to him!!!
Larry Bryant III (2 months ago)
Wait did he said he's 50😕😐😯😕
Nobody Special (2 months ago)
Can someone please tell me the song that plays when the golden buzzer is pushed?
Michelle lemire (2 months ago)
Omg he made me cry..such an amazing voice
Savage KB 21 (2 months ago)
He can't sing I literally sing that song way better than him and he is older than me wow
Angela Connell (2 months ago)
Sounds a lot better then the original
Bernardo Lopes (2 months ago)
Revenge.... david deserved it! YES!
Narrow Alpha (2 months ago)
It’s morgz brother
Gloria Moreira (2 months ago)
I am sooooooo happy for him he is a very gooooooooooooooooooooooooood singer
ColorzZ YT (2 months ago)
Who else was clapping with the audience at 2:44? Just me? Ok.
sophia sanchez (2 months ago)
Title correction, DAVID was harsh and mean to him
Deadly But sexy (2 months ago)
I love his voice
chuah sang (2 months ago)
pff what a cry baby... friggin made me cry too
Snooki Snook (2 months ago)
He deserved that golden buzzer happy tears all
Snooki Snook (2 months ago)
Douha Elaf (2 months ago)
Very nice 👍🏻
lacika 979 (2 months ago)
Thanks hungary. Vegre
7нe.Black. Gøddess (2 months ago)
Well this guy got better cus of David's critique so dont say David was rude. He did the right choice and made the guy stronger🔥🔝
Jasmin G (3 months ago)
David is the reason for his success
sumarianson (3 months ago)
The positive alternative is that Mr. Walliams gave excellent advice that succeeded in that boy achieving a move to the next round. Something he would likely not achieve if he had not heeded the advice given.
Alicia Switzer (3 months ago)
He is nice
Alicia Switzer (3 months ago)
Wow you don't know how nice people are dont be rude too him
BULLETPROOF (3 months ago)
Man David was very sas he regreted saying bad word to this guy
blumberg1982 (3 months ago)
Yea yea yea yea !!!!!!
Maria Lane (3 months ago)
And he simply came back better than ever, in your face David
Ava Memero (3 months ago)
💛💛💛 BRAVO!
Julien Amadi (3 months ago)
O man this guy is a Champion
Kaz Maras (3 months ago)
i dont understand this vid
Narwhal _SnipeZ (3 months ago)
We’re singing this in chorus rn 😭😭
Kevin oechslin (3 months ago)
whos cuttin onions?
sharifa usama (3 months ago)
When youtube's recommendation is useful for once
Aram Sabah (3 months ago)
50 15
Leila Malik (3 months ago)
Kyle is so forgiving
Reigniac (3 months ago)
Alesha: David, what do you think David: *I have to clear my name* David: I THOUGHT IT WAS REALLY GOOD *smashes gold buzzer*
Jeffries Crambo (3 months ago)
Always gets me when the dad's cry with pride and love.
fernando Becker (3 months ago)
the final me¿akes me cryyy he is a great boy
RADIOTIC PLAYZBZ (3 months ago)
It made me cry
daynah smith (3 months ago)
Lol...I had no doubt he was gonna say Simon..he is really good
Niko Smith (3 months ago)
Chills fr chills
Samy Musiccc (3 months ago)
Klk Hola soy samy
Carollyn Bratcher (3 months ago)
Mike Michelizzi (3 months ago)
This made me cry because I was sooo happy
Fred Giopi (3 months ago)
The lesson here is ...they told him the truth about his singing and gave him some advise .and he took the advise instead of quiting and getting angry and personalising it and working on his weakness and getting better at it ...the problem with our generation is that not many people can receive critisism ..they take it personally ..he should have thanked the judge for tellkmg him the truth and giving him the advise that brought him back better
George TBCL (3 months ago)
David seems like a very nice person
Aaron Havier (3 months ago)
Mykayla Davis (3 months ago)
David: oh I was the mean one?! Your a mean one, mr grinch
Erin Morris (3 months ago)
I actually cried when David hit the golden buzzer
I love that song and 10,000 reasons
M i l k T e a (3 months ago)
The song that was played was played By the fourth graders at my Christmas Concert .~.
Cara Hamill (3 months ago)
Omg best voice I have heard in years!❤️❤️❤️

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