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Off-White | Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Fashion Show | Menswear

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Off White | Fall Winter 2018/2019 by Virgil Abloh | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - Menswear Collection - PFW)
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kkttoo (8 days ago)
Nahi Jea (1 month ago)
So white designers called racist for not having a lot of black models and what are we gonna call a black designer who only have 5 black models on his show ? Racist or self hater ? And his cloths are trash
Oliver McErlean (3 months ago)
God that was boring. The clothes are ugly, too.
Magno Rocha (4 months ago)
please but the namers of models
OFF WHITE (4 months ago)
Team Việt nam
Man Tung Kwok (4 months ago)
one word "ttttttrash"
Golden Glove (6 months ago)
A.R Rucker (7 months ago)
This is the first time I watched Off-White show for men, and it was alright, I had previously read raves and raves about Off-White , and Virgil, but I don't get it, thus collection was everything I have seen before, previous seasons from,other designers. Watching this show immediately reminded me of Marc Jacobs menswear collections during the 90's The best part of this was the finale music that way playing
Tes Truelove (8 months ago)
We're back in the 90's
m woo (8 months ago)
These aren't men
Eva Drake (8 months ago)
Its not cohesive, seems all over the place and scattered like he's trying to cover all bases. Some of the tailored coats and leather pieces are nice but that's about it.
Keanu Michaels (8 months ago)
wheres the intro from???
Raimond Dziewulski (8 months ago)
Great cuts, ideas, I loved it
Miguel Irizarry (9 months ago)
Ugly fucking clothes they seem like those cheap centric clothes from the 80s they on diffrarce is the price tag
Miguel Irizarry (9 months ago)
Anyone could do this type of style just buy a laundry label machine and design any label on our clothing simple and cheap
Miguel Irizarry (9 months ago)
Marga Seneres (11 months ago)
does anyone know all the songs in the show?
Golden Glove (11 months ago)
this is a rip-off of Raf Simons, Martin Margiela and this bleached oversized sweaters are so ugly and the cut of the coats is ugly. I have no idea how this man has been chosen to new artistic director for Louis Vuitton.....come on man this is ridiculous....Off white is pure hype. Enough of hype and clear design...Kim Jones was a designer. This is ridiculous.
Jack Griffo (11 months ago)
Am already falling asleep and its just halfway...nit a cool collection
Ibis Occult (1 year ago)
Ernest ❤️
Blitznstitch2 (1 year ago)
what man wants to wear this? Maybe a piece here and there, but I see no total outfits that are worth it
Lil H (1 year ago)
Mr error (6 months ago)
Fuck homophobic people, you have some problem !
Gabriel Giacomelli (8 months ago)
Official T.N (1 year ago)
I like it!
Jonathan Lacayo (1 year ago)
Straight up "try hards". This is a fail
Janet Johnson (1 year ago)
Off white....so white ! When 10% of the casted models are of color I question the targeted market and hesitant to buy designs that are somewhat derivative designers far established
noah 76 (1 year ago)
multisphere1 (1 year ago)
Pretty good. The taste is quite sophisticated. Good luck , Virgil!
Mohan Li (1 year ago)
all i wanna say:good bgm....
124 Freibier (1 year ago)
Anyone know song id?
pgb444 (1 year ago)
kendy4 (1 year ago)
A lot of British herritage influence on this one , a little bit Burberry but more Paul Smith at the beggining. Some vetement references on it too , specially with the sportswear. Im a bit conflicted. Also , might've been the choice of models , but did anyone else get a feel vibe of, Heidi Slimane at Saint Laurent on this one ? Mmmhm idk what do you think collection? 🤔
Jordan Fields (1 year ago)
kendy4 more like fendi
The audio presentation immediately was Off-Putting for a start. And as this Menswear collection began, within three minutes one could easily sense this dis-ease that the clothing strikingly appeared to be rehashed vintage patterns by manufacturers made for Simplicity, Butterick, or other companies nameable from the 70s and 80s. There was nothing extraordinary nor replete to get a hand on wanting to see more of the clothes line. However unnoticed, the appeal for this designed is lackluster by other major design firms shown --- side-to-side --- and epicenter to Menswear. If modernisation is [a] key to the house after this presentation, perhaps it needs more work honing in on exactly where the translator is going with its vision. And, why.
Pedro _ (1 year ago)
bruh (1 year ago)
where would u see ppl actually wearing these things?
JON C (1 year ago)
Zhida Pang (1 year ago)
quc sananikone (1 year ago)
tWenY (1 year ago)
If there wasn't a thumbnail it'd be balenciaga
Jim Harding (1 year ago)
Really?! This collection looks, to me, like a bunch of fashion-design-school freshmen were given access to a used-clothing warehouse and asked to put together outfits for themselves from whatever they could scavenge.. wait, even that scenario could have a better result than this mess.
IN/FRAME (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/K56OF6p7NtY please watch this
IN/FRAME (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/K56OF6p7NtY armani vs gucci. !! subscribe please
ComicGrey ! (1 year ago)
Song: only in dreams by weezer
Ņomađ (1 year ago)
The production of the show was nice but nobody is going to wear these clothes.
ThulePrincess88 (1 year ago)
Best hoodies besides Vetements. I own 2 of each and these brands r sexy stylish and comfy for gym without looking sloppy! Pair with a pair of Rick Owens runners and ur set
santiago parera (1 year ago)
ThulePrincess88 You really wear $400 hoodies to the gym?
Ed Backus (1 year ago)
shouts out bukowski
John Doe (1 year ago)
Weezer? Why :D
ulallume (1 year ago)
2002 vibe
miyake-1 (1 year ago)
lost me when weezer started playing and lost me again when it transitioned to tyler, the creator
FRESH SNKRZ (1 year ago)
Abraham Dewanggana (1 year ago)
A good soundtrack does not equal a good show I'm not open-minded enough to receive off white, this is the last time I will ever watch their show
john stewart (1 year ago)
Michael McDonald (1 year ago)
Does Off White actually sell blazers and slacks and dress boots in their stores? I thought they were all about graphic tees/hoodies and jeans
093281 (1 year ago)
1.34 - trendy
CATHOLIC THOT (1 year ago)
Virgil is the king of fake deep. Alpha Dia (sp?) is a babe.
Hai Tang (1 year ago)
rubbish brand,rubbish design,poor quality
Dario Fontana (1 year ago)
Half of this collection is already on sale at Forever 21. Why is this being presented as new? 😬😬😬
bin wang (1 year ago)
what is this song?
diego medina diez (1 year ago)
diego medina diez (1 year ago)
Tyler, The Creator — see you again
diego medina diez (1 year ago)
Only in Dreams — Weezer
Xavier Antoine (1 year ago)
Who is this talking at the beginning?
twker. (1 year ago)
Yall trippin, this really wasnt that bad
Cult Boy (1 year ago)
twker. Not enough diagonals
End Red (1 year ago)
I love off white model but the camera didn’t do any justice
E Harris (1 year ago)
This video received a lot of what I feel is unjust hate, anyone like to explain what’s so terrible about the show Virgil presented?
SPAS ID (1 year ago)
it copies many higher artist such as raf simons balenciaga calvin klein and vetements, also half of the graphic hoodie are just the same hoodie from previous season with the difference of color and little details.
stanbalo (1 year ago)
It just looks terrible and sloppy.
E Harris (1 year ago)
Clay Byrd Damn bruh, I appreciate the response 100% ✊🏾
Clay Byrd (1 year ago)
E Harris that's an easy one he's blacl.and worse he's not giving any props to whites for his achievements white folks are a funny group.because they always telling us to go out and get your own ,but when we do it's a problem because if people like it ,well it's only because it's black not good .it looks like this it looks like that blah blah blah .everything looks like everything Motherfucks .they can steal from everybody else and dontbyoi DARE mention it .now wait for the Why everything gotta be about race or Stop playing the race card bullsjit response .ugh
070 Phong (1 year ago)
one can see the balenciaga business inspiration. Nothing unique
sourdeezle doc (1 year ago)
sushisghetto (1 year ago)
I respect Virgil, but this collection was very weak, although the show was great and so are some accesories.
appartement2046 (1 year ago)
The accessories are def gonna sell
Black Titan (1 year ago)
First song is trash
CATHOLIC THOT (1 year ago)
Aww I liked it personally.
Liam McCormick (1 year ago)
Black Titan you’re trash
Nixy (1 year ago)
tyler the creator's bangin music playin in the background was the only thing keeping me from clicking off the video, this collection was disappointing imo, was more interested in what the audience was wearing
mike tyson 18 (3 days ago)
Nixy 2:29 please Instagram model ?
Bravo Le Dieu (1 year ago)
Cursed (1 year ago)
weak f/w collection, new jordan 1’s and vapormax look amazing tho
Aaron Velázquez (1 year ago)
The hobo in my neighborhood has more class than this pseudo fashion.
Raimond Dziewulski (8 months ago)
Richard Mai (1 year ago)
i usually love off white, especially fw17 seeing things, but this really desnt look as good. Definitely agree with the other comments with vetements/balenciaga. I think virgil should focus more on the architectural aspect and juxtaposition/constuction instead of this
Christopher Andersen (11 months ago)
Make new trends*
Christopher Andersen (11 months ago)
It's not Virgil copying in any way? It's the natural sense of moving foward in your collection and keep up with the new trends.
BenjaminReed (1 year ago)
When you base your entire brand off of the declaration: "Defining the space between black and white," you can have a lot of interesting conversations on the runway. I'm not saying that Virgil should be confined by this statement, but BUSINESS/CASUAL wasn't a strong use of his creed with what he showed today. Or at least it wasn't an effective execution of the BUS/CAS statement. The line between formal and informal is already blurred in current street style. I think I missed the point, or was expecting more contrast from a label that proclaims it. I always love the ambiance of Off---White shows, this one doesn't lack!
JC Bélisle (1 year ago)
trash. « Off White Business Casual » might be one of the tackiest thing ive ever seen.
Raimond Dziewulski (8 months ago)
ITSFULLOFSTARS1 (1 year ago)
Nothing to see here...move along
Raimond Dziewulski (8 months ago)
Namelesss (1 year ago)
I’m usually excited to see what Virgil has to offer but this collection might have been the worst collection he has done! The first look was ok and then it became more tragic over time.
Bonny Malonge (1 year ago)
Will Ottosson (1 year ago)
One coat ripped off rafs calvinklein, one ripped off JWA and the rest looked like vetements/balenciaga. Poor.
mike tyson 18 (3 days ago)
2:29 Please instagram of model ?
Damian Lewd (15 days ago)
You don’t actually believe anything in fashion is new?
Jordan Blum (1 year ago)
mmm No, he isn't going to outsell shit with this collection. Sure his collabs do well, but this pure collection competing with Vetements, CK, Balenciaga will not go well.
strongforu (1 year ago)
Yet he will outsell them all. Life ain't fair kid.
exploited fight (1 year ago)
WE Ottosson i've noticed ripps off Rick too😄
Pierre Annette (1 year ago)
More like Off White x Balenciaga

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