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21see: Ep. 2, A Taste of Israeli Fashion

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Get a quick view in to the Israeli fashion scene as we venture across the country to meet some of Israel's veteran and up and coming designers, visit Tel Aviv Fashion Week, check out a local fashion school and so much more! Join Kathy in an episode jam packed full of Fashion goodness! Where will she take you next? Check out full eps and more great stories on: www.israel21c.org ____ Executive Producer - Jonathan Baruch Producer / Director - Haim Silberstein Host - Kathy Cohen DP - Eyal Sela Editing - Shahar Beeri Color Grading - Ari Amit Sound - Oren Sharon
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Paths Ofnature (2 years ago)
Ronen Chen looks 100% Caucasian, but Chen sounds Chinese, yet I've just googled his name and it's said he's a top Israeli designer but there's no info on his ethnic background. I've just seen his designer dresses, they look awesome! Uhmmm!

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