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Kenya Deports Racist Chinese Man After Abusing The Whole Nation

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Text Comments (1992)
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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Steve (5 days ago)
In Somalia we call Chinese 'slanted eyes people' even politicians use that term when they are talking about people in the far east.
星星点灯。 (5 days ago)
I'm Chinese. I'm very sorry about the man's speech.
k.c chan (17 days ago)
please don’t break our relationship.we are all brothers
k.c chan (17 days ago)
Fake video ...only stupid will believe
2nacheki (17 days ago)
Looks like your brother
Blacks are the biggest racist scum in the earth lmfao low iq retards
Eniyan suriyan (1 month ago)
Ur face look like my poop .... Pig face Chinese bastard.. Chinese girls like to suck BBC only...
Marques Anderson (1 month ago)
Kenyans vote NO for homosexuality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RME1NfRDDQ
Anderson Pyaban (2 months ago)
why are we being disrespected in our lands like this,i dont think it would be wrong to stab this motherfucker several times in his/her kneck
Ali Yare (2 months ago)
Shut up eyes small / come horn ofrica
Ali Yare (2 months ago)
z b (2 months ago)
China is known for faking products maybe this chinese man is also a fake product from china he just malfuctioned.
Tupac Israelite (2 months ago)
They should take is balls off. And send him back to China
Sal Toyama (3 months ago)
He's probably suffering from autism
Kapuchi Kapu (3 months ago)
Some Kenyan men are weak, if he tries this in Nigeria he would be burnt alive, evil , wicked, uncultured, disrespectful , inferior, cannibalistic , cursed, de-evolved demons, that is what the Chinese are.
Genghis Khan (3 months ago)
Genghis Khan (3 months ago)
Bella issaboss (3 months ago)
Wow black is beauty, but I know bro this guy is a disgrace to his country . Tho I dont get why he got himself to our soil at first Shame on him😡
Lady Amazon (3 months ago)
Send the piece a shit back,I would have broke his fucking neck, period
Crisanto Rivera (3 months ago)
Typical pig shit Ching Chong I thought the White caucasians are the only racist people on this Planet but it proves the facts were changed.
Harriet Bukenya (3 months ago)
That guy had to first be put in Kamiti prison and he tastes our prisons as the Chinese do to us Indeed he should have gone to fellow whites...
Hejdsn Svwjan (3 months ago)
Send that badtard where he came from. We dont need in Africa People like him.
Some John Doe (3 months ago)
Glad to see globalization and diversity is working out well for Africa. You guys need more of it.
thunderdraco (3 months ago)
its hilarious how i can go from 2 videos in a matter of minutes, with one video the people in the comments are disliking someone apologizing for "black face" and others cheering on the deportation of someone entitled to free speech. human beings are literally scum
SAID SALEH Alzooby (3 months ago)
muachi do (3 months ago)
im Chinese too, but not from the barbaric country of china. only pigs live there
seungbo shim (3 months ago)
Fucking Chinese. Fucking Racism. All East Asian people Hate China ans Chinese.
coupouer troubiier (3 months ago)
disgusting chinkroach. yuck
Sif grid (3 months ago)
of course Chinese
2nacheki (3 months ago)
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sandman (3 months ago)
Ham920 (3 months ago)
Murad Adam (4 months ago)
You smell like dog you dog eating yellow shit
dewa khmer (4 months ago)
its fake you can read the lips, its edited
Astemhat (4 months ago)
Sad.This man should have been charged for the crime of racism, spent some years in prison before being being deported.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Gaybama (4 months ago)
People call Trump all kinds of names and none are deported for that, why should this Chinese man be deported. I dont agree with his statements but lets get real, its just his opinion.
kool boy (4 months ago)
come to somalia motherfucker n talk lyk this
R.B.R (4 months ago)
This Chinese man is not white... the worker wrongly states “fellow whites” Chinese are not white, they are Asian or used to be called Yellow.
R.B.R (4 months ago)
In the USA white Americans called black American the same. During President Obama’s presidency white Americans used to called Mrs Obama monkey.
Really BadAim (4 months ago)
Is this big man Jerome?????
mozu zeng (4 months ago)
he is not Chinese .we Chinese don't recognize that we shame on him. please don't send him back to China.drop him into Atlantic
Mbawaka Mwadiwa (4 months ago)
Sentiments of uneducated fool. He looks poorer himself.
Andy Au (4 months ago)
Po Li (4 months ago)
as a chinese i want to say please don't let this man represent all chinese people. ,i think deporting this guy is being too easy on him, should let him stay in your prison for some years at least.
DARK PHOENIX (4 months ago)
he is right , because he insult a Kenyans in front of a Kenyan , and this Kenyan did nothing about it . if it was me after recording as proof and saving , i could use my camera to smash his head until blood and brain comes out . it will not be a crime but a patriotic action to my peoples and the president .
DARK PHOENIX (4 months ago)
he is right you are monkey , because you do nothing about that
sphephelo sokhela (4 months ago)
He will never behave like this here in south Africa we don't take nonsense of Chinese fuck them
Williamz Puzo (4 months ago)
If a black man said this to a chinese in China, he will be dead within the minute. If the masses don’t kill him before the police arrives, he will be arrested and given a serious jail time. Deportation is too fair
Found Fortune (4 months ago)
God bless Black people thanks KENYA
Kudakwashe Kanengoni (4 months ago)
Small dik head brat,i think he at a dog with rabbies
Victory Ismine (4 months ago)
Africa! so after being exploited by europeans some hundreds of years ago, you're now being exploited by asians today?! So no lesson was learnt for the past 500 hundred years??
bufan shen (5 months ago)
Knight Wamalwa (5 months ago)
Oh my God God all people is the image of God & that is the work of God to made white people & black people don't judge them
Dreama Dreama (5 months ago)
Why why why didn't you slap him when he opened his mouth
Food lover (5 months ago)
Kick Chinese out of africa
Alvin Laurent (5 months ago)
You are idiot fuck China
Alvin Laurent (5 months ago)
Fuck you China
NycBeauty (5 months ago)
Most Asians looks like fucking monkeys. Gtfoh!!! He looks like. Yellow monkey.
zutrue (5 months ago)
Dude, why talk to this fool??? You make yourself look weak and stupid!!! What you should have done is slap this fool in the face, kick him in the butt and then call the cops. Put the big mouth animal in jail in the general population. And let him tell some of those guys this stuff.
Promise EDEN (5 months ago)
Good riddance
shadrack loyatir (5 months ago)
I think we couldn't HV deported him,he could HV been jailed for 5yrs in Kenya n meet the ones he called monkeys.
shadrack loyatir (5 months ago)
When I see this character looks like chimpanzee....nkt.
Jann Lee (5 months ago)
I am Chinese my self and I think they should beat him up. Here is an funny thing. Chinese people make racist comments or acts towards other races are Ok. If it was the opposite the entire China will cry a river and going butt hurt over it for years. Chinese logic to racism. They can make fun of any other race in the world, but the world can't make fun of China. If anyone make fun of China they will demand their presidents to apologize, boycott your country and hate everyone that is from your country.
T T (5 months ago)
I am chinese, sorry🙏
Salm1848 (5 months ago)
8 chinese motor bike vendors were given work permits to operate a small motor bike shop... The saddest part of this story is that his shop will remain open and Kenyans will go there and give their money to his remaining 7 colleagues. Who bewitched Africans???
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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Bobby Chen (5 months ago)
He doesn't represent the people of China or Asia - the CIA/Zionist can't be more delighted at all this reverse racism here --- and the rulers of the world used a Black American President to kill Black African people's BEST FRIEND EVER: Col Muammar Khadaffi - he's the one great leader who actually tells his people that Black Africans are our original ancestral brothers and sisters and we all must do our part to raise and nurture Africa
Diaz Castro (5 months ago)
why deport him just kill him
Gabby Morgan (5 months ago)
Someone refused to sleep with him. His cucumber was too little now his mad at All The Kenyans 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Send him back to China 🇨🇳 Bure Kabisa
2nacheki (5 months ago)
Fred O (5 months ago)
first this little idiot was looking for a free flight back to china and he largely got that! Secondly, this harsh opinion is held by many who look at us, largely because of years of incompetent and corrupt governments have rendered much of the continent at the mercy of other countries, listen to "shit hole countries" by Trump and many others! With all the resources and we subject to the Mugabes, Musevenis, Biyas, Salva kir, just to name a few of the "shit hole" leaders! We will remain, black, smelly monkeys if this pattern is not broken! Looks like Uhuru got the message, now to stop thieves from ascending to the Presidency!
Obakeng Mokhua (5 months ago)
Well...I’ve heard similar sentiments shared by Nigerians, Ghanaians,Somalis...towards black South Africans, that was way before the so called “xenophobic” attacks took place, Those were cause and effect! Rural poor people that arrive in more developed countries tend to think natives are stupid...It boggles my mind how unsophisticated individuals can look down on natives of their more developed host countries, Funny but tragic at the very same time! South Africans would take it like my gentle and patient Kenyan brother there until they did not anymore.
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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Kategaya Richard (5 months ago)
This fool got me angry 😡in fact I would have crashed him into pieces cz I couldn't stand and listen to that nonsense.. The moment I hear aword monkey I don't even ask more.. I just level you from there.. I don't even care whether I lose my job or not😡😠
klippiesss (5 months ago)
Not necessary to talk to people like that.
Skye (5 months ago)
I'm Chinese, but put him into the prison please!!!
david casner (5 months ago)
When you let the monkeys run the zoo you get what you get.
abcwarrior91 (5 months ago)
Asian fighting back racism from black people how's that feel black people? Black and whites are racist ass shit to asian all those years like that steve harvey making jokes about asians how's it like to taste ur own medicine nigga.
Ernest sinje (5 months ago)
They dont like us they only likes our money these people
Ernest sinje (5 months ago)
They dont like us ,only they like our money. they make strange sgr in kenya the whole world know...GOD will punish them
Bing Gaw (5 months ago)
Kick this out of Afica. Period
ch64621 (5 months ago)
Well done Kenya. Deport them all...Much love from Vanuatu. We hate these cock suckers too. 🇰🇪🇻🇺
Leo James (5 months ago)
Get these Chains out of Africa now!!!
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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Grace Mitchell (5 months ago)
Them is the hungry ones, that's why they come to eat from ya table. Disgraceful.
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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Steve Keys (5 months ago)
He should have been sent back In a body bag!
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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Ruzz swizz (5 months ago)
This idiot was deported immediately
2nacheki (5 months ago)
Mr O (5 months ago)
Now he can be around all the white people that he wants!😀
2nacheki (5 months ago)
Lol. Yes
Maggie Tse (5 months ago)
Pole on behalf of Chinese people. Not all of us are like him.
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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Shabby theezaddy (5 months ago)
We Kenyans only running mouth on the internet sijui KOT and blah blah na uyu mtu aliachwa aende ivo tu hata bila kupigwa kibare lol internet thugs
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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Shabby theezaddy (5 months ago)
lol even “uhulu “ 😂😂😂😂 he should have smacked him manze
2nacheki (5 months ago)
united kingdom (5 months ago)
These rat eyes chineis think they are the best race 😆😆😆😆 fucking rice makers villager Asian rats works 5 dolar a day how Kenya give them visa😆😆😆
2nacheki (5 months ago)
Yun L (5 months ago)
shame on you
Calvin Williams (5 months ago)
Chinese mfer eating dogs, plastic rice & so many of them multiplying like rats ... they put this thang out !!! A slanted eyed albino roach from Chi-nazty ...
Thetruth isherenow (5 months ago)
plastic rice? hahaha
NouZen (5 months ago)
Dont give face to the Chinese. They may show smiley face when they want to set their foot on your country. But once they control your economic resources, they will turn everything to be like China and they will become the most ungrateful and arrogant creatures. I respect and admire the Kenyan employee character and integrity.
Lakesha James (5 months ago)
👋 child of 👿 you're the weakest link 🔥 Get all colonizers out of mother Africa 👀Africa for the Africans✊
CommonSense (5 months ago)
Chinese are getting too big, we as African need to unite and reject their Billion dollar Loans, work our way out of dependence to foreign aid. We have all the resources necessary all the man power, More than half the population of the Continent are young people, its a massive force to drive an economic boom for all African citizens.
Niyonshuti Dorothy (5 months ago)
Thanks kenya but to me this was not enough .He should have first gone to jail sentenced and later deported.
1Love_66 (5 months ago)
Africa should stop taking handouts with strings attached and learn to resolve its own problems by itself. Foreigners come to Africa to exploit its reasources at the expense of Africans. As this video shows, those foreigners I am talking about dont give a single fuvk about Africans. AFRICANS SHOULD NEVER TRUST THESE PEOPLE !!
chinese daddy 爸爸 (5 months ago)
China has been donating Africa since 1950s I think ,why can't African work there owns ,to feed ourselves,I think Africans climate is best for plantations but most of African still suffering from hunger,dont u think Africans are foolish and lazy ,most of asids patients are in Africa, and almost every unligue immigrations in Africa commite crime ,lie to the local women,and leaving after she has baby .
chinese daddy 爸爸 (5 months ago)
He is telling truths, everyone tells me the same who back from Africa,
Samuel Asiimwe (5 months ago)
Mothefuck whom are you calling a monkey come to Uganda and talk nosens you will go back to China with one leg, kumanyoko ya nyoko never come to our motherland Africa again fuck you who brought you in East Africa I wish if could be there I could just slaughtering you into pieces fuck, please African leader stop allowing these fuck in foregners to come to our motherland again how can someone disrespecting you in your land..?
laodicea777 (5 months ago)
i like this. let Africa open her eyes.
Sanday Sharon (5 months ago)
this guy should be first whipped vizuri before being deported.... this is so disrespectful.... why the hell did he come to Kenya if he sees us in whichsoever manner
John connor (5 months ago)
African people are Hebrew israelites of the Bible. Scipio Africanus name that land "Africa" after his own name. Africa is a white man's name.

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