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How to Price Your Wholesale Goods for Retailers

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Megan Auman outlines basic retail markups so sellers know how to price their wholesale goods. http://cr8.lv/masypryt Making money as a retailer is a difficult business. In this clip Megan Auman coaches creators on common retail mark-ups. Megan defines keystone, key and a half and triple key pricing types and helps crafters and makers better determine their wholesale price. Get more great business tips from Megan, click here: http://cr8.lv/masypryt CreativeLive unleashes your creative potential by connecting you directly with the world's most inspiring visionaries. Access courses on Photo & Video, Art & Design, Business & Life, Music & Audio, and Craft & Maker at http://www.creativelive.com
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Rene Lopez (2 months ago)
Thumbs up x3! - well done. We will be looking into taking the full class
Skylightatdusk (11 months ago)
If I may have distributors in the future, should I offer them the same price I offer to retailers less a percentage? Is this ok? My cost: $1.00 My wholesale price to retailers: $2 My price to distributors: $1.75 Thanks for comments and suggestions for improving.
Michael Paulsen (1 year ago)
I have a question. I sell handmade goods on etsy and have also worked in the bicycle industry for a number of years. I notice for folks like etsy makers, retailers usually want keystone or better (better for the retailers), yet in lots of other retail situations (bike shops) the markup is almost never as good as keystone and certainly never better. I'm curious why there's such a large discrepancy. Is it handmade vs. factory made? Just variation from industry to industry? Larger companies vs. smaller entities? (it seems like in both cases the smaller company/entity gets the less favorable deal, but I'm wondering if there's more to it)

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